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Cease and Desist – What To Do (Besides Panic) Upon Receipt of This Letter



When clients need to create marketing tools for their businesses which include trademarks, advertising, brochures, direct mailers, websites, signage and other highly visible digital and printed communications, they are often oblivious and sometimes dismissive about the stringent laws protecting copyrights and trademarks against infringement. However, if a rights or mark violation is detected by the owner of record, he may commission his lawyer to draft a “cease and desist” letter which usually shocks the recipient into an immediate state of panic with only days in which to respond.

Such letters serve to notify the alleged offender that a lawsuit may follow should the offending activity continue and that “damages” may be determined by how much revenue/profit was generated as a result of such activity.

Since I am in the thick of it as the creator of the marketing items mentioned above, my clients share such notices with me in the hopes that I can somehow help them out of trouble. Equally shocked by such news since I never intentionally engage in any kind of infringement activity, I first inform my clients that I am not an attorney and therefore cannot legitimately advise them of their legal rights or ramifications of such a letter. And, since work with my clients is very much a team effort, involving instructions, guidance and ultimately approval from my clients before proceeding with printing or publishing any final marketing efforts for them, my surprise at the receipt of such a letter cannot be masked. I do share with them previous experiences and my suggestions about how best to proceed.

On a recent such occasion, my client decided after much anguish and disbelief, that the best course of action would be to consult a trademark attorney for expert representation. While I have often written letters for clients to successfully support their legal stance, I could not argue the virtues of this decision because of one undeniably important fact. Although my client and I are both individual business owners, the client behind the cease and desist letter was a multinational corporate behemoth with very deep pockets using a nationally based law firm with offices in Manhattan.

This did not surprise me since the work I do for my clients has powerful marketing strength, with highly attractive graphics and equally compelling messages, vaulting them to the top of Google rankings which result in stellar sales and incredible notoriety. It is no wonder that such a large corporation would fear the threat of competition from my client, both of whom are selling to the same market. What was puzzling about this situation was that my client’s marketing is extremely supportive of the corporation in question since my client’s items are meant to enhance this corporation’s products. Without the corporate products, there would be no market for my client to serve.

After more than a decade of working together, my client would be the first to admit that my marketing efforts are largely responsible for his rise to fame which ironically includes sales to divisional units of this same corporation. Many of these corporate units have recognized the value of my client’s products to adorn their brand as a way to improve their own sales, not deter them. But it seems the members of the corporate elite at the helm of this company’s Asian headquarters worry that my client is attempting to take business away from them, clearly a misunderstanding on their part.

What was the nature of the cease and desist letter? The corporate lawyer itemized a number of alleged infringements:

1. Use of a typestyle to identify their products which was not their logo but was close enough to possibly cause market confusion.

2. Failure to obviously differentiate our products from theirs, the difference being aftermarket vs. original equipment manufacturing, respectively.

3. A number of stipulations about size of text used on the name of this corporation (too large!), size of text used in our disclaimer information (too small!) and use of their corporate name within photos of their own products on which our products can be used. (Do we detect envy here?)

4. Use of the corporate name on our products, an erroneous assumption made by the corporation based on the use of their name on their own products within some of our photos. Note that the corporate lawyer clarified that we were not infringing on any rights by using their name or showing their products to sell our goods which are designed and manufactured to complement and accessorize their products. This is quite legal. What they were protesting were our alleged “unfair business practices” which possibly were taking business away from them.

At my client’s request, I provided his lawyer with extensive research I had done in support of my client showing similar instances of the alleged offending citations; examples of disclaimer text size used on countless other websites, including the corporation’s own website (which is much smaller than that used on my client’s website!); and proof that none of our products display the corporation’s logo or any facsimile of it whatsoever. These examples were forwarded to the corporate lawyer with a sentence or two from my client’s attorney.

