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How to Help a Cat and a Dog Get Along



Many people love both dogs and cats. They feel that they cannot have both pets in the home since usually dogs and cats do not get along. With the right socialization dogs and cats can live together in harmony. Here are some tips to help dogs and cats get along well.

  • When bringing a cat or dog into the home with an existing pet, make sure there is room to give them some space. Until the pets get used to each other they may need to be kept apart. The animals should be kept separated for three days until they meet face to face. This will allow them to get the chance to know the smells and will allow the new pet to get used to their home.
  • To help familiarize the animals with their smells, pet the dog and allow the cat to smell your hand. Do the same with the dog. Also change the rooms that the animals are kept in. Allow the dog to go into the room that the cat was kept in and the cat should go where the dog was staying. This will also give them a chance to know the smells. Once the animals have become familiar with their scent, allow them to look at each other under the door. They will be able to see each other, but will not be allow to run or attack each other.
  • When introducing the animals make sure they are relaxed. If the cat runs away then it is not time for the introduction. Once the cat is calm; hold it. Another family member should bring the dog in the room on a leash. Allow them to look at each other and smell each other. Allow them to look and get close as well.
  • Be sure to show each animal love and affection. Animals, like humans, can become jealous, and will compete for the attention of their owner. Both pets need to be loved and shown they do not have to compete for your attention.
  • Even if the dog and the cat seem to be getting along it is important to keep them separate when no one is home. This will help prevent injuries. If the dog barks or the cat tries to play too rough redirect the behavior. Do not yell at the dog but divert their attention to another activity. Yelling can lead to a negative feeling associated with the cat. If the dog is well behaved around the cat be sure to praise them for this behavior. Sound very happy when doing the praise. This will help the dog associate positive feelings with the cat.
  • Cats need their space. There should be some kind of item, such as, a cat tree where the cat can go when they want to get away from the dog. The dog should not be able to reach the cat. If the dog has the cat backed into a corner this is where attacks can happen. If the cat is able to get away from the dog then it will be fine and will not attack.
  • When introducing cats and dogs together it is important to have realistic expectations. If one of the pets is used to being the only one in the home it will take some time to adjust to this new addition. When first introduced, the pets will be curious about each other and this new scent they are selling. Allow them to be curious while keeping a close eye on the situation. It is going to take some time for the pets to get used to each other before they get along and may even become friends. Both of the animals need to feel safe in order for this to happen.
  • When having a cat and dog in the same home it is important to be patient. The cat may feel afraid of the dog and want to hide. Allow the cat to stay in their safe place. Slowly introduce the dog into the room. It is best to take things slowly so the pets can get used to each other and feel safe around each other. This will help them get along and live in the same home with peace.
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Information Gap Activities – Working in Groups Or Pairs During Cooperative Learning Lessons




Information gap activities are those in which students exchange information in order to complete a required lesson plan activity.

Most information gap activities are done in pairs, with each student having a part of the information. They are especially effective when used as vocabulary activities during the pre-reading part of a reading lesson, but they can also be applied to reading comprehension and math activities as well.

For example, this strategy can be used to teach new vocabulary from a passage students haven’t yet read. Student A would have the vocabulary words written on strips of paper and student B would have the definitions of those words. Working together, they pair words and definitions to learn new vocabulary.

Vocabulary Activities

Information gap activities such as the example below function as vocabulary lessons after students have already encountered the vocabulary in the text.

Teacher and/or class prepare 2 lists of about 20 items. List A contains people and animals. List B contains objects. The aim is to combine one words from List A with one from List B. Example: What can a/an A do with a/an B? Why does a/an A need a/an B? Students create a list of combinations.

Or, Student A has pictures of newly introduced words and student B has the matching words. When matched correctly, they create an interesting shape.

Math Activities

The same principles of information gap activities can also be applied to Math lesson. Student A measures triangles of various sizes while student B measures circles of various sizes. Together, they answer questions that relate to the relationship between them.

Reading Comprehension Activities

An information gap activity can also be used as a main reading task when students need to share information they read from an assigned passage. An especially effective information gap activity is A jigsaw reading which is a type of activity that is done usually in groups. In a jigsaw reading, the teacher can use academic texts or texts from the students’ coursebook.

In the traditional method of jigsaw reading, the teacher divides a text into sections and assigns each group a section to read. Each group is responsible for understanding its part. Then new groups are formed with one member from each previous team. The new groups now have one representative from each section and each can share what s/he understood from his or her part of text. Students then can either write a summary of the text or answer questions about the entire text.

How An Information Gap Activity Should Be Structured

Consider also the following main issues in your lesson plans:

* Purpose: What is the purpose of the activity? For example, is the purpose to introduce, reinforce, use or bridge the gap between letters and their corresponding sounds? Or, is the purpose to reinforce words and their meanings?

* Organization: Who is in control – the class or the teacher? Once you develop the necessary classroom management skills, you can effectively implement information gap activities.

