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Developer announces “Cherry Creek West” as upcoming addition to shopping center



Developer announces “Cherry Creek West” as upcoming addition to shopping center

The land just west of the Cherry Creek Shopping Center is in store for a major makeover.

East West Partners, whose projects include Denver’s Riverfront Park and the redevelopment of the Union Station neighborhood in Lower Downtown, said Thursday that it is launching “a transformative redevelopment” of the site over the next decade.

The Buell Foundation and Taubman Realty Group, the owners of the land and Cherry Creek Shopping Center, are key collaborators and will be involved in the planning, East West Partners said in a statement.

The project, called Cherry Creek West, will stretch from University Boulevard on the east to Clayton Street and from First Avenue on the north to the Cherry Creek waterway.

“We will create a neighborhood that enhances the entire community by bringing it together with the creek and the shopping center, with a focus on people over cars,” said Amy Cara, managing partner of East West Partners.

East West Partners said it will reach out to the community and provide information on a website,


What should be at the top of new Timberwolves boss Tim Connelly’s to-do list?



What should be at the top of new Timberwolves boss Tim Connelly’s to-do list?

Tim Connelly has yet to make public comments since being named the Timberwolves’ president of basketball operations on Monday. His initial press conference is expected to be held this week.

That will provide the first real insight into Connelly’s views on the roster and basketball operations structure over which he now resides.

He will face a number of questions about key players ranging from Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell and beyond, head coach Chris Finch, executive vice president of basketball operations Sachin Gupta and more.

All are pertinent, all will have a major impact on the Timberwolves’ direction for years to come. Because while Minnesota took leaps forward this past season, simply maintaining this level of success would only be viewed as a failure. Growth has to be the expectation. The level to which that is achieved will, largely, be determined by Connelly, starting with the moves he makes this offseason.

Here’s a look at what should be at the top Connelly’s agenda as he gets started in Minnesota:

Sachin Gupta: Sachin Gupta, by many accounts, would have been a great hire for the job Connelly just took over. He was credited for deftly handling a rocky and sudden leadership change back in September, shrewdly handling Patrick Beverley’s contract extension negotiations and fighting the urge to make a move just to make a move at the trade deadline, going with what he thought was best for the team’s future, even if making a splash was more likely to please an ownership group that would determine his future just a couple of months later.

At the end of the day, team owners went with the bigger name with the stronger resume.

Still, it’s clear the Timberwolves have designs on Gupta maintaining an integral role in the team’s front office, even including him in the press release announcing the hiring of Connelly.

Connelly has a scouting background, while Gupta, currently the team’s executive vice president of basketball operations, is known for his work in analytics.

If the two are able to coexist, Minnesota may have one of the NBA’s most formidable front office tandems.

There certainly will be some awkwardness at the outset of the relationship, with Connelly coming in to take the job Gupta for all intents and purposes held for the past eight months and certainly desired to hold on a permanent basis.

It’s on Connelly to make sure the partnership gets off to a smooth start to benefit himself and the organization. Because as the man who has been running things, Gupta is best equipped to ensure a smooth transition into Connelly’s tenure, which in turn will set the Timberwolves up for a successful offseason.

Chris Finch: The relationship between bench boss and basketball boss is critical within an NBA organization. Synergy between the two positions leads to stability and, often, success.

Finch and Gupta seemed to establish that in short order last season. Now it’s up to Connelly and Finch to move in similar lockstep, starting this offseason.

Connelly is walking into a situation in which he likely has opinions about Wolves players, but Finch has worked with a number of these guys for nearly a season and a half, and has a good idea of their specific strengths, weaknesses and how they fit — or don’t fit — into what he wants to do.

Finch and Connelly do have a previous relationship, with Finch having served as an assistant coach for a season in Denver during Connelly’s tenure. The two spoke during Connelly’s hiring process, as well.

Quickly building a relationship of trust and collaboration should help Connelly hit the ground running this offseason.

