‘RHOC’ Noella Bergener Slams Heather Dubrow After Kids’ Game Room Seemingly Has Cards Against Humanity

RHOC's Noella Bergener Calls Out Heather for Trying to Discredit Her, Says "Truth" Has Come Out With Clip of Cards Against Humanity in Heather's Kids' Game Room
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Noella Bergener feels that she’s found redemption in a recently uncovered clip of Heather Dubrow‘s game room.

After Heather berated her for buying her 17-year-old daughter, Max Dubrow, a sexually explicit card game created by Cards Against Humanity on Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Noella shared the telling clip on her Instagram page.

“Thank you brilliant Bravo fans for sending my way. I knew she was out to discredit me at all costs after calling her out in the podcast room. It means the world to me though that you see what I see. Thank you for the love & support. Truly means the world,” Noelle wrote in the caption of her clip, in which Heather was seen showing off her kids’ game room closets, where “games and legos and everything [are] all organized.”

“The first time I heard that [Cards Against Humanity] was an explicit (that’s the correct word) game was in Cabo. Apparently it can also be in the kids game room.. for 14 year olds..,” Noella continued in her caption, adding a hashtag that read, “The truth always comes out.”

The “truth” Noella is referring to is the presence of a Cards Against Humanity pack, which Heather actually referred to in the clip.

“I try to put games for Coco on the lower shelves and then for the older kids, you know, the Cards for Humanity, and What Do You Meme?, those go a little higher,” Heather explained.

While it wasn’t clear whether or not the box of cards featured in the video was the same box that Noella gifted Max, which was a special edition Pride game that depicted a number of sexual acts, the game seen was in a black box.

Heather shares four kids with husband Terry Dubrow, including her now-18-year-old daughter Max and her twin, Nick, and younger daughters Katarina, 15, and Coco, 11.

Rhoc Heather Dubrow's Kids' Game Room Has Cards Against Humanity Game

Although Noella believes the video proves that Heather was simply trying to discredit her by acting outraged at her card game gift for Max, not everyone believed she proved her case with the video. After all, there are a number of Cards Against Humanity games that are not sexually explicit.

“Ok but buying cards against humanity (which is not a sexual game..just raunchy) for your older kids is different then having someone buy a sexual version of the game for a child,” one person noted.

“They make teen version Cards Against Humanity games,” another noted.

“You fail to mention that the version you got her daughter is a different and more explicit version of the cards. Don’t try and pull a fast one!” said a third.

Meanwhile, others were more supportive.

“Ignore the madness sis! you’re still a fabulous smart kind and a really good person with a huge heart!” someone stated.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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