In the meantime, allowing the lawyers to speak to each other in their own language on their own schedule had bought us extra time in which to implement any necessary changes. Since my client had given me free rein to address all complaints as I determined necessary, I decided that compliance would be the best route to curtailing any further action which could involve more than a decade’s worth of my client’s annual revenues. Despite knowledge that my client felt 100% justified in the use of the corporate name in the tasteful manner in which we had done to date and was peeved by having to make so many changes for no apparent gain, I decided that a total marketing re-design could satisfy the corporation while elevating my client’s brand to a new level of excellence. In essence, why not capitalize on a seemingly grave situation to transform it into a positive opportunity for growth and profit?

Luckily, my client did not have a problem with emphasizing that his products are truly aftermarket in nature (meaning not OEM or original equipment manufacturing) because OEM products are frequently perceived as overly expensive and sometimes of inferior quality in comparison and my client’s aftermarket products are often sought as a better alternative to OEM at a better price! Furthermore, replacing the corporate name with my client’s company name was a giant step forward to stronger branding for my client’s business, something he had been timid about doing for the majority of his years in business for fear of overshadowing the corporate name on the products for which his items are made.

So, I began the arduous task of redesigning every page of his website, his printed materials and signage; rewriting text to comply with the corporate requests (verbatim!); removing their name from every photo of their products showing use of our products; and lengthening our already very comprehensive disclaimers to include every detail of their verbiage including statements that we “do not sell original equipment manufacturing” and that “we are in no way affiliated with, authorized by or connected with” the corporation in question. I made sure that these changes were made on every one of our more than 90 web pages and countless other marketing items!

Once this work was complete, our lawyer informed us that our new presentations had passed muster with the corporate lawyer and his clients, satisfying all alleged transgressions and terminating any further action at this time.

Since we had never previously mentioned the term OEM or original equipment manufacturing anywhere within our material, I informed my client that the use of such terms repeatedly on every page of our website would increase the likelihood that Google searches would now list our pages in response to those search terms, in addition to our excellent ranking for aftermarket searches, opening up a new market for awareness and possible sales. It seems that the corporation’s complaints were in fact helping my client while simultaneously shooting themselves in the foot, so to speak!

With this knowledge, my client celebrated not only the relief of legal rectitude but triumph in defeat! Granted, he may have paid his trademark lawyer handsomely for delivering my messages to the corporate lawyer, and paid me for all my work to correct his supposed infractions, in the end he benefited greatly with better branding, legal fortitude and the prospects of bigger profits to come, not just from his worldwide consumer market but also from the now ingratiated corporation who probably feel the victory was theirs alone. Who knew cease and desist could translate as win-win?

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EML to PST Converter to Know How to Open Windows Live Mail Files into Outlook



eml convert 2 pst

Windows Live Mail is a default email client of Windows Vista operating system. However, Microsoft discontinued it and does not provide support. Due to this, various users forced to switch their data from Windows Live Mail to any other platform. What else is better than MS Outlook? It emerged as one of the most popular email client from the few decades. We will later dices about MS Outlook min details.

Most of the users find difficulty in exporting Windows Live Mail data in Outlook because both the email client support different file formats i.e. EML and PST respectively. Therefore, it is not possible to directly open Windows Live Mail file in Outlook unless you don’t know the right way. In this blog, we will tell you all possible ways to solve your query how to open Windows Live Mail files into Outlook and the efficient way to EML to PST conversion

Professional Solution to Open Windows Live Mail Files into Outlook

The professional solution is the best solution available to migrate all EML files to Outlook PST. It provides you direct solution with guaranteed success. You can move multiple EML files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook in just one go. It provides you solution of how to open Windows Live Mail files into Outlook with 100% accuracy and integrity. You can move EML files to Outlook all versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. Follow below mentioned steps to understand how the software works:

Step 1: Download CubexSoft EML to PST Converter in your system.

Step 2: Now load your file in the software by either clicking Select File or Select Folder option.

Step 3: Click Export button and choose Outlook PST in select saving option.

