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Kim Kardashian Breaks Silence On Virgil Abloh’s Death: We ‘Will Miss You So Much’



Kim Kardashian Breaks Silence On Virgil Abloh’s Death: We ‘Will Miss You So Much’

Following the shocking death of Virgil Abloh, Kim Kardashian penned a touching tribute to the trailblazing fashion designer, saying that he was ‘taken away so early.’

The fashion and music world was left in mourning on Sunday (Nov. 28), following news that Virgil Abloh had passed away at age 41 after a two-year battle with a “rare, aggressive form” of cancer. Shortly after the announcement of Virgil’s death, the tributes from celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and others started flowing in. For Kim Kardashian, she finally found the words to express her sadness and heartache on Monday (Nov. 29). Kim, 41, who became close to Virgil thanks to his creative partnership with Kanye West, posted an emotional tribute to her Instagram. “God doesn’t make mistakes. I know that but I still can’t help but ask why. Why Virgil?! Why him so soon?”

“[It’s simply hard to understand why,” continued Kim. “I have a hard time understanding why so many pure souls were taken away so early. Virgil- you were always so gentle, kind and calm. You somehow made time for everyone. We also talked about your superpower of calmness often. You always gave so much of yourself to the world because you wanted it to be doper. This one is hard to process. I can’t even believe I am writing this… We will miss you so much Virgil and love you so much. Also I would love to send so much love to his wife Shannon. Because you loved and supported Virgil the way that you did, he was able to give so much of himself everyone else. So thank you truly for sharing him with us the way that you did. Virgil’s legacy will live on forever through Shannon, Lowe and Grey.”

(Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock / Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

Kanye, 44, honored his friend and collaborator during his Nov. 28 edition of his Sunday Service. At t the end of the livestream performance, a title card read, “In loving memory of Virgil Abloh, the creative director of Donda.” Kanye and Virgil first met in the early 2000s when he met with Ye’s then-manager John Monopoly, per Vogue. The two began working together at that point. In 2009, they worked as interns at Fendi in Rome. “I was really impressed with how [Abloh and West] brought a whole new vibe to the studio and were disruptive in the best way, “Louis Vuitton CEO Michael Burke said, “Virgil could create a metaphor and a new vocabulary to describe something as old-school as Fendi.” In 2010, Virgil officially assumed the role of Creative Director at Donda, Ye’s creative agency. He was the art director for Watch The Throne, which earned him a Grammy Nomination.

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Virgil Abloh at Paris Fashion Week Men’s in 2018 (Laurent Vu/Sipa/Shutterstock)

Virgil and Kanye clashed after Abloh left Donda to become the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collections. “When they say he was my creative director, that’s incorrect. He was a creative collaborator,” Kanye told Axel Vervoordt in a conversation for The Hollywood Reporter in 2018. “I had been dealing with a very heavy concept this week that I couldn’t get out of my head… It’s not bad or good. It’s my creative collaborator being the head of Louis Vuitton.” However, whatever beef Virgil and Ye had, they squashed it by mid-2018. When Virgil presented his first menswear collection during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Kanye broke down in joyful tears for his friend, per Entertainment Tonight.

The official social media pages for Virgil, Louis Vuitton, Off-White (Virgil’s fashion house) shared the news of his death, saying that he battled cardiac angiosarcoma “privately since his diagnosis in 2019, undergoing numerous challenging treatments, all while helming several significant institutions that span fashion, art, and culture.” Many of Virgil’s friends and celebrity clients paid tribute to him after his death. Virgil designed a wedding dress for Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin), and she called him a “once in a generation creative mind.” Victoria Beckham said he was a “true inspiration in so many ways.” Khloé Kardashian posted a series of white dove emojis, followed by a string of broken heart emojis. Kris Jenner sent all her love to “his beautiful family,” while Kendall Jenner said that her friend was “bright,” “kind,” and “full of love.”

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‘And Just Like That’ Recap: Steve Demands Answers From Carrie About Miranda



And Just Like That

On the new ‘And Just Like That,’ Steve goes to Carrie for answers about Miranda and Che in the wake of Miranda asking for a divorce. Plus, Carrie makes a decision about her dating life.

While at lunch, the And Just Like That women discuss a variety of topics. Carrie reveals that she’s decided to have a do-over date with the widowed teacher, Peter. Miranda asks the girls to help her finish painting a women’s shelter. Carrie wants to just write a check, but Miranda won’t let her. Charlotte uses this opportunity to say that she hasn’t gotten her period in 4 months and believes she’s finally in menopause.

Carrie’s young downstairs neighbor brings her a ring to wear while she’s out and about. The neighbor is hoping to make a career out of being a jeweler and not a model. She points out Carrie’s wedding ring, and Carrie admits that she just hasn’t taken it off yet, despite her husband being dead.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. (HBO Max)

Miranda Freaks Out On Che

Lily freaks out over the fact that she’s scheduled to have her period at an upcoming pool party. Apparently, she doesn’t use tampons. Charlotte says Lily can learn to use a tampon or skip the pool party altogether.

