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What to Watch on Streaming This Week: Jan 21-27



What to Watch on Streaming This Week: Jan 21-27
Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in Ozark Season 4. Steve Dietl/Netflix © 2021

There’s quite a variety of content to stream this week, from several new series to a final season, plus some new movies for good measure. Historical dramas have inexplicably taken up half of this list, but that hardly means that this week’s offerings are old and stuffy—there’s plenty of new and exciting things to watch!

What to watch on Netflix

Munich – The Edge of War

This spy thriller situates itself at the cusp of World War II, blending historical fact with nail-biting fiction. Set during the tense negotiations of the 1938 Munich Agreement, the film follows Hugh, a British civil servant, and Paul, a German diplomat, two old friends who find themselves at the heart of Europe’s mounting political conflicts. While Hitler’s Germany outwardly promises peace with the agreement, Paul and Hugh uncover the Third Reich’s desire for conquest. This pre-war movie places knowledge as the sole source of power, making the German secret all the more threatening to its protagonists. Munich – The Edge of War premieres Friday, January 21st.


Netflix’s premier crime drama returns for its fourth and final season this week—at least, for Part 1 of its fourth and final season. Ozark continues its descent into darkness as problematic power couple Marty and Wendy Byrde collaborate with the cartel more closely than ever, while up-and-coming crime lord Ruth is forced to pivot to a new illicit venture. The show remains anchored by its trio of incredible performances, with Jason Bateman’s ineffable smarm, Laura Linney’s sharp pragmatism, and two-time Emmy winner Julia Garner’s unending drive. It’s the beginning of the end in more ways than one. Ozark   Season 4, Part 1 premieres Friday, January 21st.

What to watch on Hulu


For a wonderfully wintry cinematic escape, try tuning into Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. This charming story champions the sentimentality of childhood and the movies of days gone by, as the titular Hugo ventures around 1930s Paris looking for answers about his father and the mysterious filmmaker Georges Méliès (a real-life pioneer of the form). Despite Scorsese’s reputation as a director of all things gangster and hypermasculine, this 2011 gem tells a sweet, fantastical tale about family and movie magic. It’s a feast for the eyes, and few films have as much heart. Hugo will be available to stream until January 31st.

What to watch on Amazon Prime

As We See It

In many discussions about representation, whether they be shared in person or examined on screen, neurodivergence is often left out of the conversation. As We See It seeks to remedy that. This new dramedy revolves around the lives of roommates Jack, Harrison, and Violet as they navigate their adulthood on the autism spectrum. The three leads are all played by autistic actors, and showrunner Jason Katims is drawing on his own experience as a parent of an autistic child. It’s a great step forward in representing neurodivergence on screen, and it’ll be a great watch anyway. As We See It premieres Friday, January 21st.

A Hero

Acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi returned last year with another sensational movie in the form of A Hero. The film follows Rahim, a man sent to debtors’ prison in the city of Shiraz, on a two-day leave from his confinement. In his 48 hours of freedom, Rahim works with his fiancée and brother-in-law to find a way to pay back his debts. When their plan crumbles because of Rahim’s conscience, things get more complicated and Rahim faces mounting consequences. Like Farhadi’s previous films, A Hero tells a story about a man and his family doing their best, even if their best isn’t the right thing. A Hero premieres Friday, January 21st.

What to watch on HBO Max

The Gilded Age

Big news for fans of Downton Abbey: we’re getting an American version this week! Created by Julian Fellowes, the mastermind behind the beloved British period drama, The Gilded Age chronicles the lives of its sprawling ensemble in 1880s New York City. There are old-money socialites at odds with new-money robber barons, ingenues mixed with the newly educated, all played by tremendous television and stage actors. Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon, and Carrie Coon lead the brigade, but the show also features big names like Nathan Lane and Audra McDonald—there’s plenty of talent on display in this series. The Gilded Age premieres Monday, January 24th.

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What to Watch on Streaming This Week: Jan 21-27


New York State Accuses Amazon of Discrimination, Just the Latest Conflict Between the Company and New Yorkers



best amazon prime day deals 2021

best amazon prime day deals 2021

New York State is accusing Amazon of violating discrimination laws, alleging the corporation denies appropriate accommodations for pregnant and disabled workers.

