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New Couple Alert: Darius McCrary Dating MtF Trans Sidney Starr?



Photo may have been deleted


Rumors are running rampant that actor Darius McCrary and male-to-female trans actor Sidney Starr are dating.

According to Rhymeswithsnitch, Sidney is cast as Darius’s love interest in an unnamed project.

Last year the “Family Matters” star, 45, appeared to come out as trans attracted after lavishing compliments on Sidney online.

McCrary, who has been unlucky at Love, confirmed that he was aware Sidney was born a male.

McCrary, best known as Eddie Winslow on TV sitcom Family Matters, met Sidney offline – and the two are reportedly inseparable.

On Sunday, Sidney shared a video from a steamy photo shoot. Darius couldn’t keep his eyes off Sidney’s curves.

Sidney, a 32-year-old Chicago native, is a cast member on Love & Hip-Hop: New York.

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Marcus / Splash News

Meanwhile, Darius, who was raised in a 2-parent home, was married three times to Juliette Merrill Vann (2005-2006); Karrine Steffans (2009-2011), and Tammy Brawner (2014-2017).

Darius and Sidney have been trending all day on social media.

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Ebro Admits To ‘Terrible Joke’ About Tinashe’s ‘Ghetto A** Name’ In Resurfaced Interview



Ebro Admits To ‘Terrible Joke’ About Tinashe’s ‘Ghetto A** Name’ In Resurfaced Interview

A resurfaced Tinashe interview has fans upset over just how disrespectful Ebro Darden was to the young singer.

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

The Hot 97 host responded to some bubbling backlash on Friday, admitting that saying Tinashe has a “ghetto a** name” in a 2013 interview was “a terrible joke.”

After a clip from the interview resurfaced thanks to a fan, Ebro retweeted footage of the offensive moment, writing: “Yea this was a terrible joke, we were using the name skit for people to learn her origins… love Tinashe that’s my homey still.”

In the video, after being asked her last name, a 20-year-old Tinashe tells Darden and his co-host, Peter Rosenberg, that her last name is Kachingwe. She later explained the name is Zimbabwean.

In response to that, Darden said to his co-host, “Now, can we point out how light-skinned she is with a ghetto-a** name, though?”

As Tinashe said nothing, appearing uncomfortable, Rosenberg quickly shut down Ebro’s joke, saying, “It’s not a ghetto name, it’s an African name.”

But Darden was on a mission to get his “terrible joke” off, going on to say, “Yeah, but sometimes these ghetto names are actually African.”

Seemingly wanting to kill the tension, Tinashe replied, “They’re probably derived from the African names and they go off on, like, a ghetto tangent.”

That’s when things got even weirder, with Ebro referencing the color of the singer’s skin yet again.

“Don’t you start,” he said, pointing his finger at her. “Alright, young yellow?”

Tinashe let out an awkward laugh  and finished the interview like a professional.

As of now, the “2 On” singer hasn’t replied to the resurfaced interview, but fans certainly aren’t happy with the clip–or the way Ebro reacted to it making its way through Twitter.

“Me tryna find the apology for the ghetto and colorist comments in this tweet,” one user tweeted.

“I apologise for the hurtful comments I made about Tinashe’s names” like what’s hard about that…” asked another. 

In  response to another fan who called his comments ignorant, Ebro replied, “Yea I was being dumb on purpose… stupid.”

So much for an apology.

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Kelly Rowland Admits She’d Love To See A 4th ‘Merry Liddle’ Movie: ‘Everyone Loves This Family’



Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is back for ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Baby’ on Lifetime. She spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about Jacquie and Tyler’s next chapter, a fourth movie, and more.

There’s a Liddle baby on the way! Kelly Rowland and Thomas Cadrot return as Jacquie and Tyler in Lifetime’s Merry Liddle Christmas Baby, which premieres on November 27 at 8 p.m. ET. This holiday season, the beloved couple is gearing up for parenthood! HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Kelly about how Jacquie is handling pregnancy, a fourth movie, and why this Christmas is extra special for her.

“She’s honestly trying to figure out everything in the least stressful way possible because she is OCD,” Kelly told HollywoodLife. “She loves to make sure that everything is the way she would think it should go. She’s a bit of a control freak. She’s trying to plan it out to perfection and things with her family and with pregnancy, which she’ll realize it’s really out of her control.”

