St. Charles County neighbors clear snow to help paramedics get man to ambulance

St. Charles County neighbors clear snow to help paramedics get man to ambulance
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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. — A group of people in O’Fallon, Missouri, stepped in to help paramedics get their neighbor to an ambulance after this week’s snowstorm.

First responders received a call Thursday afternoon for a man who was having difficulty breathing. When they arrived at his house on Drake Court, there were at least eight inches of snow on the driveway and sidewalk. It wasn’t the safest condition to move a patient on a stretcher to an ambulance.

Acting Captain George Toelke, of the O’Fallon Fire Protection District, said he and an engineer grabbed scoop shovels to start clearing a path.

“I was at the top of the driveway working my way down when somebody stepped in front of me. And this kid comes out of nowhere, and I was like thanks,” said Toelke.

That kid was one of about 15 people who were the first to respond when the first responders needed help.

“I saw the ambulance pull up, and I was like I think they need help because I saw them get out their shovels,” said Sam Rademeyer, a young boy who lives in the neighborhood. “There was a lot of snow, and I just decided to get my shovel to shovel and help them.”

Kids and adults came out of their homes with shovels in hand to help.

“We just saw that the ambulance was coming to the court, and we just knew that someone needed help,” said Will Muckerman, another youngster who helped shovel snow.

First responders were there to help Ron Pillow, who said he was feeling faint. His neighbors cleared his sidewalk and driveway in a matter of minutes, so paramedics could get him to the ambulance.

“Mr. Ron is a good man, and he has helped us, and I just had to help him,” said Rademeyer.

Toelke was also thankful for all of the help first responders received.

“Their help was immeasurable,” Toelke said.

Pillow said he was taken to a hospital, where they treated him for dehydration and released him last night. He said he couldn’t ask for better neighbors.

“I owe it all to those folks,” Pillow said. “The story is about them, not about me. Just remember that.”

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