Step 4: Select location to save the PST file and then tap on the convert button.

Step 5: Finally a pop-up Windows open with a message “Saving Completed Successfully”. Click Ok to end the process.

Manual Method to Open Windows Live Mail EML File in PST

Warning: It is recommended to take backup of Windows Live Mail data before performing the steps. A single mistake may result in data loss.

Follow below mentioned steps to open EML files in Outlook PST:

Step 1: Open Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook in the machine.

Step 2: In Windows Live Mail, go to File tab and choose Export option.

Step 3: Now select messages from Open list.

Step 4: Next choose Microsoft Exchange and click Next to proceed further.

Step 5: A pop-up Windows opens with a message “All Email Will Be Exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange”. Hit Ok button.

Step 6: Choose the folder which you want to export and then hit Ok button.

Step 7: Finally click on Finish button to end the process.

The manual method to move EML files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook does not provide guaranteed solution. The solution differ with each Outlook version. It is also mandatory to install both MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail in same machine.

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed about two different ways to solve your query how to open Windows Live Mail files into Outlook. You can use both the method to open Windows Live Mail data in Outlook PST. However we recommend you to use professional solution instead of manual method for risk-free conversion. Download demo edition of EML Converter to know how the software works.

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What Does It Mean When A Husband Says He Had An Affair Because He Felt Empty?




If I’m being honest, I’m not sure that any of my husband’s excuses for an affair were going to ring true for me, especially at first. When you are dealing with the shock of an affair, you are defensive. You are angry. So when your husband starts will the defenses which indicate that something was missing in his life, it’s very easy to reject these outright.

Some of us will debate that anything was wrong. And some of us will accept that something was wrong, but will stop short of believing that the flaw was any sort of excuse. Sometimes, it is very hard to understand what he means when he gives you vague terms as excuses. One such excuse is the description of feeling “empty.”

Someone might say: “I honestly could not believe it when I caught my husband having an affair. I never thought that he was the type and I thought that our marriage was good. My husband has always been disappointed in friends who have cheated on their wives. So I never could have anticipated this. At first, he refused to talk about any aspect of the affair. He would get angry and quiet. His face would turn red. I honestly think he’s a little bit embarrassed. In the past week, I’ve been very clear about telling him that I expect answers. And that if I don’t get them, our marriage might be over. So finally be blurted out that he just felt ’empty’ and this his eyes got all teary. I guess he thought I would feel pity for him, but honestly, all this confession did was to make me feel anger and a loss of respect. What a cry baby. What a whiner. My life isn’t always great but you don’t see me going out and ruining my life and cheating on people. What the heck does this even mean anyway – ’empty?’ How does one feel empty? It’s just ridiculous to me.”

We all know the literal definition of empty. The dictionary definition is “containing nothing. Not filled or occupied.” But the emotional definition of empty is a little more difficult to grasp. When someone says they feel empty, it means that they feel flat. They don’t feel fulfilled. They feel as though their life lacks purpose.

Frankly, I’ve heard a lot of depressed people say that they feel empty. Because when you are down emotionally, it is easy to focus on a feeling of lack.

Even if your husband is being completely honest with you (and I don’t know why he would lie about this, since it’s not exactly flattering,) it doesn’t excuse his cheating. But it does indicate that he’s willing to open up. And it does give you a starting point.

Unfortunately feeling empty isn’t a very specific complaint and addressing it isn’t going to be a quick fix. You can’t just suddenly fill your husband’s emotional cup. His lack is his own. And no one else can fill him except for himself. It must come from within him.

Common Reasons For Feeling ‘Empty:’ There are many reasons people feel empty. Some are disappointed with how their life has turned out so far. Others feel that they are lacking purpose so they don’t feel that they make a difference in this world. Others feel like they are just treading water in their life without any real meaningful direction. Identifying the feelings is something that your husband is going to need to do for himself because you can’t possibly know how he feels and what he is thinking.

