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3 Newly Added Crypto Tokens: SUNRISE, HND, and DORAEMONINU



3 Newly Added Crypto Tokens: SUNRISE, HND, and DORAEMONINU
  • SUNRISE uses a negative rebase mechanism.
  • DoraemonInu is a popular anime token.

From a few digital currencies in 2013, there is a huge jump. Making a cryptocurrency is simple due to the open creation procedure. Indeed, the top 20 cryptocurrencies are estimated to account for almost 90% of the market which includes names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana to name a few. Let’s look at the 3 New Crypto Tokens SUNRISE, HND, and DORAEMONINU.

The Sun Rises (SUNRISE)

The project team invites individuals to invest in the token that will provide security and capital growth. Its programming incorporates hourly deflation and a growing liquidity pool.

SUNRISE uses a negative rebase mechanism to decrease overall supply and raise the market value of each token. The SUNRISE token’s supply is therefore adjustable.

It has launched a mathematical algorithm to make each coin worth $21,000 BUSD while destroying portions of the token supply. According to CoinMarketCap, the Sun Rises price today is $0.024306 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $484,336 USD.

Hundred Finance (HND)

Hundred Finance is a decentralized program that allows cryptocurrency lending and borrowing. Incorporating Chainlink oracles to guarantee market health and stability focuses on long-tail assets.

HND is the platform’s own token. The HND token’s use in governance will enable protocol choices to be made decentralized once sufficiently dispersed among users. Depending on their contribution to the protocol, their distribution to users encourages engagement and helps to launch the Hundred Finance initiative.

According to CoinMarketCap, the Hundred Finance price today is $2.00 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $50,082.07 USD.


DoraemonInu is a popular anime token. Launched with 0 telegram members and a growing community. On the website, you may play a DoraemonInu game. Moreover, a leaderboard rewards the top players. Also, a buyback mechanism to assist the token market cap rise! Furthermore, there are many plans as per the creators in the future.

According to CoinMarketCap, the DoraemonInu price today is $2.87e-12 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,021,847 USD.

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Arker Completes Seed and Private Rounds Following its Incubation by Everse and Unicrypt



Gold Fever $NGL is coming to the Kucoin exchange

Tallinn, Estonia, 8th December, 2021, Chainwire

Arker: The legend of Ohm is thrilled to announce that it has closed its seed and private round, which managed to raise a total of 2.4 million led by Everse Capital. Meanwhile, its IDO will take place on December 10 on Unicrypt.

Partners who participated in the SLSeed round included Spark Capital, Basics, Avstar, Cinchblock, Dextools, Exnetwork, IBA, M6, Magnus, Maven, Nexo, X21, Unicrypt, Raptor, Unlock, Venus, Tranquility investment group, and GGG.

Arker ($ARKER) will be available on BurningDrop from 10:00:00 on December 3, 2021 (UTC). Users can mine ARKER by staking USDT/KCS/ETH assets.

Arker BurningDrop Details

The BurningDrop will commence on December 3. To participate, you should register on KuCoin to join the activity. In addition, you can either choose to participate via KuCoin’s website or app. The ARKER price during issuing will be at 0.01 USDT. The total amount of ARKER available for the BurningDrop is set at 20,000,000.

Since you can burn $POL on the platform to earn ARKER rewards, the rewards will decrease as the number of POL burnt increases. However, to test available acceleration computing power, you can enter the number of burned POL. Meanwhile, we advise that you burn rationally.

20% of the ARKER rewards will be distributed before ARKER trading starts in the KuCoin Spot Market. The remaining 80% will be distributed in 20% batches every month after 1 month from the 1st distribution. Also, note that participation is voluntary, and no influence shall be subjected to any user. Users from Mainland China are ineligible to participate in the event.

Join Arker to Play to Earn

Arker is an NFT, play-to-earn game, which allows users to earn crypto and trade them for actual money. To fight for the city of Ohm, players must recruit heroes of different classes. As a result, they increase the loot of Arker, a mineral of great value. In-game players can earn cryptocurrency as well as have fun.

