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Kyrie Irving’s Team ‘Disappointed’ He Won’t Get Vaccinated: It’s ‘Blowing Up’ Championship Chances



kyrie irving

Amid Kyrie Irving’s decision to remain unvaccinated, a source tells HollywoodLife exclusively that the Brooklyn Nets are ‘disappointed’ as they deal with this ‘headache of all headaches.’

Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving has remained resolute in his decision to not get vaccinated against COVID-19, citing personal choice and asking people to “respect” the decision. The choice, however, clashes with New York City’s vaccine mandate, resulting in Kyrie’s removal from games and practices. Now, a source has revealed to HollywoodLife exclusively that the Nets are “disappointed” in the star point guard, 29, explaining that it could potentially jeopardize championship chances.

The Nets’ Kyrie Irving during a game with the Orlando Magic in New York in February 2021 (Shutterstock)

“The team is trying to trade him, but it is almost impossible because he has said that he would retire if he was traded, making discussions with other teams almost nonexistent,” a source close to the Nets told HL. “The organization and his teammates are extremely disappointed with him. And that is saying it nicely. They had a championship caliber team lined up with him, and based on his actions — or in this case, his non-actions — it is potentially blowing up those chances.”

The source added that if Kyrie had a “change of heart,” the team would be  “willing to work with him,” adding, “But if he continues to choose to be unvaccinated and they can’t trade him, then they will make sure he is away from the team.” The source continued, “Thankfully, this has happened during the preseason so they can try to fill in the holes where needed to try to have the most successful season possible.”

“The Nets hate that they have been put in this position,” the source said. “It is the headache of all headaches.” The Nets’ general manager Sean Marks confirmed that Kyrie would not be participating in games and practices on October 12. “Kyrie has made a personal choice, and we respect his individual right to choose,” his statement read. “Currently the choice restricts his ability to be a full-time member of the team, and we will not permit any member of our team to participate with part-time availability.”

kyrie irving
Kyrie Irving at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards (Shutterstock)

“Our championship goals for the season have not changed, and to achieve these goals each member of our organization must pull in the same direction,” he continued. “We are excited for the start of the season and look forward to a successful campaign that will make the borough of Brooklyn proud.” The following day, Kyrie took to Instagram Live to address his decision, telling his followers that he is not anti-vaccine, but anti-mandates.

He also said that he understood the ramifications of his decision, including forfeiting his salary for unplayed games. “The financial consequence and stuff, I know I do not want to even do that, but it’s reality that in order to be in New York City, in order to be on the team, I have to be vaccinated,” he said. “I chose to be unvaccinated and that was my choice, and would ask you all just to respect that choice.”

“I am going to just continue to stay in shape, be ready to play, be ready to rock out with my teammates and be part of this whole thing.” He concluded the Live by reiterating that he was not retiring. “I am not going and leaving this game like this,” Kyrie said. “There is still so much more work to do.”

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‘And Just Like That’ Explains Samantha’s Absence & What Happened Between Her & Carrie



Kim Cattrall

The next chapter of ‘Sex and the City’ is one without Samantha. The ‘And Just Like That…’ premiere revealed what happened to Samantha and why she had a falling out with Carrie.

Ahead of And Just Like That…’s premiere, fans have been wondering: what’s going to happen to Samantha? Kim Cattrall decided not to reprise her iconic role in the new series, despite having been a core part of Sex and the City. And Just Like That… doesn’t kill Samantha off and doesn’t ignore her character whatsoever.

Where Is Samantha?

The series begins with Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda now in their 50s. While the trio is waiting for a table, they come across Bitsy von Muffling, who asks where Samantha is. “Oh, she’s no longer with us,” Charlotte replies, which makes Bitsy think Samantha is dead. Miranda quickly chimes in to note that Samantha is very much still alive. “She’s in London,” Carrie reveals. Samantha moved to the UK for work.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall in ‘Sex and the City 2.’ (Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection)

Later, Miranda and Carrie have a talk about Samantha. “You know, it Is kind of like she’s dead… Samantha,” Miranda says. “We never even talk about her.”

