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Why Looking for Financing Alternatives is an Essential Part of a Business



Bank loans are still the number one option for businesses to get funding. However, it may prove difficult at times due to the prerequisite for obtaining the desired funds. This has made many companies look elsewhere to satisfy their financial needs. This article will explain why it’s better to seek financing alternatives when starting a business and for foreigners through ITIN loans.

Why is it Better to Obtain a Financing Alternative When Creating a Business?

Not everyone meets the requirements for obtaining loans the traditional way. But casting your nets on many glasses of water can fetch some results. If one option fails, the other can help you land the fund needed to run your business successfully. Before you opt for bank loans, you should consult other alternatives like:

  • Personal credits/loans. This includes your savings, insurance, mortgage, etc. These loans may require extra funding from other sources to fulfill your budget.
  • Family loans. Depending on the financial capacity of your family, this is one of the best ways to get initial capital for your startup. Your family may not need you to pay back; other times, they would. However, there are no strict prerequisites to obtain funding from your family.
  • Grants. The US government regularly offers assistance to businesses, especially during tough seasons like the covid19 pandemic. You do not return grants, but the process may become overwhelming if you apply late.
  • Crowdfunding. Another popular alternative of obtaining funding for your business. However, crowdfunding is popular among fintech startups and requires active community building and thought leadership participation.
  • Business credits. Business credits apply to businesses that want to scale or expand. In this case, you can compare the company’s credit capacity or savings and the budget at hand.
  • ITIN loans. ITIN loans are particular loans involving an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Through this, foreigners can obtain funding for their businesses in the US.
  • A venture capitalist or angel investor. These people may want to control your business in the long run. The good side of getting loans from them is they become actively involved in your business and provide advice that would profit the company.

How to Differentiate a Legal Company to Apply for a Loan

There are many legal companies to apply for loans. You can find many offline, but most are employing innovative digital solutions and leveraging the internet to compete in the space. We have online loan companies that grant instant loans with lesser requirements in the parallel universe.

Legal companies to apply for loans include registered banks, small business administration (SBA) loans, registered online loan companies, etc. A legal lending company should have a reference number and seal indicating that the security and exchange commission (SEC) or other regulatory bodies oversee them.

Financing Option for Foreigners Through ITIN Loan

As a foreigner with no social security number (SSN) or credits yet, getting loans traditionally may be a problem. But there is a solution. Many lending now exists online to help you fund your ideas into a full-fledged career or business. In that case, you will need an ITIN. Getting an ITIN shouldn’t be a problem. You just need to adhere to the rules guiding the application according to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and fill out the W7 form on their official website.

You can apply for loans as a foreigner from companies that approve of using the ITIN. We call these loans ITIN loans. Applying for ITIN is simple, and in a few steps, you have your loan handy.

  • Register your company as a “doing business as” (DBA) company. The approval of your company as DBA varies from state to state. So ensure you’ve read the policies guiding doing business as a foreigner in the state you reside in or want to do business.
  • Open a business bank account. This should not be a problem. Just provide the KYC documents, and you’re good to go.
  • Locate a registered lending company online and apply using your ITIN.


Sometimes, you don’t need to look too far to get financing for your business. Now you’ve seen the alternatives to get what you need. Meanwhile, besides other financing alternatives listed above, ITIN loans are good options for foreigners looking to do business in the US. Interest rates apply to traditional loans with SSN. Ensure to read the terms and conditions of the lending company before using to avoid legal complications later.

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Article Writing Secret Tips – Learn How the Pros Earn Big Money



Just like everything on the internet the cheaper you are the more people will look at you. This is also true for article writing on the internet. I haven’t out sourced in some time but recently went looking for a freelance writer. I was astonished by what some people were charging. You might be thinking I mean big money when in fact it’s the complete opposite. Some people are charging as little as $5 for a 500 word article! I was totally blown away by this. Having written many articles myself, I know how much work goes into writing them. Why are people charging so little for their hard work?

One reason is trends. The article marketing industry has taken a nose dive into poverty. Most people are looking for the cheapest freelancer out there. They don’t really care about the quality of the articles they get. As long as the article they get is readable their happy and on their way. I want to know how these freelance writers are making it on as little as $5 per article.

