‘Married At First Sight’ Preview: Noi Admits She’s ‘Falling In Love’ With Steve

Married At First Sight
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Noi feels so ‘connected’ to Steve and thinks she’s already ‘falling in love’ with him in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the February 2 episode of ‘Married At First Sight.’ But Steve doesn’t exactly feel the same way.

Noi and Steve are still getting to know each other, but Noi already has strong feelings for Steve. “I feel so comfortable with Steve,” Noi says in our EXCLUSIVE preview of Married At First Sight. “It’s kind of eerie. I can honestly say I’ve never dated anyone where I felt this connected to them this early on.

She adds, “I feel like I’m falling in love in the craziest way. I definitely think that it’s happening.”

Noi admits she’s ‘in love’ with Steve. (Lifetime)

After talking to producers, she goes to sit down and talk with Steve about how she feels about him. She tells Steve that she’s “slowly” falling in love with him. All Steve says is… “Okay.”

This is not the response Noi was hoping for from Steve. “I think we both agree that we have strong feelings at this point in time. We cuddle a lot, we talk, we giggle,” Steve says before trying to play off the awkward moment.

Noi tries to act like Steve’s lack of enthusiasm is fine with her, and she rolls her eyes in sarcasm. Steve laughs and jokes that it’s only day 3 of their marriage. To say that you have strong feelings for someone after only 3 days is “a lot,” Steve admits. Noi’s look proves she’s not happy about this at all.

Noi Steve
Noi and Steve are one of the season 14 couples. (Lifetime)

To Noi’s friends, her strong feelings in the early stages of her relationship are not surprising. Noi is known for loving easily and freely. Noi decided to go on Married At First Sight because she’s tired of being let down. As for Steve, he’s had examples of healthy marriage all his life. He’s ready for a wife and hopes to find a perfect match. But will it be with Noi? That’s the big question. Married At First Sight season 14 airs Wednesdays at 12 p.m. on Lifetime.

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