For Your Viewing Pleasure: 10 Of Meagan [Ms. Good If You’re Nasty’s] Sexiest Single Lady Roles

For Your Viewing Pleasure: 10 Of Meagan [Ms. Good If You’re Nasty’s] Sexiest Single Lady Roles
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Source: Cécile BOKO / iONEDigital

Since recent reports of the unfortunate dissolution of her marriage to motivational speaker and author Devon Franklin, Meagan Good has been seen on the scene looking just as luscious as ever. One of our fave big-screen baddies of this generation is back outside after nearly a decade as a loving wife and First Lady. We can’t help but notice that like fine wine she’s only gotten better with time!

 Here’s a quick rehash of some of Meagan’s most memorable roles as a single Black female.

1. Waist Deep

The female lead “Coco” who plots a scheme with protagonist “O2”, played by Tyrese Gibson, to rob a bank for ransom for his kidnapped son.

2. Think Like A Man

A young and single “Mya” is ready to give up on casual dating in search for a man who will actually commit, and enlists the help of Steve Harvey’s best selling book for a few techniques. After kissing many frogs, she meets “Zeke”, a player who is determined to beat her at her own game.

3. You Got Served

Beautifull is the rambunctious best friend of Liyah, “David” (Omarion)’s love interest.

4. Love By The 10th Date

Gabrielle Fateful has been unlucky in love, but is willing to try one last shot, if she can make it to the 10th date with a good man and no sex.

5. 35 And Ticking

The object of Cleavon (Kevin Hart)’s affection.

6. Harlem

Camille, an adjunct professor at Columbia, finds it hard to focus when a past love interest returns home engaged to another woman.

7. Stomp The Yard

April is the sexy love interest of DJ (Colombus Short,) whose father happens to be the University’s dean.

8. The Cookout

The gold digging girlfriend of main character, NBA draft pick Todd.

9. Video Girl

After a knee injury, an aspiring ballerina, Lorie, lands a glamorous career as a video girl, but soon finds the industry has a dark side.

10. Jumping The Broom

Blythe is the maid of honor to main character Sabrina, who meets a handsome and witty chef in preparation for the wedding.

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