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How AR VR Apps Are Gamifying Exercise and Workout?

Physical activity and technology were always considered to be opposing forces for each other. Fortunately, virtual reality and augmented reality are seen to revolutionize fitness firms. The new fitness clubs and gyms are making use of VR or AR to ensure gym visitors can enjoy their workout experienc


Physical activity and technology were always considered to be opposing forces for each other. Fortunately, virtual reality and augmented reality are seen to revolutionize fitness firms. The new fitness clubs and gyms are making use of VR or AR to ensure gym visitors can enjoy their workout experience. AR or Augmented Reality is an immersive space over which people can interact with virtual objects that do not exist in real life. Physical exercise becomes fun through virtual space. Thus, the latest trend in exercise and workouts are virtual and augmented reality. The Virtual Reality App Development Company provides the appropriate devices that can not only make strenuous workouts exciting but can interest others toward physical exercises.  

As the name suggests, augmented reality or AR infuses the digital field with the real environment of the person. Customers get enticed with this approach that leads to higher business profits and increased buyers. The filters available over Instagram and Snapchat are some of the examples of AR technology. The introduction of augmented reality over physical exercises can significantly affect the motivation and engagement of its users. There are apps already under development that can enable people to achieve their fitness objectives. These applications are being made by fitness experts and physical training coaches. They aim to convince people toward workouts and hope to meet their fitness goals.  

According to Grandview Research; in the year 2020, the augmented reality industry has reach about 18 billion dollars. The research also included that the growth rate will keep increasing at 43.8% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) between 2021 and 2028.

The Virtue of Virtual Reality

The immersive experience in virtual reality has touched the hearts of many people. With the VR headset, one can keep running or cycling in any region around the Globe. The virtual reality user experience can mimic real-life visuals and sounds. Consumers who use VR fitness applications can overcome boredom through exercise. People can carry out their physical exercise with the sounds they hear and the visuals they see. The Black Box VR is an American startup for virtual reality devices. They make sure their users remain physically active as they play an online shooter video game with their VR headset. Other similar gamification apps use virtual reality to help people stay active while they play games.

As per the latest figures placed by Statista, the size of virtual reality and augmented reality can grow from 2021s US$ 30.7 billion to 2024s US$ 296.9 billion. The lockdown situation has brought the social momentum into complete stagnation. Since people tend to miss their workout gyms; the VR or AR solution can prove to be a “flexible” answer.

8 Means That Can Help Interested Folks To Gamify Their Workout

There are many ways in which a rigorous physical workout can be exciting. For instance, one can exercise while they listen to music or hearing songs over the radio. However, the advent of virtual reality into the physical workout category is about to change the game. The virtual reality development company or Mobile app development company New york offers seven ways for workout gamification –

  • Fresh Means For a Workout

Several app development services that deal with AR VR apps offer fitness and workouts gamification. Players might participate in a virtual cycling competition on a race against other friends. If they want, they can even post their scores on social media. These virtual reality tools are empowered by the competitive character inherent within human beings.

  • Prolong Motivation

When people hope to meet the fitness objectives they suffer from prolonged motivation. However, these augmented realities or virtual reality devices empower their zeal to remain fit. Anyone would love to enjoy their video games while consequently staying healthy at the same time. Also, the player gets to challenge his/her highest score in the game.

  • Establish Targeted Objectives

A gym trainer persists the trainee to develop his/her strength to continue their physical activities. The set goals by the trainer might seem difficult, but through continued activities, they can be met. Similarly, these VR workout fitness apps can establish goals; with the achievement success determined by the activity rate.

  • Exercise Suggestions According to Physical Needs

Certain apps provide the trainee with a routine to ensure optimum output. These applications keep track of age, body weight, Basic Metabolic Rate, or BMR. The challenging training helps one to meet their objectives over physical activities.

  • Flexible Scheduling Options

The virtual apps on physical workouts can be adjusted according to one’s regular schedule. The only objective of the user would be to fulfill the regular activities assigned by the app. Fortunately, multiple gyms carry the privilege of virtual reality games on their regular exercise or workout routines.

  • Exciting

Playing video games by lavishly sitting on a couch was always exciting. Well then, how about you get to enjoy those video games by burning additional calories in the body? The virtual reality workout apps enable the wearer for physical mobility that helps to burn calories when they are playing video games.

  • Maintains Health Records

Our inactive lifestyle with poor food habits has introduced several health complications in our lives. Now, individuals can keep a detailed track of their health conditions through VR and AR fitness apps. These applications can offer detailed information on the nature of the task and the frequency of physical workouts. The users should also input some data for them to receive suitable solutions.

  • Wander While Workout

The user can travel to any destination through virtual reality setups. One might want to say cycle over the mountains or run on a beach. The gamifying experience of the VR and the virtual reality workout sessions make anything possible. The user can vividly experience what they feel, hear or see their heart’s desires. Thus, it helps to transform mundane exercises into a pleasurable experience.

The Final Word

However, for now, these Mobile Fitness Applications on Augmented and Virtual Reality are under development due to which they are still unavailable before the general public. In the near future, it is expected that the gymnasiums will contain these technologies. They might help to offer a great customer experience that can improve their quality of life. People who love to roam around or are always on the move for work can benefit from such apps. Similarly, handicapped or disabled individuals can also benefit from this app. The AR VR apps can offer a one-of-a-kind experience. People will no longer treat exercise as a painful benefit, but rather, as an entertaining experience.


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