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IG model Brittany Renner moves back in with mom, Did Kevin Samuels put her out?



Photo may have been deleted

By Sandra Rose  | 


Just one month ago, Brittany Renner was living the dream as the rumored love interest of relationship guru Kevin Samuels.

The 50-year-old YouTube star lavished 29-year-old Brittany with shopping sprees and gifts such as a luxury sports car.

But things went south quickly and Kevin reportedly repossessed the car. Now Brittany has moved in with her mom and sister.
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In an Instagram video, Brittany was near tears as she explained her sad circumstances.

She captioned the video:

“Can you imagine being 29 years old with a baby living back with your parent because you were kicked out of your house (I left willingly because I go where I’m celebrated not tolerated) with nowhere to go without a vehicle?”

The single mom, who is best known as NBA star PJ Washington‘s baby mama, continued:

“Can you imagine NOT being mentally/physically/emotionally ready to get back in the gym let alone host a club after just having a baby but you have to work to take care of your child?

“What about being harassed about receiving 200K in child support? (WHICH IS NOT TRUE IDK WHY ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BELIEVE SUCH A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT BUT IT’S CLEAR THE REAL PANDEMIC IS HOW STUPID PEOPLE ARE) Still no? Well what about being accused of being a pedophile? A gold digger? Better yet! A spiteful BM keeping their son from his Dad when he wasn’t even in the same state at the time? All of this has been my reality on top of trying to get things afloat financially, getting back in the groove of social media after being falling off the face of the earth, and being a new mother.”

In the accompanying video, Brittany offered sound advice to other young women in her position.

1. Don’t ever relinquish your independence for a relationship.

2. Follow your dreams, not your boyfriend.

3. A man is not a financial plan.

4. Always have your own things.

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Rachel Brosnahan Wears Open, Midriff Top With Nothing Underneath In Stunning Look—Photo



Rachel Brosnahan

Rachel Brosnahan, 31, is showing a different side to her buttoned-up character on ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ while promoting the show’s 4th season on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.

Leave it to Rachel Brosnahan to prove rocking a midriff is classy — always! The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star stole the show in a stunning two-piece, blue print ensemble for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on January 19 to promote the fourth season of her hit show. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native was snapped heading into the studio in her head-to-toe blues, but appeared to be feeling the opposite with her big smile and wave. Rachel sported a maxi skirt that grazed her ankles, revealing strappy, blue-suede pumps, while her taut tummy peaked out through her flowing top. Rachel completed the look with a mini blue bag in hand. Boom. Fashion icon.

(RB/ / MEGA)

However, not everyone always agreed with how Rachel presented herself, shockingly! The stylish star once shared that prior to breaking into show biz, she was told she’d have to change her appearance if she wanted to make it big. “Early on, you get a lot of feedback on auditions,” she explained at a 92nd Street Y Q&A in 2019. “People give it to you like it is [the] Bible, like it is truth,” she said. “I’ve been told so many times I had to change my hair and learn to do my makeup and ‘buy different clothes’ . . . It starts to get into your head.”  Nowadays, it looks like Rachel is making her own fashion bible, and topped with her talent, she is unstoppable, as this will definitely be another big year for the Emmy winner.

Along with returning as her Maisel character Midge, the actor will also be starring in the upcoming film Dead For a Dollar with Willem Dafoe, Christopher Waltz and Benjamin Bratt. Rachel also recently shared on Instagram that she has indeed been feeling fresh so far in 2022. “Fresh flowers. Fresh cut. Fresh face. Fresh fit. Did you know if you type fresh enough times in a row it doesn’t look like a real word anymore?” she wrote, then added, “Do your worst 2022.” 

2022 is definitely no match for Rachel! Like many TV and film productions, there was a delay in Mrs. Maisel’s filming in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Season 4 production finally got underway for season 4 last January in New York City. Fans have basically been waiting since the December 2019 announcement for this season. And we are here for it! Clearly, Rachel is too!

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Antonio Brown Talks CTE, Mental Health & More With Brandon Marshall And Nick Young [Video]



Antonio Brown Talks CTE, Mental Health & More With Brandon Marshall And Nick Young [Video]

In a preview of an upcoming episode of the I AM ATHLETE podcast, Antonio Brown sits with Nick Young and Brandon Marshall to discuss his Tampa departure, mental health, CTE, and more.