Good counseling can help your husband identify what is lacking and help him formulate a plan to feel better. Many people do not have the self knowledge or the ability to objectively look at themselves to see what is really happening.

The good news is that often, once the person finds their way again, they no longer have the need to seek out risky or dangerous behaviors in order to feel whole (or to feel anything for that matter.)

Feeling empty isn’t an excuse for cheating, but it is a route that many people will take. Nothing in their life makes them feel alive or brings a flush to their face. They get desperate to feel anything at all. So the affair is an attempt to get them to feel, to get them engaged again.

Of course, the better option would have been for him to have sought that feeling at home. Once more, I am not excusing his cheating. I am just speculating as to what he might be trying to express. And I want to stress that although it may be tempting to try and fix this for him, this isn’t something that anyone but him can and should address.

Certainly, you can support him. You can encourage him to seek counseling or self help. This is true even if you aren’t sure about your marriage. Whether you are angry with him or not, he is an important person in your life, and I’m sure you want him to get help for this. But you can not fill him or take away his emptiness. Only he can do that. And it’s important that he does. Because you can not give someone something that you do not have.

You can not give another person love and stability when you yourself are not feeling that internally. I hope that this article may have give you some insight on what your husband may have meant by feeling empty. By no means is an excuse, but it may be an attempt to express why he acted.

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Six Figure Mentors Review – What Does It Take To Succeed?




I joined the SFM back in 2014. At the time it had only been running for four years. I didn’t know what to expect but I had been burned a few times online with a number of business type courses promising to help me earn money. My lack of experience back then and my desperation was partly responsible for some of my failures. But also, many courses taught tactics which were already becoming out of date.

Some of the courses I bought taught how to get your website up in the Google rankings. If you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know it isn’t easy. It was far easier 20 years ago admittedly. But now, getting ranked for your website is becoming much more difficult.

So back to The SFM. When I joined I decided I needed to start afresh and although I had learned a number of skills, I still hadn’t really made any money on the internet. With the exception of buying and selling on eBay, the other strategies I had tried just didn’t get any traction.

After joining, I was immediately impressed with the information I was getting. The “over-deliver” strategy clearly worked on me! I also benefitted by joining under someone who helped me make my first couple of high ticket sales. This happened within a few months. However, I didn’t fully understand the business system or what was involved. Although I’d made a couple of quick sales, for not much work, I hadn’t entirely been responsible for those sales. The affiliate who referred me had set up a Facebook advertising “co-op” and helped a number of people get some traction.

After my first sales, I stopped advertising and simply took the money! This seemed like a lot of money to me back then. It was a couple of thousand pounds. I now realise that I should have re-invested it back into the advertising, which is what I am doing now, now I understand the business better.

Having made an ‘early win’ gave me confidence in the business system which is one of the main selling points of what The SFM offers. It also offers top-notch training too – more so now than back in 2014 when I joined. Now, I am a member of a number of Facebook private groups which I can sit in on, and watch ‘over the shoulder’ of those who are succeeding in this business.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an easy business to learn. Some of my main problems have been my ‘grab it and run’ mindset and scarcity mindset which has stopped me from taking some important action steps. The SFM training program caters very well for this. In fact, one of their main strengths is undoubtably their ability to install an ideology of personal growth. Without this, you really will be fighting some internal battles as I have definitely done. This will hold you back if you don’t overcome your mental barriers to success.

It’s not for everyone either, admittedly. The business system itself is expensive and for some prohibitively so. But for anyone wanting to make full time living from the internet, I’d say The SFM is a good place to go. You’ll need to work hard and invest though, and it’s no easy ride. But it does offer something which many want – a digital business system which can be run from anywhere. The possibility of financial freedom, however far away you believe it to be.

If you only want the training, I’d say that was worth the money at the lower levels too. I had a failing kung fu school running when I joined and now it’s doing really well. I attribute that to much of the learning and understanding I have picked up from the SFM training and education platform.

