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Meredith Marks on Why Cameron Isn’t “Reliable” for Mary Info



RHOSLC's Meredith Marks on Why Lisa's Friend Cameron May Not Have Been a "Reliable Source" for Mary Info, Why She Wasn't Present for Jen's Arrest, and Reunion Closure

Meredith Marks is revealing that Lisa Barlow‘s late friend, Cameron Williams, may not have been a reliable source for the information on Mary Cosby‘s church due to a medical condition that went unmentioned on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

After Cameron made some concerning, yet vague, comments about Mary’s church, which has been targeted with cult rumors in recent months, on an episode of the series last month, Meredith appeared on a podcast, where she shared new information about her cast mate’s friend before dishing on Jen Shah‘s arrest and the upcoming reunion.

“I was extremely shaken up from that scene,” Meredith admitted of her chat with Cameron on the November 15 episode of the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast.

But according to Meredith, there was more to the story than what was shared. And, because of what she knows of Cameron, she believes he “may not be a very reliable source,” although she couldn’t absolutely confirm it.

“It’s not my story to tell, but he did have a medical condition that could potentially impair his perception of reality. And I’m not saying it was, I can’t speak for him. I can’t say that it was, I also can’t say that it wasn’t knowing about that condition,” she explained.

Either way, Meredith doesn’t feel that any solid or damning evidence was revealed.

“People call a lot of religious organizations cults. Give me something concrete… just to label it doesn’t hold water for me,” she shared.

Throughout the second season, Meredith’s relationship with Lisa Barlow has been rocky. And, when it comes to their current status, it seems not much has changed.

“I barely know Lisa’s friends, she barely knows mine. We’re in different social circles. And so, I’m learning how Lisa interacts with other people and how that impacts me and vice versa,” Meredith explained.

As fans saw during an early episode of RHOSLC, Meredith took issue with the fact that Lisa didn’t have her back against Jen after Jen “liked” a number of negative posts about her son, Brooks Marks, and his sexuality (which Jen suggested was actually done by her social media manager).

“It’s very difficult because as a mother, all you want to do is protect your children. Is Jen my friend? Because would my friend say that about my son knowing his struggle? It was very difficult for me,” Meredith recalled, noting that having her “friend adding fuel to the fire” made the issue even more challenging.

Now that the mean “liked” tweets of Jen have become a thing of the past as her legal issues take center stage, Meredith has been accused of calling the feds on her cast-mate, especially after being MIA when Jen was arrested.

“I was just too lazy. I didn’t feel like it. There may have been plenty of reasons I wasn’t there,” Meredith said of why she wasn’t with the rest of the cast at the time.

She then continued to fuel the rumors, saying, “I think what it ends up speaking to is what kind of evidence you have, you know, if it’s something that’s real and you honestly believe that, you know, the elderly are being repeatedly defrauded, I think human obligation is to do something about that.”

While Meredith noted that if she were in Jen’s shoes, she likely would have never agreed to continue filming season two, mainly out of fear that she would say or do something that could be used against her, she also said she understood Jen wanting to “tell [her] side of what happened.”

As for a misconception, she believes people have gotten about her over the past season of RHOSLC, Meredith said that although many believe she’s “cold,” that’s actually far from the case.

“People think that I’m like very cold and it’s actually kind of the opposite. It’s that I know that if I go there, I will get so emotional that that’s my way of kind of just turning it off so that I don’t go there, get so emotional and then do something that I really will regret,” she explained.

Also, during the interview, Meredith said that when it comes to the upcoming reunion, she doesn’t believe people will be getting the closure they will likely be searching for in Jen’s ongoing legal scandal.

“Given that there is a trial that is set for next March, I think it’s going to be pretty hard for the viewers to really feel closure on it,” she shared.

When Seth Marks joined the show, he looked back on his and Meredith’s debut season of RHOSLC.

“The first season was raw [as f-ck] right? We were having major league relationship issues. And so that was tough,” he admitted.

He then joked that if he and Meredith showed their 12-month couples therapy bill, as well as their individual therapy bills, fans would have thought they were “spending more than they’re making,” just on therapy.

RHOSLC Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for tonight’s all-new episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two, so feel free to share your thoughts below as the episode airs at 9/8c on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Sara De Boer/startraksphoto

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Gwen Stefani’s Son Kingston, 15, Is So Tall As He Runs Errands With His Mom – Photos



Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s son Kingston towered over her as they kept it casual and dressed comfy for their weekend shopping trip.

Gwen Stefani’s, 52, mini-me Kingston Rossdale, 15, isn’t so mini anymore. The teenager sure has grown up fast as he now stands a couple of inches taller than his mom. The “Rich Girl” singer wore an adorable navy blue set of sweats that read “Anaheim Hillbillies” and stylish hiker boots as she walked side-by-side with her son as he wore jeans and a black T-shirt. The two also donned face masks as Kingston held a big box for his mom which looked like it contained liquor. Click here to see the pics.

Former No Doubt band member has been there for her eldest son and his younger siblings, Zuma Rossdale, 13, and Apollo Rossdale. She recently took the three on a family outing and treated them to ice cream at the Beverly Glen Deli in October 2021. She has also spent time with them around her ex-husband and their father Gavin Rossdale.

Kingston Rossdale during the ice cream outing with his family. (BACKGRID)

There have been a number of co-parenting reunions at their youngest son Apollo’s baseball games. Gwen has brought her current husband Blake Shelton to these occasions as well and they have seemingly been pleasant and drama-free. Everyone seems to come together for these events to support the baby of the family.