* Length of Lesson: The element of time must be considered. How long will this activity take?

* Ability level: Consider the ability of the class, homogeneous or heterogeneous groupings, and adaptations such as a backup plan when students can’t do the activity as planned.

* Materials and procedures: What is needed for the lesson? How will the teacher present information gap activities.

* Who? The level of the students including the ability and grade.

* What? What is the context for your information gap activity?

* How? Through which new points will the main skills be introduced? Example: Will students need to read a passage containing the new words before matching words and their corresponding definitions in pair work?

Possible Problems Using An Activity on an Information Gap

What if your lesson didn’t go as planned? A potentially well planned information gap lesson can backfire due to neglect of one of the main planning issues (see above).

Classroom management is typically the reason why information gap activities do not go as planned. It is worthwhile to invest time therefore, in the principles of classroom management before implementing any information gap activity.

Information gap activities are user-friendly for the teacher to recycle previously taught information. Some will take more time to implement, but it is an investment well worth the effort.

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How to Get a Fast PC




So your onetime trusty and certain mainframe that was busily and error-free is now dense and pushchair. You shot on your PC and it takes more than 5 nations for it to gumboot up. You beginning Microsoft Word and nation later it is still loading or you’re surfing the internet and the partition freezes and stalls forcing you to shot it off and back on again.

As time goes by, your mainframe gets curved of programs, applications, spyware, malware, and becomes wealthy down using software that typically is not required. Below are three effects that you can do right now to rate up your PC and make it a mighty busily mainframe!

The first thing you can do is dust out your hard direct. Go through and manage your papers, harmony, media, movies, etc… Just like you dust your agency and muddle can make you fewer capable. Manage your papers and deleting the ones you no longer basic can open up circle doubly celestial. For the big papers often media, shop them on a record CD which can economize you tons of celestial.

Then after you manage your papers you basic to defrag you’re hard direct. This can be done through the plus Menu >> Accessories >> method tools, then from their choice floppy Defragmenter. Defragging your hard direct will manage your papers that are written and group them together to make it cushy for your PC to find and use it.

Spyware can cause havoc on your internet rush and viruses can plainly disable your computer. Spyware is often put on your computer excluding you even eloquent it. When you holiday certain websites they will put what is called a ‘cookie’ on your computer to marks what kind of sites you holiday and to arrange statistics. Every time you close out internet reviewer you can erase the cookies and momentary shop. This will definitely give you more rush when surfing the internet. There are a handful of free programs to soul out spyware as well as anti-virus programs to armor your PC from any attacks.

Last, but not slightest you should periodically precious your registry. Your windows registry is the order axis of your computer and everything that runs first passes through herein. A thieving and overblown registry will make a busily computer an imprudent one. It can also accumulate thieving entries and null ones. This is evenly caused by installing programs and uninstalling them. Every time you do this is letters and door on the registry and then deletes it. Manually tiresome to precious your registry can be rather tricky and it is recommended you invest in a good registry cleaner.

Many bargain free scans to show you the impending threats that imitate your computer rush. Take profit of this and run the free quest.

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Importance Of Surveillance Technology In The Schools




The school is one of the densely populated establishments in the community. Filled with youths, it is one place where energy exudes, and where minds are sometimes full of curiosity and ideas. The young often look for adventure, especially in schools where pranks are often a part of the student’s agenda for the day. For some, they do pranks for fun, but still, it surely is not fun for the victim. Sometimes pranks by students also include vandalism or destroying school properties. It becomes a problem on the part of the administration since these dirty pranks will go on unless they find a way that would be the best deterrent against it. Finding out the perpetrator or prankster may sometimes be successful especially when there is a witness to the action. However, in some cases, they remain undiscovered. The school’s best solution to this is to make use of surveillance technology. This makes use of equipment that would record what is happening in a designated area focused by the surveillance equipment. The equipment commonly used by public establishments is a CCTV (closed circuit TV). The following reasons give the importance of surveillance technology in the school:

1. It rightly points out to the exact perpetrator of the prank, destruction, or vandal- This leads to faster and easier decision for disciplinary action on the persons involved. False accusations or blaming the innocent is not justifiable with the presence of a CCTV.

2. It serves as a deterrent for future misbehavior by prankish students- Those who are aware already of the surveillance equipment in the campus would now have second thoughts on doing their act. Prevention here is admirable as it lessens security risk also inside the campus.

3. It supports positively the security guards of the school- With this; the security personnel can concentrate more on eyeing other prime security threats in the campus. This would set at ease the school administrators and give their concentration on the student and teacher’s performances and benefits instead.

These factors on the importance of surveillance technology in the schools are of primary importance inside the schools. It will be advantageous also for the community where the school is situated. With a CCTV, for instance, the youths will have something that would remind them that there are things that society will not approve of or some actions we do would not be beneficial for everybody concerned.

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