The complaint, filed by the state’s Division of Human Rights and announced in a statement by Gov. Kathy Hochul, accuses Amazon of forcing its warehouse workers to take unpaid medical leave instead of adjusting their duties, as required by state law. Amazon has 39,000 employees working in 23 New York facilities, according to the state.

The state maintains that Amazon employs “accommodation consultants,” who make recommendations on how to modify duties for disabled employees, but the company empowers its managers to override those recommendations. In one case, the state claims, a pregnant worker was forced to continue lifting heavy boxes despite having asked for an accommodation. The request was denied and the worker was injured. A further request for accommodation for the injury was also denied, forcing the worker to take unpaid leave. Amazon did not respond to a request for comment.

Amazon’s reputation as an unsafe workplace

Amazon has struggled with a reputation for being an unsafe employer, and according to one union-sponsored study of government data, its warehouse employees suffer injuries at twice the rate of workers at non-Amazon facilities. The injuries are based in part on the company’s productivity quotas, which can demand employees skip breaks or lunch hours, and have prompted California to pass a law restricting them. Amazon says the high number of injuries were in part the result of a rapid increase in employment during the Covid-19 pandemic, and that it spent $300 million on worker safety in 2021.

Workplace safety was one of the rallying points for the Amazon Labor Union, the independent union that organized an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, New York, and the state’s lawsuit is just the latest friction point between Amazon and New Yorkers.

Along with the unionization effort, which succeeded after similar attempts failed in other states, New York City notably rejected Amazon’s bid to build a second headquarters in Queens, New York. Queens and northern Virginia were selected after a highly publicized and lengthy search process, and while many cities were eager to shower Amazon with tax breaks for the privilege of hosting its offices, New Yorkers balked at $3 billion in incentives and the potential for increased traffic, rent increases and gentrification. (Despite noisily severing its deal with the city, Amazon has since stealthily leased huge amounts of office space while hiring thousands.)

Hochul, the former Lt. Governor who stepped in after the resignation of Andrew Cuomo, is running for election as a Democrat this fall. An upstate moderate, she is looking to make inroads with progressives in New York City. Given the city’s contentious relationship with Amazon, it seems likely that taking aim at the tech giant will only help her standing among the city’s liberals.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Finale: May 19 Release, Time And Plot Speculations



Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Finale: May 19 Release, Time And Plot Speculations

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, the first and longest-running spin-off of Law & Order that started in 1999 is coming with its final episode on 19th May and will leave viewers wanting more. Episode 22, titled “a final call at Forlini’s Bar,” will be released on NBC this week, concluding the season that premiered last September.

Season 23 stars Mariska Hargitay, Kelli Giddish, Ice-T, Peter Scanavino, Aime Donna Kelly, Demore Barnes, Blake Morris, Peter Hargrave, Lou Martini Jr., Stephen Wallem, and Jamie Gray Hyder in primary roles, though Barnes and Hyder have said their goodbyes to the series in the initial episode of the season already.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – What Is The Series All About? 

The Special Victims Unit is the elite force of NYPD that mainly tackles and investigates darker crimes than most – sexual assault, child molestation, child abuse, and domestic violence. Considering how heavy these cases tend to be, the series focuses on the mental and psychological effects of it on the department detectives and their lives as well.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is by far the longest-running US primetime series and the only one ongoing up to this date since its premiere in 1999.

The series is produced by Dick Wolf’s Wolf Entertainment production house and Universal Television, and Warren Leight is the present showrunner. Mariska Hargitay, who plays the main character Captain Olivia Benson, is currently an executive producer.

Episode 22: When And Where To Watch It?

Episode 22 of Law & Order: Special Victim Unit, which has added up to 514 episodes since the series started, will be airing on 19th May, Thursday at NBC, at 9 PM ET. The series would be available to stream on fuboTV, Hulu, Peacock Premium, and Amazon Prime Videos.

1652898824 928 Law Order SVU Season 23 Finale May 19 Release

Episode 22: What Can We Expect?

The last episode of the season, directed by Juan Campanella, has the squad confronting another problem. The synopsis for the episode says that the unit is providing support and protection to a domestic violence victim. However, the trial holds a twist.

That is to say, the episode is sure to be a roller coaster of turns, and our favorite squad needs to go above and beyond to finally get a rest (God knows they need a break!).

