How to Make a Girl Jealous – 5 Awesome Ways to Make a Girl Burn With Jealousy

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When a jealousy is created in a person regarding anyone, it is followed by advantage and hindrance at the similar time. But jealousies play a significant role in getting the attention of a girl and make her fall for you and chase you like a freak. Are you ready to know some awesome ways to make a girl burn with jealousy and get an astonishing respond?

Always try to be confident – Store this important point in your mind which is every time act and be confident no matter what so ever the situation may be. Girls usually have a tendency of being jealous when they notice that the guys reaction at a particular situation differs from them as they might have a feeling of losing mutual understanding between them and by this she would end up being depressed and here she would be hunting for the attention given by you.

Don’t talk to her over phone for too long – It is also considered to be one of the best ways to make your girl jealous and leave her behind in wanting more and more of your attention. Cut down your long conversations and then what ever you talk to her see to that you first hang up and not her. Try your best to make her feel jealous and lower. One more trick that you can implement on is when your talking to her try to put her on wait and tell her that your talking to your female friend who was from your school and then keep her on hold.

Have a conversation with the other girl in front of your girl – Among all the tricks this is considered as one of the best of all and it works all the time and ends up by making your girl jealous and wanting you desperately. Create such a situation were you are talking to another girl in front of her and you are not bothered about her standing there. This will not only make her jealous, in fact it would create a fear in her regarding you leaving her and running of with another girl. She feels rejected even though she hasn’t been.

All of a sudden start having conversation about her friends – This trick doesn’t mean that you ask your girl to fix a date with her friends. This might also work at times but the result might be quiet risky. The actual meaning of this trick is that ask her normal question as to how are her friends and what are they up to, by all this she starts thinking as to something is fishy and wonders why aren’t you concerned about her.

Act as though she doesn’t exist – The last and the most effective tip is when your girl is trying level hard to attract you between a huge crowd present there and you just ignore her and continue with what you are doing will make her to pull her hair and think as though you are no more attracted to her and burn her.

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