Charlotte’s making dinner when Lily is finally ready to learn how to use a tampon. Anthony brings a date named Justin, who is immediately kicked out when says the “Holocaust is a hoax.” After some encouragement from Charlotte, Lily figures out the whole tampon situation.

Che and Miranda are happily dating, but Miranda seems to think this is a full-fledged relationship. While taking some fan pictures, Miranda mentions that she is Che’s “girlfriend.” Later, Miranda shows up at Che’s place with cookies. Che is caught off guard and in the middle of writing. When it becomes clear that this is not a great time, Miranda bolts in the most awkward way. Che goes after Miranda and explains that this isn’t going to work if Miranda’s looking for a traditional relationship. “This has to work!” Miranda yells. Che goes on to say that they’re not dating, they’re just “getting to know each other.”

Seema and Carrie go out to a club. Carrie ponders whether or not she should be wearing her wedding ring anymore. Seema wants to go dancing on her birthday but doesn’t want to make a fuss. Carrie tries to bribe the bouncer, and it doesn’t work out like she hoped it would.

Steve & Carrie Talk About Miranda

And Just Like that
David Eigenberg and Cynthia Nixon as Steve and Miranda. (HBO Max)

Before her next date with Peter, Carrie decides to keep her wedding ring on and put Big’s ring on. Peter is very understanding of why she’s keeping the rings on for now. They don’t go out on their date as planned. He calls this the “best rejection ever.”

At the women’s shelter, Steve shows up with Brady. Steve asks to work with Carrie so he can grill her about Miranda and Che. He wants to know when the fling started because this whole divorce situation has hit him “fast.” He asks if Miranda ever said anything to Carrie about wanting to be with women. Carrie says Miranda never said a thing.

However, she does tell Steve that Miranda said it’s not about being with women, it’s about being with Che. When Steve continues to ask questions, Carrie conveniently steps in paint. When she goes to wash her shoe off, Big’s wedding ring falls down the drain. Carrie freaks out and Steve quickly steps in to save the day.

Meanwhile, LTW brings her kids and husband to help out. Nya’s husband, Andre, looks longingly at the happy family. While Nya is pretty decided on not wanting kids, Andre isn’t so sure. “I just feel that I want one,” Andre tells Nya. He doesn’t know if he should be working so hard to talk himself out of it.

Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis as Charlotte York Goldenblatt. (HBO Max)

Lily’s tampon woes continue. Her string has disappeared. Charlotte takes Lily to a port-a-potty to help her locate the string. Lily does eventually find it, thank goodness. However, Charlotte’s not quite done with Flo just yet. She starts her period while wearing an all-white outfit. Miranda says this is a flash period.

Steve’s Not Over Miranda

Carrie apologizes for freaking out on Steve about Big’s ring. Steve understands where Carrie’s coming from. “This ain’t never coming off. I don’t care what Miranda does and with who. Till death do us part,” Steve says. Carrie asks if he wants to find someone at some point. “Never coming off,” Steve reiterates about his wedding ring. Steve’s not over Miranda whatsoever.

Carrie decides to take a step towards moving forward and texts Peter about another date. Maybe third time’s the charm?

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Alan Alda’s Kids: Meet ‘MASH’ Star’s 3 Daughters



Alan Alda

Alan Alda has a decades-long career in film and television. He’s also a devoted husband and doting dad to three daughters. Find out more about his sweet family here!

Alan Alda, 85, is an Emmy-winning TV and film actor whose role as Hawkeye Piere on the 1970s hit show M*A*S*H stole the comedic hearts of many. In addition to his acting skills, he also directed 32 episodes of the show, including the series finale special. Moreover, he’s been active in the political sphere, speaking out about women’s rights in the ’70s and also encouraging folks who live with Parkinson’s to live full lives regardless (he was diagnosed in 2015).

In addition to an admirable career, Alan has a loving wife, Arlene Alda, 88, to whom he tied the knot in 1957. “My wife says the secret of a long marriage is a short memory,” Alan told Closer Weekly at the New York Film Festival premiere of Marriage Story, adding that it “seems to work!”

Alan Alda arrives with his family at the premier of his movie ‘The Seduction of Joe Tynan’ in New York City (Red/AP/Shutterstock).

“I don’t think we spoil each other, we just love each other,” he added. “Without her, I wouldn’t do an awful lot because every time I’m leaving the house to do some work, she says, ‘You’re going to be great.’ And I say the same thing to her. She’s a writer and a photographer, busy all the time, and I’m very proud of her.”

Moreover, Alan and Arlene share three daughters together: EveElizabeth, and Beatrice. Find out more about his family below!

Alan Alda, Beatrice Alda, Elizabeth Alda
Alan Alda gets a laugh from daughters Beatrice, 19, right, and Elizabeth, 20, while viewing one of his wife Arlene Alda’s photos on exhibit at New York’s Nikon House Gallery (C Halebian/AP/Shutterstock).

