WeTV Reveals Their Latest Lineup Of Recently Reformed “Love After Lockup” Prison Baes

WeTV Reveals Their Latest Lineup Of Recently Reformed “Love After Lockup” Prison Baes
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Are you ready to meet a new batch of baes out the bing?!

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WE tv announced today that “Love After Lockup,” the original installment of the criminally popular franchise is back on WE tv Friday, March 4 at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT with 10 new juicy episodes that will now be 90 minutes each! New episodes become available on popular AMC streaming service ALLBLK, every Tuesday, following their premiere on WE tv.

The new season will feature five new couples and a fan favorite couple from “Love During Lockup,” who take the drama to the next level with deeper love, bigger doubts, and even more mystery, as viewers once again debate if it’s true love or just another convincing con. Although every journey begins with a long-awaited prison release, each of our lovebirds and jailbirds have their own winding path to the altar.

Check out the supertease for the new season below:

Wow. Get your popcorn ready!

Let’s learn more more about the couples!

Kevin & Tiffany (Arlington, TX)

Kevin, a self-proclaimed player, had many women sliding into his DMs, but Tiffany stood out from the crowd. Soon after they connected on the outside, Tiffany got in trouble and was sent to prison before Kevin closed the deal. They have kept in contact and plan to pick up where they left off once Tiffany is released, but will secrets blowup their romance?

Indie & Harry (Beltsville, MD)

In “Love During Lockup,” Indie waits for her “spiritual husband,” Harry, to get out of prison. Now Indie’s dreams might come true, as Harry’s release date is fast approaching. Indie’s psychic told her to move to Ohio to be with Harry in “Love During Lockup,” but the move was a bust. Will her second attempt be a success? Indie’s ready to give it another try, but her bounty-hunter mom won’t stop until she proves Harry is up to no good.

Rick & Raydean (Cedar Park, TX)

Rick (49 years old) and Raydean (29 years old) first met over 10 years ago but have only recently fallen in love. Back then, Raydean was dating a man who was in Rick’s motorcycle club. When they broke up, Rick kept an eye on Raydean, until one day she vanished– then Raydean reached out to Rick from prison, and the rest is history. Rick has grand plans for a beautiful future with his love, but will Raydean’s family and prison ties thwart Rick’s dreams?

Kaylah & Martel (Atlanta, GA)

Kaylah and Martel met by chance at a party 14 years ago. They had an instant connection and dated briefly before Martel was arrested and handed a hefty prison sentence. Kaylah and Martel continued their relationship through prison walls. After a 13-year prison stay, will secrets and lies get in between the love they’ve shared for all those years?

Tayler & Chance (Elsberry, MO)

Tayler, a devoted mother who’s been less than lucky in love, and Chance appropriately met by “chance” when he called expecting to speak with Tayler’s ex-boyfriend, who he had been incarcerated with– but the recently single Tayler decided to keep him on the line. He started calling once a week, then every day, and eventually the two fell in love. Chance knew Tayler was the one for him, but neither of their families are thrilled with the idea of the two being together. Tayler expects a proposal once he’s released, but will Chance be able to keep all his promises?

Lacey & Antoine (Snohomish, WA)

Lacey (38 years old) and Antoine (26 years old) met through Lacey’s friend, who just happens to be Antoine’s mom. Lacey, who’s marriage was on the rocks, was immediately infatuated with the young, hot, bad boy. Unfortunately, they spent little time together before Antoine called it off because Lacey was married. Though Lacey was married for almost 20 years, she was tired of her stale and loveless marriage. A year later, Antoine called her again, this time from prison. Now the two have been together for 2 years and Lacey has left her old life in the past. Now, because of that decision, Lacey has strained the relationship with her family and with Antoine’s mom. Will Lacey still feel it was all worth it? And how will Antoine handle the pressures of being with a woman a decade older than him?

Whew! This is a whole LOT to deal with. Do you think ANY of these situations will be successful? We’re already worried for our girl Indie based on the supertease!

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