Unbothered: Jordyn Woods Basks In Love & Luxury Amid Khloé & Tristan’s Klownery Karnival

Unbothered: Jordyn Woods Basks In Love & Luxury Amid Khloé & Tristan’s Klownery Karnival
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Live your best life, Jordyn!

Her Royal Thighness is basking in love and luxury after being surprised with a stunning brown Porsche Taycan from her baller boo Karl-Anthony Towns who couldn’t physically be with her due to COVID.

The glowing baddie posted pics of the lavish gift while thanking her better half for making her “feel like a queen.”

“WTF!! I thought last night was enough and then I woke up to this!!” she wrote. “My forever Santa!! I love you @karltowns !! I’m speechless!! You never fail to make me feel like a queen! WTF THE BROWN we talked about!?!? With the rose gold too!?!? 😩❤️.”

She continued, “I’m so sad this is the second year in a row that covid prevented us from being together on Christmas but your presence was felt. 😭”

In the comments section, KAT simply wrote, “Santa Claus 🎅🏽.”

Aside from the super sexy car, KAT also gifted his boo with 5 luxurious designer bags including a dazzling Judith Lieber clutch, studded Prada Re-edition, and a crocodile skin Balenciaga hourglass bag.

This came just days before Tristan Thompson re-embarrassed Khloé Kardashian by admitting to fathering another baby outside their relationship.

For those trying (and failing) to keep score, this was Tristan’s kazillionth time cheating on Khloé who attempted to paint Jordyn as a lowdown dirty homewrecker.

Naturally, Jordyn was completely unbothered by the messy shenanigans while living her best life in the first week of 2022.

How do you think Jordyn reacted to the Khloé/Tristan Katastrophe? Tell us down below and enjoy her (and reactions to her unbotheredness) on the flip.

“Jordyn Woods is living her BEST life with a man who loves and adores her ❤️ Meanwhile Khloe Kardashian *who tried to destroy Jordyn* outchea taking her 234,567,890 “L” on Tristan Thompson” – we love that for her

“I love that Jordyn woods has a man buying her a Porsche and wearing coordinated fits with her. Meanwhile Kylie is stuck with a muderous baby daddy and Khloe’s trapped with a serial cheater who has more baby mamas than nba championship rings. Full circle” – whew

“Jordyn Woods got gifted a Porsche from her man for Christmas. Khloe got gifted a step-baby from her cheating man

God don’t like ugly” – yiiikes

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