Let’s just take a second to go over article writing to put this into perspective. Someone contacts you and says I need an article about “blah”. So you, the freelancer, goes and does a bit of research to find out about “blah” and writes. So let’s say you wrote an article every 20 minutes for 6 hours at $5 per article, that’s $90 a day. If you did that for a week you’d be making $450. You might be thinking how does anyone write an article every 20 minutes? Well it took me awhile to find out but I found the secret to how these freelance writers are making so much money on so little pay.

Some freelance writers are just really organized. They do all their research, find their keywords/phrases and bang off tons of articles in no time. But most writers have a secret weapon they use to write their articles, a secret that they don’t want getting out.

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Some Basic But Critical Things You Need to Understand to Earn Money While Online



With a stunning 95 percent failure rate, Online marketing has stumped many people in their quest to become successful on the internet. Today I want to discuss with you some basic, but critical things you need to understand to earn money while online.

Many people are under the impression that there is a program out there in cyberspace that is going to help them make money. The truth is there is not a business on this planet that is going to help you make more money than any other business.

For years I have been striving to bring excellence to the people I work with online, it has been and still is my personal mission to help as many people on this planet find success through online marketing. I chose network marketing because I figure if I am going to put all this effort into an online business I may as well make residual income.

There are only three types of people in this world, which one are you?

Alphas–> This person is a natural born leader, they know that if they want success they have to take full responsibility for their own growth, they naturally attract people into their business and life. This person always seems to catch all the breaks..

Betas–> This person is very close to being an alpha but needs to step out of their comfort zone and grow. Most times betas are hard workers, but they shy away from the spotlight.

Thetas–> Total waste of space, we call these people tire-kickers always complaining and never owning up to their responsibilities in anything…

Luckily you choose where you fall within these personality types. If you want success online or with anything else in your life. You need to be the captain of the ship. Most folks mindset is that of an employee and not an employer…

Most people see themselves as punching the time card, and not writing the checks. If you are seeking success online that means you want to be the business owner.

Basically what I am saying is unless you are striving to become an alpha you will never ever make real substantial income online.

People follow leaders not followers. It is good to seek guidance and support, but at some point you need to step out and take full control of your business.

Money and success are two different things, money does not come to you, until you are successful. Most folks are hoping the money will come first then they figure they can go ahead and modify their life. This is not true.!

The money starts to come in after you become an alpha. You will make a little bit of money as a beta and you will make nothing as a theta. Look in the mirror who do you see?

Changes start to occur on the inside first, I want to help you on your journey. I can’t do it for you, but I can help you along the path. Please visit my authors biography to learn more about how we can work together to earn money while online.

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How to Avoid Injuries While Working



Work is important for every people because it somehow adds up to the dignity of a person aside from the fact that it is the reason why people are able to enjoy some of life’s privileges.

There are Ohio attorneys from a personal injury law firm that can really bring great help to the people who became victims of work-related personal injury and though it is a guarantee that the Ohio personal injury lawyer would give his/her best to turn the situation to your favour, it would still be more ideal to avoid getting into such kind of situation.

Safety should always be on top of a person’s priority and though accidents may just arise suddenly there are things that can lessen the chances of being in a difficult situation.


It is never ideal for any person to just accept a task when one doesn’t really have the capacity to handle it. It is imperative that people should be aware of the operation and proper technique in doing a certain task in order to avoid dealing with so many regrets.


There are certain rules that usually apply in every work environment like the need to avoid smoking and alcohol while at the place of work. Simple compliance to these rules can lead to one’s safety and for sure people will have every reason to really be thankful of the existing rules that are aimed to bring them the greatest convenience in life.

Protective Gears

A worker who has enough awareness on the presence of any impending danger should be assertive enough to make use of protective equipments that can greatly save a person from severe injuries. Helmets, safety gloves, protective masks, boots, and others are among the most common things that can save people form any potential dangers that are constantly present in the place of work.

Though it is true that most people really have no choice but to work and deal with so many uncertainties each day, there are things that can assure a person of safety. Discover the things that can lead to better days while working and for sure you will be able to find greater reasons to love your work and look forward to your tasks each day.

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