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Ron Howard’s Kids: Meet His 4 Talented Children, Including Bryce Dallas



bryce dallas howard and ron howard

Ron Howard is a proud dad to Bryce Dallas, Paige, Reed, and Jocelyn. Here’s everything to know about the director’s four children with his wife Cheryl.

Ron Howard first rose to prominence as a child actor in the 1960s for his roles in The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days, respectively, before foraying into film. The prolific director and producer, 67, has since gone on to direct films like A Beautiful Mind and Frost/Nixon, picking up a few Academy Award wins along the way.

While a lot is known about his work, less is known about his family life. For starters, he’s the father of Golden Globe-nominated actress Bryce Dallas Howard. Ron shares Bryce, 40, with longtime wife Cheryl Howard, whom he has been married to since 1975. They share three other children together: Reed, 34, and twins Paige and Jocelyn, both 36.

Much is known about his oldest child Bryce, but the same probably cannot be said for Ron’s three other talented children. Below is everything to know about the director’s children.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Ron Howard with daughter Bryce Dallas (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Bryce Dallas Howard, who is not Jessica Chastain, is Ron and Cheryl’s oldest child. While she certainly needs no introduction, here’s a brief one anyway: born in March 1981 in Los Angeles, Bryce is a well-known actress and director, having starred in films like The Help, Rocketman, and the Jurassic World franchise. Recently, she forayed into the world of directing, working on a few episodes of the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian. The star is married to actor Seth Gabel; together, they share children Beatrice Jean, 9, and Theodore Norman, 14.

While speaking to film critic Peter Travers about Jurassic World in 2015, Bryce revealed a little secret about her (and her siblings’) names: Ron gave each of his children middle names inspired by where they were conceived. In Bryce’s case, the Golden Globe nominated actress was conceived in the city of Dallas in Texas. “The rule was it’s wherever we were conceived,” Bryce told the film critic, laughing. “It’s so disgusting!” For her twin sisters Paige and Jocelyn, it was the Carlyle hotel in New York City, which brings us to the next set of Howard children…

Paige Howard

paige howard and ron howard
Ron Howard with daughter Paige (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Paige — middle name Carlyle — Howard is one half of Ron and Cheryl’s twin daughters. Born in February 1985 in Los Angeles, Paige follows in her famous father and older sister’s footsteps as an actress. The NYC Tisch School Of The Arts alum has appeared in films like Adventureland and The Employer, and TV series like Medium, Arrested Development, stalkTALK, and The Astronauts. Paige is engaged to Tim Abou-Nasr, an actor and musician. The two have been together for about three years. In an Instagram post from May 2020, Paige revealed that their wedding had been postponed in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic — but did not seem too bummed about it, writing that she was “grateful” for her fiancé.

“Tim and I put a lot of thought and energy into planning our wedding, and although we had to postpone, it made us think —- what if we put the same amount of energy into preparing for our marriage as we have our wedding day!” Paige reflected in the caption. “We are so grateful to be quarantined together, to have another year of engagement to look forward to, and most of all- to have so many amazing people in our lives to walk hand in hand with!”

Jocelyn Howard

ron howard and his kids
Ron Howard and wife Cheryl with their Jocelyn, Bryce Dallas, Reed, and Paige (Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock)

Jocelyn Carlyle Howard is Paige’s twin sister. Born in February 1985 in Los Angeles like her sister, not much is known about Jocelyn because, unlike her famous father and siblings, she does not have a career in Hollywood. Per her IMDb page, she appeared in one episode of Arrested Development in 2018. She has, however, made a few public appearances with her family, including her father’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony in December 2015, as seen in the family snapshot above. The director was awarded his second star to honor his directing career.

Jocelyn does not appear to be on social media like her siblings, but Ron did share a rare snapshot of her alongside Paige on Instagram in September 2019 from a weekend soccer game. “Hanging out with my beautiful wonderful smart kind fraternal twins daughters @paigecarlylehoward and Jocelyn at one of our grandkids soccer game this weekend,” he proudly captioned the post. “They’ve always cracked me up and made me smile. They make me proud, too.”

