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How the LABEL Foundation Will Take the MOOC Industry into The Future With The Ethereum Network After Raising $1.0 Million




Launched on the Ethereum network, the LABEL platform has one of the most original governance and incentive mechanisms in the crypto space. Set out to revolutionize the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) industry with a blockchain-based entertainment-education platform, it has gathered support from major partners.

Per an announcement by the LABEL Foundation, the project has successfully completed a $1.0 million private sale round led by HG Ventures with participation from major institutions and leading venture capital investors in the crypto industry. This includes GBIC, Mindfulness Capital, IOST, M6, Adaptive, Icetea Labs, Alphabit, and Pragma.

The partners have come together with LABEL to create an innovative new platform to support an NFT infrastructure entertainment-education platform and take the MOOC industry by storm.

As mentioned, LABEL is an Ethereum-based worldwide content incubation platform that seeks to create a fairer and transparent ecosystem for content creators. Via this platform users can access top-tier educational material and self-produced content with multiple features and services.

The platform has an NFT Market that allows users to trade with LABEL-generated NFTs. In addition, the platform has a DAO governance model supported by a native governance and utility token named LBL. Implemented to drive the growth of the LABEL ecosystem, LBL also operates as the main component in the voting and NFT shareholding reward mechanism.

The LABEL Platform And Its Unique Rewards Model

LABEL’s unique NFT infrastructure is backed by CLESSON and OPENTRACK, one of the most relevant systematic music education companies based in South Korea. The platform hosts over 200 instructors and 25 top artists from around the globe.

This top talent will be part of LABEL’s entertainment-education platform backbone and will bring fresh air to the MOOC model by integrating the artists’ real-life experience in the music industry with the advantages of operating on a decentralized DAO governance model.

6 times Grammy Award winner Robert Sput Searight, 2 times Grammy Award Nominee Scoop DeVille, 3 times Grammy Award winner Mark Lettieri, the producer for one of the biggest music groups BTS Docksim, and many others are some of the names that will participate in the courses operated by the Clesson and further to be brought to the LABEL Foundation.

In some cases, the instructors and artists will offer their IP rights on the LABEL platform incubating system. This will enable early investors to receive rewards in the form of NFT shares which can be traded on LABEL’s marketplace or they can hold them for further rewards.

The entire system has been designed to protect content creators and their IP rights by minting them as NFTs. In this way, the LABEL community can choose which courses will receive support by using the DAO governance model and the LBL-based voting system.

The courses that successfully attract LBL holders’ attention and receive enough votes via staking will be registered on the platform using the ERC-1155 Ethereum NFT standard. This will allow the platform to maintain full transparency by showing the share ratio ownership of voters and investors according to their NFT shares contributed. At any point, investors can withdraw their NFT shares or they can retain them to claim the partial profits generated by the courses.

Co-Founder at HG Ventures, a key LABEL Foundation partner, Simon Jeung said the following on the project’s commitment and potential to spearhead a new wave of adoption for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology:

As the lead investors in the LABEL Foundation, we are first and foremost fascinated by the dedication of the core team to the unified goal to revolutionize the entertainment education market by bringing the MOOC industry and blockchain technology together. We believe that NFTs will definitely need the next level of adoption, and the musicians, artists and other content creators that were previously restrained from their legitimate profits will now be able to protect their rightful IP rights in the most innovative NFT infrastructure platform.


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TON Blockchain Aims To Bring True Financial Freedom To The World In 2022



TON Blockchain Aims To Bring True Financial Freedom To The World In 2022

The TON blockchain created by Telegram co-founder and CEO Pavel Durov is promising big things will happen this year, setting itself a goal that no other blockchain has yet been able to achieve – it’s aiming for nothing less than mass adoption.

TON was created by Durov and his brother Nikolai back in 2017. It’s one of the most ambitious blockchain projects of all and all the more so when we consider its tumultuous past. Designed to be vastly superior to Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of speed and scalability, TON got off to a good start, raising almost $1.7 billion from investors through an initial coin offering.