Carrie replies, “Well, what is there to say? I told her that because of, you know, what the book business is now, it just didn’t make sense for me to keep her on as a publicist. She said ‘fine’ and then fired me as a friend.”

Miranda doesn’t think Samantha “fired” Carrie as a friend. Carrie reveals that Samantha stopped returning her calls. “You know Samantha. Her pride got damaged,” Miranda tells Carrie. Carrie explains that she’s left voicemails asking Samantha to call her back so they can “fix” this. “Look, I understand that she was upset, but I thought I was more to her than an ATM,” Carrie adds.

Miranda says, “You are. She was embarrassed.” Carrie wonders if Miranda or Charlotte has spoken to Samantha at all. Miranda admits that they’ve texted and called but never heard back. Miranda thinks maybe if Carrie reached again that maybe they could all work things out. Carrie doesn’t have much hope for that since she’s texted Samantha multiple times and gotten no response. “I always thought the four of us would be friends forever,” Carrie admits.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kim Cattrall in ‘Sex and the City.’ (Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection)

Samantha Is There For Carrie After Big’s Death

The first episode ends with Big’s tragic death after a heart attack. The second episode features Carrie planning Big’s funeral. When she shows up before the service, Carrie finds beautiful white flowers draped over Big’s casket. However, she explicitly stated that she didn’t want any flowers. The funeral directors hand her a card that came with the flowers. “Love, Samantha,” the card read. Carrie decides to keep the flowers from Samantha.

Carrie tells Miranda and Charlotte that Samantha is the one who sent the flowers. There’s a look of hope on Miranda and Charlotte’s faces. Maybe they can all reconcile after all. Later, Carrie texts Samantha to thank her for sending the flowers. Samantha doesn’t immediately respond to Carrie. Carrie knows Samantha’s gesture is proof that Samantha still cares about her. All hope is not lost. New episodes of And Just Like That… will debut Thursdays on HBO Max.

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‘And Just Like That’ Premiere: Carrie Bradshaw Suffers A Devastating Loss



Sarah Jessica Parker

The first moments of the ‘And Just Like That…’ premiere featured Carrie making a shocking discovery that changes her life forever. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Life can change in an instant. Carrie Bradshaw knows that first-hand. The Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That…, debuted on December 9 with two new episodes. The first episode ends with a devastating twist: Big dies.

Carrie goes to Lily’s concert recital, while Big stayed behind. Carrie and Big had initially planned to go to the Hamptons together, but Carrie decides to support Charlotte and Lily. Big tells Carrie that he’s going to stay home and take a Peloton class.

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker as Big and Carrie. (HBO Max)

Big Dies 

Big is in the midst of a Peloton power ride as Lily wows at her recital. He texts Carrie that they should go to the Hamptons that night when she gets back. As he heads to take a shower after his workout, he feels a pain in his chest. He drops his phone and collapses as the water runs. Big’s phone is just out of reach.

After getting Big’s text, Carrie doesn’t go out with her friends for a drink. She comes back to her apartment and finds it eerily quiet. She calls out for John.

When Carrie walks into their bathroom, she finds Big on the floor. It was almost as if he wanted to get one more look at her before he died. Carrie screams John’s name and runs to his side. She cradles Big in her arms and cried as he passes, her beloved Manolo Blahnik’s getting ruined in the shower. “And just like that, Big died,” Carrie says in the voiceover.

In the second episode, Carrie grieves the loss of Big. She immediately calls Miranda, who rushes to be by Carrie’s side. Miranda arrives just as Big’s body is being removed. “What do I do now?” a broken Carrie asks. Miranda holds Carrie that night in bed. When Carrie closed her eyes, she remembers the first time she saw Big all those years ago.

Charlotte helps Carrie plan Big’s funeral. Charlotte breaks down in tears at the funeral home and admits that she feels guilty for making Carrie go to the concert. Carrie tells Charlotte that Big died of a heart attack, and this is not her fault at all.

