‘RHOSLC’ Jen Shah Blames Meredith Feud on Lisa and Jennie as Jennie Shades Jen as “Toxic”

RHOSLC's Jen Shah Blames Lisa and Jennie for Fueling Feud With Meredith as Lisa Claims Jen is "Desperate" and Jennie Shades Jen's Behavior as "Toxic," Plus Live Viewing
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Jen Shah believes her feud with Meredith Marks escalated in Zion due to the input of Lisa Barlow and Jennie Nguyen, who she claims failed to acknowledge what they’d previously said about her.

After Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen took aim at her castmates as Lisa and Jennie fought back by suggesting that they were simply trying to bring the women back together in hopes of coming to some sort of resolution or dissolving their feud.

“It starts getting escalated because Lisa and Jennie start backtracking on what was said,” Jen explained on the January 23 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show.

But according to Lisa, she didn’t “do anything wrong.”

“I had a clear conscious in all of that,” she insisted. “Meredith and Jen have a very clear issue. They both wanted to say more, both Jen and Meredith, and they didn’t. And then they would throw out these little jabs. I think Jen wasn’t taking accountability for her stuff. She was, in some ways, super direct and in other ways, deflecting. It’s like, everything’s getting conflated, confused, misdirected and then people that are innocent in the situation are being blamed.”

Lisa went on to note that she and Jennie were trying to be civil and bring Jen and Meredith together, and suggested Jen was determined to win Meredith’s validation and approval.

“I feel like Jen wants validation and seeking Meredith’s approval so badly that it comes at any cost,” Lisa said. “She like, desperately wants to be Meredith’s friend and I don’t understand the dynamic because it’s not positive from either direction and at the expense of me and Jennie.”

Lisa believes that she and Jennie, who was recently fired from the show due to a series of racist posts shared in 2020, weren’t at all deserving of the “hostility and anger” they received from Jen. And Jennie, who Lisa said “cried that night,” agreed.

“We [had] her back and to see what she’s doing to us was so irritating,” Jennie admitted. “I was so mad. I was like, “This is not the Jen I want to be around. This is not the genuine Jen I expected.’ And I distanced myself. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to talk to you in this moment. I am very angry. I might do something I will regret or say something I will regret. And so, therefore, I’m going to stop here. And I’m going to leave because this is so toxic to me.’”

RHOSLC Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for tonight’s all-new episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two, so feel free to share your thoughts below as the episode airs at 9/8c on Bravo.

Photos Credit:  Chad Kirkland/Bravo

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