How to Do Magic Tricks For Fun – The Miracle Domino Trick

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In this amazing trick, you place thirteen dominoes face down in a row and turn your back. A spectator then moves as many dominoes as he likes from one end of the row to the other. When you turn round you instantly turn over a domino which adds up to the same amount of dominoes the spectator has moved!  

How It Looks To The Audience

The Magician places thirteen dominoes face down in a row. He then turns his back to the spectator and asks the spectator to move any number of dominoes from 1-12 from one end of the row to the other, one at a time.

When the Magician turns round, he immediately turns over a domino and it’s spots add up to the amount of dominoes the spectator moved!

The trick is repeated many times and the spectator has no clue as to how it is done.       

How The Trick Is Done

The thirteen dominoes you choose must bear the spots that add up to the numbers 1-13. So, the first domino is a 1:blank = 1, the second domino is 2:blank or 1:1 = 2, the third domino is a 3:blank or 2:1 = 3, and so on. As the highest domino is 6:6, which equals 12, the double blank domino is used to represents 13.

The dominoes are placed face down in a row on the table, beginning with 1 on the left and ending with 13 (the double blank) on the right.

Before you turn around, you demonstrate to the spectator how to move the dominoes by moving two or three, one at a time, from the left end to the right end of the row.

However, after you have done this, you secretly note the number of spots on the face down domino now at the LEFT end of the row. You can cover this by seemingly going to move that domino as well and then changing your mind – leaving it where it is. For example, let us say the domino is a 5:1, so the number you must remember is 6.

When the spectator has moved the dominoes, you turn around and mentally count six dominoes from the RIGHT of the row. This is the domino you turn over and the spots on it will add up to the number of dominoes the spectator has moved!

To repeat the trick, you turn the face up domino face down and mentally count 6 (or whatever the total of the face up domino is) to the LEFT of the face up domino and sneak a look at the value of that domino. That is the new number you have to remember. If the domino is a double blank, then remember that counts as thirteen.

Sneaking a look at the domino can be done under the cover of re-arranging the dominoes in a straight line.

Enjoy this trick. It is a baffling puzzler!

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