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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Make Rare Joint Outing In NYC Together After Mary-Kate’s Divorce



Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Make Rare Joint Outing In NYC Together After Mary-Kate’s Divorce

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen stepped out in stylish coats and sunglasses while taking a smoke break in New York City on Friday.

Mary-Kate Olsen, 35, and Ashley Olsen, 35, didn’t pay much attention to cameras when they hung out outside a building in the Big Apple to smoke on Oct. 22. The twin sisters were dressed in long coats, including a bright red one for Mary-Kate and a brown one for Ashley, and pants as they leaned back against the building’s concrete during the rare outing. They also wore sunglasses and black face masks and had their long locks down.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen during their recent smoke break in NYC. (JosiahW / BACKGRID)

Mary-Kate topped her look off with green, blue, and white sneakers while Ashley went with black slip-on loafer-style shoes. They seemed to observe people passing by as they relaxed in the moment and appeared to go into the building when they were done.

The fashion designers’ latest outing comes over a year since Mary-Kate went through a headline-making divorce from her ex Olivier Sarkozy, 52. She first filed a petition for the divorce in May 2020 after reportedly being forced to leave the Gramercy Park neighborhood rental they had been living in when the $29,000-per month lease expired. They reached a settlement by Jan. o this year. The former husband and wife were married in 2015 around three years after they first started dating.

Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen pose during a previous event. (MEGA)

As Mary-Kate continues to move on from her divorce, Ashley has been dating Louis Eisner, who she was spotted out with last month. The lovebirds are believed to have started their romance back in 2017 and their recent public outing together was for a 20th-anniversary celebration for the Young Eisner Scholars in Beverly Hills, CA.

Although Mary-Kate and Ashley are known for keeping their personal lives pretty private, their high-profile status keeps them in the spotlight. They are also sometimes spotted, like during their latest outing, hanging out outside their apartment building to smoke and chat with each other and appear to go about living their lives in a low-key way despite their wealth and fame. The beauties haven’t acted in years but maintain their very successful fashion brands, including The Row and Elizabeth and James.

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RHOC’s Tamra: Vicki Has Damning Voicemails of Shannon Beador



Tamra Judge Suggests Vicki Has Damning Voicemails of Shannon Beador as She Slams RHOC Star, Says Gina and Emily Expose Her as "Manipulator"

Tamra Judge wasn’t happy when she came across Shannon Beador‘s latest interview with Access Hollywood, during which she accused Tamra of trash-talking her to press for nearly two years.

After Shannon’s interview was shared on Twitter and confirmed that the mother-of-three was not hopeful that Tamra or Vicki Gunvalson would return to The Real Housewives of Orange County for season 16, Tamra had a very strong message to her former friend and ex-castmate.

“STFU you victim-liar! Not engaging is ‘no comment,’” Tamra replied.

In the clip, Shannon said of Tamra, “She was my best friend for six years but after she left the show, she’s been out there in the press quite often saying things about me that are untrue and so I’ve chosen to not engage and not address. It’s over and over and it’s still happening. We’re almost at the two-year mark. So it’s… it’s sad.”

Shannon also admitted, “We did have a lot of fun and so that’s what does make it sad.”

RHOC Tamra Judge Slams Shannon Beador as a Victim and a Liar

Tamra also addressed Shannon’s comments in a couple of Instagram comments sent to TV Deets. The first comment suggested Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson would be seen exposing Shannon as a “mastermind manipulator” in the coming episodes of RHOC season 16.

“Is your a– jealous of your sh-t??? All I’ve ever said is that she stopped talking to me shortly after I got let go (Vicki too) [and] how bad it hurt me when I needed her the most. I was always there for you. IF THE TRUTH HURTS SO BE IT! You sh-t on me! That’s why you can’t keep friends. I spent so many years talking you off a cliff all hours of the night! Protecting you, doing your dirty work, making excuses for you. Shame on me! I should have seen through your craziness back then!” Tamra vented.

Tamra then noted that she’s “seen the first episode” of the new season.