You can’t really expect to earn a living though if you only join at basic level. Only by at least getting to Elite level will you be able to access the higher ticket product commissions. But if you want to learn some digital marketing and mindset skills, it’s worth the training and community even if you don’t want to make a full time career out of it. The community on its own is a hugely powerful resource and has benefitted me both personally and professionally.

After my first couple of high ticket sales, I decided to focus on blogging and the cheaper strategies of generating traffic. I simply didn’t have a budget to risk on advertising. I decided that if I got free traffic, the sales would be worth more in profit, which is true. The problem is, the strategy I used (blogging) isn’t the best one, particularly in a very competitive niche like affiliate marketing and “money-making online”. I know there are people doing well with social media marketing and other free strategies, but I didn’t go down this route.

The people who are making the real money with The SFM are those who go all in. They position themselves at the very top tier of the business system and promote the SFM themselves as partner level affiliates. This means they can earn the highest possible commissions from the business. Some products are sold at $35,000. Those at the top level can earn 40% of this in commissions, but they need to purchase the product themselves in order to have it in their ‘online store’.

There’s a lot of learning to be done too. I thought I’d make it work very quickly and be sitting on a beach counting my money. But as I persevered through the difficulties, I have changed and understood that it’s a business like anything else. It’s no magic bullet to instant riches. Just a business model with products within it that anyone can sell.

In order to put the most expensive items in your own personal online ‘shop’, you need to purchase them yourself. Reading the reviews today that I’ve found about the SFM I see a lot of scepticism. Many say it’s a scam. Well, it’s not a scam, it’s real. But it’s easier to say it’s a scam and not have to do all the work involved in making it happen. There’s plenty of people who are making it work for them, and creating amazing lifestyle businesses of their choosing.

The SFM started in 2010 and have recently partnered with Microsoft Lynda (Under the LInkedIn umbrella of companies). Microsoft Lynda now offer their own 6,500 training courses as part of the SFM curriculum.

DigitalMarketer (The world’s longest standing and most highly respected B2B and B2C marketing training company) also partnered with SFM and now offer their own training as part of the SFM curriculum.

I don’t think these companies would partner with any organisation that wasn’t providing huge value, was well established, and wasn’t 100% above board.

Since joining The SFM in 2014, I’ve seen some huge changes in myself. I’ve had to face myself and see my own limitations as stopping me move forwards within the business. Your thinking and mindset have a huge amount to do with whether you can make a success out of entrepreneurship. It’s much, much easier to discount something as a scam, than it is to look within and grow yourself alongside a business.

If I had quit on my journey, I would have missed out on a greater opportunity than I could fathom at the time. I struggled and struggled, but much of my struggle was with my lack of understanding of the business model and of my own limitations. I was programmed with a poverty mindset which viciously fought against spending money. To get into the space of knowing that I need to spend in order to earn was a huge shift in my mindset.

I’m far from the best performer in The SFM, at this time, but what I’ve learned about myself and about my inner limitations is invaluable for the rest of my life. I will continue to learn and never quit, so watch this space, you doubting sceptics out there!

For those who are thinking about joining The SFM and to do so would mean severe poverty, I’d suggest to get in a better financial position first. I scraped by and took some chances, but it’s not easy. If you are determined in this business though, there’s no reason you can’t make it happen. But if you can’t afford it, I’d suggest another program if it’s going to put you in debt.

The SFM program is more than just a sales funnel with digital products in it. It’s an “all-in-one digital business system and training platform. The goal is to make long term digital entrepreneurs who can sustain an income and thrive from the sale of products over the internet. That means there’s a whole lot of work to be done, if you’re going to make this a full time living.

It’s definitely not for the timid. Expect to be pushed, and expect some discomfort if you’re going to do what you need to make it work. Remember too that affiliate marketing is performance related. No one owes you a living! You need to take charge of yourself and your business in order to make it work! Good luck!

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