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What Do I Say When My Ex Calls Me?



The ex boyfriend (or girlfriend) phone call… it’s one of the most critical points in a reconciliation. If you’re looking to find a way back together again, getting your ex to call you should be of your top priorities. By reestablishing contact with your ex-lover, you can gain valuable information on whether or not they want you back, if they’re ready to reconcile yet, or whether they’re calling for some other reason.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of a break up, chances are good you still want to date your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. You’ve probably tried the traditional methods for getting that person back: talking them out of the break up, writing down your feelings, calling or emailing them long letters that explain why you should still be together. It’s also just as likely that those things all failed, as well they should. They’re actually some of the worst moves you can make while trying to win back an ex.

By walking away from the break up and leaving your ex to his or her own thoughts, you’re allowing a lot of good things to happen. First, any anger or bitterness either of you have will dissipate. Second, you’re both getting some time to think about things from a much different perspective: one of being totally alone. Third and most important, each of you will get the chance to miss each other. And the longer you wait without contacting your ex, the stronger the feelings of curiosity and longing become.

And then it happens: the ex girlfriend (or boyfriend) phone call. “What do I say when my ex calls me?” – It’s a great question. But while what you say is extremely important, what you don’t say is equally so. And let’s not forget how you say things – another big factor in how well this phone call will go. You don’t be caught off guard by it, you want to learn what to say now so it’s fresh in your memory.

Things to avoid while on the phone with your ex:

* Being overly excited

* Displaying anger or bitterness

* Any show of desperation

* Talking about the break up

* Making demands or creating deadlines

* Interrogating your ex

* A confrontational tone

All of the above actions are relationship-killers… they’ll turn your ex around very quickly, or turn them completely off to dating you again. Your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend called because he or she was curious… they want to know where you are and why you’re not chasing them. There’s a chance they want to get back together, or at least explore the option. But there’s also the chance they’re not ready yet. You need to learn the signs and signals your ex will give off when he or she is ready to possibly reconcile. Being overly friendly, suggesting a meeting, asking about your current relationship status – these are all good signs, but there are many, many others.

So what should you say when your ex calls you? Something along the lines of this:

“Hey, wow, it’s great to hear from you! How’ve you been?”

Allow your ex to talk here, tell you why he or she called you, maybe fill some time with a little small talk before they get to the real reason they have you on the phone. Whatever reason your ex gives for calling? Don’t challenge them on it. Allow it to go right past you, and let your ex feel comfortable with the fact that they called.

If your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend asks about you, let them know you’re doing great. Be vague about what you’ve been doing, and don’t give specifics. If you spill everything out on the table, they might realize you’re still going to “be around” for a while and quickly lose interest. But if your ex is left wondering if you’ve moved on or met someone else… he or she will be nervous about that. They might ask more about it, or offer to meet up with you to talk some more. When your ex girlfriend or boyfriend calls you up on the phone, you want to always leave them wanting more. This will ensure another call, or better yet, lead to a reunion date.

After a few minutes of small talk (no more than 2 or 3) you want to get off the phone as quickly as possible. That’s when you say:

“Listen, I’m really sorry but I’ve got a million things going on right now. I have to run. Gimmie a call next week or something?”

Multiple things get accomplished with these three small lines. First, you’re generating interest because apparently you’re very busy. Your ex will wonder why you’re busy, and will also appreciate the fact that you stopped to talk to them – even for a little while.

Next, you were very vague about where you’re going. Your ex girlfriend or boyfriend will have a natural curiosity about exactly what you’re up to, but won’t be able to bring themselves to ask. Until they go back out with you, whatever you’re doing is really none of their business.

Another big thing: you just made your ex agree to call you again. This is huge, because it happened so fast your ex couldn’t even disagree with it! He or she probably just nodded or muttered a quick “yeah, okay”. Note how you didn’t offer to call them back – you asked them to call you. It’s a pretty slick move that puts the ball in their court, and puts you at an advantage when the phone rings again.

Finally, you dropped the words “next week” in there. As if you’re so busy for the rest of the week and don’t want to be bothered. This is a tremendous seed that will grow and grow in your ex’s mind over the next few days. Are you seeing someone else? Did you find another boy or girlfriend? These things will flash through your ex’s mind, because he or she will naturally assume you’ve got something pretty good going on. After all, you ditched their phone call to run out and do something else.

Know what happened during this phone call? You turned the tables and seized control of the situation. When your ex broke up with you, he or she assumed all of the power over what happened next. You just took a big chunk of that power back. Your ex’s head is spinning with questions and you look like you’re in complete control. It seems almost like you couldn’t care less whether or not your ex calls back next week, and that’s exactly how it should seem.

Never ask the question “What do I say when my ex calls me?” again. KNOW what to do. Assume control of your breakup and turn the whole thing around in just a few short sentences. By giving your ex his or her space, allowing them to miss you, and then letting your ex’s mind work overtime to figure out what’s going on in your world? You’ve just taken some giant steps toward getting back together with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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When Are Letters of Administration Needed?




Letters of Administration are required when a loved one dies intestate. They allow the administrator the same rights as an executor who is probating a will.

This means that once the letters of administration have been granted, the administrator will be given letters to give to each financial institution where the deceased holds accounts. These letters will enable the administrator to access their loved ones finances.

Letters of administration are needed in most cases where a loved one dies intestate but not all. For example if all your loved ones finances are held in joint accounts with you, you will not need to apply for letters of administration. The bank will normally just require proof of death, to transfer the assets into your name.

