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Channing Tatum Dances For The 1st Time In Years In New Video He Says He’ll ‘Regret’ Sharing



channing tatum

Channing Tatum is returning to one of his pastimes! The ‘Step Up’ alum shared a video of him dancing and revealed he was ‘getting back on the saddle’ again.

Channing Tatum is returning to his dancing roots. The Step Up actor, 41, revealed that he was “getting back on the saddle” and relearning how to dance again in a video shared on Instagram Story on October 14. The actor could be seen brushing up on his skills to “Essence” by WizKid and Tems in the clip he wrote he’d “probably regret” sharing in the morning.

“So here we go weekend one of exploring and getting back in the saddle,” Channing wrote atop the video. “I haven’t danced in years. And dance has moved on so much since then. I decided to document the exploration so I could see it as well, and some people just [think] you can dance, or you can’t.”

“I’m here to tell you that is not true,” he continued. “If you want to you can move and hear the music. This is gonna be a slow journey, but welcome.” Channing wrote atop a separate video, “Kids hear and feel the music so well today. I’ve been working at different things lately. So let’s go. Session one.”

“I’ll probably regrets in the morning,” he wrote in a final Instagram Story of the videos, adding, “But life always an exploration. Let’s go.” Given the myriad of projects that he’s starred in since, it’s easy to forget that the star’s breakout role was in the 2006 dance drama Step Up, which introduced him to ex-wife Jenna Dewan. The success of the film resulted in many sequels, including Step Up 2: The Streets.

Channing Tatum in the film ‘Step Up’ ( Phillip Caruso/Touchstone/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Channing would return to his dancing roots once again in the 2012 film Magic Mike, where he starred as the title character, a male stripper who takes a younger performer under his wing and teaches him the ropes of the biz. The film was partially inspired by Channing’s real life past experiences as a stripper. The actor later reprised his role in the 2015 sequel Magic Mike XXL. 

In April, HBO Max announced that a Magic Mike reality competition series from the producers of the film, including Channing, was being developed at the streamer. Channing will serve as executive producer on the series, set to follow 10 men who will learn routines and “develop a new level of self-confidence” as they compete for a cash prize and spot in the Magic Mike Live show at Las Vegas. Perhaps a Channing  dance cameo could be on the table given his latest video.

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Travis Scott Insists He Didn’t Know About Astroworld Tragedy Until After Show — 1st Interview



travis scott

For the first time since ten people died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert, the rapper sat down for a nearly hour-long interview to tell his side of the story.

Travis Scott says he’s been on an “emotional roller coaster” since tragedy struck his Astroworld Festival in Texas in early November. Ten people were killed during the concert, and dozens more were left injured. Travis faced extreme backlash for not stopping his concert amidst the tragedy playing out in the audience, but in his first interview since the event, he maintains that he had no idea how bad of a turn things had taken while he was onstage.

“I didn’t know the exact details until [after my set], minutes before the press conference that I figured out exactly what happened,” Travis says in his conversation with Charlamagne Tha God. “And even at that moment you’re like….what?” He also insists that he would have stopped the show if he knew that things were getting so out of hand in the crowd. “Anytime you hear something like that, you want to stop the show,” he explains. “You want to make sure fans get the proper attention they need. Anytime I could see anything like that, I did [stop]. I stopped it a couple of times to just make sure everybody was okay. I just really go off the fans’ energy as a collective — call and response. I just didn’t hear that [this time].”

Travis Scott in his first interview after Astroworld. (CThaGod/Youtube)

In the interview, Travis also walks Charlamagne through what he saw onstage in front of that huge crowd that night to paint a better picture of why he couldn’t tell what was happening. “You can only help what you can see, and whatever you’re told,” he adds. “Whenever somebody tells you to stop, you just stop.”