D’Angelo Russell: D’Angelo Russell certainly had moments this season — chief among them was his heroic play-in game performance against the Clippers that helped move the Timberwolves into the playoffs.

But the downs were just as prevalent as the ups.

The offense didn’t always necessarily flow when Russell, Anthony Edwards and Towns shared the floor, and Russell has a low ceiling on the defensive end.

How does that balance out his at-times clutch shot-making and abilities to stretch the floor, pass the ball and hit tough buckets in the mid-range? Probably not enough to justify Russell’s robust salary.

But it’s on Connelly and Co. to determine if it’s best to have the point guard play out the final year of his contract, try to negotiate an extension that gives Russell more long-term security on a team-friendlier salary or attempt to trade him.

Whatever that decision is, it will be the biggest domino to fall this offseason.

Karl-Anthony Towns: Karl-Anthony Towns’ well-deserved third-team All-NBA recognition means the center is eligible this offseason to sign a four-year, $210.9 million extension that would be added onto the two remaining years of his current deal.

It sounds like a no-brainer to keep the all-star in Minnesota as long as possible, no matter the terms. That could very well be how Connelly feels.

But the final year of that extension would pay Towns $58 million toward the cap. Does Connelly believe Towns is a championship-caliber building block? If not, it may be difficult for him to come to grips with such a hefty extension, which would constrain management’s roster maneuvers two years from now.

Things could get awkward between team and star center if the Wolves put an extension for less money than that max number in front of Towns. But it could be a risk worth taking if, after assessing the big man, Connelly determines Towns would need a lot of help to lift Minnesota to title heights.

Malik Beasley: Connelly already has traded two players on the current Timberwolves roster. He dealt Malik Beasley and Jarred Vanderbilt to Minnesota in 2019, as part of the three-team deal that sent Robert Covington to Houston.

In retrospect, that wasn’t one of Connelly’s more prosperous moves. Denver didn’t get much in return for trading away its wealth of role players. There’s little question he’s happy to have Vanderbilt on his roster again. The young forward has proven to be a valuable piece playing on a team-friendly deal.

But what about Beasley? The guard seems to be largely the same player he was in Denver, and Connelly decided to move him versus paying him back then. Well, Beasley has since been paid. Does Connelly think a player of Beasley’s caliber — along with any off-court issues — is worth the $15.5 million he’s due this season?

If not, the sharpshooter is potentially another trade chip on a potentially expiring deal — there is a team option for the 2023-24 season — the Timberwolves could use to continue to try to revamp and elevate their roster this summer.

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Who Is Florence Pugh Dating



Who Is Florence Pugh Dating

Florence Pugh is an actress hailing from Oxford, England. She debuted in 2014 with the drama film The Falling. She first gained fame for her lead as the young bride in the drama Lady Macbeth, for which she won a British Independent Film Award.

Pugh was also nominated for the BAFTA Rising Stars Award in 2018. She broke through the international stage with the role of Paige, a professional wrestler, in the biopic film Fighting with My Family. She played the role of Yelena Belova in the Black Widow, which brought her into the Marvel Universe. She followed up the same role in the Marvel miniseries Hawkeye.

Who Is Florence Pugh Dating?

Florence Pugh has been dating Zach Braff since 2019. The couple is considered one of Hollywood’s oddest pair-ups, but they love each other nonetheless. They’ve been strong together despite the 21-year age gap. Recently, Florence sparked rumors of a romance with Will Poulter, her former costar, when they went to the beach together. In reality, nothing was going on as they were merely on holiday with many friends in Ibiza. Even so, she was forced to reemphasize this on social media.

1653676390 396 Who Is Florence Pugh Dating

Florence Addresses The Rumors

She said, “This is getting a little silly now.” She pointed out how all the images had been cut to make it look like it was just the two of them when in fact, most of their friends were not more than half a meter away.