Fighting against another player allows you to earn tokens, which you can exchange for items. On the other hand, playing PVE enables you to earn rewards for items. You can trade the products in the marketplace. You can also win by competing in the guild war, holding special events, and performing daily missions.

NFTs are sold for profit, depending on the rules of the game. While still owning their assets, you can also accumulate NFT’s until they yield crypto rewards from the game. Arker plans on revolutionizing crypto gaming by adding content for professional players.

Arker will have two tokens listed on Binance Smart Chain as BEP-20. The first token, FoA, is used as in-game currency. It represents rewards, items, and more. When a player makes an in-game purchase with FoA, 85% of the value goes to the game pool. The platform then burns the remaining 15%.

The second token is ARKER, which will be used for DAO. Every TX has an integrated fee of 5%. The firm keeps 12.5% for marketing, 12.5% for development, while 75% goes to liquidity.

About Arker

Arker: The Legend of Ohm is the first free multiplayer online strategy game to award digital assets to its participants. Start with the game itself if you want to comprehend Arker. Playing it will help you realize it is worth as a game.

Arker will create a 3D/VR Metaverse that will integrate all the 2D features, including NFTs, in an open world. Lastly, the game aims to provide users with an immersive experience through its unique lore.

Arker may be downloaded for Android and iOS via the official app store. You can learn more about the game on their social media below:


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NFT Marketplace DigiCol Launches Lending & Borrowing w/ “Negative Fee” Trading



NFT Marketplace DigiCol Launches Lending & Borrowing w/ “Negative Fee” Trading

The NFT sector continues to expand its use cases and seems poised to onboard millions of users in the coming years. These digital assets have seen great adoption in 2021 and could propel the crypto industry into a new era of adoption as more platforms introduce features that make them more accessible.

In that sense, DigiCol, a comprehensive NFT marketplace since 2020, is set to break the barriers in the sector and increase its adoption.

Recently, DigiCol became the first comprehensive NFT marketplace to introduce a Collateral feature. Advancing NFT finances to another level, this new element in the DigiCol ecosystem will enable users to use their NFT as collateral to borrow Ethereum (ETH), DGCL, Tether (USDT), and other cryptocurrencies from users in the platform or to lend it to others.

To celebrate the launch, the platform is offering a “negative fee” for buying, selling, lending, or borrowing the selected popular NFT series such as Cryptopunks, Sandbox, Decentraland, etc. Not only you will get 100% rebate on the platform fee, but also earning free native tokens from their liquidity farming program.

Via this Collateral mechanism, only found on this platform, a borrower will have a loan period to repay the debt in addition to an agreed interest with the counterpart. If the user fails to pay, the lender will receive ownership over the collateral.

Unlike traditional finances where the process is controlled by a central authority, DigiCol’s Collateral feature will be fully enforced by a smart contract. Thus, lenders and borrowers will not only benefit from a new NFT use case, but from a frictionless, trustless, and decentralized system.

As seen below, DigiCol’s NFT Collateral platform is easy to access and use. Participants need to follow a few steps to borrow or lend their NFT. These digital assets can now be used to increase an owner’s liquidity without the need to detach themselves from a unique NFT.

DigiCol To Enter Phase 2 Into The Future Of NFT Finance

As of now, DigiCol supports the following contracts: Cryptopunks, ENS, Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and Sandbox, but the platform is working on further integration with other popular NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Desperate ApeWives, Mutant Ape Yacht Club. Expected to come out in Q4, 2021, it will follow a list of major accomplishments achieved by DigiCol and its team in the past months.

In addition, to an overall improvement of the platform, major partnerships, and integration with big projects in the crypto ecosystem, the platform is headed to a new stage in 2022 supported by their Colletaral feature and the expansion of NFTs use cases.

On this topic, DigiCol already has in place projects that will tackle NFT supported games. This trend has seen a massive explosion in terms of adoption as it provides users rewards and a unique experience for investing time in their favorite games.

