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Stuck in Designing of Your Publication?



Graphic Design is a part of your marketing strategy to get business easily. because its just like a presentation of your profile in every aspect.

Why a portfolio is required for marketing?

Portfolio is just a album for your work expertise and the way of presentation is marketing. We generally see various publications in market and on digital and electronic media also. they invest more and more on just presentation and beautification of products to enhance marketing strategy.

How to get best design of Your Publication?

We at Digitech solutions have a creative team with expertise of more that 15 years in today’s global market in Layout artist and advertisement deign solution for your all needs not only this we can help you in social media promotion. presently we are handling various social media profiles of politicians in India. and also associated with many clients in australia, canada, Florida, Mauritious, and many more…

Why a compony is required?

A Graphic Company provides you a platform which help you in many ways in Graphic Design, Social Media Management and Optimization, and Search engine Optimization as well. Instead of this we can also help you in tech support as free part of our service because its our expertise in tech support to help our clients any how where they stuck.

Book cover Design

Book is a part oof your writing and expert opinion on any topic and cover is a part which can speak complete story of text inside so its very important for authors to represent book cover design in very imaginary way so readers can study your cover first instead of turning pages just without understanding cover it should be so attractive that it represents author imagination with images and sketches on cover part. then only it will be considered as a good and also inn selling point of view its must.

Monthly Publication

Its our promise that nobody can give a good looking conceptual design in your budget because there are many designers who can work for you in very cheap rates but they have no expertise in it they generally do copy of others and copying others can create a imaginary view according to the article so your layout artist must be a creative and much imaginary who can understand the concept and create a beautiful layout of your publication which can help you in getting more and more business and enhance your social profile.

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How to Help Your Disorganized Child – Seven Tips For Better Organization




It’s not just ADHD kids who are disorganized? Kids who don’t have ADHD sometimes can’t remember to bring homework home either. Can’t remember to take the homework back to school when they did bring it home. It’s not intentional. He really means to get his homework done. He just forgets. Maybe her school materials are poorly organized. Maybe he has poor time-management skills. With all the distractions bombarding kids today, it’s not surprising that they forget so much and are so unorganized.

Without some basic organizational strategies, kids do poorly in school and their grades plummet. Some kids end up cheating or lying–whatever it takes to survive school with a minimum of criticism and punishment. Disorganization and forgetfulness get in the way of success at school.

You can teach your child how to be more organized. Maybe you’ll even find some of these tips useful around your home.

Seven Tips to Help Your Disorganized Kid

1. Color code: Help your child organize his school books and notebooks by color-coding them. Use colored book covers, stickers, labels, stars, or markers with one color for each subject. You can also color code the books by adding colored stickers.

2. Clear book covers: Consider using clear book covers to cover books so that your child can always see the covers.

3. Locker organization: Help your child organize his locker. Brainstorm with him to come up with the best solution. Often locker organizers or locker shelves help a lot. Put morning  books on one shelf  and afternoon books on another, or math and science on one shelf, language arts and social studies on another, for example. Label the shelves.

4. Extra set of books: Keep an extra set of textbooks at home. Before you buy them, ask if the school can provide them. Check the web too for companies who rent textbooks.

5. Organizer: Help your child develop daily schedules. Some schools provide daily planners. If your child’s school doesn’t give out planners, you’ll need to buy one or a PDA (personal digital assistant) from an office-supply store. While you’re there, you and your child can look around at other products that help with organizing.

6. Structure: Offer to help your child organize her homework time. As soon as she gets home, go over the list of assignments due the next day as well as any long-term assignments. If you wait until later, it may be too late to get an assignment from a friend or a book from school. Help her decide which assignment she’s going to do first. Then help her figure enough time for each assignment.

7. Home organization: You and your disorganized kid need to decide on one place to put finished homework. One place to put everything that needs to go back to school including his lunch. One hook for his jacket. And keeping his room uncluttered helps also. Have him set a weekly schedule for cleaning and organizing his room. For some kids, they’ll need to do this every day for awhile until organization becomes a habit. Just as you did for his locker, find shelves and cubes to put things in. Color coding helps here also. You may need to help them at first.