Reed Howard

ron howard and reed howard
Ron Howard with son Reed (SplashNews)

Last but not least, Reed Cross Howard is Ron and Cheryl’s only son and youngest child. Born in April 1987 in Los Angeles, Reed is a professional golfer and YouTuber, sharing golf-related videos on his official channel titled Reed Howard Golf. As for his middle name and where he was conceived, Bryce told Peter in her 2015 interview that Cross refers to the street in London that the Howard family used to live. (As she hilariously explained, “That was our road where our house was. My dad would make this joke, ‘I didn’t want to call him back of the Volvo!’ No, stop it!”) Reed and his wife Ashley share one young daughter together, Aspen Leigh.

The golfer’s Instagram is filled with golf and workout content, as well as sweet photos and videos of his daughter Aspen. And Ron is a proud father and grandfather. On Reed’s very first Father’s Day in 2019, the director shared a photo of his son feeding his daughter a bottle of milk and penned a sweet caption. “Happy 1st #FathersDay @reedchoward.” Ron captioned. “Good job, son. I’m a proud #Dad and #Grandad today and every day.”

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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Says She Doesn’t ‘Trust’ Kody In Their ‘Dysfunctional’ Marriage



‘Sister Wives’: Christine Says She Doesn’t ‘Trust’ Kody In Their ‘Dysfunctional’ Marriage

Kody and Christine Brown continue to ‘struggle’ in their marriage on the Dec. 5 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’

Things did not get better in Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s marriage on the Dec. 5 episode of Sister Wives. Although the episode started out on a positive note, with the family finally deciding how they would divide up their Coyote Pass property, Christine’s heart still wasn’t in it. She was still set on moving back to Utah, although that did not seem to be in the cards for Kody and the rest of his wives.

“Kody and I are struggling more than ever before,” Christine admitted. “The thought of living here on the property and seeing him in full functioning marriages — do I want that? No. The best I can give today is just to pretend.” Kody could tell that something was off with Christine, so he asked her to meet him on her piece of property to talk things out. Christine explained that she was upset with Kody for originally being “giddy” about the prospect of moving back to Utah, only to then say he didn’t want to when the conversation came up with the other wives.

Christine Brown on the Dec. 5 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

“We want different things in our relationship,” she said in a confessional. “We want a different kind of relationship. I don’t even want to talk to him right now, to be honest with you.” Kody apologized fo shutting the conversation about Utah down in front of the other wives, and admitted to being “stoic” about it.

Although Christine thanked Kody for his apology, deep down, she wasn’t feeling it. “That’s a stupid word he’s using. Stoic? Bulls***. He was an ass,” she ranted. “Whatever, you wish you were stoic. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t trust a word that’s coming out of his mouth. I don’t believe him that he’s sorry.”

Christine and Kody continued to go in circles, as she explained that she wanted to be in Utah because she had more family and a sense of “community” there. However, Kody tried to convince her that she could be just as happy in Arizona. “I feel like I’m constantly dealing with a situation with Christine where I can’t make her happy,” he admitted. “She won’t be happy with anything and now I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.”

When Kody pushed Christine to tell him why she really wanted to be back in Utah, she shut down. She broke down in tears and eventually walked off before they could finish the conversation. “Why would I want to live on the same property with a dysfunctional marriage where right over there he’s got a full functioning marriage?” Christine wondered. “Who in her right mind would ever want to live like that? If mine and Kody’s relationship were better and we both wanted the same type of relationship — a full marriage — I could handle staying here a lot easier.”

christine brown kody brown
Christine Brown and Kody Brown in a ‘Sister Wives’ confessional. (TLC)
The issues in Kody and Christine’s relationship were heightened amidst COVID-19, as well, due to Christine traveling during the pandemic, despite Kody asking her not to. However, her latest reason for travel was so that the pair’s teen daughter, Ysabel Brown, could get the back surgery she needed in New Jersey. One day before the surgery, Kody and all the wives got together so Christine could explain exactly what would be happening.

Due to the procedure, recovery and quarantine rules, Christine, Ysabel and her other children would be away for more than six weeks. Kody opted not to travel to be with them for the surgery due to COVID. Ysabel was upset by his decision, but told him she was okay with it. Meanwhile, Christine was excited for a break from her marriage that was falling apart. “Kody and I are not getting better,” she said. “It’s been bad for a long time. I would love it if Kody could come for Ysabel’s sake, but for me, I don’t care that he’s not going to be there. I think us being separated for this month might be good.”

This episode was filmed at the end of summer 2020, but clearly, Kody and Christine were never able to get past their issues. As fans know, Kody and Christine opted to end their marriage in the fall of 2021.

