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Winter is time for boots style to shine



Winter is time for boots style to shine

Whatever you think of the snow everywhere around us right now — some people love how pretty it is; others roll their eyes at the traffic and hassles it creates — there’s no denying the one area of our wardrobes it most dramatically affects: what we put on our feet.

Winter boots by necessity have to be practical.

That means weatherproof, safe and warm. But there’s also no good reason they can’t also be cute and add style to any look rather than detract from it. So this winter, I hope you’ll be join me in taking a stand against ugly boots.

What’s more, there’s another sartorial challenge we’ve got every winter: That there will be lots and lots of people who want us to take our shoes off when we enter their house? Hey, I get it — floors are important to protect.

But so is the integrity of an outfit, as Carrie Bradshaw once defiantly explained on the original “Sex and the City,” when a hostess required her to dispense of her shoes at the doorway: But this is a whole look, she replied, gesturing to her entire outfit (which clearly included her feet).

So to meet both of those two challenges, let’s get up on some of the extra warm and extra cute winter boots out there right now — many of them worn with pride and aplomb by our favorite celebs; and let’s also look at some style-savvy socks. So we’ll have nothing to be embarrassed about when someone asks us to take off our boots.

Sorel is a terrific place to begin. The brand was originally based in Ontario (now owned by Columbia Sportswear in Oregon), so the brand’s outdoor cred is quite real. But so is the fashion cred. It’s been embraced and styled by celebs across the globe — like, for example, Elizabeth Olsen.

PARK CITY, UT – JANUARY 21: (L-R) Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen attends the Creators League Studio At 2017 Sundance Film Festival – Day 3 on January 21, 2017 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for PEPSICO Creators League Studios)

At Sundance in Utah, she paired her Cozy 1964-213-W Sorel Cold Weather Boot ($91-$130 in with denim and simple black — a basic crewneck and single-breasted blazer. But your pairings don’t need to be quite that simple: these classic boots will go with anything in that same everyday-meets-fancy vein, from leggings with luxury cashmere sweaters and silk tops with herringbone wool skirts.

Elle Mcpherson is another proven Sorel fan.

Witness how she dons her Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot ($210 on, matching their faux fur lining with a hefty weatherproof winter jacket trimmed in fur of the same color, over a black turtleneck, white T and black jeans. Kate Hudson’s another who likes to use winter boots (again, Sorel) as the style anchor to a minimalist look. She’s been known to take a hefty and take-no-prisoners boot like the Glacier XT Insulated Winter Boot ($185.73-$327.51 on and make it the centerpiece, with jeans and a black Stella McCartney bag.

Think ‘L.L. Bean,’ and Khloe Kardashian may be one of the last people who comes to mind.

1642322179 571 Winter is time for boots style to shine
Women’s Bean Boots, 8″ Flannel-Lined, Thinsulate (Photo courtesy LL Bean)

But that may change after you’ve seen her in snow boots inspired by Bean’s traditional duck boot. The Women’s Bean Boots, 8-inch flannel-lined, Thinsulates ($169 on are made for all-weather, yet also made adorable by the bright pink, purple and blue plaid flannel interior lining.

1642322179 998 Winter is time for boots style to shine
TYLER ULTRALIFT PLATFORM BOOTIE by Stuart Weitzman (Photo courtesy Stuart Weitzman)

Looking to make an even more substantial statement? Look to J. Lo’s black Tyler Ultralift Platform Bootie ($325 on — a combo of high fashion and high-function, if there ever was one. They’re water-repellent leather that’s polished to get a puffy effect, and can be worn as either a mid-calf boot or turned down to become an ankle bootie.

And as for those crucial socks? Look no further than Alexander McQueen’s Stripe & Skull Sport Socks ($85 on — the ribbed cuffs make sure they don’t fall down beneath those winter boots, and the striped print at the cuffs keep things looking good all the way up to the top.

For a simpler (but feminine) approach, go in for Garnet Hill’s Women’s Cashmere Socks ($34-$38 on, which are soft as can be but strong enough in the heel and sole to keep unsightly holes at bay for wearing after wearing.

And when the occasion calls for a pattern, pull on a pair of Natori’s Abstract Floral Socks ($18 at in dark-yet-pretty neutrals. Or just head straight in the opposite direction with Rag & Bone’s Fair Isle Wool Knee High Socks ($65 on, in unapologetically vibrant purple multi. After all, if everyone’s going to see your socks anyway, why not make them a statement as bold as any other?


Charlotte Knights manager Wes Helms placed on ‘indefinite leave’ from the Chicago White Sox Triple-A affiliate



Charlotte Knights manager Wes Helms placed on ‘indefinite leave’ from the Chicago White Sox Triple-A affiliate

Wes Helms was placed on “indefinite leave” as the manager of the Chicago White Sox Triple-A affiliate in Charlotte, the team announced Friday.

The Sox did not provide additional information, calling it a “personnel issue.”

2022 marked Helms’ fourth season in the Sox system and his second as Knights manager. He was a coach at Double-A Birmingham in 2019.

Helms, 46, played for the Atlanta Braves (1998, 2000-02), Milwaukee Brewers (2003-05), Florida (now Miami) Marlins (2006, ‘08-11) and Philadelphia Phillies (2007), hitting .256 with 75 home runs and 374 RBIs in 1,212 career major-league games.

According to reports, Julio Mosquera will serve as Charlotte’s acting manager.


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Gaslit Episode 5: May 22 Release, Time, Where To Watch And Plot Speculations



Gaslit Episode 5: May 22 Release, Time, Where To Watch And Plot Speculations

Gaslit is a historical drama that takes a modern peek at the 1970s political Watergate Scandal. We infer from the synopsis that the series focuses on untold stories and forgotten-era characters.