2021 could have been the year for NFTs, but these digital assets are nascent and with a lot of potential to capture billions of dollars from the traditional finance system. DigiCol and its users, in particular, seemed poised to spearhead the NFT Finance ecosystem with a unique model that could take the entire industry into the mainstream.


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Making Room for Crypto in Charity



Crypto Charity

With the exponential growth of blockchain, the world is finally witnessing the use cases of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for social causes and non-profit organizations. There has been a positive movement within the space as several projects have begun donating portions of their revenue to charity.

However, there are very few direct connections between blockchain projects and nonprofit organizations that can actually benefit from the transparent technology. As a solution, Baby Santa, a DeFi protocol, is making it possible for investors and organizations alike to donate to charities via crypto. With features like convenience, transparency, and transaction speed, the platform aims to offer a gateway for investors to give back by donating to charity while earning through staking on their platform, thus becoming a new form of income for charities.

How is Crypto Helping Fundraise for Charities?

According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), charity donations fell by 6% in 2020, resulting in a massive loss of revenue. Despite that, there has been a 17.2% rise in online fundraising compared to the prior year.

Integrating blockchain and crypto with charitable fundraising has further expanded the means by which organizations can collect funds. It has also offered a transparent medium for donations that instill trust in both the giver and the receiver.

Several organizations have started accepting donations in Bitcoin, Ether, stablecoins, as well as other digital currencies. Further, decentralized applications are now creating direct channels to contribute to social causes. With over $150 billion invested in this space, more initiatives seek methods to further the charity-in-crypto movement.

NFTs have recently become a frontier for fundraising, offering more than a direct monetary donations. There have been several recent instances where NFTs have been utilized to raise funds for charitable organizations. In March 2021, the Open Earth Foundation received $6 million from the sale of Beeple’s NFT for charitable artwork.

This altruistic movement has made tremendous progress, providing the charity sector with transparency, inclusion, and a worldwide presence. There are, however, a few issues that continue to plague the charity sector.

Existing Challenges in the Industry

One of the primary issues with crypto charity is the lack of belief that money will reach the cause. There have been countless cases where donations gathered through the crypto funding platforms have not reached the intended recipient but instead have ended up in the wrong hands. For example, members of the FaZe Clan were suspended following charges that their ‘Save the Kids’ cryptocurrency was a hoax. And despite being endorsed by popular influencers, the token was subject to a rug pull.

Another challenge that confronts the charity tokens is the source of fund verification. Since cryptocurrency transactions are designed to be secret, it is difficult for highly reputable charities to verify the source funds received. This would create problems for organizations if the funds are received from unknown or malicious sources.

Baby Santa Simplifies the Crypto Charity Process

Baby Santa is a DeFi protocol focused on helping the less fortunate. The native cryptocurrency of the platform is the Baby Santa Token which is aimed to encourage the healthy development of charitable utility.

The idea behind Baby Santa is to provide value to the needy while also motivating investors and users of the platform to donate more. Baby Santa will act as a revenue-generating system where profits can be distributed to the needy. The project goes beyond that and also seeks to benefit its investors by enabling investors to earn a secondary form of income in the form of BUSD rewards. Holders will also have the option to compound earnings through Baby Santa’s Workshop Pools. It will also collect staking funds from staking tax and buybacks that will be distributed to the users who have staked their tokens.

Baby Santa will hold a 12 day of Christmas NFT lottery where users will be chosen by minting a seasonal NFT at the Nutcracker NFT Mint Event. The proceeds from this NFT mint will be donated to organizations and social causes that most need it. Furthermore, Baby Santa will have NFTs minted under the names of different regions, and the funds raised from these NFTs will be donated to causes specific to those regions.

Going beyond that, the platform will have a merchandise store whose proceeds will go to those in need. Even clothing collections will be made with seasonal themes, promoting the project and empowering the charity programs, which will be active throughout the year.

Moving Toward a More Charitable Future

Charitable intent was never something simple, as there have regularly been challenges caused by a lack of trust and transparency. However, the introduction of blockchain and crypto philanthropy has shown some promising outcomes. Baby Santa promises to be the gift of giving, spreading the Christmas spirit all year long.

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