Samantha Sends Her Love

Carrie arrives at Big’s funeral before everyone else. She notices flowers on the casket, something she explicitly said she didn’t want. The funeral directors say they wanted Carrie to make a game-time decision and hand Carrie the card that accompanied the flowers. “Love, Samantha,” the card read. Samantha had a falling out with the girls and now lives in London, but she still sends her love to Carrie when she needs it the most. Carrie decides to keep the flowers.

Miranda says a few words at Big’s funeral, along with Big’s older brother. Big’s brother says that Big had just told him that he’d “never been happier in his life.” Todd Rundgren’s “Hello It’s Me” plays during the service.

Later, Carrie texts Samantha to thank her for the flowers. She then receives Big’s ashes at her apartment, and she calls Miranda and Stanford to help her deal. Miranda, Stanford, and Charlotte have been taking turns staying with Carrie. When Charlotte shows up to bring magazines to Carrie, she realizes that Carrie didn’t call her right away. A hurt Charlotte walks away, and Carrie begs Charlotte not to make this about her.

Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis as Charlotte. (HBO Max)

Charlotte confesses that she still feels so guilty about the concert. Charlotte tells Carrie that there’s “no reason” she would call Stanford over her unless she was mad. Carrie admits that she didn’t call because Charlotte gets so emotional. Charlotte says that Carrie seems so mad, and Carrie doesn’t deny it. She’s mad at herself. “I should have gone to the Hamptons with Big on Wednesday night like I wanted to!” Carrie screams.

Charlotte tells Carrie that she can’t blame herself for what happened to Big. That night, Carrie struggles to fall asleep. She asks Miranda for a sleeping pill, but she can’t take one for another 5 hours. Carrie stays awake for the next 5 hours as her world finds its new axis. Big is gone and he’s never coming back. Carrie’s life was on one route, and now that route is unpaved. The future looks a lot lonelier. New episodes of And Just Like That will premiere Thursdays on HBO Max.

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‘Harry Potter’ Reunion 1st Look: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint Return To Hogwarts



emma watson, daniel radcliffe, rupert grint

Accio, nostalgia: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint are back at Hogwarts in the first look photo for HBO Max’s ‘Harry Potter’ reunion special.

Calling all Hogwarts alums: HBO Max released the first look photo for Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts ahead of the reunion special’s Jan. 1, 2022 premiere. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint return to the Gryffindor common room in the spellbinding teaser shared on Instagram on Wednesday, Dec. 8.

“Like they never left,” HBO Max captioned the post.

The streamer announced in November that a retrospective special would be on the way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise’s first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which premiered in cinemas in November 2001. The special will feature new in-depth interviews and cast conversations about the making-of the beloved franchise.

Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint at the premiere of ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ in November 2001 (Mediapunch/Shutterstock)

Filmmaker Chris Columbus and other notable alums, including Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltrane, Ralph Fiennes, Jason Isaacs, Gary Oldman, Tom Felton, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps, Mark Williams, Bonnie Wright, Alfred Enoch, Matthew Lewis, and Evanna Lynch, will also appear in the special.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who recently came under fire for anti-trans comments, is not scheduled to appear in the anniversary special, but will reportedly be featured in some capacity via archival footage. The first look photo comes a few days after HBO released the first trailer on Dec. 5.

After HBO Max announced the special, Emma shared throwback photos featuring Daniel, Rupert, and more cast and crew on Instagram and reflected on her unwavering love for her character, Hermione Granger. “Harry Potter was my home, my family, my world and Hermione (still is) my favorite fictional character of all time,” she wrote.

“I think a journalist once said it was irritating how many times during an interview I mentioned how lucky I was and started counting… BUT I DAMN WELL KNEW!!! And still know,” Emma continued. “I am proud not just of what we as a group contributed as actors to the franchise but also as the children that became young adults that walked that path.”

The actress concluded, “Thank you to the fans that have continued to show their support well after the last chapter closed. The magic of the world wouldn’t exist without you. Thank you for fighting to make it such an inclusive and loving place.”

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