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Elon Musk joins Twitter’s board of directors, vows to make changes



Elon Musk became Twitter’s largest shareholder when he bought a $3 billion stake (9.2% of Twitter stock) in the company

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Japanese Swords for sale: Why they are special



Historical warfare stories usually discuss the importance of fighting skills using swords. No wonder, the samurai always come up in such discussions. For many years, the bravery of samurai has been unmatched. Their combat skills are usually associated with the strength of swords they have. A Samurai Katana for sale is made up of high-quality steel that goes through repeated heating, hammering, and folding. This repetition of the process makes sure that air bubbles that may form in the steel are removed. This post discusses why these swords are special.

The production process

The process involved in producing a samurai sword was always and still remains an elaborate one. This process requires a great deal of perseverance and conviction. As explained earlier, the repetition of the process has various benefits. It ensures that the air bubbles that can form in the steel are removed. These air bubbles can sometimes weaken the sword during heating.

Another advantage of repeating this process is that repetition puts layers to the sword’s surface. This is a good thing to do because it increases the strength of the sword.

Lastly, repeating the process makes sure that carbon is distributed evenly throughout the surface. It’s worth noting that carbon tends to have naturally-occurring strengthening properties.

The cooling process

After heating, hammering, and folding the Japanese sword to the satisfaction of the swordsmith, it needs to be cooled. But they cannot cool it by directly submerging the sword into cold water. If they do this, the surface of the blade can become brittle. Likewise, if the swordsmith cools the blade too slowly, the blade can become blunt.

Therefore, a swordsmith needs to have the right level of cooling. To get the best level of cooling, a swordsmith uses a thin layer of clay which is a combination of water with the clay and ash. They apply this on the cutting edge of the sword to cool it down. 

When doing this, they keep the blade hard and sharp while on the other edge they apply a thicker layer of the clay to make the blade shatter-proof and sturdy. As a result, the Japanese sword usually has a sturdy backbone. The iconic samurai blades, such as Tachi and Katana are often curved because the two edges cool at different rates.  

Keep in mind that the sword symbolizes the soul of the swordsman wielding it. No doubt, katana as well as other samurai swords are majestic-looking weapons that come with the right strength any piece of steel can give besides the care and patience of a master craftsman. 

In conclusion, over the years, swordsmiths have mastered the skills of making various types of swords by differentiating the size, curvature, and handle. This has helped to serve a variety of needs on the battlefield and beyond it. Some of the Japanese swords you can find on the market include the tanto, katana, tachi, and wakizashi. These swords have their unique qualities and the samurai used them in duels or other types of conflicts.

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Indian Jones 5 Enters Editing Phase



Indian Jones 5 Enters Editing Phase

After years of back-and-forth, the fifth and final movie of the Indian Jones franchise has entered edits. The news comes after plenty of uncertainty regarding the film’s production, which has been stalled for a variety of reasons over the years—which includes George Lucas’s departure from the project and Steven Spielberg stepping down as director. 

The stakes have never been higher for Indy fans. At 80 years of age, it will be Ford’s last project that pays homage to his origins as a star back in the 1970s. As the conclusion to the mega-popular series, there’s even more pressure to get the film right.

Indian Jones has been one of the most influential pop culture series to emerge from Hollywood. In fact, the Jones character, a smart-mouthed anthropologist with a penchant for adventure, has since become a stereotype. First came movies from The Goonies to The Mummy

Then came video game iterations, such as Sony’s Uncharted and Core Design’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider series. Today, even online slots draw inspiration from Indy’s escapades, including action-adventure titles like Rich Wilde and the Book of the Dead and Book of Ra.

Clearly, there’s a lot riding on a franchise that has so greatly influenced pop culture of all stripes. And now that the still-untitled fifth installation has entered editing, the clock is ticking for fans worldwide.

A Fifth & Final Film?

Great emphasis has been put on Harrison Ford’s participation in Indy 5. Not only is the actor’s age a factor in how his character can navigate the film, but writers must also take care in how they choose to end the Indy legacy. Fans of Daniel Craig’s James Bond can appreciate how tricky this can be.

Some fans have speculated the plot could revolve around Ford’s age, helping assuage the future of the franchise. Will a fountain of youth and time travel device be critical to leaving the series with a (new) Indian Jones? Or will Ford’s departure from the series mark the end of the endlessly curious anthropologist and his wayward projects abroad?

Indian Jones 5 Enters Editing Phase
Indian Jones 5 Enters Editing Phase

An Evolving Indy

Unlike the Bond franchise, Ford alone has headed the George Lucas franchise—from 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Art to 2008’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This presents unique questions for the future—and not just whether the series will continue in some form.

As mentioned above, Lucas’s Indiana Jones introduced a new form of action-adventure film to Hollywood. It entailed a singularly ‘American’ spirit, which involves adventurous spirit, individualism, and a drive for exploration. But with almost half a century between the first and last films, Indiana Jones might not represent his country so squarely anymore.

Cultural notes aside (of which there are many), Indy was a man of the outdoors. Today’s world is increasingly digital and virtual. How does a hero like Indy fit into modern life? And will this be a focal point of the plot for the fifth film?

Struggling to Get Off the Ground

From the outside looking in, there were periods when the fifth installation seemed to be a pipe dream. With Lucas and Spielberg participating in a limited capacity with the film (both as producers), many fans have been placated… but there’s still a lack of details surrounding the film.

 First, there’s no official title (though some believe it will be Indy). Second, other major cast members, from Antonio Banderas to Phoebe Waller-Bridge, still have undisclosed roles. Third, there are still no comprehensive plot details available. The only hints stem from filming locations, which run the gambit from Sicily to Scotland to Morocco.

At the crux of the film’s delay seems to be a writing struggle, which likely harkens back to debates on how to end the series, or to keep it open. Previously, Lucas mentioned introducing Shia LaBeouf’s character, Mutt Williams, in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as a future replacement for Indy.

However, given LaBeouf’s absence from the official casting list, there’s an even greater chance that part of the years-long delay has been based on not just the rollout of Star Wars films, but also a difficult decision about Indy’s future.

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Bandman Kevo reveals he had an affair with YouTuber Kayla Nicole and paid her to support his wife



Rapper Bandman Kevo claims he had an affair with YouTube influencer Kayla Nicole Jones, who is suing producer Polow Da Don

The post Bandman Kevo reveals he had an affair with YouTuber Kayla Nicole and paid her to support his wife first appeared on Sandra Rose.

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