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After slow start, rookie RB Michael Carter proved he can carry the load for the Jets



After slow start, rookie RB Michael Carter proved he can carry the load for the Jets

Michael Carter proved he’s a key building block for the Jets during his rookie season.

The 5-8, 201-pound former North Carolina standout emerged as Gang Green’s lead back after a slow start and he ended up leading Robert Saleh’s team in scrimmage yards (964), which was fourth best among NFL rookies. His final stats included 639 yards on the ground, a strong 4.35 yards per carry, and four touchdowns in 14 games. He added 325 receiving yards.

There’s an argument to be made that if Carter didn’t suffer an ankle injury against the Dolphins in Week 11 (which cost him three games), and a concussion against the Buccaneers, he could have made a charge at a 1,000-yard season. The Jets haven’t had a back go over 1,000 yards since Chris Ivory in 2015.

Regardless, it was a good rookie year, and the Jets go into the offseason knowing they have a key cog in place in their running back room.

Carter’s best trait as a first-year pro was his ability to run through contact. He finished with 558 yards after contact and his per carry average of 3.8 was ninth best in the NFL, according to Next Gen Stats. In addition, he averaged a broken tackle per 11 rushes (12th highest in the NFL, according to Pro Football Reference).

His best game came against the Jaguars in Week 16 when he erupted for 118 yards on 16 carries in Gang Green’s 26-21 victory. He looked to keep things rolling the following week against the Buccaneers and delivered an explosive 55-yard run on the third play of the game. But he was forced out of the game later in the first half with a concussion.

Overall, though, it was a slow start to the season for Carter as the entire Jets offense came out of the gate stuck in the mud. Quarterback Zach Wilson went through his rookie growing pains, Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur struggled early as a first-year play-caller, and the offensive line struggled with chemistry, communication and simply getting the defense blocked.

So there were a bunch of reasons why Carter didn’t produce right from the start. In his first six games, he averaged just 3.48 yards per carry with 202 yards and two touchdowns.

“At the beginning of the year, just speaking from an offensive perspective, we walked around a lot and that’s something that we needed to fix. Because just being candid, like really transparent, a lot of these guys came from San Francisco and you watch one of their games and these guys are like a fricken army, their offense moves like a little army,” Carter said after the Jets season finale against the Bills about the new coaching staff’s ties to the 49ers.

Once the offense got the hang of the system, the production from the backs improved.

“I think we ran the ball better,” Carter said of the Jets down the stretch.

So as the season progressed, and the attention to detail improved, Carter’s production doubled. In the next seven games, he had 418 rushing yards (5.23 average) with two touchdowns and 194 receiving yards.

What helped accelerate Carter’s growth was LaFleur’s development as a play-caller, the offensive line working together better and improved play from the quarterback position.

One key aspect of his game that Carter needs to focus on during the offseason is attacking between the tackles. The bulk of his yards came from running outside the tackles (426, 4.8 average). But his average dropped to 3.7 yards per carry when he took it up the middle.

That’s not all on him, though. The interior offensive line needs to do a better job of creating creases for him. He’ll get better, too, as the interior run blocking improves and he learns how to attack the inside rushing tracks better.

Carter is dynamic running outside the tackles, which is a strength. Once he elevates his inside game, he could become a top tier running back.

Overall, the Jets got great value when they drafted Carter in the fourth round (107th overall) and he showed that he can be the No. 1 back for Gang Green in the future.

If he can stay healthy as a sophomore, 1,000 yards on the ground should be the goal.


— Zach Wilson, QB

— Elijah Moore, WR


Chicago Fire Season Finale Spoilers



Chicago Fire Season Finale Spoilers

The show Chicago fire premiered on NBC on October 10, 2012. It’s an American TV series which is created by Derek Hass and Michael Brandt. Starring Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, and Monica Raymund in lead, along with many other actors the show has Dick Wolf as its executive producer. It was renewed for its 9th, 10th, and 11th seasons on February 27, the year 2020. The tenth season aired on September 22, 2021.

It’s a show about the professional and personal lives of firefighters, paramedics, and rescue personnel at Firehouse 51, home of an Engine company 51, truck company 81, Rescue Squad Company 3, Battalion 25, and Ambulance 61. Matthew Casey, the officer in charge of Truck company 81, and Lieutenant Kelly in charge of Rescue Squad Company 3 blame each other for the death of firefighter Andrew Darden.

Audience’s Reaction To The Show

Chicago Fire Season Finale Spoilers

 The first season of the show got mixed reviews from the audience as well as the critics.  Its rank kept increasing as the new seasons aired with the 8th and 9th seasons ranking 8 and 7 respectively.