Kids will do best at this new organization routine if it’s simple, and they’ve had a say in deciding what will work and what won’t. Disorganized kids can go overboard with color coding, labels, and stickers which only leads to more disorganization because it’s too complicated. They may need help in making it easy.

Being organized gives kids a sense of power and control over school and their lives. As they begin to feel good about themselves, they’ll start doing better in school.

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Is Colleen Slater’s Blog Inferno Worth the Money?




Colleen Slater, the self proclaimed 60 Minute Affiliate, is about to release her Blog Inferno system which claims to be the best niche marketing guide on the internet.

Ms Slater has put together a collection of articles, mind maps, templates and videos which she claims will help the average affiliate marketer increase their online income.

I was lucky enough to receive a preview of the Blog Inferno system to review exactly what has been put together and get the chance to see if it is worth its salt or if it is just another scam.

Now first up, I want to tell you that I like Colleen’s work as the 60 Minute Affiliate. She offers a large array of guidance and tips which will help niche marketers get ahead of the competition. She even offers free one on one coaching to those struggling to make the sales that they had initially hoped for.

Blog Inferno is a collection of these guides turned into one ebook, with some of the ideas expanded upon slightly. As with many affiliate marketing guides, a lot of the information contained within the book is already readily available at no cost elsewhere.

What Ms Slater does do is offer video tutorials for the struggling masses. If you have time and patience to watch step by step guide, and you are a visually oriented person, this may be a great thing for you to do.

Blog Inferno won’t get you website rankings in minutes, and it won’t make you sales within days. But it does offer some insights for those who are just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing.

If you really want to make some impact on the internet world – your money is best spent on Andrew Hansen’s Firepow. Firepow is a tool which will have your website getting top rankings on Google within hours, as well as some neat tricks that aren’t available anywhere else – not to mention support from the a community of successful online money makers – including Hansen himself, who is quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with.

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What Is CDT?




In software testing and mobile testing fields, there are a wide range of various methodologies, techniques and principles. All of them have common goal – to make the checking procedure faster, better and more effective.

Context-driven testing or simply CDT is one of checking approaches which is widely applied in software testing company. This method was suggested by Cem Kaner, Brian Marick and other members of the context-driven school which was founded in 1999.

This particular approach presupposes to keep several ‘creeds’ which are fundamentals of the context-driven school.

What Are CDT Beliefs?

  • Every working procedure brings some value which is reliant on context.
  • The context may consist of several constituent parts. The main such element is a team of specialists who perform CDT.
  • The direction of project development and its specific features cannot be exactly predicted.
  • To find any solution, it is necessary to analyze the actual system under test (SUT).
  • The best universal practices that are suitable for every case do not exist.
  • Only challenges make the checking procedure effective.

The product success depends not only on the quality of testing services but also on the collaboration between all specialists engaged in the project realization. A smooth communication, long-term thinking and working, various aspects and peculiarities of specialists’ duties taken into account define the future of the product. This is the core idea of context-driven testing.

In general, this checking type can be defined as agile testing. This assumption may be valid because its core ideas resemble a lot the principles of Agile Manifesto. In other words, the recommendations of both are like analogous to each other.

A specialist will successfully conduct the CDT procedure if he keeps some recommendations. These tips will simplify the understanding of CDT concept and general idea as well as the checking procedure itself.

Context-Driven Testing Tips:

  • The essential role is played by metrics. The invalid data brings no use and it is a real threat to the product success. The metrics should always be updated.
  • Automated testing principles are not applicable for CDT. On one hand, this checking type simplifies the procedure and helps to save much time. But on the other hand, a human cannot be replaced by auto tests. Only a human being can make suggestions and presuppositions. Only manual testing is suitable in such a case.
  • It is important to apply various testing methods. Each of them will help to detect certain defects which may be connected with the business aspects or with end-user experience.
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