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Gizelle and Robyn on Why Robyn Almost Wasn’t Cast on RHOP



Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon Claim RHOP Casting Director Initially "Hated" Robyn and Almost Didn't Cast Her as They Dish on How They Met, Plus Robyn Discusses Her Troubled Past

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon seemingly have one of the strongest friendships within the Housewives franchise and the duo recently revealed how they met, and explained why Robyn almost wasn’t cast on The Real Housewives of Potomac. Plus, Robyn dishes on her delinquent past.

During an episode of their joint podcast,  the pair discussed the history of their friendship, Gizelle recounted the first time she laid eyes on her bestie after moving to Baltimore, Maryland.

“A hundred years ago I moved to Baltimore, and me and my husband at the time went to the car wash, and who did I see but this beautiful woman,” Gizelle shared on the May 24 episode of their Unreasonably Shady podcast. “And I was, like, oh my gosh, she’s really pretty [and] she kind of looks like me. But I saw her and I thought she was really, really beautiful, and I thought to myself, ‘I wanna know who that is.’ Then, years later, I was at a party, and lo and behold this beautiful woman was introduced to me by our friend Charrisse Jackson Jordan.”

According to Gizelle, prior to meeting the Embellished CEO, she had frequently been asked by people around town if she and Robyn were related.

“Everybody kept asking me [if] I was related to Robyn Dixon,” she explained. “And I was like, ‘I don’t know no Robyn Dixon, and who the hell is Robyn Dixon, and Robyn Dixon what?’ So then I was like holy sh*t, you’re the girl everybody’s been asking me about! And she’s beautiful so I don’t mind being related to her. We’re not related, but, I mean… [I’ll take that]. So, we instantly become besties and the rest is history.”

Then, the ladies dished on how they were cast on RHOP. Apparently, Gizelle was a shoo-in from the beginning, but the same can’t be said about Robyn as the casting director initially “hated” her after speaking with her over the phone. Fortunately for the mother-of-two, her bestie came to her rescue and convinced the director to contact Robyn a second time.

“I was in. I was good to go and they were like, ‘Do you have any friends,’” Gizelle recalled of her conversation with casting. “And I was like, ‘Yes, her name is Robyn and you’re gonna call her and she’s going to be amazing.’”

“So, they call this person that I had hyped up, like, I was the hype woman and I was like, ‘She’s amazing,’ she continued. “And then, Robyn is on the phone [with the casting director] not giving a sh*t, so the guy immediately called me back and was like, ‘I hate her and she’s out!’ And I was like, ‘Oh hell no. Call her back! Call her back! Call her back!’ So, it took Robyn a minute to be nice to casting, so finally, they obviously loved her and the rest is history.”

Later in the podcast, Robyn dropped a little nugget about herself that she doesn’t share too often. Though her parents believed she was “the perfect child,” she was actually running the streets with the wrong crowd and began drinking and smoking cigarettes and marijuana before she even made it to high school.

“I met some people who weren’t the perfect children and I succumbed to peer pressure in like seventh grade,” she spilled. “In seventh grade, I was smoking cigarettes and running the streets, like running the literal streets of my neighborhood. Then we would go and like break the Mercedes emblems off of people’s cars and I was a vandal. I’m sorry if you noticed one day that your Mercedes emblem was gone from the hood of your car, it was me. I was taking cans of soda and pouring it [into mailboxes].”

Thankfully, Robyn’s father eventually found out about her naughty behavior after he found her drunk in the backseat of a car with a much-older boy, and she credits that moment for likely saving the trajectory of her life.

RHOP Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for part III of the Real Housewives of Potomac season six reunion, so feel free to share your thoughts below as the new episode airs at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Valerie Bertinelli Reveals Why She Hasn’t Weighed Herself Since Writing Her Book



Valerie Bertinelli

The ‘Hot in Cleveland’ actress opened up about her struggles with her body image, and spoke about the work she’s doing now to help both her mental and physical health.

Valerie Bertinelli, 61, is committed to working on her mental health just as much as physical health! The actress revealed her dedication to working on both during a Tuesday January 18 interview on The View. She opened up about her 50-pound weight loss in 2007, but said that even though she looked great, it had a negative impact on her mental health. The Enough Already author spoke about the changes she’s made since writing her book in the new interview.

Before Joy Behar asked about her much-reported on 2007 weight-loss journey, Valerie spoke about having the importance of weight loss ingrained in her as a child, seeing how her dad reacted to her mom’s fluctuating weight. The actress said that even though she was happy to wear a bikini “for the first time in a very long time,” she was still super self-conscious about her weight. “No matter how low that number on the scale would get, it was never quite low enough to keep me safe, and when it would rise, and it was higher, I would think, ‘Well that’s it. I can’t go out in public. People are going to judge me, and I’m ugly, and I’m fat, and I’m not worth anything,’ because that old lie from as a young child was repeating inside of me,” she explained.

Valerie opened up about her outlook on body positivity on ‘The View.’ (J C Olivera/PictureGroup/Shutterstock)

She continued to say that she’s still trying to be healthy, but she’s not accounting for the numbers on scale as much anymore. “I haven’t weighed myself since I finished the book. I don’t plan on weighing myself anytime soon. My jeans still fit,” she said. “It doesn’t mean that I’m not going to take care of myself as well. I am going to try and eat more fruit and vegetables, drink less alcohol, eat less sugar, move my body a little bit every day so I can continue to climb my stairs everyday well into my 80s, but I don’t want to care so much what it does.”

