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Asteroid outpost seen as first step to being ‘a better space-faring species’



Asteroid outpost seen as first step to being ‘a better space-faring species’

A robotic space station shaped like a butterfly with a camper van-sized body, parked on an asteroid, will be humankind’s latest outpost for interplanetary exploration.

University of Colorado engineers are teaming with the United Arab Emirates — again — to build the space station and launch it in 2028 when Venus and the Earth align. The mission requires sling-shotting the station around Venus to gain momentum and reach the asteroid 350 million miles away.

The goal is to understand materials that make up the solar system by probing 4.5 billion-year-old asteroid rock, and then determine where water could be found to allow future travel between planets, CU engineer and program manager Pete Withnell said.

“Water is life-enabling for humans. It also can be turned into fuel.  If we have access to water, whether on the moon, Mars, or the asteroids, it will enable human exploration beyond Earth,” Withnell said.

“Any scientific understanding we can have of our environment, which includes the solar system, enables us to be a better space-faring species – which could enable us to leave some day,” he said. “If Earth is going to become an increasingly hostile place, that may become necessary in order to continue.”

What the cube on the asteroids will measure isn’t fully set. It’ll be loaded with solar panels, antennas and sensors, which researchers say will use infra-red technology to analyze rock and thermal instruments to measure temperatures.

Previously, a UAE team of 200 along with 150 U.S. researchers, based at CU-Boulder labs, built and designed UAE’s $200 million Amal (Hope) Mars spacecraft, which was launched from Japan in July 2020. It reached Mars in February and has been transmitting weather, dust storm and other data from different levels of the Martian atmosphere.

Emirates leaders have declared they’ll also send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon in 2024 and establish a human colony on Mars by 2117. Meantime, they’re focusing on building up a space-related economy.

UAE hopes the project with CU will help their push to create a vibrant private sector around space science, Sarah Al-Amiri, chair of the UAE Space Agency, said.

“We see space as a tremendous commercial opportunity for energetic young dreamers, thinkers and doers around the world to converge here in the Emirates,” Al-Amiri said.

The CU-UAE partnership began eight years ago after UAE leaders conducted a search of universities seeking a partner for a knowledge transfer program and settled on CU and its LASP, which was founded in 1948, a decade before NASA, and has sent instruments to eight planets including Pluto.

The United Arab Emirates (pop. 9.8 million) is a South Carolina-sized desert nation along the Persian Gulf, home to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, that has amassed wealth from global finance and exporting oil.

“They’re a country that primarily relies on the export of minerals, but this is not a sustainable future for them, so they’re looking to become a knowledge-based economy,” Withnell said.

Scientists estimate 1.1 million asteroids, remnants from the formation of the solar system, circulate in the frigid area between Mars and Jupiter. They’re spaced millions of miles apart and are considered building blocks of the planets.

Putting a station on an asteroid, or hovering above with instruments anchored to the surface, would accelerate asteroids work pioneered by the European Union, Japan and United States on mostly fly-by missions. Space systems engineers say they’re only beginning to understand what resources, such as water, might be available to support deeper exploration and, ultimately, human life beyond Earth.


Man dies in crash after he flees from North St. Paul police and deputies search for him, sheriff says



Man dies in crash after he flees from North St. Paul police and deputies search for him, sheriff says

A driver died when he crashed his vehicle in Roseville early Tuesday, according to the Ramsey County sheriff.

It happened about 2:40 a.m. in the area of Minnesota Highway 36 and Dale Street.

North St. Paul officers initially tried to pull over the driver for a traffic violation, but the man kept going, said Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher. The driver headed west on Minnesota 36 and officers stopped pursuing when he left North St. Paul, according to Fletcher.

Ramsey County sheriff’s deputies were looking for the car and saw a vehicle exit at Dale Street that they believed might be the one they were seeking, so they followed but hadn’t activated emergency lights or sirens, Fletcher said.

“We never pursued the vehicle,” he said.

The driver started getting back onto Minnesota 36, accelerated on the ramp and struck a median. The car flipped and the driver was ejected. The adult driver was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Fletcher, who wasn’t aware of anyone else being in the vehicle.

His name hadn’t been released as of Tuesday morning.

