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Who Else Wants to Outmaneuver These 7 Types of Really Stupid Drivers?



When does your workday start going to hell? For many people, it’s during their morning commute when they drive to work with all the other idiots on the road.

If you’ve seen your fellow travelers indulge in one or more of these dumb driving moves, here’s 7 ways you can outmaneuver the most common types of stupid drivers:

1). Compulsive Passers

Have you seen the drivers who weave in and out of traffic trying to pass everyone ahead of them? They are the compulsive passers. Be wary of them, because they will hit you in their quest to arrive at the freeway off ramp 5 seconds before you do.

But it turns out that aggressive passers end up at their destination about the same time as everybody else. A 2011 University of Toronto study showed that compulsive passers might shave a mere 4 minutes off an 80 minute commute at the cost of putting themselves and others in danger.

Outmaneuver them by sticking to the center lanes. Most crashes happen in adjacent outside lanes because you’re more likely to encounter a CP there. It’s safer in the middle of the pack.

2): Roger Ramjets

The CP’s close cousin is what I call a Roger Ramjet – a driver who just HAS to go faster than the normal flow of traffic allows. Roger, did you know that excess speed triples the risk of causing a car accident? You simply CAN’T outrun the flow of the traffic around you unless you have a lot of open space.

Outmaneuver them by keeping your eyes peeled. It’s about the only thing you can do except for supporting stiffer laws against speeders. Unfortunately, you will have to do part of the work of driving safely for them. Hey, it’s like being at work already!

3). Trusty Tailgaters

Tailgating is a major factor in one third of all traffic accidents. Plus it’s kind of creepy. Cars have “personal space” too, and having someone right on your tail is not only dangerous, it’s a rude violation of polite boundaries.

Outmaneuver them by keeping a cool head. Don’t let yourself give into emotion. It’s time to take the high road and respond with rational detachment by:

  • Ignoring them: The best method of dealing with tailgaters is to simply pretend they don’t exist. What are they going to do about it anyway?
  • Slowing down: Force them to pass you by going slower, but do it gradually because you don’t want to get rear-ended.
  • Pulling over: Remember that you have nothing to prove. Pull over and let the idiot go by you. Problem solved.

4). Mobile Morons

There are starting to be laws against mobile use and driving for good reason. Roaring down the freeway holding a phone in front of your face is incredibly stupid and dangerous. I think it’s arrogant and shows real contempt for other drivers.

Outmaneuver them by not doing it yourself and by supporting laws against texting and driving. We’ve all done it, but it’s really not cool. There should be laws against it. It’s too bad there even has to be one.

5). Meek Milquetoasts

These stupid drivers stop at every crosswalk, railroad crossing, school zone, loading zone and unmarked intersection. They don’t seem to understand the concept of “right of way” and that other people are also required to stop for them. They make the rest of us stop unnecessarily right along with them whether we want to or not.

Unfortunately, the only way to really outmaneuver these people is by being more attentive. It’s too bad we can’t give them a quick refresher on right of way laws like this one from the Driver’s Education website. Perhaps we should send the URL to them in a text message?

6). Scary Screecher Stoppers

The S.S.S. are the folks who scream up to stop signs at full speed and then slam the brakes at the last minute. It’s hard to tell if they’re paying attention and will actually stop, seeing as how none of us are telepathic. Screecher stoppers ignore car “body language” and don’t telegraph a stop by slowing down first. They don’t give visual cues that they’re in control.

Outmaneuver them by making your car more visible with daytime running lights or the like. Make eye contact with an S.S.S. as they wail up to a stop. If they’re looking at your eyes, it means they probably see you.

7). The No-Signal Nimrods

Captains of the N.S. Nimrod don’t believe in communicating their intention to turn or change lanes, because that’s for sissies. Those blinky things on the sides of their car may as well not exist to an N.S.N., even though studies show turn signal neglect causes 2 million car crashes a year.

Outmaneuver them by waiting patiently for Smart Turn Signals, which are almost here to save us from ourselves. This feature will probably become standard on new vehicles in the near future, but I find it sad that cars have to be upgraded to do what drivers should already be doing. Hopefully, they won’t just end up making more stupid drivers.

Your best defense is ultimately in paying more attention and also not reacting to stupid drivers with any childish antics of your own. As if you didn’t have enough to do already.

But choose the high road anyway, and hopefully others will too. Some will always choose the low road and there’s no invention that will save us from that. It’s up to each of us to do our part in making the roads a safer place by becoming more attentive, conscientious, CIVIL drivers.

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Tips For a Stress-Free Local Moving Service in Dubai



best moving in dubai
moving services in dubai

As stressful as a long-distance move can be, moving to a new location can be a rewarding experience. It is possible to ease the transition in some ways. As long as you stick to a few simple rules, the process should be as straightforward as possible. You must know how to plan your activities and stick to the plan to succeed. If you are moving to or from Dubai, here are some tips to help you and your family get settled in.