However, things quickly unraveled for Telegram when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission stepped in to halt the sale in October 2019, claiming that TON’s GRAM tokens were unregistered securities. That move ultimately led Telegram to drop the TON project, handing over the work it had done to the open-source community, which has since rebranded GRAM as Toncoin.

With Telegram washing its hands off of the TON project, very little was heard about it during the intervening months. It had, in effect, become one of a growing number of forgotten blockchains that promised so much only to fade away into obscurity.

That all changed last month though, when Durov suddenly announced on Telegram the TON project is not only still “alive” but moreover, “evolving” fast. TON quickly followed up, announcing a partnership with Donate, enabling users to send donations and pay for subscriptions in Toncoin.

Then came this week’s promise from TON:

“After four years of blood, sweat, tears, and active development from some of the most brilliant engineering talent on the globe, we’re finally at the cusp of something great,” the TON community announced. “Something that has eluded all others, even as they reach untold heights, successes, and trillion-dollar valuations. Mass adoption.”

It’s a bold promise but it’s one TON has the means to live up to, as 2022 looks to be a breakout year for the project that aims to unite all other blockchains into a single, decentralized network with blazing fast transaction speeds and low costs.

TON is building nothing less than the foundation of web3, with components including decentralized storage, an anonymous network, DNS, instant payments and support for various decentralized services. Much of that groundwork has already been done, with TON launching The Open Network, a stable and extremely scalable multi-blockchain that can handle millions of transactions per second early last year. TON has also completed work on its all-important TON-ETH bridge, making it possible for Toncoins to be transferred back and forth between it and the Ethereum blockchain with ease. As evidenced by the partnership with Donate, TON payments were also finally enabled in Q4 of last year, completing another key milestone.

The roadmap for 2022 doesn’t let up, and by the time the year is out TON will have everything it needs to support web3.  Q1 will be especially frantic, with TON set to launch its DNS service that assigns human-readable names to accounts, smart contracts, services and network nodes on its blockchain, making it as easy to browse as the world wide web. Other milestones include the launch of the TON Proxy, TON DeFi and the TON Developers Program.

With those developments out the way, TON’s final tasks will be to complete its distributed file-storage system Ton Storage, and launch its much-vaunted TON Workchains that promise to bridge all existing blockchains into one giant, unified decentralized network.

Getting everything in place is one thing – achieving its goal of mass adoption will be quite another. But TON has all the necessary ingredients in place to make it happen, with true decentralization, fast but low-cost transactions and an intuitive user interface the perfect recipe for anyone to buy, sell and transfer assets quickly and conveniently. Through in the DeFi apps on top and financial freedom becomes a reality at last.

Now, it’s no longer a question of whether or not TON can live up to its promise. The question now is whether or not the world is truly ready for a fair and unprejudiced financial system that’s free from censorship and accessible to all?

Time will tell, but if the answer is affirmative, 2022 is going to be one hell of a year for TON.

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Bitcoin (CRO) Restricts Withdrawals For All Users After Succumbing To Hack


on gets hacked has fallen victim to a hack. The crypto exchange announced this in the early hours of Monday after users complained of suspicious activity on their accounts. It is the first centralized exchange to succumb to a hack for the year 2022 coming out of the year 2021 which was riddled with numerous hacks that saw exchanges and users alike lose billions. (CRO) Gets Hacked

Users of the exchange began experiencing issues with their accounts. Subsequently, these users realized that their accounts had been hacked and they were missing cryptocurrencies from their balances. In some cases, the hacker had made off with all of the funds in the accounts.

Related Reading | Highlighting Risk: These Crypto Coins Carry The Most Leverage took to Twitter to address these issues. In response to reports of the hack, the crypto exchange had promptly announced that it was restricting withdrawals for all users on the platform while assuring the community that all of their funds were safe.

