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Lala Kent Slams James’ “California Sober” Lifestyle as Katie Admits He Gets More “Coddling” Than Other Pump Rules Cast



Pump Rules

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James Kennedy and his “California sobriety” were a hot topic on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

As Lala Kent and Katie Maloney appeared on the show after the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, they responded to questions from fans, one of whom wanted to know how Lala felt about Raquel Leviss revealing that James, who claims to be sober, smokes weed daily.

“California sober, to me seems… California sober is when you quit drinking [and] you say I’m going to smoke pot,” Andy Cohen noted, via Bravo’s The Daily Dish, before Lala slammed the idea as downright disrespectful.

“[It’s] not a real thing. You’re just not sober,” Lala stated. “The term is ‘dry.’”

Because Lala is an addict who works hard to remain clean of all substances, she is offended by James’ new way of life.

“I’m obviously in the program. I’m with a lot of incredible men and women who do everything in their power to never pick up any sort of substance so to hear someone say, ‘I’m California sober,’ it doesn’t sit right with me. Because I’m a person who only drank and smoked weed and almost lost my entire life. So I don’t like it,” she admitted.

Lala went on to say that because the “smallest amount of anything” can be a “trigger” for some, she feels that the idea of being “California sober” is degrading to those who work hard to remain actually sober.

“For me, I just think… Just don’t disrespect people who work really hard to never pick up anything and remain in their right frame of mind at all times,” she noted.

During another moment of the show, Andy asked Katie about double standards within the Pump Rules cast.

“[Do] you agree with Lala that everyone was way more understanding with James this week than they were with her last week?” Andy asked Katie as he read a question from a fan.

“Yeah, I do think there is a fair amount of coddling happening and not so much when she was going through a difficult time,” Katie replied. “It was much more just like, ‘You need to buck up, suck it up, it happens.’ With James, it was just like, ‘Be gentle with him.’ I’ve seen that over the years with him.”

Vanderpump Rules season nine airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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‘RHOC’ Heather Dubrow Felt “Blindsided” by Party Drama



RHOC's Heather Dubrow Says She Was "Blindsided" by Party Drama, Teases Drama With Nicole, and Talks Being "Exonerated" in Shannon Drama

Heather Dubrow made a dramatic return to The Real Housewives of Orange County on Wednesday on the premiere episode of season 16.

After Gina Kirschenheiter was seen revealing what Shannon Beador had told her about newbie Nicole James‘ alleged past lawsuit against Heather’s husband, Botched surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow, Heather was seen telling everyone to leave her 22,000-square-foot home. But did she really kick them out?

“”I’ll have to let you watch and see what actually happens but that was my first instinct. It was a lot,” she told Access Hollywood on the December 3 episode of their Housewives Nightcap series. “I didn’t expect it to happen. Things go so off-the-rails that it’s like the party is completely hijacked in such a hideous way and I felt so completely blindsided and betrayed and pissed and upset.”

While Shannon was the source of the information, she didn’t bring it up on camera. Instead, she passed the information on to Gina, who then mentioned Nicole’s reported case against Heather’s husband. That said, there doesn’t appear to be any ill will between Heather and Gina. In fact, they seemed to get along fittingly during filming and Heather admitted to liking Gina right away.

“I had never met [Gina and Emily Simpson], ever, and then the night before I was supposed to film with Gina, I run into Emily, Gina, and Shannon at Javier’s. I said, ‘Hello,’ went to the bathroom, came back and Emily and Gina had left. They wanted to authentically meet me on-camera so the audience didn’t miss any of it, which I loved,” Heather recalled. “I thought, ‘I like those girls. That’s really cool and that’s very authentic. I really like that.’ So right from the start, I appreciated that.”

Although Heather and Gina appear to have remained on good terms throughout season 16, the same can’t be said for Heather and Shannon.

“I think we both came in with the absolute best of intentions and it went off the rails in a really not okay way and as you watch it, you’ll see how we handle it and how and if we move forward,” Heather explained. “I couldn’t even describe it but it’s going to be something people talk about. What do you do when friendships go off the rails like this, or if you have information about someone, what is appropriate?”