It is to remain whether the people involved in the case get their due justice and if the season ends up positively.

What Comes Next?

Yes, it’s a goodbye for our Special Victims Unit Squad, but it’s not forever! Luckily for us, NBC has already renewed the series for 3 seasons in 2020, which means, for the time being, we have confirmation that we are getting the next season, 24, in some time. Mariska Hargitay is not going anywhere, and neither are we.

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Why South Florida’s own Sony Michel is thinking Ricky Williams as he joins Dolphins



Why South Florida’s own Sony Michel is thinking Ricky Williams as he joins Dolphins

Sony Michel knows what it means to be a running back wearing No. 34 for the Miami Dolphins.

As he was growing up in South Florida, developing into what would one day become a five-star high school recruit at American Heritage, it was Ricky Williams posting the two highest single-season rushing totals in Dolphins history in 2002 (franchise-record 1,853 yards) and 2003 (1,372).

“Everybody knows this is a great number,” Michel said in his first interview with his hometown team following Tuesday’s session of organized team activities. “Ricky Williams ran the ball hard here and did a lot of numbers. I can’t be rocking it just to rock it. I’ve got to come out here and put in some work.”

Michel, 27, who signed with the Dolphins last week, would’ve been just 7 years old when Williams set that franchise mark. He said he never had any Williams memorabilia at that young age, but he had Miami running backs from years that followed in Ronnie Brown and Reggie Bush on his wall as he got older. Williams, who infamously retired for the first time ahead of the 2004 season, later returned to team up with Brown in the Dolphins’ backfield, most memorably in the 2008 season highlighted by the onset of the Wildcat offense and Miami’s last AFC East division title.

Whoever his inspiration was then or now, Michel grew into an eventual NFL tailback through a storied high school career that saw him first burst onto the local scene as an eighth grader before his time at Georgia.

“It was a process for me,” said Michel about going from last time he carried the football for a South Florida team to this time. “It was the step of going to college, and when I was in the process of college, that became the idea or a potential idea of playing for the Dolphins.

“It was a dream, an aspiration. I didn’t know how true it would become, but we’re here and I’m excited. Words can’t really describe it.”

Now, Michel will be part of a crowded committee in the Dolphins’ backfield as one of four tailbacks capable of starting for an NFL team. Miami signed fellow running backs Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert in March. The Dolphins retained Myles Gaskin, who has started 17 games over the past two seasons for the franchise.

“A lot of great runners,” Michel said. “My whole thing is, if you want to be a good runner, you’ve got to compete with great runners. That’s one of the reasons I came here.”

New Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel is used to having multiple backs that can produce from his experience spearheading the San Francisco 49ers’ touted run game in the years before he became offensive coordinator there in 2021.

“Competition for the Miami Dolphins is only a good thing,” McDaniel said. “You have the opportunity to add a player of his caliber, of his pedigree, a multiple Super Bowl winner, we jumped at the opportunity.”

What stands out about Michel relative to the others is that he can be the physical, between-the-tackles ball carrier at 5-11, 215 pounds. Mostert (5-10, 205) is largely lauded for his blazing speed, and Edmonds (5-9, 210) is a dynamic back who also excels at catching the ball out of the backfield. Gaskin is listed at 194 pounds.

Michel’s journey out of college first saw him drafted as a first-round pick in 2018 by the New England Patriots. There, he found immediate success, winning the Super Bowl as a rookie and rushing for 336 yards and six touchdowns in the Patriots’ three playoff victories. Early that season, Michel had his first 100-yard rushing effort in a Week 4 win against the Dolphins, who entered 3-0.

Traded to the Los Angeles Rams ahead of last season, he ended up winning a second Super Bowl.

“Just keeping my head down and working,” he said of what he can bring the Dolphins from the championship experience. “I think that’s all I know. I think that’s all I’m going to continue to do — and earn my teammates’ trust.”

It’s fitting Michel returns to South Florida with a championship mindset. As a senior at American Heritage in the 2013 fall season, he led the school to its first state football championship. Heritage has since won four more — three of them with former Dolphins cornerback and current defensive assistant Patrick Surtain as the school’s head coach. Surtain was in his first year as an assistant at the school when Michel was a senior.


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