She pointed out her other male friend’s arm, visible in the picture taken by the paparazzi. She stated that she knew being a movie star meant losing privacy, but that did not validate fabricated nonsense. She stated that it was no one else’s business she dated and that giving people dating advice and telling them who they should be with is just bullying.

More About Zack Braff And Florence’s Relationship

Ever since she became a high-stakes actor, Florence’s only significant relationship has been with the former Scrubs icon, Zack Braff. They first met on the set of the short film In the Time it Takes to Get There. The couple was first spotted together in April of that year, and by December 2019, they had confirmed the relationship. When the relationship went public, there was immediate controversy over the 21-year age gap between Zack, 44, and Florence, 23.

Florence addressed the case by saying it was her right to do whatever she wanted, and people had no place to judge her there. She shot down the hate the couple received and made sure she made her stance on the matter clear.

But since the controversy, they have chosen to keep their relationship more private. They even attend premiers and other such events separately. Around April 2020, the couple adopted a dog, and the three of them lived quite happily.

Will The Couple Get Married

There have been no signs of an engagement or talks about marriage. It would not be surprising if they did tie the knot. The couple has been living a happy dating life, and a marriage would be the icing on the cake. It’s great to see a happy couple against the odds living their best lives.

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Chicago Fire Season Finale Spoilers



Chicago Fire Season Finale Spoilers

The show Chicago fire premiered on NBC on October 10, 2012. It’s an American TV series which is created by Derek Hass and Michael Brandt. Starring Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, and Monica Raymund in lead, along with many other actors the show has Dick Wolf as its executive producer. It was renewed for its 9th, 10th, and 11th seasons on February 27, the year 2020. The tenth season aired on September 22, 2021.

It’s a show about the professional and personal lives of firefighters, paramedics, and rescue personnel at Firehouse 51, home of an Engine company 51, truck company 81, Rescue Squad Company 3, Battalion 25, and Ambulance 61. Matthew Casey, the officer in charge of Truck company 81, and Lieutenant Kelly in charge of Rescue Squad Company 3 blame each other for the death of firefighter Andrew Darden.

Audience’s Reaction To The Show

Chicago Fire Season Finale Spoilers

 The first season of the show got mixed reviews from the audience as well as the critics.  Its rank kept increasing as the new seasons aired with the 8th and 9th seasons ranking 8 and 7 respectively.

It’s rated 8/10 on IMDb and rotten tomatoes give it a score of 89%. It’s the final season, season 11 is yet to be telecasted and the fans cannot keep calm about what will happen in Chicago Fire this season.

Season 10: A Recap

The characters Severide and Stella are finally getting married! But of course, the marriage didn’t go all smooth, it had its hiccups. Severide was asked to testify in court against Campbell. While Severide goes to give his testimony, one of Campbell’s man is seen with a knife. They get in a fight and Severide kicks him which causes him to fall out a window. Severide was shook, he took life after all! Everybody around sided by him saying it was just self-defense and he shouldn’t be this guilty about it.

Then, Severide’s best man Casey who’s back in town for the wedding cannot believe that he is tying the knot. He tells his friends about what a joy it has been to see Severide change as a person since Stella came into his life. This also leads to  Severide getting a little emotional and telling Casey how the firehouse isn’t the same without him.

Some Hiccups Along The Way…

Casey also helps the couple find a boat and a captain who can marry them, as their wedding location suddenly became unavailable. Severide also talks to his mom, who’s on a plane to fly down to the wedding.

Stella walks down the aisle with Boden who she sees as the closest thing to a father. The two then take their vows, which for the fans was a very emotional scene.

Is That All??

1653676006 768 Chicago Fire Season Finale Spoilers

Well, things had to take some unknown turns. When the two newlyweds go to Severide’s cabin for some private time, an unknown truck shows up, a bad sign for sure. Casey and Brett also face their uncertain future together. He tells her he wishes she stayed with him in Portland but she points out how that would have been extremely hard considering all her life is in Chicago. He agrees and tells her very sweetly that at least they’re together that night!

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