“You’re being exposed for the mastermind manipulator you are … So happy Gina and Emily expose you. Bye b-tch,” she added.

Tamra Judge Slams Shannon Beador and Says She'll Be Exposed on RHOC Season 16

In her second Instagram post, Tamra suggested that Vicki has a series of very telling voicemails from Shannon.

“She should be very careful. Vicki found her old iPhone with 10 old VM from Shannon,” Tamra shared. “I guess Vicki wasn’t lying after all!!! To bad she didn’t have it at the reunion to show what a liar shannon is. And To think I really believed Shannon at the time.”

RHOC Tamra Judge Says Shannon Beador is a Liar

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 premieres Wednesday, December 1, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Pop That P: Georgia Webcam Girl Shoots Herself In The Hoo-Ha While Performing Incredibly Stupid Sex Show Stunt



Pop That P: Georgia Webcam Girl Shoots Herself In The Hoo-Ha While Performing Incredibly Stupid Sex Show Stunt

The news never ceases to surprise us…

Source: Ayzenstayn / Getty

As a platform that aims to bring awareness to a variety of different stories in the news, we’ve come across some crazy s*** in our day. However, this is one that we’ve never seen before much less even considered as a legit possibility. But here we are…

According to a story in the NYPost, a woman who performs as a webcam girl shot herself in the vagina during an insanely stupid sex stunt. Far be it from us to rebuke the phrase, “do somethin’ strange for a lil’ piece of change” but everything has limits. 27-year-old Lauren Hunter Daman was hauled off in an ambulance after negligently discharging a firearm while using it during a live sex show. An Upson County Sheriff wrote a report that was published by The Smoking Gun.

Per the report, Allen said “Daman has ‘subscribers’ on a sexual web platform called ‘Chatter’ where people pay to see her make sexual videos.” He believes “she was recording” one of said kinky clips “when the gun went off.”

Although the report lists the website as “Chatter” it is actually the popular cam site called Chaturbate. Daman was helicoptered to a local hospital and was discharged last week.

Talk about a freak…accident.

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Omicron cases start to climb as WHO warns the variant poses a ‘high infection risk’



Flight cancelations are seen on the information board at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 30, 2021. Japan confirmed on Tuesday its first case of the new Omicron coronavirus variant. (Shinji Kita/Kyodo News via AP)

Politics Insider for Nov. 30, 2021: New cases in Canada; a military apology; and Steven Guilbeault’s bicycle

More cases in Canada: Two people in Ontario and one in Quebec have been infected with the Omicron variant of COVID-19, CBC reports, in addition to the two Ottawa cases announced on Sunday. Patricia Treble, writing for Maclean’s, has a roundup of what we know now. Cases are being detected daily around the world, CNN reports.

High risk: The World Health Organization warned Monday that the variant poses a “high infection risk,” the BBC reports: “Omicron has an unprecedented number of spike mutations, some of which are concerning for their potential impact on the trajectory of the pandemic,” the WHO said.

Alarm bells: In the Globe, André Picard explains that it is too soon to know whether Omicron is more dangerous than earlier variants.

Despite its ominous moniker – Omicron, the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet, sounds like the name of a bad guy in a superhero movie – it’s not a given that the newest variant will be dramatically worse than previous ones, nor that it will displace Delta, the now-dominant variant. The reason Omicron has scientists worried is its “Frankenstein mix” of mutations. Viruses mutate, but usually do so fairly slowly. The new variant has set off alarm bells because it has 32 mutations on its spike protein alone. The spike protein is what coronaviruses use to enter human cells, so that raises fears (at least theoretically) that Omicron could spread more easily and circumvent immune protections, both those from infection and vaccination. But none of this is clear yet.

Reluctant Ontario: In the Star, Bruce Arthur argues that Doug Ford’s government should ponder the uncertainty and get more serious.

