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How Travis Scott Is Supporting Kylie Jenner During Her Second Pregnancy



travis scott and kylie jenner

Sources tells HollywoodLife exclusively that Travis Scott has been going ‘above and beyond’ for Kylie Jenner during her second pregnancy. Get more details here.

Travis Scott has “been a rock” for Kylie Jenner during her second pregnancy, sources have revealed exclusively to HollywoodLife. The couple, who also share daughter Stormi, 3, together, confirmed they were expecting baby number two in September; and according to a source close to the rapper, 30, Travis has been very hands on.

“Travis knows that Kylie has a lot on her plate and is handling everything like a boss even while she’s pregnant,” the source told HL. “Although he’s always there for his daughter, he’s made sure to take an extra hand in caring for Stormi so Kylie can get as much rest as she needs.” The Grammy-nominated artist has been joining the Kylie Cosmetics founder, 24, on doctors visits and taking  a “completely active role,” per the source.

“He asks the doctors questions during the visits because he wants to be looped in through every step of this process,” the source explained. “He’s been a rock for Kylie and they can’t wait to bring another child into this world.” A second source close to Kylie has added that she “loves how attentive” Travis has been, revealing that the rapper has been going “above and beyond” for his growing family.

“Although they’ve been down this road before with Stormi, Travis is literally going above and beyond, especially with Kylie juggling her many business ventures,” the source said. “He’s always been a very hands on father, which is why Kylie wanted to have another baby with him.” The source added, “She knows that Travis is really excited to be expanding their family because he absolutely loves fatherhood.”

The on-again, off-again couple split in 2019 after two years of dating, one year after they welcomed daughter Stormi in February 2018. While the two have never publicly confirmed if they were back together amidst news of baby number two, a source told HL in September that Kylie and Travis are “madly in love” after they sparked reconciliation speculation at a public event in June.

“Kylie and Travis have a great relationship. They’re together and madly in love, but it’s enigmatic,” the source said. “Travis and Kylie truly get along and have such respect for each other. They want the best for each other and for Stormi. Kylie has always wanted to expand her family as she loves being a mother, so she is super happy to be pregnant.”

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Halle Berry, 55, Dances In Sheer Corset Top To Celebrate Her New Movie ‘Bruised’



halle berry

Halle Berry sizzled in a sexy black top while marking the release of her directorial debut ‘Bruised’.

Halle Berry, 55, has something to celebrate! The Oscar-winning actress shared a fun Instagram on Nov. 30 to mark the release of her new movie Bruised. In the video clip, she looks ultra sexy as she dances around wearing a slinky black corset top and carrying a glass of champagne. Explaining the reason behind her festive mood, Halle captioned the post, “When you find out the night before that your film is #1 in the U.S. and #2 globally and you start dranking to celebrate … this is bound to happen.” 

In Bruised, Halle plays a washed-up mixed martial arts fighter giving her career one last shot. The movie — which came out Nov. 17 — also marks her first time as a director. To prepare for the role, the actress had to balance being behind the camera with an intense physical training regime. Halle put her all into the feature, telling Reuters,I knew that I would spend more time, more energy, more hours working on something than I’d ever worked on in my entire career. It proved to be true. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

Halle’s new movie isn’t the only thing she can be happy about. The star has been head-over-heels for her musician boyfriend Van Hunt, 51, who she first teased on her Instagram in August 2020. She talked about the relationship with Women’s Health in mid-November, telling the magazine, “I wish I had met him sooner so I could have loved him longer. I feel happy in my life romantically, as a mother, as an artist. I’m a much better mother in this circumstance than I would have been had I stayed in a romantic relationship that didn’t serve me and didn’t make me feel the way I need to feel as a woman.’

Halle struts her stuff while doing press. She’s been excited since the release of ‘Bruised’ on Nov. 17. (RHTY/

Halle has been married three times in the past, first to baseball player David Justice, 55, then to singer Eric Benet 55, before wedding and divorcing French actor Olivier Martinez, also 55. She shares daughter Nahla, 13, with model ex Gabriel Aubrey, 45, and a son named Maceo, eight, with Olivier. 