Getting Organized for Your Local Move in Dubai

In many ways, local moving in Dubai is more difficult than moving locally. As an example, if you can’t remember something in town, you can return and get it back. For example, if you are moving to Dubai, but want to return, there’s no way around it. It’s also a matter of cutting your ties with old friends and acquaintances, as well as your home town. Everything, including schools, jobs, and the places you frequently visit, is changing. In the end, it’s a hassle and a source of anxiety. Even though these suggestions may not be the most effective, they can help alleviate some of your stress.

Tip 1 Movers vs. Self-Movers

If you can afford it, we strongly recommend hiring a moving company. Moving is a mental and emotional challenge as well as a physical one. Many people, no matter how strong or young, struggle under the weight of large appliances such as washers, dressers, and couches. In addition, loading a truck requires a certain level of skill and expertise. You have to put together the world’s largest puzzle without the help of the box. You need to make sure it doesn’t shift around while the truck is moving. As a result, your truck will be littered with broken or damaged items when you arrive at your destination. Hiring a moving company to help you relocate far away from where you currently reside is highly recommended if at all possible. If you are moving to or from Dubai, this is a good place to start. It may be more expensive, but the impact on your mind and body is far less severe.

The Second Step is to Label All of Your Boxes Thoroughly

When moving, one of the most difficult tasks is finding something to do when you arrive at your new home. There are so many boxes that it looks like a cardboard box festival is about to take place! As a result, it’s critical to label the boxes as clearly as possible when packing. Make a note of what’s inside the box, as well as where it’s going to be when it arrives at its destination. (The kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, etc.)) The names of your children could also be written on boxes if you have a large family (bedroom, kitchen, living room). Sally-Living-Room-Pillow, for example, or Sally-Bedroom-Toy If something specific is needed, you’ll be able to quickly and easily search the boxes for it!

Tips 3 and 4: Use Lightweight Items to Load Furniture

Having enough space on the truck is one of the biggest challenges for locals moving to Dubai. With regards to moving yourself, this is especially true! If your truck isn’t big enough, you are going to run into a lot of problems. Fill chests, dressers, and other furniture pieces with lighter items to avoid this small disaster. It’s a good idea to cram them full of everything from clothing and toys to bedding.

There is, however, a very important cautionary note: don’t overfill your bookcases! Even one book-filled drawer can make moving the dresser difficult. When the drawer is on a moving vehicle, the additional weight could cause damage to it. As a result, it’s best to stock your drawers with lightweight items.

Use a Storage Unit as a Fourth Step

The truth is that home closing occurs regularly. Once you arrive, you won’t be able to take possession of your belongings if something bad happens to your house. For a variety of reasons, this is a serious issue. For one, you’ll have to find a place to stay until the closure is complete. Secondly, you must find a new home for your belongings like furniture moving in Dubai because they cannot be left on the moving truck. It’s not just clients and deliveries that they do; they also have their customers.

You can also use a storage facility to keep your things. It’s a good idea for many reasons, including To put it simply:

• It’s cheaper than what most movers will charge for storage.
• It’s a safe place to be. Security cameras and a keypad-controlled gate will keep your belongings safe at all times.
• It’s easy to get to. If you need something, all you have to do is go to your storage unit and grab it. This cannot be done in a moving company’s warehouse.
• It’s spotless. During your time in storage, rats, bugs, and other vermin will not harm your belongings.
Classic Mover Dubai has a massive storage facility for your business moving.
• You have the freedom to move your belongings at your own pace to your new residence.
Relaxation is the most important thing! Be confident that you can do it. If you stay focused, you’ll be settling into your new home in no time.

movers in dubai

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How To Display UGC During An Event? – A Complete Guide



social media wall
Social Media Wall In Event

Every brand in existence wants to promote its brand in the best way possible. Organizing an event is the first step in this quest. However, just putting an event into action is not enough, your brand should be reaping the benefits in the form of user engagement and generation of maximum UGC

However, user engagement and generation of maximum UGC is easier said than done; you need to play your cards right. For example, displaying the UGC generated around your brand at an event in the best possible manner is the starting point.

If you are looking to leave no stone unturned at your upcoming event in terms of UGC display, then you have stumbled upon just the ideal written piece.

What Is User-Generated Content?

UGC is the most genuine and authentic content on the internet that brands can use to build trust and hit a chord with their customers.UGC can be generated in multiple ways such as by posting experiences on social media channels, offering feedback on google reviews, creating testimonials, sharing on a podcast, etc.

UGC offers several benefits, such as social proof and enhancement in ROI. As a result, a profitable marketing strategy can be created that would bring success without too much investment.

How To Generate UGC During An Event?

Generating UGC is the step that would define the success of your event. Properly presenting UGC would make you reach a wide range of people that could potentially turn into your customers. So, how can you skillfully display UGC during an event? Let’s have a look!