Israel moved hard on ventilation, contact tracing, boosters, and border restrictions, because Israel knows an emergency when it sees one. If Omicron is a real leap — and many virologists say its 25 to 30 mutations are at least hypothetically suited to potential immunity evasion, transmission and virulence — then the rules of the game will change. Some would likely stay the same, too. This government has set certain boundaries at this point which will influence the vulnerability to whatever Omicron or any other variant might be. It’s a broken record at this point, but this government has been truly reluctant to push vaccination from the premier on down. The result is about 1.4 million unvaccinated Ontarians over the age of 12, including some 350,000 over the age of 50. Every one is a walking alarm bell.

Why only Africa? The Globe has an opinion piece from U of T prof Ambarish Chandra, who argues that our travel restrictions are poorly thought out.

The speed with which the latest travel bans have been imposed on southern African countries suggests yet again that Canada is quick to impose harsh measures on the developing world but reluctant to do so with wealthy, Western countries. Multiple reports suggest that the Omicron variant was already present in Belgium and the Netherlands at the time these bans were imposed, but there is no discussion of extending measures to those countries.

Not vaccine apartheid: In the PostRupa Subramanya argues that vaccine hesitancy and logistical problems, not access to vaccines, are behind slow uptake in the global south.

There is no doubt that the purchasing power of rich countries makes it easier for them to procure vaccines, yet it is not true that poorer countries don’t have access to vaccines, as they can purchase them at concessional rates from the pharmaceutical companies, or draw from the World Health Organization’s COVAX facility. Rather than a lack of access, much of the disparity in vaccination rates in the developing world results from logistical problems and vaccine hesitancy, sometimes coupled with outright COVID-19 denial.

Conversion therapy ban: The Liberals tabled a bill Monday to ban conversion therapy, and not just for children, the Star reports.

The bill goes beyond the government’s previous attempt at a ban on conversion therapy. Bill C-4 would make it a crime to make anyone undergo conversion therapy, regardless if they consent. That was a key demand from survivors and advocates, who said the government’s previous attempt at a ban, Bill C-6, still allowed for conversion therapy to be provided to adults who consented. Advocates have said a person cannot consent to what amounts to fraud and torture.

Minister, CDS to apologize: Defence Minister Anita Anand, deputy minister Jody Thomas, and Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre will apologize to victims of military sexual misconduct on Dec. 13, CTV reports.

“As part of our efforts to restore relationships with those harmed, we will offer a public apology to all current and former members of the Defence Team who have been affected by sexual assault and sexual misconduct, including harassment, and discrimination, “ the release states.

A prop bike? Conservative MP Ed Fast accused Steven Guilbeault of using a bicycle as a prop during a session of hybrid Parliament on Monday, CTV reports.

Fast raised a point of order following question period, arguing that Minister Steven Guilbeault hung the bike behind him to “make a statement about his environmental cred.” “Mr. Speaker, the point is, there’s a rule that you cannot do indirectly what you cannot do directly. What the minister has done is blatantly use a prop because he’s now doing it from the safety of some other office,” Fast said.

Guilbeault responded on Twitter: “The bike has been there long before we started doing virtual Parliament. In fact, it has also been there for months as I was taking questions as heritage minister. Strange that after almost a year, it’s become an issue,” he said.

In a related story, the deputy speaker warned MPs appearing from home to keep their garb professional, CP reports, but he didn’t say anything about bikes.

Tech tax: The Liberal government intends to proceed with plans to implement a digital services tax targeting tech giants, the Post reports. Critics in the business community think the government should wait for an international agreement before acting.

Nomination survey: Some Conservatives think a membership survey is laying the groundwork so that Erin O’Toole can centralize the nomination process, the Hill Times reports.

Confront dissidents! Also in the Hill Times, former CPC MP Tom Lukiwski argues that O’Toole should call a leadership review so that he can silence internal critics.

Still fighting: Green Party officials are still engaged in a damaging internal feud, CBC reports.

Syrup to flow: The people behind Quebec’s strategic reserve of maple syrup said Monday they will release 50 million pounds of maple syrup–worth about $150 million–onto the market by February, responding to rising international demand, CP reports.

— Stephen Maher

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