Source: Cindy Ord / Getty

By now, everyone is aware of Antonio Brown’s departure from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the middle of a game. After he left, many blamed mental health and claimed people who care about AB should check on him. But honestly, in my opinion, AB has seemed more normal than ever during this whole situation.

The baller has been enjoying life while hitting NBA games, spending time with Kanye West, and just relaxing. He seems to show no signs of any mental breakdown or issues at all, it really seems like his coach disrespected him and told him to leave, so he did.

AB has already done the NELK podcast and opened up about the situation, but now, a preview has dropped of him on the I AM ATHLETE podcast with Brandon Marshall and, for some reason, Nick Young.

“Why every time something happens bad, or how someone reacts, ‘Aw, he’s crazy, there’s something wrong with his mental health,’” Brown said in the preview clip from the “I AM ATHLETE” show.

“There’s nothing wrong with my mental health. Someone told me to get the f**k out of here. I’m not passive-aggressive.”

The interview releases this Monday, but until then, you can watch the preview clip below.

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Pamela Anderson’s Romantic History: Every Man She’s Loved & Married, From Tommy Lee To Dan Hayhurst



Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

After a little over a year of marriage, Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Dan Hayhurst. Take a look back at all of her past loves, including Tommy Lee, here.

Pamela Anderson, 54, is single once again! The Baywatch star filed for divorce from her fourth husband Dan Hayhurst on January 20, 2022. Pamela and the builder decided to call it a day after just over a year of marriage, since they tied the knot back in December 2020.

The Canadian star’s love life has been a topic of public interest for years, dating back to her first marriage to rockstar Tommy Lee, 59, then subsequent nuptials to Kid Rock, 51, and Rick Salomon, 53. Take a look back at all of Pamela’s ex husbands and past loves right here!

Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are the definition of whirlwind romance! After meeting on New Years’ Eve 1995, the then-Playboy Playmate and Motley Crue member went on their first date two months later. After just four days, they quickly tied the knot on February 19, 1995 in a romantic Cancun, Mexico ceremony! Before walking down the aisle with Pam, Tommy was actually engaged to model Bobbie Brown.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee married after just four days back in 1995.

For her part, Pamela had already shot a slew of successful Playboy covers, with her first dating back to 1989 and was starring on Baywatch. The couple went on to welcome two sons: Brandon Thomas Lee, now 25, in 1996 and Dylan Jagger Lee, now 24, in 1997. Tommy and Pam ended up in a legal battle after a private sex tape was stolen by their electrician Rand Gauthier. After trying to stop circulation, the video eventually was sold under the title Pam & Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon.

Unfortunately, after a series of violent altercations between the couple, Pam filed for divorce in 1998. That same year, Tommy was charged for felony spousal battery, requiring him to spend six months in Los Angeles County Jail, do 200 hours of community service, and pay $6,200 to a battered women’s shelter.

Marcus Schenkenberg

Pamela’s first major public relationship after Tommy was with model Marcus Schenkenberg, 53. They met in Europe after Marcus saved a bird from going down a toilet (Pamela is a known animal lover and activist). The pair were engaged from 2000 – 2001, but stayed out of the public eye minus his appearance on her show V.I.P. Marcus went on to reunite in 2018 at a party in Germany. In photos, Marcus could be seen embracing his ex and kissing her on the cheek.

1642719742 404 Pamela Andersons Romantic History Every Man Shes Loved Married
Pamela Anderson and then fiancé Marcus Schenkenberg. (MEGA)

Kid Rock

Three years later, the bombshell blonde found herself in another high profile relationship with a rockstar. Pam and Kid Rock, 51, began dating in 2001 and got engaged by 2002. After a brief split, they married four years later in St. Tropez, France. Pamela wore her iconic white bikini and sailor hat for the unforgettable 2006  ceremony, where Kid (née Robert James Ritchie) went shirtless. Pamela sadly revealed she had a miscarriage later that year, and filed for divorce by Nov. 2006.

1642719742 338 Pamela Andersons Romantic History Every Man Shes Loved Married
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock married on a boat in 2006. (MEGA)

Later, Kid confessed he had no regrets about the relationship. “I fell in love. It was a great thing to be in love. I was a complete idiot in love,” he said in a 2007 interview with The Today Show. “I always say getting married was a ball. I had a blast getting married. Loved it so much I got married six or seven times or whatever it was. Being married sucked. Maybe for some people it is not meant to be,” he added.