Eve Alda Coffey 

Eve Alda Coffey is Alan and Arlene’s first child, born December 18, 1958. Unlike her younger sisters, Eve opted for a more traditional lifestyle, staying out of the spotlight and not following in her father’s footsteps. According to her Facebook page, Eve studied psychology at Connecticut College and currently lives in Winchester, Massachusetts. Her Twitter page also suggests her former organizing with the Democratic party and continued support of her dad.

After Alan revealed he had Parkinson’s, Eve even took to her Facebook to share her support. “Glad my Dad decided to go public with Parkinson’s diagnosis, this morning,” she stated on social media, per Closer Weekly. “In his interview on CBS this morning, he was very upbeat (which is truly his approach), and mentioned he’s continued to work and has ‘had a full life’ since his diagnosis. He kinda didn’t mention that ‘full life’ is putting it mildly … I think he’s working more and harder now than he ever has!”

Alan also adorably shows his support of Eve on social media, tweeting how much he “love[d]” a tweet from his eldest after the 2018 Golden Globes #timesup activism.

Elizabeth Alda 

Alan and Arlene welcomed their second child, Elizabeth Alda, on August 20, 1960. When she was younger, Elizabeth decided to follow in dad’s show business footsteps, making her first film appearance in Alan’s 1981 directorial debut The Four Seasons. She also went on to appear in the 1986 science fiction horror comedy Night of the Creeps.

Elizabeth’s acting career was pretty short-lived, however, as she then went on to pursuing a career in special education. “Elizabeth [was an] actress for a while,” Alan once told the Saturday Evening Post. “But then Elizabeth decided she didn’t really care for acting. She became a teacher of the deaf and a special education teacher in general. [My daughters] all have advanced degrees and I’m very proud of them.”

Beatrice Alda

Beatrice Alda was welcomed to the family on August 10, 1961. The now-58-year-old also caught the acting bug when she was younger, appearing alongside her sister Elizabeth in dad’s The Four Seasons. Beatrice also appeared in the movies A New LifeMen of Respect, and more. She then decided to turn her passion for entertainment behind the camera, however, forming a production company Forever Films Studios and co-directing and producing the 2008 documentary Out Late. The flick follows the lives of gay, lesbian, and transgender seniors navigating their lives after coming out late in life.

Beatrice is married to filmmaker Jennifer Brooke and they share four children together. In addition to Out Late — which Jennifer also co-directed with her partner — the pair co-directed and produced the 2016 documentary Legs: a Big Issue in a Small Town concerning a controversy around a Larry Rivers sculpture in a small American town.

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Kourtney Kardashian Slays In Red Leather Top & Matching Slacks In Sexy New Photos



Kourtney Kardashian Slays In Red Leather Top & Matching Slacks In Sexy New Photos

Va-va-voom! Kourtney Kardashian sizzled in her latest sexy look on the ‘gram, declaring, ‘we ride at dawn.’

Kourtney Kardashian, 42, looked straight out of Vogue magazine in her latest look! The Poosh founder rocked an ultra sexy red leather outfit as she posed for a trio of images on Instagram, posted on Wednesday, Jan. 26. She paired a sleeveless, turtleneck top with a matching pair of slacks as she crouched in front of a white wall, showing off a pair of high-heeled black boots. 

She kept her raven colored hair center parted and pulled back into a tiny bun. As always, her glam was on point with a dewy, bronzed skin, luscious black lashes, and a neutral smokey eye, finished with a nude lip. “We ride at dawn,” she hilariously captioned the post, referencing a popular meme rooted in old adventure movie humor. Her all-leather outfit certainly suggested she was ready to get on a horse!

The photo racked up nearly 500,000 likes in just a few short hours, with several friends commenting back. “Which car we taking???” Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMS CMO Tracy Romulus asked. “Red hot,” Tik Tok star Tinx commented, while close friend Stephanie Shepherd simply left fire emojis. Fiancé Travis Barker was also loving the vibe, writing, “Wifey” with an engagement ring emoji.

Kourtney Kardashian. (Richard Young/Shutterstock)

Speaking of Travis, fans can’t wait for these two — dubbed “Kravis” — to tie the knot! The Blink 182 drummer popped the question with an ultra-romantic proposal in October at the ritzy Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito, CA. No detail was left to spare, as Travis commissioned florist Jeff Leatham to design a massive heart made of roses and candles for the epic moment. Kourtney took to social media to announce the news immediately after, writing, “forever” as the newly engaged pair celebrated with a family dinner!

Travis’ daughter Alabama Barker, 16, who Travis shares with ex-wife Shanna Moakler, is particularly excited for the upcoming nuptials. “Alabama pretty much already feels like Kourtney is a motherly figure for her, but she can’t wait until [Travis and Kourtney] get married so she can officially call Kourtney her stepmom,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Alabama is so close with her dad already and she knows it’s not always easy bringing two families together. But Alabama feels like Kourtney is such a perfect fit and she feels so lucky to call her family.”

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