4D Scans Ultrasound – Another Technology Breakthrough

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Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. Not only you realized that you are carrying a life within yourself, you also note that you will become part of this life for a lifetime. The excitement and bliss of expectant mother are feelings that cannot be measured. These can be satisfied only at the sight of the baby in womb. Decades ago, you can only see the unborn child in the form of static image or photo. Now, you do not need to wait for the baby to be born or get stuck in a photo. Technology made bonding between the mother and the child strengthened further through 4d scans ultrasound.

4d scans ultrasound is almost the same like that of the three-dimensional scanning or 3d scans. The only difference is that the imaging is made consecutively that such successive action produces a four-dimensional movement or images.

To understand further, ultrasound is a screening or method at which high frequency sound waves are transmitted into the body. This produces echoes and such echoes reflected are studied and analyzed to make or create an image of the internal organs scanned. The procedure is commonly used in obstetrics also known as pregnancy ultrasound.

Among the uses of 4d scanning are fetal viability and dating scan, nuchal scan for Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities, determining fetal gender and possible abnormality, cervical assessment and fetal and mother well-being reassurance.

Ultrasound has been used in obstetrics for more than 35 years and the introduction of 4d scans ultrasound greatly helped in extensive and intensive study of pregnancy and obstetrics. However, while it is proven useful to doctors to easily spot anomalies, 4 scans is used as an aid and not for diagnostics purposes.

While medicine and technology has to approve yet the medical contribution of 4d scans ultrasound, it is undeniable that this technology has made pregnancy and maternity an exciting and joyful. As the couple will be able to see the baby do things that they never knew about while it is inside the womb, the love and passion of family is further enhanced and strengthened.

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