Before we go on to the 5th episode, let’s refresh ourselves on what happens in the 4th episode. We’re thrown into August 1972, about 2 months after the Watergate break-in. We’re given a little peek into Dean’s newfound closeness to Nixon after John Mitchell was removed from his role following the findings of his closeness to the break-in. There’s also a fictional version of Alexander Butterfield being involved in some surveillance tapes.

From here, we pan the camera immediately onto Martha. She has PTSD, and the nightmares of what happened when she was in her hotel room in California haunt her. Their daughter Marty develops a drinking problem when she finds herself in splits. She plays the classic sipping drinks and fluttering around the house during parties and watching movies to play it off.

1653081688 196 Gaslit Episode 5 May 22 Release Time Where To Watch

We’re also shown that John might not be happy about being fired, despite his happy outward self. He is seen drinking uncontrollably, trying to drown his sorrows while listening to Nixon on the tele. Martha notices this when she walks into his room high from her prescription drugs for her trauma.

Howard now has cold feet about being accused of the break-in. He asks Liddy to plead to the administration or the President to promise them some relief if they’re found guilty. Liddy does not take this well and asks him to keep his mouth shut and not to talk to the involved authorities. After a while, the judge announced the final sentencing to be done in two months.

The FBI continues with its investigation. The director, who works with the President, tries to misdirect the investigation by telling his agents that they aren’t allowed to investigate or question higher officials without a concrete case.

Dean, unable to decide what he wants, seeks some solace in Mo. She breaks up with him after having had enough of his two-sided behaviors and inability to choose sides. Dean, however, goes back to meet her at the end of the episode.

Now for speculations for the next episode. As of now, we have no spoilers floating around. The synopsis says, “Martha finally speaks out, putting a strain on her marriage; the FBI comes closer to answering the real story behind Watergate, and John Dean is forced to come clean to Mo on their Camp David honeymoon.” We might see how Martha handles the issues she faces in California and how it affects her new life outside politics. We may also see the drama that ensues post-John coming clean.

Where To Watch

Gaslit is available on cable as well as OTT on Starz. It is also available on the Starz Play app on Amazon Prime and Hulu for the USA. The episode, “Honeymoon,” releases on Sunday, May 22nd, at 8 p.m. ET. The episode should be available shortly after, with Amazon Prime releasing it at around 8 a.m. UTC on Sunday.

The post Gaslit Episode 5: May 22 Release, Time, Where To Watch And Plot Speculations appeared first on Gizmo Story.

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Lynx guard Aerial Powers breaks out of slump with help from … Michael Jordan



Lynx guard Aerial Powers breaks out of slump with help from … Michael Jordan

Aerial Powers hadn’t experienced a shooting slump since she was in college at Michigan State, and even that stretch may not have rivaled her early-season struggles this spring.

Through five games, the shooting guard made just 14 of 57 shots from the field — 24.6 percent — and 2 of 15 from deep. Not good.

Powers wasn’t feeling well ahead of Thursday’s game in Las Vegas. She was congested with cold-like symptoms, and Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve asked Powers if she felt like maybe she wanted to sit the game out.

Not a chance. She was playing.

Reeve and Lynx wing Bridget Carleton then reminded Powers of Michael Jordan’s famous “flu game,” in which he scored 38 points in an NBA Finals game after apparently battling a stiff case of food poisoning.

That was an ironic message from teammate and coach, given the person Powers reached out to the night before the game was Michael Jordan.

“I texted Michael Jordan (on Wednesday) night, and I told him, ‘I’m shooting bad. I’m in a shooting slump. I’ve never been in a shooting slump before,’ ” Powers said.

She was out of answers. Powers had made a point to put in extra work, getting up additional shots before and after practice. But the reps weren’t leading to results.

Jordan said that Powers was pressing.

“He said, ‘Let the game come to you,’ ” Powers said.

He didn’t want Powers putting up even more practice reps — she was clearly doing the requisite work, so that wasn’t the issue. She just needed to relax. Powers said she felt like she did that in Tuesday’s victory over the Sparks, yet she went 1 for 9 in that game, including a number of missed open looks.

“And he said, ‘That’s OK, just take a break and let the game come to you,’ ” Powers said.

So that’s what Powers tried to do in Las Vegas. The result was a breakout offensive performance in which she scored a season-high 25 points on 9-for-21 shooting.

“I just relaxed and played my game,” Powers said, “so, shoutout to Michael Jordan.”

It was exactly the advice she needed to hear. Because during the slump, Powers said every miss just felt “heavier and heavier.”

“I felt like in the last couple of games, it’s like every miss felt like it was another brick on my back,” Powers said.

Jordan reminded her that it’s OK to miss shots. It’s part of the game. Powers put that advice into practice. When she missed a good look, she thought ‘Whatever,’ then went back to playing defense and didn’t hesitate to put up a shot on her next good look. It was a healthier way to approach the game.

“Those few games where I was like 1 of 10, 1 of 12, it was like, ‘OK, what the hell is going on?’ ” Powers said. “Now I’m tense in all my shots, and I don’t want to feel that way. You shouldn’t feel like that.”

You want to feel the way Powers felt Thursday. She did say she wanted to get another good performance under her belt before she felt the proverbial monkey was off her back.

“I definitely feel like I’m shaking that monkey off me a little bit,” Powers said. “I put a lot of work in that maybe people don’t see. So it’s not like I can’t shoot, I think I was just in my head a little more than usual. Because usually I’m a confident player, and I wasn’t playing with that confidence. So just relaxing and letting the game come to me.”

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