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Broncos meet with Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy to complete 10th interview of search



Broncos meet with Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy to complete 10th interview of search

And now come the deliberations.

A whirlwind nine-day trip around the country wrapped up Friday night when Broncos general manager George Paton and his search committee were in Kansas City to interview Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

Bieniemy is the 10th candidate to meet with Paton and Co., since coach Vic Fangio was fired on Jan. 9.

According to a source, the Broncos’ contingent was expected to fly back to the Denver area after the Bieniemy interview. They will re-group this weekend to determine which candidates merit a second interview and a possible visit to the Broncos’ facility.

Each of the interviews have lasted 3-4 hours.

The full list of interviews: Detroit defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn (Jan. 13), Green Bay quarterbacks coach Luke Getsy (Jan. 14), Green Bay offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett (Jan. 15), Dallas defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore (Tuesday), New England inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo and Philadelphia defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon (Wednesday), Cincinnati offensive coordinator Brian Callahan and Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell (Thursday) and Bieniemy.

All but Callahan visited with the Broncos in-person.

While not the Chiefs’ play-caller, Bieniemy, 52, does have a lengthy and impressive coaching resume that’s made him a talked-about candidate for several years.

“It disappoints me that someone hasn’t hired him, because he’s so good,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid told reporters last week. “I’m hoping that takes place this year.”

After the season from 2018-20, Bieniemy interviewed for 11 head-coaching jobs. The Broncos were his first interview during this cycle.

Bieniemy started his coaching career as an assistant at Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School and then became CU’s running back coach in 2001. He jumped to the NFL in 2007, and now has 14 years of NFL coaching experience.

During Bieniemy’s four years on the Minnesota Vikings’ coaching staff, Paton worked in the team’s front office.

Bieniemy has spent the past four seasons as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator and Kansas City has finished first, fifth, sixth and fourth in scoring. The second-seeded Chiefs host Buffalo Sunday night in the AFC Divisional round.

Ahead of last week’s wild-card win over Pittsburgh, Bieniemy said his concentration was centered on helping the Chiefs reach a third consecutive Super Bowl.

“All that is going to take care of itself,” Bieniemy said of being on the head-coaching radar. “And do not get me wrong, I am blessed and I am very fortunate to be a part of that chatter and some of the (conversations) that are taking place. But right now, my focus is on (the Chiefs’ offense).”

Ahead of last season’s Super Bowl, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes saluted Bieniemy.

“He gives me every single tool that is needed so I know exactly what to do,” Mahomes said. “Obviously you know he’s disappointed he didn’t get the opportunity to become a head coach after (the 2020) season. But he knows all he can do is make himself and this team better every single day, and he always comes to work with that mindset.”

Before coaching, Bieniemy played nine years in the NFL after being drafted by the Chargers in the second round of the 1991 draft out of CU. With the Buffs, he had 3,940 yards rushing over four seasons from 1987-90, with 5.6 average yards per carry and 42 total touchdowns.


Made For Love Season 2 Episode 7 And 8: May 19 Release, Time And Plot Speculations



Made For Love Season 2 Episode 7 And 8: May 19 Release, Time And Plot Speculations

Made for love is a well-acclaimed recurring series adapted from the book by Alissa Nutting of the same name. The show explores genres of sci-fi, drama, comedy, and suspense. It follows a pretty dark and downright bizarre story, with the protagonist Hazel (Cristin Milioti), a thirty-something woman who realizes that she no longer wishes to stay married and wants a divorce.

 Still, it isn’t as easy as her husband, Bryon Gogol (Billy Magnussen), a tech billionaire, does not wish to. But it isn’t as simple as Bryon implanted a revolutionary monitoring chip in her brain, which allows him to track her every move, see and hear everything, among other things.


Where And When To Watch It


You can watch this show on HBO MAX for the American audience and Amazon Prime Videos for audiences of any other country. Since all the episodes have been premiered in pairs, Episodes 7 and 8 would be no exceptions as they would come out on 19 May 2022, 3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM Greenwich Meantime, and 12:30 PM Indian Standard time.

Made For Love Season 2 Episode 7 And 8 May


About The Series

 The show is a dark comedy with science fiction that creates an absurd world. The world isn’t in real-time but could be in the not so near future. It has erratic characters like Hazel, Bryon, Hazel’s father, Herbert Green (Ray Romano) with his ‘sex doll’ girlfriend Diana, Herringbone (Byron’s assistant who is the other member of the Dork Patrol), Tiffany (Gogol’s chief science officer who Hazel calls “The Dork Patrol,” and Bennett (An overeager lackey of Byron, with some mysterious behavior) among other characters.

 Season 1 mainly follows the plot of instilling the chip in Hazel’s brain, problems in their marriage, her running away, him chasing, and now we enter season 2 as Bryon promises to cure herb, which has cancer. In return, Hazel returns to him for a specific amount of time, during which he tries to woo her, but things don’t go as planned.