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‘Yellowstone’ Recap: Beth & Rip Plan To Marry Soon & Jamie Confronts Garrett



Kelly Reilly

As Beth and Rip made marriage plans, Jamie had an intense discussion with Garrett over his role in the Dutton attacks during the December 5 episode of ‘Yellowstone.’ Plus, the Lloyd and Walker tension came to a head.

Jimmy is slowly but surely getting acquainted with his life at the Four Sixes. He’s found a place to stay — inside this time — while working on the ranch. He gets up every day to the same routine, hoping that he made the right move in leaving Yellowstone.

Back in Montana, Beth is worried over John not calling her. She knows something is up. Beth asks Rip to take her on a ride. “Beth, why can’t you tell me what you’re thinking?” Rip asks. She’s always telling him what they’re doing and none of the why. He then spends his whole day thinking about what she’s up to.

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. (Paramount Network)

Beth & Summer Fight In Front Of John

Beth heads to the main house. She walks in and finds Summer in John’s shirt in the kitchen. Naturally, Beth doesn’t take it well. When Summer asks who Beth is, Beth responds with a knife in her hand, “I’m the b*tch about to stab you in the stomach.” Beth thinks Summer is a hooker, while Summer thinks Beth is John’s wife.

John walks in and tries to settle things between the two women. Summer provokes Beth by thinking Beth got a boob job. “Actually, God gave me these for free. Looks like he gave me yours too,” Beth quips. John tells Beth to stop arguing with Summer. Summer decides to kiss John in front of Beth. John says he’s too old for all of this and tells Beth to be nice to Summer.

He doesn’t think Beth staying for breakfast is a good idea. Beth says she wouldn’t miss this for the world. Breakfast doesn’t improve the situation. Summer’s a vegan and doesn’t eat gluten. Things get tense again, which only riles Beth up. John tells Beth to treat Summer with respect. That’s never going to happen. As Beth walks out, she says to Summer, “I hope you die of ass cancer.” Summer makes a note that Beth is a little too old to be jealous of the girl her father is seeing and John agrees.

Luke Grimes
Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton. (Paramount Network)

Meanwhile, Kayce and Monica check out a new house. As Monica talks with the realtor, Kayce watches Tate playing with a dog outside. Monica and Kayce realize that this is their house. They even decide to keep the stray dog, too.

Garrett Admits He Planned The Attack

Jamie finally goes to confront his father about Riggins. He’s got a gun and tells his father to stand with his hands up. Garrett mentions that this won’t be the first murder Jamie has covered up. “You tried to kill my family,” Jamie says. Garrett replies, “That’s not your family. This is your family. That baby is your family.”

Garrett believes he’s given Jamie the strength to get away from the Duttons. While Jamie has no love for Beth, he believes in his heart that Jamie is his brother. “You miss what you thought you were,” Garrett says. Garrett doesn’t think there is such a thing as right or wrong, fair or moral. “Those are words men invented to scare and shame other men from taking back what they’ve stolen,” Garrett continues. “John Dutton used you. Just like he used all his children to scare and shame others so nobody takes back what he stole.”

Garrett tells Jamie that he has “no agenda but giving you back the family that you never had and the legacy he robbed from you.” Garrett fully admits that he tried to kill the Duttons. “I’ll keep trying till I get it right,” Garrett warns. “That’s how much I love you.” Jamie breaks down while Garrett comforts him. This is not going to end well.

Monica Gets Jealous

Kayce is called to look into a situation by Rainwater and Mo. Kayce crosses paths with a beautiful woman who used to wrangle at the ranch. There’s a moment between Kayce and this woman that Monica definitely notices. When they get into the car, Monica asks Kayce about the woman. She’s clearly a little jealous. “Not my type, baby,” Kayce says to Monica. Tate breaks the tension by saying the woman was “one hot tamale.”

Later, Monica and Kayce are in bed together. Monica can’t sleep because she’s “thinking about your little b*tch in a tank top.” That makes Kayce laugh. “You’re mine,” Kayce tells Monica. Before a passionate makeout session, Monica tells Kayce, “I could kill you.”

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner as John Dutton. (Paramount Network)

Lloyd has taken a liking to Carter. He teaches Carter how to rope. Lloyd advises Carter to apologize to Beth like he means it. Carter tells Lloyd to take his own advice. “I didn’t say sorry,” the very stubborn Lloyd says. Lloyd ends up going too far at the bunkhouse. He smashes Walker’s guitar and stabs Walker! The men of the bunkhouse put Lloyd in handcuffs and render him unconscious. As the chaos unfolds, Mia grabs her stuff and leaves.