Heather also addressed the drama she faced with Shannon when they were first seen alongside one another on RHOC years ago. As fans will recall, Shannon accused Heather of talking about her past marriage to David Beador behind her back.

“There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes to that moment that I’ve never talked about. But I did talk about it this season. It’s time for me to be exonerated,” Heather stated.

Also during the interview, Heather shared her thoughts on the new cast members, including Noella Bergener and Dr. Jen Armstrong.

“I didn’t get to really know Jen and Noella right off the bat. Noella and I had lunch with Nicole and we had a nice time but it was lunch. She gave me a lot of information. That I knew. She likes to share — a lot. I didn’t really get to know Noella and Jen until later,” Heather said.

Heather then teased potentially upcoming drama with Nicole, who was rumored to have either quit or been demoted amid production.

“Nicole is a friend of mine and I’ve known her for years and you’re going to have to see how that whole situation plays out,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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NYC mayor announces mandatory vaccines for all private-sector employees and children



NYC mayor announces mandatory vaccines for all private-sector employees and children

By Sandra Rose  | 

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio announced new vaccine mandates covering all private-sector workers and children ages 5-11.

De Blasio announced on Monday that the new mandate, effective Dec. 27, is a “preemptive strike” to stop the new Covid-19 omicron variant, which causes mild to no symptoms.

“We’ve got omicron as a new factor, we’ve got the colder weather, which is going to really create additional challenges with the delta variant, we’ve got holiday gatherings,” de Blasio said during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“We in New York City have decided to use a preemptive strike to really do something bold to stop the further growth of COVID and the danger it’s causing to all of us.

“So as of today we’re going to announce a first in the nation measure, our health commissioner will announce a vaccine mandate for private-sector employers across the board, all private sector employers in New York City will be covered by this vaccine mandate as of Dec. 27.”

De Blasio also announced that starting Dec. 14 children ages 5-11 will have to show proof of vaccination to attend indoor entertainment or activities.

NYC residents ages 12 and older already are required to show proof of vaccination in order to enter restaurants or fitness facilities.

NYC’s Covid mandates are the strictest of any major metropolitan city in the US.

De Blasio’s term as mayor ends at midnight on January 1, 2022 when Mayor-elect Eric Adams begins his term.

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Tags: city laws, COVID-19, Mayor Bill de Blasio, mRNA vaccines, vaccine mandates

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Really??? TLC Singer T-Boz Said A Nicki Minaj Hatin’ Hacker Left THIS Shady Comment From Her Instagram Account, Barbz Respond



Really??? TLC Singer T-Boz Said A Nicki Minaj Hatin’ Hacker Left THIS Shady Comment From Her Instagram Account, Barbz Respond

What is happening here?

Source: Aaron J. Thornton / Getty

It’s been a while since TLC singer T-Boz has made headlines, but alas the 51-year-old icon ruffled feathers last night after a mysterious comment from her page landed on blogs. The controversy sparked after someone from her official Instagram account left a seemingly shady comment about rapper Nicki Minaj under a video with Cardi B.

The clip related to the comment showed the vivacious rapper arriving at Club11 in Miami over the weekend. Cardi B was celebrating the release of her Whipped Shots collaboration with a party. In the footage, you can see and hear Cardi suggesting to club bouncers to let the Black women inside, suggesting the women had been waiting to enter but were being ignored.

T-Boz’s account left the comment “Poor Nicki Minaj” with several laughing emojis.

It seems like the person behind T-Boz’s page wanted folks to think Nicki was trying to get into Cardi’s party and spark some laughter, but they did the complete opposite, folks dragged Tionne, to the point she had to clarify that it allegedly wasn’t her commenting.


Fans of Nicki Minaj did not want to believe T-Boz’s ‘hacked’ excuse, leaving disparaging comments and mean jokes about her in general. T-Boz further clarified, blaming the mishap on a person with the account ‘@Natererun’ who she claims keeps ‘calling’ her phone.


T-Boz’s public accusation sparked the person behind the account to send her threats for not deleting her tweet accusing him of being a hacker.

Do YOU believe T-Boz was hacked in this situation?

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