 What To Expect With Episodes 7 And 8

 Since the show would have only 8 episodes, this would be the season finale. Episode 6 ended with other Hazel and Bryon taking over the real Hazel and Bryon’s bodies with Herb’s help. So it would be interesting to see what pertains to the actual Hazel and Bryon, who are trapped inside those bodies but not in control. 

Tiffany and Herringbone’s scenes would be intriguing to follow, too, after their conversations. And Judiff, who didn’t get much help to find The Hub from Alice, Bryon’s ex-wife, what would she do next?

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Under The Banner Of Heaven Episode 5: May 19 Release, Time And Plot Speculations



Under The Banner Of Heaven Episode 5: May 19 Release, Time And Plot Speculations

Under the Banner of Heaven is a much anticipated true crime, psychological drama mini television series by Academy award winner Dustin Lance Black. The show has limited episodes; were 4 of them have already premiered, and episode 5, named; One mighty and strong, will come out on 19 May. The series is based on a non-fiction book by author Jon Krakauer, Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith.

It is the story of a detective whose faith is questioned due to the cruel and brutal murder, somehow connected to the latter-day saint church. This series falls under the genres of psychological drama and crime. The show has a well known and talented cast, including Andrew Garfield, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Sam Worthington, Wyatt Russell, Taylor St. Pierre and Gil Birmingham, to name a few.

 When And Where To Watch It

 Under the Banner of Heaven, the miniseries are available on Hulu (FX) and Disney+ for audiences who can’t watch on Hulu. This original Hulu miniseries first aired on 28 April 2022. Episode 5 of the series will premiere on 19 May 2022 at 12:01 a.m. EST and 4:01 a.m. GMT, and 9:30 p.m. Indian standard time.

1653070628 161 Under The Banner Of Heaven Episode 5 May 19 Release

 About The Series

 The series is a psychological crime drama which is about detectives Jeb Pyre (Garfield) and Bill Taba (Gil), who follow leads to solving the double murder of a woman and a 13-year-old child, which leads them to a path that makes them question their beliefs since it all links with the

Latter-day Church and the Utah family, the Lafferty family and their spiral towards fundamentalist Mormonism.

 It starts with the sinister murders of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her baby daughter in Utah’s typically serene Salt Lake Valley in 1984. It leads to the once celebrated and admired Lafferty family being slowly exposed and investigated. All the suspicions point Pyre right towards Laffertys along with the LDS fundamentalism. It proves plenty difficult for Pyre as his faith is questioned; and wounded as he might now have to stand against his faith and for justice. We leave episode 4 at the point where Pyre makes the church leaders very upset.

 What To Expect From Episode 5

 Pyre’s journey for truth and justice continues as he keeps looking for evidence to move the case on. By now, most of the evidence sharply points towards fundamentalist Mormonism; conflicted, Pyre turns to the LDS Church leaders, but much to his dismay, they refuse to help Pyre and Taba with their investigation but rather prove to be a barrier instead. Unsettled yet undeterred, Pyre discovers a list of names Brenda’s killers plan to murder next.

Which would no doubt help move the investigation on. It would be riveting to see how the conflict between the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church); and the justice system, while simultaneously Pyre’s beliefs and faith clash, along with the Laffertys and their dynamics, so tune in for a hell of a ride (no pun intended).

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Florida manatees get $2M gift from Boston Celtics owner



Ravens kicker Justin Tucker’s record-breaking kick honored as NFL’s Best Moment of the Year

The Boston Celtics crushed the Miami Heat Thursday but one of the Celtics’ owners recently donated $2 million to help a Florida native get back on its game from a long losing streak – manatees.

Rob Hale, a telecommunications and real estate entrepreneur in the Boston area, and his wife, Karen, donated the money for manatee conservation through their charitable Fox Rock Foundation .

“Our family feels called to manatee conservation not only because they are intelligent, curious creatures, but also because of the critical role they play in aquatic ecosystems,” Karen Hale said in a statement released by Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida.

More than 1,600 manatees have perished since the beginning of last year in large part because of a dying ecosystem in the Indian River Lagoon along Florida’s east coast.

The statement said the Hales learned of the manatees’ plight while visiting their home in Naples.

Of their donation, $1 million went to the Fish & Wildlife Foundation and the other $1 million was given to the Save the Manatee Club.

The foundation has used some of the donation already for replanting seagrass, a primary food for manatees that has been dying off because of the lagoon’s ecosystem woes.

“Habitat loss is the main threat to the majority of our state’s plants and animals,” said Andrew Walker, foundation president and chief executive officer.

Hale founded Granite Communications 20 years ago. The company was named in 2019 by the Boston Business Journal as the most charitable contributor in Massachusetts, contributing more than $24 million to organizations.

In 2012, the NBA announced that Hale had joined the Celtics ownership team.

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