Kelly Rowland’s character Jacquie is pregnant in ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Baby.’ (Lifetime)

Merry Liddle Christmas Baby marks the third Merry Liddle movie. Kelly would love to explore more stories with the Liddle family in a potential fourth movie. “I think that everyone loves this family. I think they’re very relatable,” she said. “I think that there’s someone in your family that you feel relates to someone from the Liddle family or a dynamic that relates to the Liddle family. If we can keep sharing these stories with people, why not? I would love to, and I love being around my family cast. They’re so much fun and we have a great time. There are so many stories that we can tell.”

Over the course of the past two movies, fans have watched Jacquie and Tyler’s love story blossom. Kelly revealed that she loves how Tyler has made Jacquie “relax” more. “He definitely made her relax because she was always moving and busy and uptight and this and that, you know what I mean? He was just like, you gotta chill. He’s a center for her, and I think that it’s so sweet. I think that as far as who she is with him, I think that he’s just always inspired by her. It’s a really sweet relationship that I think that everybody really gravitates towards,” she told HollywoodLife.

This holiday season is going to be extra special for Kelly and her family. It will be her first with her second child, Noah. Kelly gushed she “cannot wait” for Noah’s first Christmas with his family.

Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland and Thomas Cadrot as Jacquie and Tyler. (Lifetime)

“Noah’s growing at such a rapid rate because of his brother [Titan],” Kelly said. “He’s trying to keep up with Titan and the rest of his cousins. We’re always around family, and Noah’s trying to keep up with all the big kids. I’m actually wishing that he would slow down a little bit, but he already feels like a one-year-old. It’s the strangest thing. He’s trying to walk and he’s only 10 months. He’s trying to walk, and he’s just doing so much. I just want him to slow down just a little bit. But shopping for presents and stuff for him is going to be fun and just showing him what we do and tasting different things. It’s going to be fun. I’m just excited that we just get to have a beautiful Christmas all together just settled as a family. We’ve been doing a lot of traveling and moving around this year, so we’re just going to be still.”

The singer/actress also stressed that her oldest son, Titan, is the “best big brother you’ve ever seen. He really is. He’s so proud. He has his moments where he can be a little rough with his brother because he’s thinking that he’s actually older sometimes. But for the most part, he’s just so grateful that his brother’s here. He’s really is and it’s the sweetest thing. He wanted a sibling so bad and has the nerve to actually be asking me for one more. I’m really happy with my two for now.”

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90 Day Fiance’s Brittany Banks Shows Off 22 Lbs Weight Loss



VIDEO: 90 Day Fiance's Brittany Banks Shows Off 22 Lbs Weight Loss, Shares Diet and Workout Routine After Stunning Transformation

Credit: Instagram/BrittanyBanks

90 Day Fiance’s Brittany Banks is single and ready to mingle. But we have a feeling she won’t be single for long as her recent body transformation has her looking hot, hot, hot.

Brittany reveals the final number on the scale after her dramatic transformation, is 130 lbs, which means her final weight loss is 70 pounds!

Brittany showed off her brand new body in an Instagram post of her sporting a flashy new bikini. The caption revealed hints at how she achieved her weight loss success.

Brittany revealed that she had added walking to her fitness routine and made some “focused tweaks” to her diet regimen.

She went on to say that if she ever wanted to go back up in weight and be a little curvier, she would just add proteins and carbs back into her diet.

Thanks for the tips, Brittany!

While Brittany’s health has never been better, her love life has taken some serious hits over the past few years.

During 90 Day Fiance, Brittany had flown to Jordan to be with her ex-boyfriend Yazan Abu Harira but almost as soon as she stepped off the plane, the two began having problems and fans wondered if their relationship would make it.

Yazan came from a strict Muslim background and felt Brittany should mold to fit that lifestyle, starting with her clothes. Yazan had asked Brittany to dress more conservatively and she did not take it well. But her reaction to that paled in comparison to the one at Yazan’s request that Brittany converts to Islam within three days of her arrival. Ultimately Brittany felt the rules and regulations of Yazan’s lifestyle were too controlling for her taste.

Brittany’s bombshell that she was still legally married to her ex,  did not help matters between the tense couple and his family. Finally, the couple decided to part ways after months of a tumultuous relationship and Brittany flew back to the United States.

Brittany appeared on the 90 Day Fiance spin-off  90 Day: The Single Life and dated two men on that series, but ultimately neither panned out and Brittany remained single.

So now Brittany is focusing fully on her health and new fitness-toned body. But knowing Brittany, a new love interest can’t be far behind.

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