Create A Fun Hashtag Contest

You can use an authentic hashtag for their event and set guidelines around it that would assist you in accumulating just the type of content you require from your customers. These guidelines would also serve you well in finding out the winner of the hashtag contest. 

To add icing to the cake, you can run this hashtag contest on your social media wall, which would ensure enthusiastic participation from attendees of the event. In addition, this step would lead to maximum UGC generation, taking customer engagement around the event through the roof.

Run A Social Media Wall

Display a Social Media Wall to your audience is the best thing you can do to engage your audience during the event.. A social media wall is a collection of attendees’ social media posts, google reviews, videos, and feedback from various social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Most of the Social walls are auto-synced, making the latest feeds updated on-screen in real-time. These real-time feeds keep the event audience engaged and hooked to your event. 

social media wall

You can amplify user engagement at the event by encouraging the event attendees to use your hashtag while posting on social media to feature on the social wall. Then, in a bid to get in the limelight, attendees would create UGC on social media that would give a lift to your motive of accumulating the maximum amount of user-generated content. After this, a bandwagon effect would be created, which would inspire other attendees to post on their social media about your event since your social wall displayed content of other attendees.

Create And Capture Moments 

Turn on your innovative mode when it comes to engaging attendees. Offer them something that they would love to flaunt on social media and remember for a lifetime. For example, one of the most talked-about forms is a photo booth at events. The audience can get themselves clicked at your event’s photo booth and, later on, can post those photos on social media platforms using filters and the brand logo that you would provide. 

If you organize a virtual event, you can create a virtual social photo booth using several virtual photo booth creating software. Photo Booth is a great tool that is simple to arrange but provides tremendous results for your user-generated content.

Apart from the Photo Booth feature, you also have the option of adding a fan meet and greet element. The fan meets and greet feature is the part of the event where the audience members can meet the speaker or the artist and click pictures with them, which later can be posted on social media handles. Innovative things at your event would keep your customers engaged, which would prompt them to do a word of mouth marketing for your brand on social media. 

Wrapping Up

User-generated content carries loads of potential that could elevate your event to another level. It has been offering tremendous results to brands that actively include it in their marketing procedure. Organize a marketing strategy that revolves around the points mentioned above, and you can see your results going upward in no time. 

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EML to PST Converter to Know How to Open Windows Live Mail Files into Outlook



eml convert 2 pst

Windows Live Mail is a default email client of Windows Vista operating system. However, Microsoft discontinued it and does not provide support. Due to this, various users forced to switch their data from Windows Live Mail to any other platform. What else is better than MS Outlook? It emerged as one of the most popular email client from the few decades. We will later dices about MS Outlook min details.

Most of the users find difficulty in exporting Windows Live Mail data in Outlook because both the email client support different file formats i.e. EML and PST respectively. Therefore, it is not possible to directly open Windows Live Mail file in Outlook unless you don’t know the right way. In this blog, we will tell you all possible ways to solve your query how to open Windows Live Mail files into Outlook and the efficient way to EML to PST conversion

Professional Solution to Open Windows Live Mail Files into Outlook

The professional solution is the best solution available to migrate all EML files to Outlook PST. It provides you direct solution with guaranteed success. You can move multiple EML files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook in just one go. It provides you solution of how to open Windows Live Mail files into Outlook with 100% accuracy and integrity. You can move EML files to Outlook all versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. Follow below mentioned steps to understand how the software works:

Step 1: Download CubexSoft EML to PST Converter in your system.

Step 2: Now load your file in the software by either clicking Select File or Select Folder option.

Step 3: Click Export button and choose Outlook PST in select saving option.

Step 4: Select location to save the PST file and then tap on the convert button.

Step 5: Finally a pop-up Windows open with a message “Saving Completed Successfully”. Click Ok to end the process.

Manual Method to Open Windows Live Mail EML File in PST

Warning: It is recommended to take backup of Windows Live Mail data before performing the steps. A single mistake may result in data loss.

Follow below mentioned steps to open EML files in Outlook PST:

Step 1: Open Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook in the machine.

Step 2: In Windows Live Mail, go to File tab and choose Export option.

Step 3: Now select messages from Open list.

Step 4: Next choose Microsoft Exchange and click Next to proceed further.

Step 5: A pop-up Windows opens with a message “All Email Will Be Exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange”. Hit Ok button.

Step 6: Choose the folder which you want to export and then hit Ok button.

Step 7: Finally click on Finish button to end the process.

The manual method to move EML files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook does not provide guaranteed solution. The solution differ with each Outlook version. It is also mandatory to install both MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail in same machine.

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed about two different ways to solve your query how to open Windows Live Mail files into Outlook. You can use both the method to open Windows Live Mail data in Outlook PST. However we recommend you to use professional solution instead of manual method for risk-free conversion. Download demo edition of EML Converter to know how the software works.

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