Do Tell: Georgia Sheriff Offers $500,000 Of His Own Money For Tips Leading To Kendrick Johnson’s Alleged Murderer

Do Tell: Georgia Sheriff Offers $500,000 Of His Own Money For Tips Leading To Kendrick Johnson’s Alleged Murderer
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Ok, there’s a few things we need to address here…

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Kendrick Johnson’s death is a subject that we have updated consistently since news of it broke back in 2013. Most recently, we reported that the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department filed a 16-page report that concluded that there was no foul play in Kendrick’s death. Sheriff Ashley Paulk asserts that there is no evidence to criminally charge anyone and called the unexplained death “a weird accident”.

Suffice to say, Kendrick’s family finds that to be completely unacceptable. They have made it very apparent that they believe someone in the department is covering up the truth.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Sheriff Paulk is responding to the accusations by doing something that we can only describe as strange and disrespectful. Paulk announced yesterday that he is offering $500,000 of his own funds for any information that leads authorities to the person responsible for Kendrick’s death.

After the release of my synopsis of the federal files on the Kendrick Johnson case, his parents have called me a liar and continue to state that Kendrick was murdered,” he wrote. “Because of these statements, I am personally — with my own funds — offering a reward of one-half million dollars … to anyone who comes forward with information that results in the arrest and conviction of a person for the alleged murder of Kendrick Johnson at Lowndes County High School.”

First and foremost, a cop has $500,000 cash to give away? Call it pocket-watching if you must but somebody with the initials I-R-S needs to look into that. Moreover, it feels dismissive as hell to refute the family’s distrust of the investigation with a ridiculous monetary offer. Almost as if to say, “If some mysterious, mystical, magical evidence appears then I’ll eat my shoe”.

We’re positive that this is not the end of the search to find out the truth about Kendrick Johnson’s death.

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