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Tori Spelling’s Parents: Meet The ‘90210’ Star’s Hollywood Producer Dad & Her Mom



Tori, Aaron, and Candy Spelling

From growing up a California rich girl to making waves in the teen soap airwaves, Tori Spelling has definitely made a name for herself. Find out more here about her parents, Aaron and Candy Spelling, and how they shaped her life and experience in show business.

Actress Tori Spelling, 48, had an interesting, unique life growing up in Los Angeles, California with her two parents, Aaron Spelling and Candy Spelling. The Beverly Hills 90210 star was the daughter of a multi-millionaire Hollywood producer and philanthropist mother, living out her childhood in a sprawling 56,500-square-foot mansion with her younger brother, Randy, as she entered show business in the shadow of her dad.

Although Tori definitely lived a charmed life growing up in “Spelling Manor” and making a name for herself on her own as an actress, she often had a strained relationship with her mother and didn’t have an exactly pleasant parting with her father after he died, as his multi-million-dollar estate was miserly divvied up between she and the rest of her family. Find out more below about Tori’s parents, Candy and Aaron, and see how she feels about them today.

Candy Spelling 

Tori, Aaron, and Candy Spelling (Featureflash Photo Agency).

Candy Spelling, née Carole Gene Marer, was born Sept. 20, 1945 in Beverly Hills, California. She was first married to Howard Frederick Leveson from 1963 till 1964, then married Tori’s father Aaron from 1968 until his death in 2006. The 76-year-old has served as a producer on Broadway, overseeing various productions like The Color Purple and The Iceman Cometh. Candy also wrote a a book, Stories From Candyland, in 2009, sharing details about her often troubled relationship with daughter Tori.

“Tori and I are a work in progress and probably always will be,” she wrote. “I notice that the more my self-esteem expands, the less patience I have for the pursuit cycle she creates when she shuts me out. We have a pattern, and until we can break it hand-in-hand, this is going to be the little dance she and I do together.” Tori also revealed in her memoir from 2008, sTORI Telling, that her other often criticized her looks and dressed her up in costumes beyond her maturity level, per the Independent.

Although they’ve been through rough times together, according to a 2018 report from Us Weekly, the pair were actively working on their issues and have become closer than ever. “Things were tense for a while between the two,” a source shared with the outlet. “But they are very close now and actively working through their issues.” Tori also confirmed to Andy Cohen in 2019 on Watch What Happens Live that she and her mom were “really good” and that she and her kids had visited their grandmother’s massive apartment which they affectionately deemed “the manor in the sky.”

Aaron Spelling 

Tori, Aaron, and Candy Spelling
Tori, Aaron, and Candy Spelling (Bei/Shutterstock).

Aaron Spelling was Tori’s father, born April 23, 1923 in Dallas, Texas and died in June 23, 2006. Like his wife, Candy, Aaron was the son of Jewish immigrants, also serving in the United States Army Corps as a pilot during World War I. During his long run in show business, he produced numerous TV hit series, such as Charlie’s AngelsThe Love BoatDynastyBeverly Hills 90210Melrose Place, 7th Heaven, and more. Also like his wife, Aaron was married to another woman before, actress Carolyn Jones, from 1953-1964.

Aaron and Tori began working together on the hit teen drama Beverly Hills 90210 which debuted on Oct. 4, 1990. Tori, who played Donna Martin on the show, spoke with the Beverly Hills Show podcast on Feb. 25, 2021 about her experience working under her dad. “Everyone assumes it was really easy being the producer’s daughter, you got a hit television show. I did,” she said, “I’m grateful for that. But it also weighed on me a lot because I always felt in the back of my head like, ‘I don’t deserve to be here.’ I wasn’t cast through the process like everyone else was. I auditioned for it […] but I know the real deal, I got the job because my dad was like, ‘Write my daughter into the show.’”

Although Aaron participated in a bit of nepotism with working his daughter into his produced programs, he pulled back a bit when it came to leaving an inheritance for she and her brother. After his death in 2006, the producer only left $800,000 to Tori (and Randy) of his $500 million estate, with Candy acting as executor of the estate.

“My husband and I handed everything to our children, only later to realize that pushing up your shirtsleeves and digging in your heels is character building,” she explained in her memoir. “I think the best way to explain my perspective is to quote George Clooney‘s character, Matt King, in The Descendants. At the beginning of the movie, Matt explains his family’s intergenerational wealth. Matt says that his father wanted him to have ‘enough money to do something but not enough to do nothing.’ That pretty much sums up how I feel.”

While that small percentage of Aaron’s total worth was left for Tori, Candy did leave a $10 million trust fund to Tori’s eldest child, Liam.

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Order Free At-Home COVID Tests Beginning On Jan. 19 | Latest Celebrity News, Sports and Entertainment



Order Free At-Home COVID Tests Beginning On Jan. 19 | Latest Celebrity News, Sports and Entertainment

By Sandra Rose  | 

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Rapid tests provide results in 15 minutes. You should only take the rapid test if you have symptoms. The rapid tests are more accurate if you are symptomatic.

Symptoms of Covid-19 include: cough, loss of smell and taste, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, fever, diarrhea, headache, muscle weakness, muscle pain, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing.

Call 911 or go to the emergency room if you have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

1642533380 696 Order Free At Home COVID Tests Beginning On Jan 19

LightRocket via Getty Images

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At-?home tests are also available for sale at pharmacies around the U.S. Check with local retailers and pharmacies for availability.

