How to Attract a Guy Who Doesn’t Like You – He Will Start Liking You After You Follow These Tips

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If you like a guy but just found out that he does not exactly appreciate your looks, attitude, or personality, then you’re in for a hard time getting him to change his mind. The first thing you have to do is find out what he’s beefing about. If there is nothing specific, then think twice about wanting to get this guy into you. It just might be a sign that there really is nothing worth pursuing.

However, if you love a challenge, then try some of these ideas:

Ask him why

You know, get it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. You might find out that it was a misconception or misunderstanding, and you can fix it on the spot with a brief explanation. But make sure not to push it when he isn’t in the mood to explain.

Dress up to get noticed

Just don’t use loud colours. Be fashionably stylish and moderately conservative. No need to stun everyone with a “What was she thinking?” kind of scenario. You know how actors get attention for all the wrong reasons? Avoid this kind of mistake like the plague.

Irritate him

If he thinks you’re irritating, then go ahead and show him what irritation really means. Of course, he could get attracted to you for all the wrong reasons, but once you have peaked his interest, you could do a role reversal and show him a good time.

Ignore him

Some guys pretend. No, change that to many guys pretend so you notice them. It’s reverse psychology gone haywire, so if you ignore him, he might try harder to get your attention and before he gives up, give him a chance. Let him work for the chance to get to know you especially if he’s into playing games.

Be nice to him

If he thinks you’re bad influence and not worthy, then start changing his mind by being the nicest person anyone could ever meet.

Be friends with his friends

For a great approach, why not get to know his friends, and then develop friendships with them. Go out with them, and generally be the perfect person to be with in the bar, party, theatre, or wherever. Then, let his friends convince him that you’re not such bad person after all.

Drive him mad with your sexy outfits

You know, two can play games, and you can make him go crazy by strutting your stuff around in miniskirts, haltered tops, and generally just looking fantastic

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