It’s rated 8/10 on IMDb and rotten tomatoes give it a score of 89%. It’s the final season, season 11 is yet to be telecasted and the fans cannot keep calm about what will happen in Chicago Fire this season.

Season 10: A Recap

The characters Severide and Stella are finally getting married! But of course, the marriage didn’t go all smooth, it had its hiccups. Severide was asked to testify in court against Campbell. While Severide goes to give his testimony, one of Campbell’s man is seen with a knife. They get in a fight and Severide kicks him which causes him to fall out a window. Severide was shook, he took life after all! Everybody around sided by him saying it was just self-defense and he shouldn’t be this guilty about it.

Then, Severide’s best man Casey who’s back in town for the wedding cannot believe that he is tying the knot. He tells his friends about what a joy it has been to see Severide change as a person since Stella came into his life. This also leads to  Severide getting a little emotional and telling Casey how the firehouse isn’t the same without him.

Some Hiccups Along The Way…

Casey also helps the couple find a boat and a captain who can marry them, as their wedding location suddenly became unavailable. Severide also talks to his mom, who’s on a plane to fly down to the wedding.

Stella walks down the aisle with Boden who she sees as the closest thing to a father. The two then take their vows, which for the fans was a very emotional scene.

Is That All??

1653676006 768 Chicago Fire Season Finale Spoilers

Well, things had to take some unknown turns. When the two newlyweds go to Severide’s cabin for some private time, an unknown truck shows up, a bad sign for sure. Casey and Brett also face their uncertain future together. He tells her he wishes she stayed with him in Portland but she points out how that would have been extremely hard considering all her life is in Chicago. He agrees and tells her very sweetly that at least they’re together that night!

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Police waited 45 minutes in school before pursuing shooter



Police waited 45 minutes in school before pursuing shooter


UVALDE, Texas (AP) — Nearly 20 officers stood for about 45 minutes in the hallway outside the adjoining Texas classrooms where the gunman killed students and teachers this week before U.S. Border Patrol agents unlocked the door to confront and kill him, authorities said Friday.

At least some of the 911 calls made during the Tuesday attack on Robb Elementary School in Uvalde came from inside the connected classrooms where 18-year-old Salvador Ramos was holed up, Steven McCraw, the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said during a contentious news conference.

The commander at the scene believed Ramos was barricaded inside and that the children were not at risk, McCraw said.

“It was the wrong decision,” he said.

McCraw released new details about the attack in which Ramos killed 19 children teachers, though his motive remains unclear.

The Border Patrol agents eventually used a master key to open the locked door of the classroom where they confronted and killed Ramos, he said.

There was a barrage of gunfire shortly after Ramos entered the classroom where officers eventually killed him, but that shots were “sporadic” for much of the 48 minutes when officers waited in the hallway, McCraw said. He said investigators do not know if or how many children died during that time.

Throughout the attack, teachers and children repeatedly called 911 asking for help, including a girl who pleaded: “Please send the police now,” McCraw said.

Questions have mounted over the amount of time it took officers to enter the school to confront the gunman.

It was 11:28 a.m. Tuesday when Ramos’ Ford pickup slammed into a ditch behind the low-slung Texas school and the driver jumped out carrying an AR-15-style rifle.

Twelve minutes after that, authorities say, Ramos entered the school and found his way to the fourth-grade classroom where he killed the 21 victims.

But it wasn’t until 12:58 p.m. that law enforcement radio chatter said Ramos had been killed and the siege was over.

What happened in those 90 minutes, in a working-class neighborhood near the edge of the town of Uvalde, has fueled mounting public anger and scrutiny over law enforcement’s response to Tuesday’s rampage.

“They say they rushed in,” said Javier Cazares, whose fourth-grade daughter, Jacklyn Cazares, was killed in the attack, and who raced to the school as the massacre unfolded. “We didn’t see that.”

Friday’s briefing came only after authorities spent three days providing often conflicting and incomplete information.

According to the new timeline provided by McCraw, After crashing his truck, Ramos fired on two people coming out of a nearby funeral home, officials said.

Contrary to earlier statements by officials, a school district police officer was not inside the school when Ramos arrived. When that officer did respond, he unknowingly drove past Ramos, who was crouched behind a car parked outside and firing at the building, McCraw said.

At 11:33 p.m., Ramos entered the school through a rear door that had been propped open and fired more than 100 rounds into a pair of classrooms, McCraw said.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Travis Considine said investigators haven’t yet determined why the door was propped open.

Two minutes later, three local police officers arrived and entered the building through the same door, followed soon after by four others, McCraw said. Within 15 minutes, as many as 19 officers from different agencies had assembled in the hallway, taking sporadic fire from Ramos, who was holed up in a classroom.

