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Austen Kroll Talks Possible Relationship With Ciara Miller



Winter House’s Austen Kroll and Ciara Miller Say “Never Say Never” On Romantic Relationship, Plus Austen Says He's "Happy" for Ex Madison LeCroy

Attention Winter House fans, this hot tub hasn’t grown cold yet! Although the two are “currently single,” Southern Charm star Austen Kroll hasn’t ruled out rekindling the flames with his current Winter House co-star, Ciara Miller.

In a new interview with People, Austen stated, “Yes, we are both single.” But he added that the two are still in touch, saying, “You never say never. Craig [Conover] thinks I’m going to end up with her.”

Even more telling is the fact that Ciara has apparently visited Austen in Charleston, SC, after filming for Winter House wrapped.

“It was great to see her and reconnect,” he told the mag, adding that the Summer House star did not film for Southern Charm.

Bravo fans will remember that on the very first night of Winter House, Austen and Ciara instantly had a connection that sent them both running to the hot tub for a steamy rendezvous. As the show has progressed, they have even gone on to casually date. However, it seems the timing just wasn’t quite right as both Austen and Ciara have confirmed they are currently not together.

However, it seems Ciara, like Austen, hasn’t closed the door completely.

Ciara recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight, saying, “I genuinely liked [Austen]. I still kind of have these feelings towards him.” She also added that she “had a lot of fun” on her trip to Charleston, SC.

“He definitely grew on me in the most positive way. There were so many moments where I felt like I could trust him, and feeling safe and secure is something that’s so important to me. That definitely catapulted me really liking him,” she continued.

So, what exactly was the catalyst for the potentially temporary fizzle between Austen and Ciara?

Could it possibly have anything to do with the “love triangle” that played out between Austin, Ciara, and Lindsay Hubbard on Winter House?

Lindsay previously told Page Six, “We’re just friends at the moment. Because we have had some sort of romantic history and because we are such close friends, I think the wires get crossed and lines get blurred a little bit.”

Before becoming entangled with Ciara and Lindsay, Austen was in a nearly three-year relationship with a fellow Southern Charm star, Madison LeCroy, who announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Brett Randle, after six months of dating. Austen seems to have moved on and holds no ill-will towards his ex as he expressed nothing but the best for the two.

“I’m happy for her. She has a son that she has to think about. She wants a family and I think she’s accomplished that, or trying to,” he said. “Good luck to them.”

Photos Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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Janet Jackson Super Bowl Scandal: What To Know About The Backlash & Feud With Justin Timberlake



Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson

Here we break down the unforgettable ‘wardrobe malfunction’ performance from Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake and the subsequent backlash/cultural reckoning that followed.

In American culture, we’ve had plenty of scandals, but one infamous incident rocked the public consciousness like no other: the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show of February 1, 2004.

Although the show began like any other run-of-the-mill halftime concert, its denouement became [allegedly] unintentionally salacious when Justin Timberlake ripped off a part of Janet Jackson‘s costume to reveal her bare right breast to millions of viewers tuning in to the event. What followed was a frenzy of cultural and political backlash, The Federal Communications Commission serving a $550,000 fine to CBS, and the invention of YouTube by one Jawed Karim who got the idea while feverishly searching for a clip of the incident after missing the show on TV.

In the trailer for her new documentary on Lifetime, simply titled Janet Jackson., a moment shows Randy Jackson, Janet’s brother who is also her manager and co-producer on the film, saying, “Justin and his team have been trying to contact us about you doing the Super Bowl” — then cutting to a contemplative Janet.

Below we take a look at the complete timeline of the uncanny and culturally curious events involving the two performers and reflect back on the halftime show that rocked the world.

Janet Jackson Is Announced To Perform 

Janet Jackson attends the ‘A Place Called Home’ Anniversary Gala in LA, 2003 (Alex Berliner/BEI/Shutterstock).