The two Voice judges announced that they were dating in November 2015, just after their respective divorces. Even though they didn’t end up being on the show together for long, their relationship still stood strong. The country music star proposed to the pop star in October 2020 after nearly five years of dating. They tied the knot during an intimate ceremony at his Oklahoma ranch in July 2021.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton (Shutterstock)

Since then, they have reportedly been thriving as a couple. We checked in with sources close to the couple around the holiday season, and it seemed they weren’t letting the stress of the festivities get to them. “Blake and Gwen are exactly where you’d think they are with their relationship now being married for a few months as things begin to lead up to the holidays. Nothing has changed in marriage that they didn’t have in their dating and engagement lives and that is what makes things so great,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

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Tom Brady’s NFL Future: How Wife Gisele Bundchen Factors Into His Decision To Keep Playing



Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady has a tough decision to make as this seems to be the first year that he has seriously considered retiring from the NFL.

Tom Brady, 44, may not be sticking around in the NFL for too much longer. Now that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their playoffs game and his season is officially over, he has to revisit the decision about whether this is the year to retire. “Over any other year, this is the first year that retirement has even had an inkling of being thought about on Tom‘s side of things, a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. 

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen pose during a previous event. (Shutterstock)

Apparently, his wife Gisele Bundchen, 40, will play a big role in Tom’s decision whether to continue with the NFL or retire. In fact, “conversations with Gisele in the offseason is going to be a major component on if he continues to play in the NFL or not,” our source tells us. This is not the first year that Gisele has had input but as the years go on, the decision becomes more and more difficult.

“After every year that goes by Tom has a conversation with Gisele to see where the family stands on him playing another year or not. “And regardless of how this season has ended, this year is looking to be the most important conversation yet,” the source explains, adding, “The kids are getting older, and they both want to decide how they really want to spend the next fifty years of their lives. And they are going to have many conversations after the season that are going to be very heartfelt.”

Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen
Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen at a previous event. (Sky Cinema/Shutterstock)

Regardless of how his wife feels, the Buccaneers want their quarterback to stick around. “Tampa wants him back and would do anything to get him back,” our source notes. “He still has a year left in his contract. The team really believes he will be back. Tom can pretty much write his own story and play for as long as he wants and if it was up to Tampa, they don’t want him to ever retire.“

The Buccaneers played the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, Jan. 23. In a nail-biting game, the Rams ended up defeating the Buccaneers 30 – 27. Since this game was part of the playoffs, this means that the Buccaneers are out the running to compete in the Super Bowl and that they’re done playing for the season. Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Tom decides to return for his 23rd season.


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Thierry Mugler: 5 Things On The Iconic Fashion Designer Dead At 73



Thiery Mugler

Fashion legend Thierry Mugler has died at 73.

Thierry Mugler has died at 73. His death was confirmed on his official Instagram account. “#RIP We are devastated to announce the passing of Mr Manfred Thierry Mugler on Sunday January 23rd 2022. May his soul Rest In Peace,” the post’s caption read along with the same words in French and a picture of a black square. Tributes have already started to pour in for the renowned designer who was best known for styling A-list celebrities. Here’s everything you need to know about the late fashion icon Thierry Mugler.

Thierry owned a perfume company

Thierry first launched his perfume collection in 1992 and it has been his main focus. His first majorly known fragrance was Angel. He then jumped off of that and launched Alien in 2005. His scents can be found at major department and makeup stores including Macy’s and Sephora.

“We dedicate our lives to connecting men and women with their emotions, to provide them addictive stories,” President of Mugler Fashion and Fragrances said of Thierry’s work on his perfume company’s site. “We develop authentic relationships with our clients by offering personalized services and unique experiences. We’re limitless and uncompromising in our creation. In both Fashion and Fragrances, Mugler shakes things up, inspires.”

Thierry brought Diana Ross onto the runway

Diana Ross had adamantly not graced the runway until Thierry requested her presence. He asked the “I’m Coming Out” singer to walk in his 1991 fashion show for his summer collection. She accepted, making his show her first-ever runway appearance. Her famous daughter Tracee Ellis Ross also walked in the show.

Thierry designed Madonna’s sexy concert corsets

Thiery Mugler has died at 73. (Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEI/Shutterstock)

Thierry was the mastermind behind Madonna’s many elaborate and sexy concert looks. He even designed a piece named Madonna that served as the final look in his tenth-anniversary collection. The look tied into Madonna’s use of religious themes as it had a flowy, angelic shape and design but still had her dazzling touch of bedazzled blue and white star in the center of the dress. Most of Madonna’s sexist and most shimmery looks were designed by Thierry.

Thierry retired from fashion in 2003

After designing for over 30 years, the legend retired from creating any more collections in 2003. He announced that he would shift his priorities to perfume and photography. Even he stopped creating looks, his fashion house went under the direction of Nicola Formichetti who styled plenty of A-list celebrities as its artistic director including Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna and more.

Thierry came out of retirement to design Kim Kardashian’s 2019 MET Gala look

Even though Mugler threw in the towel on House of Mugler in 2003, one A-list star was able to convince him to come out of retirement. He designed Kim Kardashian’s iconic sheer sexy dress that dripped with jewels for the 2019 MET Gala. “This is the first time in 20 years Mr. Mugler has designed for the House of Mugler,” Kim told Vogue (via Harper’s Baazar) at the time. “So to come and design this gown for me is such an honour. This is about eight months in the making. He envisioned me this California girl stepping out of the ocean, wet, dripping.” She also got her to design her cowgirl-robot-hybrid Halloween costume that year.

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