Ramos was still inside at 12:10 p.m. when the first U.S. Marshals Service deputies arrived. They had raced to the school from nearly 70 miles (113 kilometers) away in the border town of Del Rio, the agency said in a tweet Friday.

But the police commander inside the building decided the group should wait to confront the gunman, on the belief that the scene was no longer an active attack, McCraw said.

The crisis came to an end after a group of Border Patrol tactical officers entered the school at 12:45 p.m., said Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Travis Considine. They engaged in a shootout with the gunman, who was holed up in the fourth-grade classroom. Moments before 1 p.m., he was dead.

Ken Trump, president of the consulting firm National School Safety and Security Services, said the length of the timeline raised questions.

“Based on best practices, it’s very difficult to understand why there were any types of delays, particularly when you get into reports of 40 minutes and up of going in to neutralize that shooter,” he said.

The motive for the massacre — the nation’s deadliest school shooting since Newtown, Connecticut, almost a decade ago — remained under investigation, with authorities saying Ramos had no known criminal or mental health history.

During the siege, frustrated onlookers urged police officers to charge into the school, according to witnesses.

“Go in there! Go in there!” women shouted at the officers soon after the attack began, said Juan Carranza, 24, who watched the scene from outside a house across the street.

Carranza said the officers should have entered the school sooner: “There were more of them. There was just one of him.”

Cazares said that when he arrived, he saw two officers outside the school and about five others escorting students out of the building. But 15 or 20 minutes passed before the arrival of officers with shields, equipped to confront the gunman, he said.

As more parents flocked to the school, he and others pressed police to act, Cazares said. He heard about four gunshots before he and the others were ordered back to a parking lot.

“A lot of us were arguing with the police, ‘You all need to go in there. You all need to do your jobs.’ Their response was, ‘We can’t do our jobs because you guys are interfering,’” Cazares said.

Michael Dorn, executive director of Safe Havens International, which works to make schools safer, cautioned that it’s hard to get a clear understanding of the facts soon after a shooting.

“The information we have a couple of weeks after an event is usually quite different than what we get in the first day or two. And even that is usually quite inaccurate,” Dorn said. For catastrophic events, “you’re usually eight to 12 months out before you really have a decent picture.”


Bleiberg reported from Dallas.

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Young And Restless Spoilers



Young And Restless Spoilers

An American soap opera created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS, Young and restless was first aired on March 26, 1973. It’s set in a fictional world of Genoa City, Wisconsin. The show originally aired five days a week, half an hour episodes each day. Then on February 4, 1980, the show aired an hour-long episodes each day.

Initially, the show focused on two families Brooks, the rich family, and the Fosters, a working-class family. In the early 80s new core families the Abbots and Williamses were introduced after all the original characters were written off.

It’s reception

1653675283 471 Young And Restless Spoilers

The show has won a total of 165 daytime Emmy awards. For the last thirty two years, it is the highest-rated daytime drama on American television. It’s a sister show of the Bold and Beautiful, and lots of actors have cross-over in both the shows.

On May 1, 2022, the show aired its 14500th episode. It was renewed for 2023-2024 by CBS recently. Its rating on IMDb is around 5.1.

Now it’s time for some spoilers!! We’re here with these galvanic details from the show that you’re looking for.

Are Sharon And Nick Getting Closer ? What’s up with Noah And Allie ?

Oh yes they are! Sharon is not letting anyone know how grief-stricken she is but she does let nick walk her down the memory lane. So it’s sure we’re getting some precious ‘Shick’ moments.

Noah, the character portrayed by Rory Gibson, might ask Allie, Kelsie Wang’s character out on a date. Atleast he will be suggesting hanging out together but Allie will turn him down pretty humorously. Their interactions will be cute and fun to watch. Noah then decides to use his charms, patiently so that Allie accepts going out with him.

How About Victoria and Ashland?

1653675283 106 Young And Restless Spoilers

The fans of the show must know that Victoria is in love with Ashland. Of course, she hasn’t forgotten how he deceived her with his cancer story and that she very foolishly bought it. She doesn’t want something like that to happen again also her family, especially Victor is against Ashland. He might even grow unsure about handing her his company.

Therefore Adam and Sally want them to get together. Ashland also realised how he and Diane are very similar, although they might not be as perfect he and Victoria together, they might still work.

Now this can become the motivation for Victoria to get together with him. She refuses to be with him when he’s begging her to but maybe seeing him finally move on and look for another partner makes her jealous and she takes things in her hand and they  really do get back together!

Does Chance become A Spy?

Chance will come across Abby and Devon sharing a warm moment in the park. He then again feels like he’s not a part of the family. Rather than sharing this insecurity, he decides to let these emotions mess up his head.

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