Ashton Kutcher Hilariously Calls Mila Kunis Out For Breaking Dry January Pact A Day Early

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The married ‘That 70s Show’ stars nearly completed a whole month of January without a drop of alcohol, but Mila Kunis broke the pact a little early, thanks to the Lunar calendar.

Lots of people are likely excited to relax with a drink after taking part in Dry January (or Dryuary), but Mila Kunis couldn’t wait another day! Her husband Ashton Kutcher, 43, posted a hilarious video of himself catching his 38-year-old wife trying to sneak a cocktail in on Monday January 31. Regardless, Mila had the perfect comeback when Ashton tried to tell her that she needed to wait one more day.

Ashton told fans that he thought he was about to catch his wife, right before he confronted her. “It’s still Dry January. [Mila] and I have been doing Dry January, and I think she’s breaking Dry January right now,” he said into the camera, before going to ask what she was doing.

While Mila used a cocktail maker, she didn’t try to deflect that she was ready to live her best life with a drink!  “I’m making a cocktail,” she said, while her husband reminded her that the month wasn’t quite over yet. “It’s still dry January. It’s January 31st,” he told her.

Despite Ashton’s best efforts, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star had a perfect retort. She said that by following the Lunar Calendar, she could indulge a little early. “Nope, I work off of the lunar calendar. So it’s wet February for me right now,” she joked. Ashton also celebrated the end of the month with a hilarious caption. “Cheers to #dryjanuary coming to a close!” he wrote under the video. While Mila may have broken the deal a little early, they definitely made it a lot further than many people who gave up their Dryuary pledges early!

Ashton called out Mila with a hilarious video, while she prepped a drink for herself. (Peter Barreras/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Dry January aside, Ashton and Mila have had plenty of other hilarious escapades together! The Bad Moms star put her husband on blast during an October 2021 appearance on Hot Ones, when the host asked about whether Ashton still had his collection of trucker hats from his signature aughts style. When Ashton had appeared on the show years before, he said he’d gotten rid of him, but she showed that he had lied. “You didn’t get rid of anything. You have plenty of trucker hats, and the entire ’70s wardrobe is downstairs. What is this?” she joked.

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