Beth & Rip Make Marriage Plans

As this is all happening, Beth and Rip have a very important conversation. Beth tells Rip that she’s looking for a place where she can become Rip’s wife. “I want a place with no memories… a place where nothing happened until we happened,” she says. Rip tells Beth that he knows just the place. Their moment is interrupted when a car pulls up. Ryan brings a handcuffed Lloyd to Rip.

The vet is called to help Walker with the stab wound. Walker just wants the knife out of his chest. Laramie ends up doing as he asks and blood goes everywhere, but he’s going to make it.

John is called in to advise on what to do with Lloyd. Lloyd been enforcing the rules at the ranch for 30 years so what does this look like to everyone else. John decides to give him one more chance. One more mistake and Lloyd knows exactly what will happen. However, changes are coming. John puts his foot down and orders no more girls in the bunkhouse. Lloyd and Walker are going to fight it out. “Rip, I want you to make an example out of the last man standing,” John says.

Lloyd & Walker Got At It One Last Time

Rip orders everyone to the bunkhouse. He tells Teeter and Laramie to leave. The guys have to come with him. Lloyd and Walker go into the ring. A brutal fight breaks out between them. Rip makes Carter watch the whole thing. A chunk of time goes by and the fight is still going. John begins to step into the ring, but Rip assures John that he’s going to finish this.

Rip goes up to Lloyd and hugs him. “I love you,” Rip tells Lloyd, before punching him right in the gut. “This is for your protection,” Rip adds. He breaks Lloyd’s fingers right then and there. Lloyd helps Walker up. They’re both brought in front of John. “So we understand each other?” John asks. They both agree. Off to the side, a weary Rip says over and over, “F**k.”

Wes Bentley
Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton. (Paramount Network)

After witnessing what went down, Carter says, “I know what I want to be when I grow up.” He points at John. “I want to be him.”

Following his emotional confrontation with Garrett, Jamie makes his way to his office. He has a visitor, the new head of operations for Market Equities. Beth is waiting for him. “You’re going to run everything, aren’t you?” Jamie asks Beth. Beth has the perfect Beth response, “Everything, you miserable motherf**ker.”

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Kristin Chenoweth Braves The Cold In Strapless Dress For National Tree Lighting



kristin chenoweth

Even though she was performing outside at the end of fall, Kristin Chenoweth looked totally unbothered as she rocked a strapless gown for the National Christmas Tree Lighting event.

Kristin Chenoweth totally stole the show when she performed at the National Christmas Tree Lighting on Dec. 2! The annual event aired on television on Dec. 5, and featured festive performances from Kristin and a slew of other celebrities. For her part in the special, Kristin sang “Man With The Bag”, and had a huge smile on her face as she strutted around the stage.

Kristin Chenoweth at the National Christmas Tree Lighting. (Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock)

The performance took place outside, but Kristin opted not to wear a jacket, and instead showed off her full holiday outfit. The powerhouse singer wore a strapless black dress, which had buttons down the middle. The gown had a slit up the middle, allowing Kristin to show off her silver shoes. Kristin completed the look with furry white cuffs around her neck and wrists to help keep warm.

Aside from Kristin, this star-studded event also featured performances from H.E.R, Chris Stapleton, Maren Morris, Juanes, Patti LaBelle and more. It was hosted by LL Cool J, and Joe Biden and Jill Biden were in attendance. The president and first lady came by to oversee the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, officially kicking off the holiday season in Washington D.C.

kristin chenoweth
Kristin Chenoweth hits the stage for the National Christmas Tree Lighting. (Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, Kristin has a lot to celebrate as this year winds down. In late October, she got engaged to her boyfriend, Josh Bryant, and was happily showing off her engagement ring during the National Christmas Tree Lighting performance. The Broadway vet announced her exciting personal news on social media, gushing over her man in the post. “Guess you’re stuck with me now,” she wrote. “I love you and I’m never letting you go. A million times yes!!!!”

This is Kristin’s second engagement, although she never tied the knot with her ex, Marc Kudish. The actress has been linked to various men over the years, but it looks like she’s ready to settle down with Josh now. 2022 is looking pretty good, too!

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