Posted in Health

Tags: COVID test, COVID-19, diagnostic tests, medical Insurance

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Garcelle Beauvais Addresses Rumors of Feud With Sutton, Hints at Drama With RHOBH Newbie Diana



Garcelle Beauvais Reveals Why She Returned for Season 12, Addresses Rumors of Feud Between Her and Sutton, and Hints at Drama with Newcomer Diana Jenkins

Garcelle Beauvais recently emerged from quarantine after contracting COVID. Two of her castmates on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna, also tested positive and were forced to stop filming.

Now that she’s back, Garcelle is busy as ever, hosting her talk show, promoting a new book, and filming for the current season of RHOBH.

In an interview with The Weekly Scoop with CJ, Garcelle said season 12 had a “rough start” because of COVID.

Last year, Garcelle considered not returning to the show after a contentious season with other castmates.

The host asked why she eventually decided to come back. “I’m not a quitter,” said Garcelle, and she admitted that she enjoys “most” of the job.

Her good friend Sutton Stracke also told her, “‘Don’t you leave me with them.’”

“It’s the hardest job I’ve ever done,” said the actress. “Because I can’t hide behind anything. I can’t hide behind a character… It’s challenged me… It’s given me a little tougher skin.”

CJ then addressed rumors of a feud between Garcelle and Sutton.

Garcelle denied the rumors, but she confessed, “Sometimes [Sutton and I] may have quarrels, but nothing everlasting… We’re good.”

Concerning her new book, Garcelle revealed, “I share some things that I hadn’t talked about, that I think will be very intriguing… It was cathartic… It was hard at times. Sometimes we had to take a break because I talk about some emotional things.” The star explained that she “certainly did not” have a perfect life.

Garcelle also revealed “there’s definitely a chapter” about the Real Housewives.

She also shared that her son Jaid was recently taken to urgent care, and he sustained an injury “last Friday. We were watching [his basketball] game and they were playing so well and all of a sudden he went down and he was in so much pain and then we took him to urgent care.”

He seems to be OK now, and he’s using crutches to recover.

Garcelle was hesitant to answer questions about her dating life (“Why are you asking me this?” she asked the host), but she eventually opened up.

“It’s a little tricky. I go back in forth. I have a love/hate relationship with the apps. I’ll be trying them and I’ll be like, ‘It’s just not for me’… I feel like the right person will come along when it’s supposed to happen.”

She then teased a little drama with one of her castmates, but she said she couldn’t reveal too much or Bravo might “kill me.”

“We got a new girl,” she said, after a mysterious laugh and a long pause. “Diana Jenkins… Her and I — We hit a bump. That’s all I can say.”

Not all of her experience with the cast was bad, however. She said Sheree Zampino has “been fun” and “Kathy [Hilton]‘s back!… Let me tell you, she comes back and she does the ‘Kathy’ thing.”

Viewers will surely understand more about these cryptic comments when the season airs.

Photos Credit: Dfree/Shutterstock, Milla Cochran/startraksphoto, INFphoto

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#AhrealSmith: Suspect Arrested For Abducting Black Virginia Woman Whose Whereabouts Remain Unknown, Reward Offered For Info



#AhrealSmith: Suspect Arrested For Abducting Black Virginia Woman Whose Whereabouts Remain Unknown, Reward Offered For Info

A Black woman in Heathsville, Virginia, went missing last week and her whereabouts are still unknown despite the fact that police have arrested a suspect in her abduction. Take a good look at her photos and tell police if you’ve seen spotted her.

According to the New York Post, 50-year-old Tyrone N. Samuel has been arrested and charged with the abduction of 28-year-old Ahreal Smith, a clerk at the Clarenville Little Sue Store where she was last seen around 9 p.m. Wednesday via surveillance footage.

From The Post:

She was spotted on surveillance footage leaving the store to start her car around 9:05 p.m. before returning inside, police said at a press conference.

At 9:18 p.m., she was seen getting in and then getting out of a different car in the parking lot. Police interviewed the driver of the car and have determined he is not a suspect.

After she got out of the car, she walked back inside, set the alarm, locked up and picked up a bag of trash and began walking toward a dumpster on the side of the store, where she could no longer be seen on security cameras.

She has not been seen since. The next morning, police said the day shift clerk found Smith’s car still running in the parking lot. She was last seen wearing a black Nike hoodie, blue jeans and brown Ugg boots. She has multiple tattoos.

Without revealing how the suspect is connected to Smith’s abduction, Northumberland County Sheriff Johnny Beauchamp announced Sunday that Samuel was arrested and that Ahreal “remains missing at this time and we continue to investigate her whereabouts.”

According to Fox 4, Smith’s older sister, Lydia Smith, told reporters that before Ahreal went missing, she had texted her about a strange person outside the store where she works.

“She said that someone at the door made her feel uncomfortable,” Lydia said. “She never really said a name, but she said that someone, you know, made her feel uncomfortable.

But not that she was afraid. When she went to that trash like the last look on her face was her normal self. Her demeanor was calm. Somebody was waiting and they snatched her.”


Beauchamp said during the press conference that Virginia State Police used a K-9 unit to track Smith’s scent from the dumpsters outside of her store, but the dogs lost her scent after tracking it for about 100 yards down a nearby road. Investigators believe she got into another car that wasn’t seen in the surveillance footage.

In Beauchamp’s statement, he urged citizens to “continue to send any information you may have or heard about Ahreal’s location to the Sheriff’s Office” which they could call at (804) 580-5221. The reward for information in locating Ahreal Smith in Northumberland County is now up to $9,400.

We hope and pray that Ahreal is found safe and returned home.


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