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6 Creative Ideas for Custom Engagement Rings in Carrollton, TX



The engagement ring is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. Customizing your engagement ring to reflect your particular style is an important part of the process of selecting the perfect ring. Here are 6 creative ideas for custom engagement rings in Carrollton, TX to help you buy the perfect ring. We do recommend that you get custom diamond rings in Carrollton, TX with an expert jeweler for you to buy the ideal ring for your loved one.

What are the different types of diamonds that can be used in a ring setting in Carrollton?

  1. Round brilliant cut diamond

A significant number of all diamonds sold in Carrollton, TX are in the form of round brilliants. This is due to their precise circular form and the extraordinary fire and brightness that is created by the facets of the gemstones. Stones with round shapes have a timeless charm and may be placed in any design.

  1. Princess cut diamond

Because of the way they’re cut, princess-cut diamonds come in both square and rectangular forms. Princess-cut diamonds have a very distinct tint. The princess-cut diamonds, in contrast to other shapes, exhibit color in all four corners, although the center of other shapes is where the color is most prominent.

  1. Marquise cut diamond

An oval shape with pointy ends, marquise diamonds are the most common kind of diamond. Marquise-shaped diamonds have one of the greatest crown surface areas of any diamond shape, making them a fantastic option for those who want their diamonds to seem larger than they really are.

  1. Cushion cut diamond

Because of its evocative name and resemblance to the old mine cut, the cushion cut diamond has an old-world charm and appeal. It has chunkier, larger facets, a smaller table, and occasionally more rounded edges than other diamond shapes. It is quite hard to find a normal cushion cut. One reason for their popularity is because they are the most dazzling diamond shape available.

  1. Emerald cut diamond

Diamonds of the Emerald Cut style have long, rectangular shapes with chiseled step cuts and facets that run parallel to the stone’s length. In addition to its suitability for solitaire and simple pave settings, emerald-cut gemstones look stunning when set in three-stone jewelry.

  1. Oval cut diamond

Oval cut diamonds are essentially a round brilliant cut that has been stretched, but there is more to the allure of these diamonds. The brightness of a round diamond is duplicated in an oval cut, which has a more asymmetrical form. With an expertly-cut stone, a square diamond might seem to be bigger than a brilliant round one.

 What is the difference between a solitaire and a halo setting?

The most popular design of engagement rings for decades has been the solitaire ring. An engagement ring with a single diamond or other stone as the centerpiece is known as a solitaire. For a flawless diamond, a solitaire setting is an ideal way to display it. In this arrangement, the stone is illuminated from all sides, resulting in the brightest glint possible.

Smaller gemstones are used around the center stone in the case of a halo setting. A halo effect is created, giving the illusion that the center stone is larger and more dazzling. The halo setting is a style with a wide variety of possibilities for designers. The halo serves as an extra layer of protection for the center stone by acting as a barrier between it and the environment.

What are the benefits of having a custom diamond ring design in Carrollton?

  1. Ease of buying

Choosing the ideal engagement ring might take months since there are so many options available in Carrollton. The procedure might be arduous, particularly if you’re trying to surprise your significant other. You’ll have to go through a lot of stores to find that one piece of jewelry.

When you design your own engagement ring, you save the anguish and worry of hunting for the perfect one. You may work with a well-known jeweler in Carrollton and begin the design process by submitting your ring design concept.

  1. Perfect for any budget

Setting a budget before purchasing an engagement ring is essential. When it comes time to go shopping, most couples have difficulty staying under their predetermined budget. You’ll be captivated by the large selection of stunning rings in Carrollton. Customizing the inexpensive engagement rings allows you more control over both design and price.

  1. Freedom to choose any design you want

Customization options include anything from metal and color to stone to size and form. The ring may be designed to reflect your partner’s personality. Precious stones have a unique radiance, and you want to enjoy that radiance for as long as possible. Having a custom-made engagement ring made in Carrollton will be greatly appreciated by your significant other.

Best Shopping Malls to Buy Jewelries in Carrollton

  1. Cali Sagon Mall

Indoor mall with a full service supermarket, retail shops, and a Asian themed food court are seen here.

  1. Carrollton Town Center

Founded in 1984, 99 Ranch Market provides a wide and diverse array of both specialty ethnic foods and more traditional grocery items. Known for its immense produce selection and incredible seafood and meat counters, 99 Ranch Market provides a truly unique and gourmet experience for any shopper.

