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Why iOS? Here Are Reasons Why You Should Choose iOS Over Android



To choose Android or iOS is an incessant debate! The rivalry between the two mobile app platforms is evident when appreneurs could not decide alone which platform to opt for i.e. which one will be more advantages to them in attracting the end users and keeping them hooked. While they leave the task of deciding it to the development companies, there are certain factors considering which can help themselves to decide the same.

However, the competition between the duo platforms iOS and Android is inevitable with iOS grasping more of the market share in Australia, and other advanced countries. So, here’s a list of the core reasons behind why Apple apps are in the first place.

#1 Matchless App quality

First of all, iOS apps are more businesslike and sophisticated ones. The iOS platform provides an unparalleled experience to the users in the niches, like health, media, food-delivery, personal utilities, games, which are now the mainstays of the app industry.

#2 More consumer acceptance

If you consider the revenue models of both the platforms, then definitely Android gives a stiff competition to iOS. It has a greater proportion of Ad-sponsored app while iOS apps depend primarily on the purchases. Although iOS app’s revenue relies predominantly on payments by users, they still manage to grab more revenue because of higher Indexed consumed spend.

#3 Agile Development speed

It has always been a prime concern for app owners that how fast their app can reach the market, iOS takes much less time. Simply put, iOS app does not have to pass through the meticulous system release cycles, called fragmentation. Android apps go through it, as they are targeted to an array of devices running on the OS, with huge differences in the screen sizes, device performance and specialities.

Simply put, the release cycle of an iOS app being shorter, they have much greater acceptance by the developers.

#4 Advanced features-set of iOS devices

The features or functionalities, available on the Android devices are surely not comparable with that of iPhones and iPad. The advanced features-set of iOS devices coupled with great storage capacity and fast processing speed, take the functioning of the app to a whole new level.

#5 Win-win market statistics

Not only from the technical point of view, demographics tell us about the winning situation of the iOS apps. No doubt, both are in a neck-and-neck race, iOS users statistics are more appealing with more percentage of young-age users, greater engagement rate, more income, and greater technical skills/higher education. So, obviously, iOS users will be spending more time on an app.

Concluding note

Apparently, from the business perspective, if you are considering to embark on your app business, then go for iOS platform. Not only the development is less complex and will take less time to reach the market, iPhone/iPad apps are easy-to-use and run smoothly, giving users a greater satisfaction.

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‘Winword Caused a General Protection Fault’ – Word Error and Recovery



By or global template is the basic template that Microsoft Word uses each time when you create a document. Even if you are using some other template, this global template always remains in use. file often gets corrupted leaving Word documents is suspect state. You should restore the documents damaged due to corruption from backup. But in some of the cases, backup is found as not updated, damaged or unavailable. Thus, in such situations, you should use word repair software to scan and repair your damaged Word document.

You might receive the similar error message when trying to open a Microsoft Word document:

“Winword caused a General Protection Fault in module USER.EXE”

You cannot access such document.


Probable causes for the above error to occur are:

o (Global Template) file is corrupted

o You have installed Word in Works Suite add-in program (included with MS Works Suite 2000) and the add-in program in corrupted.

o Installing MS Works Suite 2000 adds some additional functionality to Word. There are several new features added to File Menu, Mail Merge and Wizard.


To solve the above describes issues, you should follow these methods:

o Click Start->Search->All files and folders and type in All or part of the file name box. Select the Windows installed drive and click Search.

Rename the file to Upon restating Word, it will recreate a new global template.

o If the issue doesn’t resolve, insert MS the Microsoft Works Suite Disk 1 CD-ROM into the system and press and hold down SHIFT key while inserting it. Next, remove Word in Works Suite add-in program using Add or Remove Programs wizard of Control Panel.

o The existing issue should get resolved by following above steps. But if you find Word document(s) as damaged due to corruption, try restoring from backup. In case of backup concerns, you need to use word recovery applications.

Word repair tools scan a damaged document using powerful scanning algorithms and restore them. These are non-destructive applications with self-descriptive interface and complete documentation.

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery is an advanced tool to repair and restore Microsoft Word documents. It is available with support to Word 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 and certain powerful Word Recovery features. It can restore all objects like hyperlinks, tables, images, drawings, macros and others. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.

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Free Recovery Software Options For Resolving a Hard Drive Failure




When your computer throws up an error message stating there has been an ‘error reading fixed disk’ or ‘hard drive failure’ then do not panic that your computer and all its data are completely lost just yet. Before you send your computer off to be repaired there are some free recovery software tools that can assist you.

The starting point for troubleshooting a hard drive failure is to think of any new hardware you just added. These can cause system conflicts with your drive (effectively making it disappear to the BIOS) that can be resolved by removing the hardware.

Next, if your computer is failing to start properly then try booting up in safe-mode. If this works then the issue is software related, rather than being a hardware issue, which is a positive sign. Make copies of all your crucial data before attempting any repairs.

Your disk may simply have faults with the partition table and master boot record system files. There is a great free tool called Test Disk by CG Security that can automate repairs to these files for you quite effectively.

It is also possible your Windows registry has been corrupted. You can use Windows System Restore tool (in programs > accessories > system tools) to revert your system files back to a set checkpoint. While this will roll back any recent registry damage, it will also affect any programs installed/updated from the version date. This can be remedied though by reinstalling the applications.

Finally, if you feel your data has been lost, deleted or formatted then free recovery software such as Recuva or PC Inspectors Smart Recover can help identify files still left on the the hard drive.

If these steps do not help or you feel there is a mechanical fault in the hard drive (bearings/reading heads seized, etc.) then data recovery experts have the requisite disk reading tools and specialist recovery software to read even broken disks.

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Vital Factors to Consider When Choosing a Colocation Service Provider




The process of server colocation is gaining popularity with each passing day. This is due to the many benefits that the service offers to the clients. Out of the increased popularity, many service providers have come up to meet the high demand. As a result of this, competitive prices and services have come up hence making the decision easier. However, it is important to understand that not all the service providers render what they claim. Some are out to make money at the expense of the clients hence the need to consider a few factors before committing oneself to any given provider.

The first and the most important factor that ought to be considered is the cost of the service. In colocation, one hires the equipment to get the servers up and have them well managed. This is a type of rental service. Different fee structures are incurred from different service providers. This is especially because of the high competition that exists and minor policies by the service provider. Generally, the fee is usually based on the size of the servers and the bandwidth that one will receives. Comparing can help one in getting the most competitive prices. Affordable costs enable one to enjoy all the features without any strains. However, it is important for one not to compromise the quality of the services for cost.

The next thing that one has to consider in a colocation firm is the size of bandwidth that one will get. This is the factor that determines the reliability of the connection that one will get to the servers. A poor or slow connection leads to the slow down of the business activities and the subsequent pushing away of the potential clients. It is highly advised to choose a service provider with the highest possible bandwidth. This will ease the access and hence enable better performance.

The security of the services rendered matters a lot. The company’s servers contain vital information which if poorly handled can lead to the nose dive of the business. The service provider should therefore be having the most reliable security to the servers. This is both through remote access, manual alteration by the unauthorized as well as physical damages. It is important that one check on the security measures employed by the firm and gauge whether they are reliable or not.

The services offered by the colocation company have also to be considered. The data center should be able to offer all the necessary technical support with great reliability to ensure that the server performance is ensured round the clock. It is highly recommended that one look at the professionalism of the technical support staff and how fast they are at responding to malfunctions. This will ensure reliability at all times.

It is important for one to discuss the features of the service provider with an experienced person in the field. This will help determine any loopholes and the strong points.

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