Rick Salomon

Pro poker player Rick Salomon and Pamela have an on-again, off-again history that includes multiple marriages. After being friends for years, their relationship took a romantic turn when they married for the first time in Oct. 2007 at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada. After just two months, the marriage was annulled — but they reunited years later in 2013. That marriage only lasted 6 months, as they once again split in July 2014. Of note, Rick has appeared in a sex tape of his own with Paris Hilton, 40.

1642719742 109 Pamela Andersons Romantic History Every Man Shes Loved Married
Pamela Anderson & Rick Solomon married multiple times. (BACKGRID)

Jon Peters

After splitting from boyfriend Adil Rami, Pamela shocked fans again by marrying her longtime friend Jon Peters, 76, in Jan. 2020. “There is much more to her than meets the eye, or I wouldn’t love her so much,” Jon told THR when explaining the relationship and new nuptials. “There are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have my pick, but — for 35 years — I’ve only wanted Pamela. She makes me wild — in a good way. She inspires me. I protect her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated,” added.

1642719742 339 Pamela Andersons Romantic History Every Man Shes Loved Married
Pamela married longtime friend Jon Peters in Jan. 2020, but the couple split 12 days later. (AP)

The pair also had a history, dating back in the ’80s when Pamela first moved to Los Angeles. After just 12 days, the couple went their separate ways. “I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon and my union,” Pamela said of the split. “We would be very grateful for your support as we take some time apart to re-evaluate what we want from life and from one another. Life is a journey and love is a process.” For Jon’s part, he claimed he “dropped everything for Pam” and paid “almost $200,000 in bills and no way to pay it so I paid it.” A legal marriage certificate was never filed.

Bret Michaels

Pamela certainly has a type when it comes to rockstars! She also dated Poison’s Bret Michaels, 58, from 1993 – 1994. Although the relationship was short lived, Pamela was in a second sex tape with Bret, which later circulated online. The Barb Wire star later said monogamy was a reason for the split. “He liked the buffet,” she confessed to Howard Stern in 2004, referencing Bret’s love of other women. “I wanted the a la carte. I wanted one man.”

1642719742 719 Pamela Andersons Romantic History Every Man Shes Loved Married
Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels dated briefly in the early ’90s. (MEGA)

For his part, Bret described their relationship as “very fun” and “very sexual,” but confessed her mom Carol Anderson wasn’t a fan of his. “Pamela goes, ‘My mom really doesn’t like you very much.’ I’m thinking, ‘What the f—?’ The mom really didn’t like the rocker thing or the way I looked — Pamela had never dated a rocker before. I think that played a big part in the relationship,” he said to Blender magazine in 2009.

Adil Rami

Pamela kept a fairly low profile during her relationship to French soccer star Adil Rami, 36. The blonde left her usual Malibu home to live with Adil in Marseille from 2017 – 2019. After their split, she blasted him on Instagram for living a “double life,” confessing that, “The last (more than) two years of my life have been a big lie.” She went on to suggest he was cheating as he had controlled “2 women’s hearts.”

1642719742 160 Pamela Andersons Romantic History Every Man Shes Loved Married
Pamela Anderson lived with soccer player Adil Rami in France until they split in 2017. (AP)

Dan Hayhurst

Love at last! Pamela quietly married Dan Hayhurst, a builder from her hometown, on Vancouver Island in December 2020. “I’m exactly where I need to be, in the arms of a man who truly loves me,” she gushed to Daily Mail, who also published her stunning wedding photos. “This one year together has felt like seven — like dog years,” she added. She revealed that she met Dan at the beginning of the pandemic when she returned to her native Canada.

Pamela stunned for her wedding, which was done outdoors on a spacious Ladysmith property she purchased from her grandparents. A local pastor was on hand for their traditional vows, along with a blessing ceremony by the Qiyupelenexw from Snuneymuxw First Nations. She wore a vintage inspired wedding dress with a dotted pattern veil, tulle skirt and blue ribbon corset by Joanna Delaney Bridal. Unfortunately, the pair’s marriage didn’t last, and the actress filed for divorce after just over a year of marriage in January 2022.

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