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Is Government Debt Relief a Thing?



Historic Debt Is At The Core Of Our Economic Decline

When dealing with the burden of debt, it’s difficult to know where you can turn. There are so many options and companies out there claiming they can help you, but you never know who you can trust or what’s best for your financial situation. There’s even government debt relief, but is that really an option? Keep reading to find out more about government debt relief programs and if they are suitable for you. 

What is a Government Help Scheme? 

The good news is government debt relief is a thing, but it’s important to understand whether the type of debt you’re dealing with qualifies. While personal grants and assistance programs are available, there’s no program that’s going to make all your debt disappear with the push of a button. But what government debt relief programs are there?

Government debt relief programs are primarily targeted at those going through financial hardship through no fault of their own. While not everyone will qualify, it’s important to do your research to see if you are eligible. The government programs available can assist with some debts, but not all. Debt relief by the government can help with the following financial situations: 

  1. Debt Relief for Medical Hardship – Unfortunately there are no government debt relief programs for personal loans, but there are options out there for those dealing with medical hardship. Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons people fall into debt in the United States is due to medical bills and illness. If you qualify for financial assistance, the government can help with this burden. Medicaid can help those on low income, with government agencies also existing that can help with prescription drug costs if needed. 
  2. Debt Relief for Student Loans – While many people across the United States have been promised the world once receiving a financial education, the only definite thing people receive after a college education are student loans unless they’re lucky enough to have college paid for! Student loans can prevent people from being able to own a home, save up for their dream car and more. The good news is that there is help available for federal student loans if you’re going through a financial hardship. Loan servicers can defer payments or even reduce your monthly payment to zero depending on your financial situation. 
  3. Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy is seen as a last resort for many people dealing with financial hardship and debt. People who go down the bankruptcy route receive a discharge which is a court order noting they don’t have to pay back certain debts. While this sounds too good to be true, it’s important to understand that bankruptcy can seriously impact your future. Bankruptcy stays on credit reports for 10 years, making it difficult to buy a home, rent a car or get credit. While 10 years doesn’t seem like a long amount of time, it’s a long time to deal with that type of situation. Despite all of this, it does offer people a much-needed fresh start if they have n where else to turn. 
  4. Protection Against Debt Collectors – When dealing with debt, when one of the most stressful elements are aggressive collectors going after you. The good news is that the government can help limit how far debt collectors can go. By law, debt collectors are not allowed to use abusive or threatening language and must instead act with integrity. If you find yourself being harassed by debt collectors using cruel tactics, it’s important to seek help as this is considered unlawful. 

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While the government can’t help with personal loans or credit card debt, government debt relief is a thing when it comes to financial hardships such as government student loans and medical debt. 

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Why Counseling Is Important Before Committing To Distance Learning Education Courses?



Importance of Counseling

Counseling for students before starting with distance learning education courses is important to ensure that the chosen course is appropriate for students. Generally, this process is organized and governed by authorized professionals. This helps students to understand their goals and set their priorities right for the academic future. Here are a few topics that are discussed in the counseling process.

· Theory of Education

· Psychology of intellectual development

· Career Counseling

· Planning for educational career

· Cross-Cultural Counseling

Counseling is a part of educational development that ensures a bright future for students.

Objectives of This Therapy

Counseling has multiple objectives that work in favor of students. Building a strong academic foundation for future is the main objective of this process. Let us talk about a few other objectives of counseling.

· It helps students to learn about their social responsibilities and reduces communication gap between teachers and learners.

· It is not about providing a set of rules to students, but to encourage them to follow a certain process that includes information exchange, advising, and counseling.

· As this process is organized prior to the start of education program, therefore, students get better confidence about their choice of the course that they are about to pursue.

· Throughout the session, counselor’s knowledge of courses helps the students. This helps them to make the right decision.

· Counseling is not about lecturing; it is all about finding the most suitable way to gain success in education through debate and discussion.

· Some of the students often feel troubled making decisions when it comes to distance education. However, with the help of counseling, students overcome their fear and make bold decisions for life.

What these Sessions are based on?

Counseling therapy depends on the acceptance, genuineness, and empathy of the counselor. However, there are different types of subjects that make this therapy a success. This therapy teaches a few basic skills to the students that help them in completing the assignments. The manner of counseling changes according to the course that an individual student wishes to pursue. It offers a clinical experience to the students and helps them to be more clear-minded regarding the long career ahead of them. Here are a few parts of counseling that changes in respect to the distance learning education course.

· Theory of Counseling

· Counseling philosophies to make ethical decision

· Management of information

· Counseling of vocational or writing issues

So, counseling is one of the most important parts of distance learning education courses.

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The Changing Face of Change



Many people who know my daughter have asked me how she is handling life as a military spouse. My daughter has long been a planner and has not always responded well to an idea that required her to change her plans suddenly.