In December 2003, the NFL announced that Janet was set to headline the 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII show to be produced by MTV and shown on CBS. According to a 2002 report from Entertainment Weekly, the Poetic Justice actress was originally in talks to perform at the 2002 Super Bowl, but network executives allegedly changed their minds due to the solemnity that permeated the U.S. post-9/11. Execs apparently had a change of heart after attending a U2 concert in the aftermath of the tragedy, causing them to opt for the Irish rock band instead to “set the right tone.”

”There is no bigger spectacle than the Super Bowl,” Janet said in a press statement released around the time of the announcement of her headlining for 2004. ”It’s a unique and exciting experience that I have looked forward to for many years.”

‘Nipplegate’ Ensues 

Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake
Janet Jackson’s breast is exposed after her outfit came undone during the half time performance with Justin Timberlake, 2004 (Awout David Phillip/AP/Shutterstock).

Justin was added as a surprise addition to the halftime show, set to perform a rendition of his hit track “Rock Your Body” with Janet. Toward the end of the performance, when Justin sang the lyrics, “Gonna have you naked by the end of this song,” he ripped off the right side of Janet’s costume to reveal her right breast, which featured a piece a nipple jewelry. Janet looked down at her exposed breast in what appeared to be shock as the show abruptly ended and the cameras cut away.

Following the shock of the incident — which was broadcast to 150 million viewers — network execs scrambled, as Janet and Justin’s teams both professed it to be an accident, hence where the term “wardrobe malfunction” was coined. In Jan. 2018, USA Today spoke with MTV executive Salli Frattini who implied the idea of Janet’s breast being exposed was a concept conceived between Janet and/or Janet’s stylist which was then presented to Justin in Janet’s dressing room before the show.

“There was a meeting right prior to the halftime [show],’’ Frattini stated to the outlet. “The idea was pitched to Justin. Janet’s stylist or whoever else was in the room. [Justin] went along with it and the mistake happened.” Salli also noted their teams were originally playing with the idea of Justin removing her skirt instead during previous rehearsals, but ultimately forwent the stunt. “There wasn’t supposed to be any reveal,” Salli continued. “There should not even have been an action moment or anything ever ripped off her body.’’

Moreover, FX’s The New York Times Presents series released the documentary Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson in Nov. 2021 in which Salli spoke about feeling “betrayed” by the incident. “My instincts told me that there was a private conversation between wardrobe, stylist and artist, where someone thought this would be a good idea. And it backfired.”

Just days before the event, Janet’s choreographer, Gil Duldulao, also promised MTV News that there were “shocking moments” that would take place in the performance — a comment that was later used by conspiracy theorists and disbelievers that the whole thing was plotted out for a publicity stunt. To this day, the publication has an inserted “Editor’s Note” in the text assuring fans the malfunction was indeed an accident.

Janet Bears The Brunt Of The Backlash 

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson sets the record straight on the ‘Oprah’ show, 2006 (YouTube).

As the aforementioned documentary noted, the day after the halftime show, Janet issued a written apology, which stated in part, “The decision to have a costume reveal at the end of my halftime show performance was made after final rehearsals…MTV was completely unaware of it,” she said at the time. “It was not my intention that it go as far as it did. I apologize to anyone offended — including the audience, MTV, CBS and the NFL.” She issued a similar statement on video two days after the incident.

Justin also issued an apology immediately after the game when he made an appearance at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 8. “I know it’s been a rough week on everybody,” the “Sexy Back” singer said during his acceptance speech after winning two trophies at the event. “What occurred was unintentional, completely regrettable and I apologize if you guys are offended.” CBS said in a statement Justin’s apology was part of an agreement made with the network so he could appear at the Grammy’s. They also stated they extended the same offer to Janet, but she declined.

Although both sides issued apologies, the aftermath was infinitely more harsh on Janet, who was “vilified” in the media and temporarily blacklisted from several radio stations and networks in the wake of the scandal. Her music career was also impacted, with her eight studio album, Damita Jo, being affirmed by critics but unsuccessful commercially as her only album to not hit No. 1 in the U.S. since 1984.

In 2006, Janet went on the Oprah show to discuss the halftime show and insinuated hurt feelings by Justin ostensibly abandoning her following the incident. “Justin has reached out — we haven’t spoken — but [he] has reached out to speak to me and … friendship is very important to me,” she stated, obviously dismayed. “[There are] certain things you just don’t do to friends. In my own time I’ll give him a call.”


Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake
Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake (Chelsea Lauren/lev radin//Shutterstock).

After the release of The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears documentary, Justin issued a public apology on Instagram noting how “deeply sorry” he was for “the times in my life where my actions contributed to the problem” and where he “did not speak up for what was right.” He continued in his statement, “I understand that I fell short in these moments and in many others and benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism.”

The New York Times Presents series and numerous other reexaminations of past cultural events through more gender- and racially-enlightened lenses have definitely shifted the zeitgeist in order to better understand the past. Although Janet undoubtedly took a hit from the mid-aughts scandal, her new documentary shows how much times have changed and perhaps how significantly the culture can look back on “Nipplegate” as a salacious scandal that perhaps didn’t need to be identified as such.

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Bob Marley’s Kids: Everything To Know About Rock Legend’s 12 Kids



Bob Marley's kids

Here’s everything you need to know about Bob Marley’s 12 kids.

Bob Marley was a reggae legend served as a world ambassador for reggae music, earned induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, and sold more than 20 million records. He’s best known for his hits “No Woman, No Cry, “Three Little Birds,”  “Buffalo Soldier,” “Redemption Song” and “One Love/People Get Ready.” Bob Marley may have been the king of reggae but he also has his own kingdom kids. The artist, unfortunately, passed away from malignant melanoma cancer in 1981. However, his legacy continues through his music and his kids. Here’s everything you need to know about his 11 kids.

Sharon Marley

Bob Marely’s kids. (Peter Stone/Shutterstock)

Sharon Marley to Bob Marley’s wife Rita Marley on November 23, 1964. Bob adopted Sharon when he got with Rita. The 57-year-old is involved in the arts like her dad as she is a singer, dancer, and curator. She was part of the Grammy Award-winning group Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers with some of her siblings which went on to win three Grammy Awards.

Cedella Marley

Cedella Marley
Cedella Marley in a theater. (Shangri-La/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Cedella Marley was born to Bob Marley and Rita Marleyon August 23, 1967, and was named after her grandmother. The 54-year-old wears many hats as she’s a singer, dancer, fashion designer, actress, author, and entrepreneur. She raised two kids of her own Skip Marley and Soul-Rebel Marley-Minto whom she shares with her husband David Minto. 

She reflected on her father’s legacy ahead of the opening of a musical honoring him titled Get Up, Stand Up!. “When Daddy passed in 1981, the naysayers said that his music and his legacy would be nothing,” she told The Guardian. “Now that he is no longer physically here, he has long ago proven them wrong. He was the one who said, ‘My music will live on for ever.’”

Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley poses for a portrait in Los Angeles. (Chris Pizzello/AP/Shutterstock)

Bob Marley’s eldest son, Ziggy Marley, certainly takes after his father. The 53-year-old is a musician and philanthropist. The accomplished artist has a plethora of albums to tout. His first was titled “Dragonfly” which he released in 2003. His second album Love Is a Religion won a Grammy Award in 2007. He then went on to release Family Time, Wild and Free, Fly Rasta and his self-titled album. His most recent album titled More Family Time came in 2020. He also founded Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers which won eight Grammy Awards.

He’s now focused on writing children books and has released My Dog Romeo and Little John Crow. He also created a photo book in a tribute to his father titled Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend. “Going through the photos, it hit me how young he was,” Ziggy told Caribbean Journal of working on the book. “It’s sad, but he did so much in that time— it’s still a testament to his ethics and spirituality. He knew he had to do everything in the shortest amount of time.”

Stephen Marley

Stephen Marley
Stephen Marley at the Kaya Music Festival. (Larry Marano/Shutterstock)

Stephen Marley was born on April 20, 1972, to Bob Marley and Rita Marley. He clearly got some of his talent from his dad as he is an eight-time Grammy Winner. Three of those wins were for best album for his own works including The Root of Life, Mind Control and Mind Control. He won twice as a producer for his brother’s albums Halfway Tree and Welcome To Jamrock. He was also part of three of the Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers wins. It’s safe to say he’s an accomplished musician.

