FFXIV Secrets Guide Leaked – Are Final Fantasy XIV Guides for Gil & Leveling Good?

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Without a strategy guide, it is difficult to play and enjoy the Final Fantasy series. You would not know which spots in the game are the best for leveling. It is hard going online in a game but not knowing how to earn gil. Even the armory system can be quite puzzling, and the quests seem to go on forever. However, all hopes are not lost as there can be a solution to all of these.

Final Fantasy XIV Strategy Guides are ideal both for expert players and beginners. It contains thorough information about the game. The strategies mentioned are explained clearly to gain understanding. Most players get confused by the relationship between skills and gear, while others are lost as they struggle hard to acquire gear.

In the FF XIV secrets, leveling & gil guides, not only are you introduced to different places for character leveling. The information you will receive can be likened to training so you would be aware about which skills to use on which monster. Each monster in the game has its strength and weakness. Needless to say, before the manual tells you to go somewhere to fight, it would first instruct you on how to acquire skills and gear. When you have them, the FF14 manual will give you a list of places for leveling up, according to the level of your skills and armory. It would be foolish and suicidal to attack a place without first gauging up the monsters’ skills and capabilities. With the strategy guidebook though, you would have a step by step list of which skills and gear to purchase, and the corresponding monsters to attack.

Each character has skills and corresponding gear. However, there are skills that can be used universally even when you switch a character during the game. If you wish to switch characters in the game, it may be wise to choose skills that are powerful when used by two or more characters, although the level of the skills do not change as you change the character. But even if you are not attracted to the concept of interchanging characters, you would still need a FFXIV guide on which skills to acquire first so that your leveling is accelerated. Leveling comes during a battle. Thus, you need skills that are fitting to the situation, be it for completing quests, leveling your character or for the fun of it.

The quests are often misunderstood by many Final Fantasy XIV players. But when understood clearly, they are truly helpful in acquiring skills, leveling up a character and mastering a few skills. Of course, not all quests are necessary and helpful. Depending on your mission in the game, you should be wise in choosing which quests to pursue. The strategy tips on Final Fantasy 14 never disappoints its readers. It reveals information that can only be acquired when you have become a veteran player, which can also mean spending weeks, months and even years playing the game. With the tips, however, you do not have to go through the same laborious actions. You will save time as you avoid situations that can only bring unnecessary mistakes.

The currency used in Final Fantasy games is gil. It can be hard to earn especially if you are still a noob. Among the monsters in the game, only the beastmen drop these whenever they are defeated. The amount of gil dropped are of meager amounts. Hence, for you to know how to earn more these and thus purchase gear and skills fit for your character, you need to learn some tactics. The FFXIV secrets & guides are very helpful on this.

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