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Citing “pancaking” of rate increases, Colorado consumer advocates blasts Xcel Energy’s proposed natural gas hike



Citing “pancaking” of rate increases, Colorado consumer advocates blasts Xcel Energy’s proposed natural gas hike

The agency that represents the public before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission says Xcel Energy’s proposed natural gas rate increase of $188.6 million over three years is unjustified and plans to file a protest.

Xcel Energy, which has 1.4 million natural gas customers in Colorado, filed the rate request Monday with the PUC. If approved, bills would rise Nov. 1.

The rate request comes as state regulators are considering Xcel Energy’s proposed $182 million increase in electric rates. The PUC will also decide requests by Xcel Energy and other companies to recover their costs from a February 2021 storm that plunged temperatures below zero from Texas to the Midwest and sent natural gas prices soaring.

The office of the Utility Consumer Advocate said not all Xcel Energy customers buy both electricity and natural gas from the company, but there is a significant overlap. The office signed on to a partial settlement in the $182 million electric rate case, but opposes Xcel Energy’s proposed natural gas increase.

Cindy Schonhaut, the agency’s director, said the PUC has referred to the company’s “pancaking” of proposed rate increases.

“This is a frequent thing. This is pancakes on pancakes,” Schonhaut said. “What’s kind of shocking is that there was a rate increase on the gas side by Xcel in 2020.”

The $94 million, or 19% increase, took effect in April 2021. Xcel Energy President Alice Jackson said in a letter to the PUC that the utility was required to submit the new filing to comply with agreements in previous natural gas rate cases.

However, Schonhaut said the filing could have been a formality and didn’t have to include a substantial jump in rates.

Under Xcel Energy’s proposal, the average residential customer’s monthly bill would rise by $4.16 starting in November; $1.83 in November 2023; and $2.15 in November 2024.

The average monthly increases for small businesses would be $19.09 in November; $7.30 in 2023; and $8.37 in 2024.

The current average residential monthly bill is $62.42 and the average small commercial monthly bill is $251.19. The proposed rate increases don’t cover increases Xcel Energy pays for natural gas, which are passed through to customers.

The company wouldn’t seek additional rate increases that would take effect before November 2025, Xcel Energy spokesman Michelle Aguayo said.

In her letter to the PUC, Jackson said Xcel Energy wants to ensure that its base rates accurately reflect the cost of providing service. She said the revenue will help cover the expense of meeting growing energy needs across the state, improving gas pipelines and further reducing greenhouse-gas emissions from its operations while affordably meeting customers’ needs.

“If you’re committed to affordability, what’s with all these rate increases?” Schonhaut asked.

AARP Colorado spoke against higher electric rates during a PUC hearing last week. The organization is also concerned about the proposed natural gas increases because of the impact on residential customers, especially low-income customers and ones on fixed incomes, said Bill Levis, a consultant and formerly with the Colorado office of consumer counsel.


Vampire In The Garden On Netflix: Should You Stream It Or Skip It? What Our Critic Has To Say?



Vampire In The Garden On Netflix: Should You Stream It Or Skip It? What Our Critic Has To Say?

Vampire In The Garden, released on 16th May, raises our curiosity about what it means. Therefore, to ease your curiosity a bit, we will help you with this article about what it is all about for you to decide whether to watch it. RyōtarōMakiharaand assistant Hiroyuki Tanaka directed the series is not your normal vampire and human story but is something that would take you on a roller coaster ride.

Skip It Or See It?

Wit Studio created series is a MUST SEE because it brings a post dystopian and grim reality of the war between Vampire and Humans, and the core theme of the show is desperation. It is not a normal vampire story based on the commonality between two opposite species – humans and vampires.

The story will bring tears after seeing the struggle, desperation, desire, relationship, and tragedy. There are also hints of love between Momo and Fine. It is violent and gory because vampires and humans cannot exist, resulting in war.

The visuals and art are something worth watching. The trailer and the series have both managed to grab the audience’s attention, as in the first few minutes, the attention has been captivated.

The series is not just revolving around one aspect but includes several emotions and metaphorically comments on the contemporary world. Several people are struggling to survive and are searching for peace either by dying or by living alone, making it somewhat relatable and thus a must-watch.

The series will be emotional as it was clear from the trailer itself that the bond between Momo and Fine is intense, and that would bring tears and the fact that in a society, its not just what you see. Still, some people might be enemies or opposites in some parts, but they coexist happily.

Love has no boundaries, and so does desperation, and that is what the show presents; And how can we forget about the animation and voice cast that hits the emotion directly into our hearts, making it even more watch-worthy?