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Porsha Williams Says Her Fiancé Simon’s Still ‘Courting & Dating Her’—So They Haven’t Set A Date For Their Three Weddings



Porsha Williams Says Her Fiancé Simon’s Still ‘Courting & Dating Her’—So They Haven’t Set A Date For Their Three Weddings


Source: Prince Williams / Getty

After announcing that she was planning three weddings and a “funeral for the haters”, Porsha Williams is offering an update on her forthcoming nuptials. The former Real Housewife of Atlanta was a guest on the Tuesday, November 30 edition of “Tamron Hall” and dished on her new memoir, “The Pursuit of Porsha.” During the show, she opened up about a number of topics including her relationship with fiancé Simon Guobadia, and she once again addressed allegations that she shadily swiped her man from Falynn Pina.

Porsha Williams x Tamron Hall

Source: “Tamron Hall”

Porsha also revealed to Tamron that she and Simon haven’t set a wedding date yet because the businessman is still “courting and dating her” throughout their engagement, something Tamron Hall questioned her about.

Tamron: “When is the wedding?”

Porsha: “We haven’t set our date, we are dating right now he’s still courting me. You know in the south there’s a courtship…”

Tamron: “How are you engaged and dating?”

Porsha: “You don’t date your husband?!”

Tamron: “No, I married him.”

Porsha: “You should be dating your husband, keeping the excitement going. We’re enjoying it…”

Tamron: “…but you’re engaged to be married…”

Porsha: “And I’m still his special sweetheart, we are in the honeymoon phase. We’re enjoying each other, it’ll come.”

The conversation then continued and while Porsha encouraged Tamron to “date her husband”, the host continued to ask about a solidified wedding date.


Porsha: “You all need to be dating, date nights are important…”

Tamron: “When he proposed we set a wedding date and we followed through.”

Porsha: “Yes, but you know, you want to still keep up that nice feeling, getting dressed up…”

Tamron: “Will a wedding prevent you from doing that?”

Porsha: “In the south, we call it a courtship…”

Tamron: “I’m southern…”

Porsha: “And he’s still just treating me so special, we just bought a home together. We’re about to move in, we’ve got so much going on…:

Tamron: “I’m southern, you’re buying a home before [getting] married? That breaks a southern rule.”

Porsha: “We bought a home, we already bought the home. We’ve closed already.”


At the conclusion of the topic, Tamron added that she thought Porsha was “holding something back”, but decided to move on.

“I do believe the wedding is going to proceed, I think you’re holding something back,” said Tamron. “I don’t know what it is but you are.”



Porsha’s wedding date update comes after she said on “Dish Nation” that she’s planning to have three weddings; a “native law and custom”, a traditional wedding ceremony, and one more wedding to seal their love because her petroleum tycoon honey hails from Nigeria where it’s customary to have multiple ceremonies.

What do YOU think about Porsha’s comments on her wedding date?

See more clips from Porsha’s talk with Tamron on the flip.

Porsha on her fiancé Simon’s polygamist Nigerian background and her reaction to the cheating concerns:

“Let’s start with, he’s Nigerian. That’s his culture. It’s just called Nigerian culture. They are allowed and are open to having multiple wives. Some have two [wives], his father had two, his grandfather had 25 and 60-something grandkids. But you know, Simon has been in America since he was about 17 years old and I’m American, so we’re gonna have one wife and one husband. Now as far as the cheating goes, no one’s perfect. You know, I cheated on my first boyfriend and that was a horrible experience. Some people do it at 30,40,50, it doesn’t matter. The point is to learn from those experiences and decide what kind of man you want to be and what kind of husband you actually want to be. And when I met Simon, he was literally at the same place I was for the past two and a half years. I’ve been working on myself. I’ve been in therapy. I’ve been praying and doing my self care. And it was very different to meet a man who had done the same thing and we met at the same place.”

Porsha clears up the drama between her, Falynn Pina, and Simon Guobadia, Falynn’s ex-husband and Porsha’s now fiancé:

“I dealt with everybody’s opinions, but really, it was the emotion of my supporters. Because they were like ‘Oh my gosh, Porsha wouldn’t dare do this,’ or ‘Oh my gosh, she’s a husband stealer,’ all that. Listen, I get that I’m on a show and ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is a show meant for entertainment. When we bring people on the show to try out to be casted, they have to be brought in by another cast member. Sometimes those things are kind of put in a way other than how it actually is. I wanted to be [friends with Falynn] and what I wanted for her was to introduce her into the show for her to be a housewife, but it didn’t work out. She ended up wanting to be friends with someone else.  Long story short, they didn’t choose her [for the show]. Um, was she [Falynn] a friend of mine? No, she was going to be casted on the show and it didn’t work out for her. Simon and I actually have mutual friends and I’ve met him over the years here and there. And so for me, there was no personal connection with her when it came to him.”

