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Sandra Bullock Slays In A Sheer Sparkly Jumpsuit At ‘The Unforgivable’ Premiere — Photos



sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock looked glam in a sparkly jumpsuit at the New York premiere of her drama film, ‘The Unforgivable.’

Sandra Bullock put her best fashion foot forward at the premiere of her film The Unforgivable in New York on Tuesday, Nov. 30. The Oscar winner, 57, stunned in a sheer sparkly jumpsuit as she arrived on the red carpet, finishing the look with a black blazer and clutch purse.

Sandra Bullock at the premiere of ‘The Unforgivable’ in New York on November 30, 2021 (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

The star wore her hair down in light waves, rocking a smoky eyeshadow and subtle pink lip to celebrate her new thriller drama, where she stars as Ruth Slater, a woman released from prison after committing a violent crime. Upon her release, she sets out for redemption and searches for the sister she left behind.

Viola Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jon Bernthal, Linda Emond, and Aisling Franciosi also star in the film, slated for a December 10 release on Netflix after a select November 24 theatrical release. In a recent interview with Q’s Tom Power on CBC Radio on Monday, the actress said she’s “never doing a drama again” after taking on the gritty role of the ex-con.

“I just want to do my comedy. I’m going back to comedy,” Sandra quipped. “And I’m going to fight for it and I’m going to enjoy it.” The actress lamented the fact that comedies generally receive less acclaim than serious dramas. “I guess making someone cry is far more important than making them laugh,” Sandra said.

sandra bullock
Sandra Bullock at the premiere of ‘The Unforgivable’ in New York on November 30, 2021 (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

The former rom-com queen, beloved for roles in The Proposal, Miss Congeniality, While You Were Sleeping, and Two Weeks Notice, among others, maintained that comedy films aren’t as easy as they look, thank you very much. “It really requires a village to make comedy work, at least for me,” Sandra said. “I need a great partner opposite me to play ball with.”

That’s not to say the actress isn’t skilled in non-comedic films, having starred in Bird Box, Gravity, and, of course, Speed opposite Keanu Reeves. Sandra recently revealed that she’d like to do one more Speed film with Keanu — in the form of a comedy, that is. In her former co-star’s profile with Esquire, Sandra pitched a “bookend of Speed” where the two play “funny old people.”

“We can be 75 — it’ll be even better then, like an old-people Cocoon thing,” Sandra told the magazine. “We [can] play two funny old people. A road trip. Just put us in an RV as old people. It’ll be the bookend of Speed! We’ll just be driving really slowly. Pissing the world off. There’s our movie.”

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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Kicks Kody Out After He Says He Doesn’t Want An Intimate Marriage



christine brown

On the Jan. 23 episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ Christine Brown starts making major decisions about her future when Kody tells her he not longer wants to be intimate in their marriage.

Things really started taking a turn for the worst in Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s marriage on the Jan. 23 episode of Sister Wives, which was filmed at the beginning of 2021. Although Christine and Kody’s marriage had been struggling for quite some time, Christine made the major decision to move Kody’s things out of her house this week. Her choice came after he told her that he “wasn’t interested in having an intimate marriage” with her anymore.

“That’s not enough for me,” Christine explained. “I can’t not have an intimate marriage. He’s like, ‘People do it all the time. I know couples who don’t have intimate marriages.’ And that was it. I just went to bed alone. He stayed working in the morning and it was so awkward. He just went downstairs and made himself breakfast and left. I don’t know what to do. I have no interest in having a marriage that’s not intimate. He has an intimate marriage with other wives, but not me? I’m going to have nothing for the rest of my life. I’m heartbroken. My heart’s shattered, to be honest with you.”