Charlamagne points out that Travis has “encouraged” his fans to “rage” at his concerts in the past, but he says that he has always tried to do so in a safe manner. “It’s supposed to be about having fun,” Travis says. “It’s not about harm. It’s about just letting go and having fun. Help others, love each other. It’s not about harm. The show isn’t just rambunctious for an hour, that’s not what it is.”

travis scott
Travis Scott performs at Astroworld. (Amy Harris/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

The rapper, who is expecting his second child with Kylie Jenner, says he’s done a “lot of grieving” while trying to wrap his head around the situation. “I really just wanted to be there and wish I could kind of just hold everyone and heal them, talk to them, have conversations,” he admits, regarding his fans and their loved ones. “It really hurts, man.”

Now, Travis is committed to making sure that nothing like this happens again in the future. “For the first couple of weeks, it was just me sitting down and channeling these emotions and remembering, no one’s going to be a voice for these people,” he reveals. “I have to be a voice so this doesn’t happen at shows in the future, period, and figure out the solution to ensure people’s safety.”

He also hopes to get to the bottom of what exactly happened to lead to such a horrific tragedy taking place. “I have a responsibility to figure out what happened here,” he says. “I have a responsibility to figure out the solution. Hopefully this takes the first step toward us as artists having more of that insight into what’s going on.”

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RHOC Recap: Heather Threatens to Quit Filming Over Lawsuit



RHOC Recap: Heather Threatens to Stop Filming After Learning About Lawsuit, Reprimands Shannon and Gina Over Rumor as Emily Blows Hot on Nicole

On this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather’s sushi party is in full effect and so is the drama. What happens when the beans are spilled, and how will Heather react?

Nicole seems to have forgotten that she may or may not have sued Terry Dubrow for a botched boob job 16 years ago. Seems odd that Terry and Heather Dubrow would knowingly be friends with someone that sued them, but I digress. This rumor is fueled by Shannon, so who knows??

Shannon finds Nicole and claims she has changed, look-wise. The last time Shannon saw Nicole, she looked like a Pamela Anderson look-alike! Shannon is having a hard time wrapping her mind around how close Nicole is with Heather since “really good friends don’t typically sue each other’s husbands.”

Because Gina and Emily can’t help themselves, when they realize they are alone with Nicole, they begin their own investigation. They start by complimenting Nicole’s boobs, something that people usually don’t do after only meeting them for 20 minutes, and they eventually pry out of Nicole that it took four-and-a-half years to get her boobs just right and that “there’s a big, long, long story.” Hmmm… does it involve Dr. Dubrow?

Meanwhile, Noella and Shannon bond over their shared healer. This is certainly foreshadowing that those two are going to be the odd ones out who cling to each other when the going gets tough.

Gina is having a hard time feeling like she is participating in making someone look like they are stupid, especially while dining in Heather’s house as a guest. Gina finally comes clean to Heather about what she knows. Gina tells Heather that Shannon is saying Nicole sued Terry for a botched boob job. Heather looks absolutely shocked to hear this news.

Shannon is informed by Emily that Gina is filling Heather in on the lawsuit. Shannon is aggravated that Gina and Emily can’t seem to keep a drunken promise told in confidence, and she is mad at herself for trusting these girls.

Shannon goes to try and play damage control with Heather, and she lets Gina know she does not appreciate her spilling the tea. Gina retorts, “It’s not the sisterhood of the traveling pants,” and Heather removes herself from the bickering and goes to find Terry, but not before she tries to shut things down. Heather has every right to be furious at this point, but honey, you can’t single-handedly shut the show down. Didn’t she learn her lesson from watching Denise Richards in seasons’ past?? “Bravo, Bravo, f*cking Bravo.”

While all this is going on, Nicole comes clean to Emily about what happened. Nicole states that she was a young model who was forced into the lawsuit by her attorney. Nicole further explains that she never discussed the lawsuit with Heather (which explains why they could be friends).

Nicole does not seem rattled by this at all, and she calmly proceeds to direct her anger at Emily. Nicole calls Emily stupid and Emily refuses to take it from her. Emily refers to Nicole as trash and Nicole tells her to sit down, even though she is already sitting down. Emily storms off before she legit pops Nicole’s head off with her fist, and she orders Gina to come with her.