Robbie Marley

Robbie Marley
Robbie Marley attended the premiere of the film ‘Marley.’ (Phil Mccarten/UPI/Shutterstock)

Robbie Marley was born to Bob Marley and Pat Williams on May 16, 1972. The 49-year-old lives a relatively private life compared to his siblings. He was documented going on a trip to Africa with his brothers Ziggy Marley and Rohan Marley in 2011. “Marley Africa Roadtrip follows three sons of music legend Bob Marley as they travel back to Africa with hopes of reconnecting with their father. Thirty years after his passing, Ziggy, Rohan and Robbie Marley uncover the roots of his legacy of music, family and African Unity,” the official summary of the movie reads. Fans can watch the three brothers on their road trip on Amazon Prime Video.

Rohan Marley

Rohan Marley
Rohan Marley at the Marley Brunch. (Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP/Shuttershock)

Rohan Marley was born on May 19, 1972, to Bob Marley and Janet Hunt. The 49-year-old entrepreneur is also a father to five children with Lauryn Hill including Selah Marley, Zion David Marley, John Nesta Marley, Joshua Omaru Marley and Sarah Marley. He also shares Nico Marley, Eden Marley with Geraldine Khawley and Maria Fialho Marley with Barbara Fialho.

He made headlines when his daughter Selah called him and his mother out for arguing in front of her and accused Bob of not being around. He apologized to his daughter publicly on Instagram. “I love her very much and do apologize for any contributions I may have added by arguing in front of her as a child,” he wrote in the statement. “I’ve grown as a man, a spiritual being and a father. I am constantly growing and will teach my children to always take the higher road in any disagreements.  I will be there for her no matter how many hours, days, months or years it will take. I will be the best Dad that I can be. One Love.”

Stephanie Marley

Stephanie Marley was born to Bob and Rita Marley on August 17, 1974. The 47-year-old lives a relatively private life compared to her brothers and sisters. She works as an agent with B’Unik Modeling Talent Agency. “We have been networking with ad agencies and production teams to get our company in the know. We still have to work on increased publicity; however, the response has been good as we have made it easier for agencies to locate and identify children with talent,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

Karen Marley

Cedella Marley and Karen Marley'
Cedella Marley and Karen Marley at the ‘Marley’ film premiere. (Peter Brooker/Shutterstock)

Karen Marley was born to Bob Marley and Janet Bowen in 1973. The 49-year-old resides in England and is involved in the fashion industry. She’s a designer who has her own label called By Karen Marley. She recently honored her father on her social media by posting lyrics to his song “Forever Loving Jah.” She also recently posted an inspiring message in honor of him. She wrote, “Choose today to learn from your mistakes. Choose to allow any challenge to make you stronger. Choose the disappointments to make you more determined. Choose to turn your frustrations into stronger patience. Today, you have the power to choose to be positively proactive and not let anything hold you back from happiness.”

Julian Marley

Julian Marley
Julian Marley in concert (JLN Photography/Shutterstock)

Julian Marley was born to Bob Marley and Lucy Pounder on June 4, 1975. The 46-year-old has many noble titles as he’s a musician, songwriter, producer and humanitarian. The devout Rastafarian released his first album in 1996 titled Lion In The Morning. He then released A Time & Place, Awake and most recently, As I Am. “You can’t do twice as much; you have to do what you can do,” he said. While his father is a legend, he doesn’t feel the need to achieve more than or as much as Bob Marley. “You have to do what you are supposed to do, cuz everyone has a mission. Everyone has something to do. I don’t think of it like that,” he told The Guardian Nigeria.

Ky-Mani Marley

Ky-Mani Marley
Ky-Mani Marley at the Kaya Music Festival. (Larry Marano/Shutterstock)

Ky-Mani Marley was born on February 26, 1976, to Bob Marley and Anite Belnavis. The 45-year-old is also in the entertainment industry as an actor and musician. He has starred in films including Shottas, One Love, Eenie Meenie Miney Moe and King Of The Dancehall. He also has recorded a number of albums including Like Father Like Son in honor of his dad, Radio, The Journey and Maestro. Plus he received a Grammy Award nomination for his album, Many More Roads.