Christine Brown on the Jan. 23 episode of ‘Sister Wives’. (TLC)
The next time Kody came over to see the kids, Christine told him that she didn’t want him staying in her room anymore. Meanwhile, he blamed the issues in their relationship on her, and questioned whether her feelings about the marriage were just a “phase.” “She’s been telling wives and adult children that she’s wanted to leave me for years,” Kody claimed. “She tells me nothing special happens in our room, well that’s because she’s murdered our intimacy with betrayal. The betrayal is that I keep hearing from other people that she’s threatening to leave. I don’t feel intimate because I’ve been betrayed by constantly hearing this thing.” Still, Kody said he was “shocked and dumbfounded” that Christine finally took more drastic measures with him by kicking him out of the room.

After getting away for a few days to attend her daughter, Mykelti’s, baby shower, Christine came back and decided to clear Kody’s things out of the house. “It’s so heartbreaking to have his stuff everywhere and know that he doesn’t want me and he doesn’t love me,” Christine said, of her decision. “He says he’ll take care of me — but he’s not. He doesn’t. I promised myself on our last anniversary, when it ended so sad, I told myself I wouldn’t do it again.”

kody christine brown
Kody and Christine Brown in a shoot for ‘Sister Wives.’ (Puddle Monkey Prods/Kobal/Shutterstock)
As she discussed the situation for the cameras, Christine broke down in tears. “What did I do so wrong?” she wondered. “I’ve always wanted a romantic marriage and it’s been so hard for so long. I feel like I don’t have a choice but to take his stuff out because it’s too heartbreaking to be around his stuff and too heartbreaking to be around him.” After moving Kody’s belongings to the garage, Christine was also more certain than ever that she wanted to move out of Flagstaff, where the whole family lives, in order to be around “people who want to be around [her and her kids].”
When Kody saw his things in the garage, he admitted to being “frustrated” by Christine because him moving out was not something they discussed. Still, he wasn’t sure whether it was just a passing phase. “I think I need to talk to her about how serious she is before I really decide how I feel,” he said. “Honestly, I’m thinking about it a little bit, and I’m not angry. it appears to be a game, but it might not be. I think I’m more afraid of what karmic value this has. The idea of a divorce seems tragic, it seems terrible on my faith and belief system. The first thought I have is, ‘This is my house, this is my stuff. We never discussed this.’ But the second thought I have is relief. Some kind of relief from the burden of a loveless marriage.”

The episode ended with Christine and Kody still in a bit of a limbo. However, as fans know, Christine officially separated from Kody by the fall of 2021, several months later.

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‘Euphoria’ Recap: Rue Starts Dealing Drugs & Nate Goes Back To Maddy




Rue’s downward spiral continued on the new episode of ‘Euphoria,’ while Nate and Cassie’s secret relationship got more intense. However, he’s still got a thing for Maddy.

Rue’s relapse is getting harder and harder to hide. She decides to find a cover drug and tells Gia that she wants to start smoking weed. The sisters get into a huge fight over it, and Rue begins to gaslight Gia. A tearful Rue tells Gia that she’s thinking about suicide. Gia falls in line with letting Rue smoke weed because of that.

Cassie is now getting up at 4 a.m. to get ready for school. It’s all to impress Nate, but he ignores her every single day. Cassie believes her ritual beauty routine is “her way of telling him that she was his.” There’s one time that she gets Nate to stop in his tracks, and it’s when she’s dressed like Maddy.

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie. (HBO)

Rue Becomes A Drug Dealer

At one point, Cassie imagines spilling the beans about everything to Maddy, Kat, Lexi, and others, but she never says a word. Even though Nate ignores her at school, they’re still seeing each other. Cassie comes over every Friday night for a screw-fest.

Rue goes to Fez and asks her to front her drugs. Fez doesn’t play along with Rue’s games. He refuses to let her sell any drugs. Rue goes right to the source and pitches her plan to drug lord Lori. Lori gives her a suitcase filled with $50,000 worth of drugs. She says that Rue will have to pay up and re-up in a month. If Rue doesn’t pay, Lori will have her kidnapped and sold to some “real sick people.” At the end of the day, Lori is all about one thing: money.