Deputies didn’t know at the time that North St. Paul police had issued an alert to law enforcement about the man who was driving. The alert said he was wanted for a violation of a domestic abuse no-contact order, and had made threats to the person who the order protected and to police, according to Fletcher. The alert asked any law enforcement who found the man to hold him for North St. Paul police.

The Minnesota State Patrol is investigating the incident.

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Candy Montgomery Affairs



Candy Montgomery Affairs

Released on May 9, 2022, on Hulu TV, the new American series ‘Candy’ has sparked a few questions in the minds of its viewers. The most important question: Who did Candy have an affair with? Another really popular question amongst the netizens is if the show is based on a real story. We have the answers for you.

But wait, if you haven’t watched the show yet and are planning to watch it, I hope you don’t read any further because I will mention some real spoilers ahead. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Who is Candy, and who does she have an affair with?

The series is based on a true story. In 1984, Candy Montgomery brutally murdered her friend and neighbor, Betty Gore, with an axe. The protagonist later found that she was cheating on her husband with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore. When Betty found out about their affair, she confronted Candy, and that’s when she turned violent. There were 46 wounds from the axe found in Betty’s body. It was a shock to hear that a common housewife and a mother of two kids could kill her friend so brutally.

Candy' Trailer: Jessica Biel, Melanie Lynskey Star in Hulu Series | IndieWire

Another affair?

So, was Allan the only one Candy had an affair with? Maybe not! In the fifth episode of the TV show, we see Candy being questioned on the stands.

She was asked if her affair with Allan Gore was the first one she’d had. We see Candy refusing and saying, “I was with a man from Early November to mid-December” of the same year. She did not give them any names because she didn’t want to run his family. But the viewers have a name. It’s the husband of her friend and business partner, Sherry Cleckler.

In the same episode, Sherry leaves the court immediately after Candy is declared innocent. Pat, Candy’s husband, is also seen taunting her. He said Sherry isn’t in court because she wants to keep her husband away from Candy.

Where is Candy now? 

The alleged murderer of Betty Gore, Candy Montgomery, was found innocent by the jury after many hearings. Her lawyers said that she had to kill Betty in self-defence. According to them, Betty was enraged hearing about Candy’s affair with her husband and attacked her with the axe. To save herself, Candy had to attack back.

Proven innocent, she later stayed away from the public eye. It’s known that she and her husband filed for divorce. Nothing is known about their kids. Mr Gore supposedly remarried, and his kids are doing well.

Is the show on Hulu worth watching?

Both the audience and the critics applaud the show. Nick Antosca and Robin Weith create the show. Jessica Biel plays the character of Candy. We see Melanie Lynskey portraying Betty Gore. We see other talented cast members Pablo Schrieber as Allan Gore and Timothy Simons as Pat, Candy’s husband. Their acting is immaculate. Candy has proved to be one of the most engaging crime dramas recently released.

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Jury selection underway for Minnesota clinic shooting trial



A booking photo from February 2021 of Gregory Paul Ulrich. (Courtesy of the Wright County Sheriff's Office)

BUFFALO, Minn. (AP) — Jury selection was underway in the trial of a man accused of walking into a Minnesota medical clinic and opening fire, killing one staff member and wounding four others last year.

A booking photo from February 2021 of Gregory Paul Ulrich. (Courtesy of the Wright County Sheriff’s Office)

Gregory Ulrich is being tried on charges of murder, attempted murder and other counts in the Feb. 9, 2021, shooting at the Allina Health Clinic in Buffalo, a small city about 40 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

Jury selection took place Monday and was expected to continue throughout the week.

Prosecutors say Ulrich was angry about his medical treatment at the clinic when he opened fire, killing Lindsay Overbay, a 37-year-old medical assistant, and wounding the others. Ulrich is also accused of setting off several pipe bombs at the clinic before eventually surrendering to law enforcement.

A Wright County District Court judge ruled last year that Ulrich was mentally competent to stand trial. Ulrich’s defense didn’t fight that ruling and his lawyer hasn’t detailed what defense might be offered at trial.

Court records allege Ulrich has mental health and substance abuse problems, and that he frequently reported unfounded thefts or minor quarrels involving his neighbors and others. Police have said Ulrich was no stranger to them and was known to have been angry over his medical treatment.

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