Earlier in the interview, Valerie opened up about needing to do more than just eat right for a diet to really work.”Diets work! They totally work, while you’re on them, but if we don’t take care of our mental health and our emotional health, no diet is going to survive the maintenance as you gain back weight,” she said. The One Day At Time star also said that in 2020, she said that she managed to put her weight out of her mind, amid personal struggles including the deaths of her parents and her ex-husband Eddie Van Halen‘s illness getting worse in addition to the coronavirus pandemic. She said that all of those issues really put her body image into perspective. “Why do I give a flying fig what my weight is?” she said.

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Bruh, Whet?! Jay-Z’s Legal Team Calls Feds Out For Denying Cannabis Offender’s Release From Prison Over Leftover Chicken



Bruh, Whet?! Jay-Z’s Legal Team Calls Feds Out For Denying Cannabis Offender’s Release From Prison Over Leftover Chicken

All Hip Hop icon and business mogul Jay-Z is trying to do is free Black people who are sitting in prison cells for selling weed now that the Cannabis game is legal and booming. And what are the feds doing in response? Well, they’re apparently playing around in Black people’s faces and conjuring up any excuse they can think of to keep them locked up.

Source: JUSTIN TALLIS / Getty

Last September, we reported that Shawn Carter himself got his legal team together to file a plea for release on behalf of Valon Vailes, who, in 2007, was sentenced to 20 years in prison followed by 10 years of supervised parole after he was convicted of attempting to sell a ton of marijuana from 2003-2007.

Now, a hater might claim that one person selling a full ton of weed was doing too much and maybe deserved his sentence, but how many tons of marijuana are moving through legitimized retailers right now because white AF governments finally came to glory on the fact that a certain illegal substance should never have been criminalized in the first place?

Anyway, according to TMZ, Hov is ready to reintroduce his foot in the feds a**** because federal prosecutors are coming up with petty reasons to keep Vailes locked up. Team Roc attorney Alex Spiro said the now-56-year-old more than meets the qualifications for compassionate release, but court documents show that the feds are holding him over “ticky-tac” prison offenses—like sneaking leftover chicken from the mess hall to his cell.

I’m just going to say it: Keeping a Black man in prison over chicken is racist AF. You’re telling me guards are doing routine cell checks for KFC contraband? Are they looking for watermelon rinds too? If white people are also being denied early release for violating a prison’s unwashed legs policy, I might be willing to believe the chicken thing is legitimate—but nah, this sounds like some bull.

Spiro also cited documents that state Vailes violated another arbitrary-a** prison policy by using a piece of his prison uniform as “workout equipment.”

Seriously, what is up with these petty policies? What reason could there possibly be to prohibit inmates from turning their uniform into a make-shift Planet Fitness in their cells? It’s almost as if the feds are looking to keep people in prison for as long as possible regardless of whether or not they actually belong there.

From TMZ:

Spiro is requesting that a federal judge reduce Vailes’ sentence to time served and release him immediately.


The truth is no one should ever have spent a day in prison for selling weed of any quantity. The eventual legalization of the substance and the fact that it’s now a multi-billion dollar industry proves this.

Free them all.


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Essence Magazine Cover Star Revealed with Her Baby’s Father | Latest Celebrity News, Sports and Entertainment



Photo may have been deleted

Essence magazine

Atlanta entrepreneur Pinky Cole graces the cover of Essence Magazine’s January/February 2022 issue.

The gorgeous cover photo and article were just released, and includes the announcement that famed entrepreneur Derrick Hayes is the father of Pinky’s unborn baby.

Pinky, the visionary and CEO behind the Atlanta-based Slutty Vegan restaurant empire, just announced her upcoming cookbook “Eat Plants, B*tch” via Simon & Schuster imprint 13A of GALLERY Books Group.

The cookbook features 91 vegan recipes from Cole herself, including Jamaican dishes from her childhood, tapas and small plates created to celebrate and invoke joy, and Cole’s signature southern comfort food.

Pinky is changing the world with her vegan comfort food, philanthropy & activism as profiled on CNN, Bon Appetite, Forbes, National NBC News, Tamron Hall, Essence & more.

Dedicated to reinventing vegan food culture, Slutty Vegan crave-worthy, indulgent menus, and joyful customer interactions draw locals and visitors to eagerly wait in now-infamous lines down the block for vegan burgers and more. Sluttified fans include celebrities Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Jermaine Dupri, Taraji P. Henson, Tyler Perry, Tiffany Haddish, Queen Latifah, and many more.

Her new cookbook, “Eat Plants, B*tch”, is available for pre-order now and will be available for purchase at bookstores across the country Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

From Avocado Egg Rolls to Cole’s Black Pea Cauliflower Po’Boy or Oyster Mushroom Parm and everything in between, the book is chock full of delicious recipes aimed to please dedicated vegans, flexitarians, and carnivores alike. In addition to Cole’s insights, she has recruited fellow vegan chefs, influencers, and entrepreneurs to share their favorite recipes, advice on running a business, and takes on veganism.

Pinky (who is also a new mom) has taken over Shake Shacks with an exclusive “SluttyShack” burger, launched PETA’s Push for Food Justice, provided life insurance policies to 25,000 Black men, paid rent for local businesses, and paid the tuition of 30 Clark Atlanta students.

Pinky also purchased a car and life insurance for the family of Rayshard Brooks, who was slain by police outside an Atlanta fast-food restaurant. She is the founder of the Pinky Cole Foundation, which provides a roadmap for black economic progress achieved by creatively leveraging economic opportunities, successful risk-taking, and innovation.

Serial Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and Veteran Television Producer, Pinky pours all her love, experience, and talent into a recipe for success. When restaurants were closing, Slutty Vegan opened two locations with socially distanced lines down the block. Just two years old, its revenues grew to $4 million within the first six months of its grand opening.

Source: Press release

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