Zendaya as Rue. (HBO)

Cal has been stalking Fez’s apartment but never makes a move. Ashtray sees Cal creeping and pulls a rifle on him. Ashtray brings Cal to Fez. It doesn’t take long for Cal to get smart with Fez, so Ashtray beats up over the head with his rifle. He says he’ll call the cops, but Fez and Ashtray call his bluff.

Cal admits that he had sex with Jules and didn’t know she was 17. All he wants is the disk with their sex tape on it. Fez reveals that Nate is the one who has it. He also notes that Nate is “in love with Jules,” and Cal is shell-shocked. Fez has no idea about this disk. Ashtray doesn’t want to let Cal go, but Fez makes the final decision. He lets Cal go but makes him swear to keep Nate out of their lives, as well as Rue and Jules’ lives.

Nate Returns To Maddy

Rue goes to a meeting, and Ali quizzes her about the suitcase. She says she has textbooks in there. When Rue gets smart with him, Ali begins to yell at her. She claps back, “What are you going to do? Hit me?” That makes Ali walk away.

Meanwhile, Jules and Elliot talk about Rue. Jules is still convinced that Elliot likes Rue. Elliot believes that Rue isn’t into him. Jules and Elliot begin to bond. It’s clear that he sees her for who she is and doesn’t judge her for it. There’s a growing disconnect between Rue and Jules, while there’s a growing connection between Jules and Elliot.

Jacob Elordi
Jacob Elordi as Nate. (HBO)

Ethan auditions for Lexi’s play and gets a major part. When he tells Kat, she’s not excited for him at all.

Rue lies to her mom about what’s in the suitcase. Rue goes back into her room and opens up the suitcase. She begins to do fentanyl again. Meanwhile, Cassie waits for Nate on yet another Friday night, but he never shows up. Why? He’s going to see Maddy!

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Gwen Stefani’s Son Kingston, 15, Is So Tall As He Runs Errands With His Mom – Photos



Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s son Kingston towered over her as they kept it casual and dressed comfy for their weekend shopping trip.

Gwen Stefani’s, 52, mini-me Kingston Rossdale, 15, isn’t so mini anymore. The teenager sure has grown up fast as he now stands a couple of inches taller than his mom. The “Rich Girl” singer wore an adorable navy blue set of sweats that read “Anaheim Hillbillies” and stylish hiker boots as she walked side-by-side with her son as he wore jeans and a black T-shirt. The two also donned face masks as Kingston held a big box for his mom which looked like it contained liquor. Click here to see the pics.

Former No Doubt band member has been there for her eldest son and his younger siblings, Zuma Rossdale, 13, and Apollo Rossdale. She recently took the three on a family outing and treated them to ice cream at the Beverly Glen Deli in October 2021. She has also spent time with them around her ex-husband and their father Gavin Rossdale.

Kingston Rossdale during the ice cream outing with his family. (BACKGRID)

There have been a number of co-parenting reunions at their youngest son Apollo’s baseball games. Gwen has brought her current husband Blake Shelton to these occasions as well and they have seemingly been pleasant and drama-free. Everyone seems to come together for these events to support the baby of the family.

The two Voice judges announced that they were dating in November 2015, just after their respective divorces. Even though they didn’t end up being on the show together for long, their relationship still stood strong. The country music star proposed to the pop star in October 2020 after nearly five years of dating. They tied the knot during an intimate ceremony at his Oklahoma ranch in July 2021.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton (Shutterstock)

Since then, they have reportedly been thriving as a couple. We checked in with sources close to the couple around the holiday season, and it seemed they weren’t letting the stress of the festivities get to them. “Blake and Gwen are exactly where you’d think they are with their relationship now being married for a few months as things begin to lead up to the holidays. Nothing has changed in marriage that they didn’t have in their dating and engagement lives and that is what makes things so great,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

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