1652828587 713 Vampire In The Garden On Netflix Should You Stream It

About The Series

Vampire in the garden is an anime series based on an unusual story about a human and a vampire. The story entails the battle where humanity loses against vampires and gets hold of most of the land. Some humans who survived the bloody battle set up a wall of light in a town to help them survive and protect one another from the monsters.

To save themselves, they even destroyed all forms of art, music and culture to keep the bloodthirsty monsters at bay. Momo, the protagonist, lives a difficult life and is tired of all the conflicts and wishes to have a way out so that she can be alone.

On the vampire’s side, there is Fine, the vampire queen who makes a great effort to exist with the vampires because she has given up on feeding on humans and surviving on blood and thus is finding a place to die peacefully.

The commonality between both Momo and Fine is that they want the conflict to stop. Thus when they encounter each other; this commonality se them off to search for a place called Eden where the vampire and humans play music together.

A garden that no one has seen before or heard of. Both of them are looking for a way to get out f the pain and troubles but do they succeed? To know that, you have to see the series.

The Cast

The cast of the show includes Yu Kobayashi; the voice actor for the character of Fine and Megumi Han, the voice actor behind the character Momo. Chiaki Kobayashi voices Allegro, Nobara is voiced by Rika FUkami, and Hiroki Tochi voices Kubo.

Where To Watch?

The animated series released on 16th May can be streamed exclusively on Netflix and consists of 5 episodes, almost 25-30 minutes long.

So please don’t wait and stream it now before you get spoilers from others. 

The post Vampire In The Garden On Netflix: Should You Stream It Or Skip It? What Our Critic Has To Say? appeared first on Gizmo Story.

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New visitor center debuts at Historic Fort Snelling over Memorial Day weekend



New visitor center debuts at Historic Fort Snelling over Memorial Day weekend

The Minnesota Historical Society announced on Tuesday that it is “reintroducing” Historic Fort Snelling to the public over Memorial Day weekend.

A new visitor center — located inside newly rehabilitated 1904 cavalry barracks — will open to the public on May 28.

Over Memorial Day weekend, visitors can check out the new visitor center as well as the site’s expanded interpretive spaces, scenic walking paths and improved overlooks, Indigenous landscapes with native plantings and other changes. The site, which is a National Historic Landmark, also has improved accessibility, parking and a picnic spot.

Thanks to staff and historians, the public can now come to Fort Snelling and learn about the site’s role over time, from when it was the homeland of the Dakota to its role in World War II and beyond.

The changes, made over more than two years, cost $34.5 million, with $19.5 million provided by the state of Minnesota and $15 million from private funding.

Public programming during Memorial Day weekend includes live music, a Civil War cannon demonstration, an 1890s mechanized infantry bicycle demonstration and a World War I demonstration that shows how the game of baseball was used to train soldiers on the use of gas masks.

With its reintroduction, the visitor center and the site will now be open throughout the year, instead of just seasonally.

Memorial Day weekend at Fort Snelling

  • Location: Historic Fort Snelling is located at Minnesota Highways 5 and 55 overlooking the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers, 200 Tower Ave., St. Paul.
  • Hours/dates: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Saturday, May 28, through Monday, May 30; Summer hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays – Sundays; closed Labor Day
  • Admission: $12 for adults, $10 for seniors (65 and older), college students and active military; $8 for children ages 5 to 17
  • Parking: $6 ($4 for members of the Minnesota Historical Society)
  • Info:
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ESPN Films producing ‘30 for 30′ documentary on Ravens’ 2000 Super Bowl team



ESPN Films producing ‘30 for 30′ documentary on Ravens’ 2000 Super Bowl team

The Ravens’ first Super Bowl-winning team is getting a closer look.

ESPN Films announced Tuesday that production has started on a “30 for 30″ documentary on the 2000 Ravens, whose dominant defense powered the team to a Super Bowl XXXV title. ESPN Films said in its release that “no team in NFL history has boasted, bullied or brandished as much bravado” as those Ravens, who were led by colorful coaches like Brian Billick and players like inside linebacker Ray Lewis.

“The rest of the NFL hated the Ravens but no one could say a thing, because they couldn’t beat them on the field, especially facing, arguably, the greatest defense ever,” ESPN Films said in its release. “Luckily for sports fans, their full-throated reign coincided perfectly with the rise of the ‘reality television’ era via Hard Knocks.”

The documentary will be co-directed by Ken Rodgers, who has directed several NFL documentaries for ESPN Films’ “30 for 30″ series, and Jason Weber, a producer for the NFL. Further details will be announced later.


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