Also if your loved one has assets of less than £5000 after funeral expenses, you will be able to access their bank accounts without letters of administration. Some banks allow assets of under £10,000.

As there is no executor, when a will has not been made, it is important to understand who is entitled to apply for the letters. The law states that this is to be decided in the following order, depending on surviving relatives:

• Civil Partner or Spouse – excluding Common Law Partner

• Children

• Sons or Daughters of the Deceased’s Children

• Parents, Brothers and Sisters

• Grandparents

• Aunts or Uncles – but not their spouses

It is important to note that children under the age of 18 are not entitled to apply for letters of administration alone, and if there are children under the age of 18 and no civil partner or spouse, it is important to seek legal advice from a solicitor or a specialist probate service.

What If The Legal Administrator Does Not Want To Deal With The Estate?

At a time when they are grieving, it is understandable that the person legally entitled to administer the estate would find it difficult to cope. Fortunately they do not have to do so at all. Even the initial application for the letters can be dealt with by a chosen representative.

Dealing with the estate of a relative can be difficult, particularly if they have died intestate. And intestate death often means tracking down the deceased’s finances and even those who are entitled to a share of the estate.

So it is wise to appoint a legal expert to deal with the administration of the will before you apply for the letters. A legal expert would normally be a solicitor, or a specialist probate service. They will do everything on your behalf including dealing with the initial application, finding the deceased’s assets, tracking down any money owing to them and paying any bills.

They will also be able to track down the whereabouts of those entitled to a portion of the estate, according to the law, calculate taxes owing and distribute the proceeds of the estate.

So using a specialist probate service can save you a great deal of time, trouble and stress and it may be worth appointing one to apply for letters of administration on your behalf and deal with the administration of your loved ones estate.

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How Can A Fireplace Blower Keep Your Home Warmer?




Having a fireplace in your home is not only beautiful to look at when you have a fire burning and logs crackling, but it is also a great source of warmth and heat as well. To help spread that warmth around the room, or rooms, you can add a fireplace blower. Here is a closer look at how a fireplace blower works and how it can help heat your home this winter.

How does it work?

One of the biggest concerns with having a fireplace has always been the fact that it doesn’t really heat up a room too well. Unless you have a way of blowing the heat out into the room, it will only keep a small area warm. Well, this is where a good fireplace blower will come in. It takes the heat that is generating from the fire and distributes it out into the room. The blower can do this by sitting in front of the fire in order to heat the entire room, or in a doorway to help heat more than one room. Of course, you will always want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placing it the right way.

How does it really help?

Keeping warm air from the fireplace circulating throughout the room or home is a great way to reduce heating costs and get the maximum amount of efficiency out of it. It will not have any effect on the combustion of the fire, only in distributing the heat produced.

How do you install it?

Installing a fireplace blower isn’t overly difficult as long as you have a power source handy in which to wire into. Generally speaking, blowers are installed at the same time the fireplace is built, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have one. It may just be a little more expensive in doing so. The job can be accomplished by a do-it-yourselfer, or in most cases, having a company come out and do it for you.

You can find all different types and styles of fireplace blowers on the market. There are many websites that offer online catalogs to browse through as well. Prices range from very affordable to more expensive depending on the model and size. You can easily find one to fit the size of your home.

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How Can You Tan Through Your Shirt to Remove Your Tan Lines?




Tan through shirts can be worn anywhere. You can even out your tan lines naturally and safely by just walking around town or watching a summer time parade or by doing anything outdoors. You could wear a tan through shirt to work and then head out to the park for a jog and enjoy the cool feeling this shirt can provide.

Tan through shirts are ideal for those who love outdoor tanning activities without having to spend hours at the beach or at the park flipping over, waiting, flipping over again and again. You now have the ability to tan through your shirt and get rid of the farmer’s tan look that has been haunting you for years! Now more than ever, with the popularity of tan-through technology increasing there will be many more styles and colors to choose from.

Tan-through shirts rapidly wick moisture through the fabric making you feel cool and comfortable on very hot days while at the same time working on removing your tan lines. The tan through material is made from a special knitting technology that creates millions of tiny pores in the fabric. These pores allow approximately half of the sun’s light to pass through to approximately the same degree as a medium level sunscreen so you never risk unprotected exposure to the sun. The fabric is smooth, and the porous nature of the fabric allows your skin to breathe, which keeps you cool all day long.

It is a simple (you just put the shirt on), yet complex technology. Remember to use an SPF6-10 under your shirt to build a base tan safely and naturally during your outdoor activities. One of the benefits of a tan-through shirt is that it is very lightweight and very easy to take care of which should make it number one on your packing list when going on vacation.

One example is the collared tan-through golf shirt: Picture yourself playing golf on the greens in 85 degree temperature and after 4 hours you still feel as cool as when you did back on the first hole. You should be able to enjoy a nice easy stroke without fighting the stickiness and perspiration that many golfers experience.

The quality of a tan through shirt is perhaps a bit more than a regular sports shirt. Tan-through shirts keep you very cool and they’re comparable in price to any fine sportswear brand. You are also receiving so much more in return in regards to the services that the tan-through shirt provides to you.

So the next time it’s going to be a hot sunny day, try a tan-through shirt. Not only will you get all the benefits of a regular sports shirt, but the tan through aspect will help you even out your tan lines, keep you cooler and stay lighter on your feet all at the same time.

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