Damian Marley

Damian Marley
Damian Marley at The Ends Festival. (Brett Cove/SOPA Images/Shuttershock)

Damian Marley also has roots in music like his father and older brothers Ziggy and Stephen. He was born to Bob and Cindy Breakspeare, Miss World 1976, on July 21, 1978. The 43-year-old is a DJ, singer and rapper. He released his first album Mr. Marley in honor of his father in 1996. He followed up with his second album Halfway Tree and his album Welcome to Jamrock, both of which he won a Grammy for along with Stony Hill, his most recent album.

Ahead of what would have been Bob Marley’s birthday on February 6, 2019, Damian reflected on his father’s effect on their lives. “Our father is really a part of our everyday life, to tell you the truth, with the lessons and the morals and the example that he set carries us through everything that we do,” he told OkPlayer. “So it is great to see, on his birthday, so many other people celebrate him. But we celebrate him every day.”

Makeda Jahnesta

Bob Marley shares his youngest child Makeda Jahnesta with Yvette Crichton. She was born on May 30, 1981, just days after Bob passed away. The 40-year-old has a son named Kai and keeps fans posted on him on her social media. She made headlines when she was caught growing marijuana in her home in 2010. Not much else is known about his youngest child.

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Wissam Al Mana: 5 Things To Know About Janet Jackson’s Ex-Husband



Wissam Al Mana, Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson was married to Wissam Al Mana, with whom she shares five-year-old son Eissa, for five years before they split in 2017. Find out more about the billionaire who once called the talented songstress his ‘wife.’

Janet Jackson, 55, is getting set to release a highly-anticipated documentary about her life and career on Lifetime and A&E on Jan. 28 and at least some of it will feature the various men she’s loved over the years. One of those includes  Wissam Al Mana, 47, who she married in 2012. Her romance with the billionaire CEO was pretty private, but the “Rhythm Nation” crooner shocked everyone when fans realized they welcomed their son Eissa together in 2017. Just three months later, the lovebirds called it quits and Janet announced the news herself in a rare video she posted to Instagram, which can be seen below.

After raving about their “beautiful, sweet, loving” son in the clip, she said, “I just want to keep it real for you guys for a second – yes I separated from my husband.” She went on to talk about how their figuring out details of their divorce in court and added, “The rest is in God’s hands.”

So who exactly is Wissam and what was his background with Janet like? Find out more about him below.

Wissam was born in Qatar but raised in England.

Wissam Al Mana and Janet Jackson got married in 2012. (CKAA/ZDS/MEGA)

His family moved to London when he was just two-years-old and he spent his childhood and teenage years there.

He loved fashion and style from a young age.

Wissam Al Mana
Wissam Al Mana looking handsome. (Richard Young/Shutterstock)

He credits growing up in London with his fashion obsession, applying at nearly every shop on the city’s posh Kings Road before getting a weekend job at a store there when he was just 14.

Wissam operates a Gulf Region fashion brand empire worth $1 billion.

His family’s Al Mana conglomerate fashion portfolio includes retail holdings for such brands as Hermès, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Sonia Rykiel and Agent Provocateur. The company is also major shareholder in the Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait as well as having vast retail real estate holdings in the region.

Wissam and Janet married in 2012 but kept their marriage secret for over a year.

Wissam Al Mana, Janet Jackson
Wissam Al Mana and Janet Jackson at an event together. (Nicolas Khayat/Shutterstock)

The couple dated for several years before tying the knot in 2012. The ultra-private Janet kept the news from the world until finally revealing the union in a 2013 interview. She said, “The rumors regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony.”

He claims Janet had always been his “dream woman.”

Janet Jackson, Wissam Al Mana
Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana holding hands. (RMB/ZOJ/MEGA)

The couple met at a Dubai hotel opening in 2010 and he always knew she was the one for him. He told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in 2011 that, “I’m fortunate enough to be dating my dream woman,” Awww, and now he’s going to be a new daddy with her as well!

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