Three years ago she married a young man six days before he began his Air Force career. And since that time, her life has been full of many changes. Some expected. And some not.

This past fall was our son-in-law’s first deployment overseas at which time our daughter came home to stay with us. It was difficult not to have him home during the holidays, but we waited till he came back in late January to celebrate Christmas. And it was well worth the wait!

I admit at first it was hard to consider changing our traditional time of celebrating the season, but we wanted to save most of our festivities for our son-in-law’s return.

I think for many people, change is sometimes feared — even something to be resisted. Perhaps some see change as an indication they have no control over their lives, so they do everything they can to avoid change and feel like its victim when they face it.

Yet anyone who reads much of Mary Baker Eddy’s writings probably gets a view of change as normal and sometimes necessary. She frequently uses such phrases as “change your course” . . . “a change demanded” . . . “change of heart” . . . “change the human concept of life . . .” And following change, comes the promise of growth, healing and progress. She makes change sound desirable and positive, and not a bad thing after all.

Recently, I asked my daughter how she has adjusted to military life — with its sometimes unexpected changes.

She said, “That was the hardest element for me, not being able to plan out the next few years of our lives. I think the uncertainty we face has caused me to become a more fluid person. I am better able to deal with change and have become more spontaneous.”

As her mom, it has been fun to witness this change in my daughter. She no longer sees change as some burdensome challenge she must face at times. I see in her a young woman who has embraced change as natural as life itself. And so she has grown into a poised officer’s wife while she also continues her own career goals.

Not long after our son-in-law returned to the states, we learned he could deploy again much sooner than initially planned. I asked them how they felt about this possible change to their schedule.

They said, “Deployments are hard and there is never a good time for your loved one to leave. We take it day by day, and just enjoy every moment we have together. In many ways we’re a stronger couple for it because we don’t waste time planning for things in the future. If we want to do something, no day is better than the present.”

They said that Eddy’s ideas on improving moments and making the most of the present have been powerful, healing ideas as they live their ever-changing life together.

I decided I needed to start examining my own heart to check for ways I may have become resistant to change. And the results have been rather surprising.

I’ve uncovered viewpoints that were stagnant and stubborn. I discovered some traditions and routines which were unreasonably rigid avoiding any inclination of change. I could see that I had become set in some old ways which were not conducive to growth. I wanted this to change — so, I’m working on being more spontaneous myself.

Turning to prayer for guidance and fresh inspiration is helping me be more open to the idea of infinite possibilities. I’m becoming more willing to explore and consider new ideas and opportunities. I’m calmer in situations that arise unexpectedly. And I’m happier.

Since change all too often leads to progress, I’ve concluded maybe all that’s needed is simply a change in how I view change.

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Advantages Of An Online Computer Science Degree



A degree in computer science can be earned through two ways. First is the traditional way and the second is the information technology way. There are a number of universities using information technology in teaching students different courses such as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Medical, Accounts, Commerce, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Ph.D. These universities differ from their traditional counterparts in their fees structure, college courses offered, method of teaching and stipulated time period for pursuing a college course. Today science students prefer to earn online computer science degrees from accredited schools. It makes them eligible for global jobs such as Software Engineer.

Contrast between a traditional and an online computer science degree

It is mandatory for a student to attend classes for four years to study science courses. You can earn an online computer science degree in less than four years. Internet universities do not stipulate a fix time frame for pursuing college courses.

In a traditional university, students have to present physically to attend classes, practical and science seminars. Internet universities use information technology for teaching students. Science classes are organized on internet and the method used for teaching is chatting. Students can ask question to professors by using chatting software. They can also attend practical and science seminars online. You can attend classes, practical and seminars in the weekend, night or whenever you feel free.

The fees structure of an online university differs very much from a traditional university. Colleges running on internet do not maintain huge staff for teaching students. They do not invest much money hence they offer cost effective college courses to students. Professors can easily teach students using internet. Internet libraries have e-books, which are easy to maintain. Students can read e-books on their personal computer. On the other hand traditional universities have to maintain a huge staff for assisting professors and arrange books in library.

A traditional college enrolls students only when a semester ends. Students must have sound academic background with good GPA to become a scientist. Enrollment in an online university is a continuing process. You can fill the admission form anytime in a year.

Advantages of an online computer science degree

Working people can pursue computer science courses easily from internet universities without taking long leaves from office.

Physically challenged students need not to get confused for commuting long distances by enrolling in an internet university. They can become a scientist with the comfort of their home by earning an online computer science degree.

The cost effective fees structure on internet universities helps financially weak students to earn online computer science degrees. Internet universities also give you full day to work for improving your financial position.

The increasing popularity of internet education has inspired me to write more on this subject. For more information on online education college degree read my next article.

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