The tweet noted that only a small number of users had been affected by the hack. However, users of the platform rolled out en masse to say that this was not so. The number of complaints regarding funds being lost by users in the hack had grown continuously on social media. Most had had a significant amount of crypto stolen and called for the exchange to do something about the attack.

Applying Caution Going Forward

Following news of the hack, had promptly restricted all withdrawals on its platform. Users were unable to carry out any withdrawals and those with pending withdrawals could not complete their transactions. This was done in an effort to prevent the hacker(s) from being able to perform any more withdrawals from the accounts of the affected users.

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The attack is speculated to have occurred after the attackers found a way to bypass the 2FA security measures on the exchange. This has prompted to alert users to reset their 2FA information, as well as having to log back into the platform to regain access to their accounts.

The crypto exchange announced that this update will be rolled out gradually to users. Upon completion, withdrawals will then be enabled and users will be able to send their funds out of the exchange. “We understand this may be an inconvenience, but security comes first,” the exchange said.

CRO price falls following hack | Source: CROUSD on
Chart from

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SkyLaunch Collaborating with Polygon to Join its Ecosystem



Ethereum Killer Polygon Races to Hit New ATH Soon

SkyLaunch has recently announced that they will be working on a mutually beneficial partnership with Polygon in the quest for achieving future improvements. Further, they mentioned that collaboration with Polygon means adding a new Blockchain to their growth plan. Moving ahead, they also said that Polygon low fees and lightning-fast transactions have made it popular within a short period. Therefore, people who will be choosing Blockchain for their projects will need launchpads too. This will eventually help SkyLaunch in exposure and grow further.

Moreover, there are two key contributors to SkyLaunch’s growth vertical over the years. Besides Binance Smart Chain, another useful platform SkyLaunch depends on is Polygon. The Polygon blockchain is a profitable Ethereum-centric network with high-profit potential and secure connection, offering users a smoother crypto trading experience. After incorporating Polygon into the SkyLaunch launchpad, experts opine that the latter would become one of the most reliable multi-chain launchpads in the future. 

High levels of profits with the collaboration 

Reports show that partnering with Polygon opens the team of the SkyLaunch to multiple project-related benefits as well. This would grant full access to the Polygon ecosystem, allowing SkyLaunch to explore and cement their position well. 

Polygon is one of the most sought-after blockchains in the current period because of its low-cost fees, simple usability, and precision-rich transaction speed. As a result, a lot of crypto projects are turning to this ecosystem to expand their reach and develop.

They want a top-grade launchpad as well to deploy the projects afterwards. Therefore, SkyLaunch expects to develop further through its partnership with Polygon, getting high numbers of projects. 

About SkyLaunch 

SkyLaunch is one of the most useful IDO-centric launchpad platforms available. It promises the users total timeline support with their projects and offers multiple proprietary tools to the project holders. In addition, SkyLaunch is unique in its operation and holds the support of a proprietary guide for introducing different upgraded versions into crypto-trading through blockchains.

To note, SkyLaunch does not keep several restrictions for the users. This helps traders complete their transactions, build their IDO projects, and deploy them across multiple blockchains without any complications. 

There is a standardised accelerator program with pre-IDO services that work with an industry-leading independent governance council. There is a post-IDO network for alliance support available as well. Traders creating and growing their blockchain projects benefit highly through SkyLaunch support. 

About Polygon

Polygon is a framework and valuable protocol for linking and developing Ethereum-based blockchain networks. It is the first platform to focus on infrastructure development and scaling of Ethereum. Furthermore, the blockchain is user-friendly, highly structured, and includes the Polygon SDK. Therefore, this framework is helpful for different types of app development initiatives. 

Not only does Polygon work as a blockchain in its own right, but users can also create or link several blockchains through it. As a result, it has some similarities with other blockchain solutions like Polkadot and Avalanche. 

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