Porsha on her relationship with R. Kelly:

“You know, putting R. Kelly’s name in the book, because some people I named, some people I didn’t name, and putting his name in the book is just putting a name to another face that I had already encountered before. He had just been one of the men who was a predator in my life, who had taken advantage of me and mentally abused me in my life. So I saw him no different than those same men. That same darkness, the same treatment, they faced and met the same Porsha who didn’t know her self worth. I didn’t love myself. I didn’t see who I was in those situations. You know, I was a grown woman. I had a penthouse in Buckhead, I had my own business. I wasn’t your usual so-called victim. But because as a young woman, I did not value who I was, that’s how I got myself into those situations.”

Porsha on the first time she had suicidal thoughts:

“I can’t remember exactly, but I was probably around the age of 10, somewhere around there. I had dealt with a lot of bullying in school. I didn’t think much of myself even though I had such a strong mother and a great provider, I had my father there as well. So I had a support system and that’s why I wanted to talk about it because it’s not just kids who’ve been neglected who find themselves in those dark places. This conversation needs to be had so mothers and their kids, fathers and their kids, can talk about this. That was really, really tough for me to revisit, even as a grown woman, because when I think of depression now, I can identify, ‘okay, that’s depression.’ I didn’t know then when I took the scarf and put it on the door what that action was. I didn’t really know. All I can say at this moment, it was by the grace of God to save me in that moment because, as a child, you don’t think that once you stop your breath, it doesn’t come back. And so I think that’s why a lot of children, God rest their souls, are suffering from that now in our nation. A lot of kids have died from suicide. So I wanted to talk about that. But by passing through that [depression and suicidal thoughts] as a child, I kept facing those same demons over and over.”

Are YOU buying Porsha’s book “The Pursuit Of Porsha”?


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Ben Affleck Admits Getting Back Together With J.Lo Was ‘Beautiful’: ‘It’s A Great Story’



Ben Affleck Admits Getting Back Together With J.Lo Was ‘Beautiful’: ‘It’s A Great Story’

Ben Affleck is ready to talk Bennifer 2.0! The actor dishes on his ‘beautiful’ reunion with Jennifer Lopez, saying he feels ‘lucky’ to have ‘second chances’ in his life.

Ben Affleck, 49, opened up about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, 51, and the romance they rekindled after ending their engagement almost 18 years ago. Calling the reunion a “great story”, Ben joked that he might even “write it all down” one day. “I can say that it’s definitely beautiful to me,” he told The Wall Street Journal of getting back together with J.Lo  “And, you know, one of the things I really value across all facets of my life now is that it was handled in a way that reflected that.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the premiere of “The Last Duel” at Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center, in New York in October, 2021. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

“And it is a good story. It’s a great story,” he continued. “And, you know, maybe one day I’ll tell it. I’ll write it all out. And then I’ll light it on fire.” Ben also reflected on what it means to have another shot with the Marry Me actress. “I am very lucky in my life in that I have benefited from second chances, and I am aware that other people don’t even get first chances.” He went on to explain how learning from one’s failures can often lead to getting another chance. “I’ve definitely tried to take advantage of that. I haven’t always been successful, but in cases in which I have, they’ve turned out to be the defining aspects of my life.”

Ben clearly wants to spend as much time as he can with J.Lo on their second time around, as he reportedly celebrated Thanksgiving with her. The actor even brought his children Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and 9-year-old Samuel to mingle with J.Lo’s twins Max and Emme, 13, a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “They are going to make this Thanksgiving a family affair,” the insider said ahead of the holiday.

Ben Affleck
Ben poses for the cover of The Wall Street Journal. (Micaiah Carter for WSJ. Magazine)

Ben shares his three children with Jennifer Garner, but the co-parenting champs have no issues on sharing during the holiday season, according to our insider. “They have it all scheduled and figured out. The kids are going to be everywhere, and Ben and J.Lo are going to spend time together. It all is going to work out as simply as it possibly can. There are no issues that will be coming up this holiday [season], [and] everyone is on the same page.”

The former couple – who split in 2015 and finalized their divorce in 2018 – are committed to raising the kids in a positive environment, especially around the festive season. “Ben and Jen [Garner] get along as co-parents better than anybody,” a second source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “but that also means they’ve worked out the kinks to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to these things.”

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