Nicole is still incredibly composed, even cool. She tells Jennifer that if she were Emily she would go on a diet and shut her “f*cking mouth.” That was low. In the meantime, Noella is busy coddling Shannon, who is just realizing that being in Heather’s bad graces is not good at all. Noella seems to be Shan’s shoulder to cry on until she sees Max, Heather’s daughter. She drops Shannon like a hot potato and accosts Max, screaming, “Are you bisexual? I’m bisexual too!”

Terry looks p*ssed, and for a man going to bed early for a big surgery the next morning, I am LOLing that he is still wearing his leather jacket. He finds Nicole sitting calmly, and the Dubrows are absolutely flabbergasted that Nicole never said anything about the lawsuit. Terry reminds Nicole that she dropped the lawsuit, and therefore, they are OK with Nicole and her past. So it seems as though Heather doesn’t care about this situation, but everyone else does…

After smoothing things over with Nicole, Heather reprimands Shannon and Gina big time. She tells Shannon, “What you did in this scenario was sh*tty” and that Gina, as the messenger, should be shot. Heather calls off the party, and when Shannon runs after her like a lost puppy, Heather tells her she is disappointed in the news that, alas, they cannot ever be friends cuz Shannon sucks, er… can’t be trusted. Getting déjà vu big time as Heather dismisses Shannon from her home (round II), and it’s true that some people just never change.

The next day, Emily phones Heather to ask if she would like to go to lunch with her and Gina to try and sort things out. Speaking of phone calls, new besties Shannon and Noella chat, and Shannon thanks her for having her back the night before.

Heather sits down to talk with Terry, and they call Nicole’s lawsuit a misunderstanding and repeat that it’s not a thing. They try to figure out what motivated Shannon to bring this up 16 years later, and Heather deduces that Shannon just wanted to hurt the Dubrows. They continue to discuss the party and the cost (all $36,000 of it), and Terry is more annoyed they didn’t even get to eat the dinner than that his wife spent that kind of money on.

So, does Jen’s husband bring his dog everywhere? I am just happy to see that he is wearing a shirt now. As Jen tries talking to him about serious issues, he is too busy stuffing his face with Brussel sprouts. When it comes to their children, Jen is trying to look for more balance with the work/mom life, but her stay-at-home hubby doesn’t give a whole lot of supportive, wise advice.

The cringey date nights continue with Shane and Emily. They share that they have been married for 13 years, and despite it all, the past year has brought them even closer than ever. Emily talks about Shane’s COVID scare and how he nearly died. Emily wants nothing more than her kids to have a purpose, and she is happy that her daughter is following in Shane’s footsteps with religion.

It’s time for the Heather sit-down, and Gina and Emily are intimidated. Gina comes right out and tells Heather how terrible she feels. She is clearly trying hard to stay on Heather’s good side. Heather understands that Gina was put in a tough spot, but that was not the time to bring up the issue. Gina shares the terrible story that her ex-husband was having an affair. He brought Gina to a barbecue at the woman’s house where everyone knew, and no one said anything to Gina. Gina likens this to what occurred at Heather’s party, and she wanted to try and save Heather from looking like a fool when everyone knew something ugly.

Heather understands and accepts Gina’s apology. Heather states that Shannon was upset because she trusted Gina and Emily not to tell, but in the same breath, she told Heather that the two of them were not to be trusted and that they were manipulative.  So… which is it, Shannon? Looks like Shan is caught being the same old Shannon, huh?


Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

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RIP: Rapper Slim 400 Shot Dead in Los Angeles



RIP: Rapper Slim 400 Shot Dead in Los Angeles

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Compton rapper and former YG associate Slim 400 was reportedly shot and killed in the Los Angeles area on Wednesday, Dec. 8. He was 33.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the aspiring rapper was gunned down in Inglewood, California. He was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene.

Slim was a member of the Tree Top Pirus street gang which he allegedly joined when he was 13 years old.

He survived a previous attempt on his life when he was shot 9 times in the summer of 2019. His last Instagram Story is a track featuring him and the late rapper Young Dolph on a tombstone.

Tributes pour in from around the country on social media for the late rapper.

One Twitter user wrote:

“This is what gets me. You all light the country on fire if a white person kills but if you all kill yourselfs no one bats an eye Flushed face EVERY life is precious try to LOVE each other more [sic].”


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