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12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!



12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!

While the word “fashionista” sounds fun, it’s hard to be the one. You need to figure out a lot of things, from knowing what to wear to adding more glam and style to a certain trend.

Think of Gigi Hadid, Kendell Jenner, and Beyonce: these are a few big names of the Hollywood industry who never leave a chance to wow us with their stunning style. But, of course, they have a bunch of professional designers and makeup artists with them to brush up their looks. Whereas you, on the other hand, have to ride solo on the roads of fashion and style.

But who said you couldn’t have a great sense of style if you don’t have professional assistance? There are many girls out there who understand the nitty-gritty of the fashion world and rock their every look like a Hollywood diva.

Here, we’re going to share top signs to help you know if you’re really putting your best foot forward out there. Keep reading!

Note: If you have all (or at least some) of these traits, mark our words, “You’re an ultimate fashion queen who is born to stand out.”

12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!
12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!

1.  Your Mother Always Says, “ You’re Fashion Obsessed.”

If you change your dress endless times a day, you’re bound to get under your mom’s skin (especially if you don’t even set your wardrobe afterwards!). But fret not; take your mother’s remarks as a sign of success. She may not realize that you are going to have a big moment in the fashion world.

2.  Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Get What You Are Wearing

When will boys understand that not all girls dress to impress them; some just dress to stare at their reflections and feel like a glam goddess.

So, hey, girl! If you don’t hesitate to dress up in an avant-garde outfit other than your regular little black dress, even if your boyfriend doesn’t get it, kudos. You can call yourself a CONFIDENT FASHIONISTA!

3.  Your Friends Ask You To Go Shopping With Them

Your friends see you as a style lord and request you to go shopping with them. They know you are the right person who can help them learn the latest fashion trend and revamp their wardrobe to OTT.

Does it happen with you almost every day? It’s because your fashion game is on fleek.

4.  You’re Always Shopping

The moment you’re free, your hands lead to your phone, straightway to the shopping sites you have downloaded. And, you can’t stop yourself from ordering that *one* casual or designer dress you find trendy yet flattering.

In other words, if shopping is your happy place, you’re more likely to fall for fashion.

12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!
12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!

5.  You Know All The Dress Designers At Your Fingertips

From Jovani to Gucci, you know all the designers. Also, you love to shop from their collections, especially when there are clearance sales.

And, just so you know, the Jovani dress collection has been recently updated. You can now find the year’s hottest trending styles at affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get your hands on the *one* and mesmerize everyone with your glamorous style statement.

12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!
12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!

6.  You Laugh In The Face Of Fashion Stereotypes

Dusky girls shouldn’t wear bright clothes. Crop tops are for skinny girls only. Plus-size girls should only wear black. Ha!

You’re a hardcore fashionista if you couldn’t care less about these stereotypes and believe in creating our own fashion rules.

7.  You Can Make Even A Cheap Outfit Work

If buying a dress on sale and making it look luxurious is your thing, you are a natural style wizard. You can wear a simple, solid dress and still look dazzling – all with the help of a belt and a few accessories.

8.  Your Wardrobe Is Segmented

When stylin’ is your hobby, you obviously want your wardrobe to be segmented.

You keep a separate section for each type of attire, be it activewear, casual dresses, or designer dresses. You may even have a capsule wardrobe, i.e., having a collection of interchangeable clothing pieces that complement each other. After all, you know your style well and like to get ready on the go.

9.  Your Own A Fashion Blog

You eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. You not only follow the latest fashion trends but also love to write about them.

You probably own a creative blog or a social media handle to share styling tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, and major fashion news. You’re even more nuts about fashion if you use your own pictures and videos to create the content.

12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!
12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!

10.              You Have Subscribed To All Fashion Magazines

You love to read about style and fashion. Be it Vogue, Grazia, Elle, Harper Bazaar, and others; you have subscribed to all fashion magazines. They are your daily dose of inspiration, as well.

11.              You Know How To Make Your Shape Look Flattering

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a perfect hourglass figure. If you can make people go “wow” with your looks, you are the true style icon.

You know what flatters your figure and helps you balance your body proportion. This is the one excellent way you trick people’s eyes into an illusion of a perfect shape.

Good News For Fashionistas: If you’re all heart at creating a fetching statement for your upcoming special occasion, consider Jovani dresses 2022 collection. They have wide arrays of flattering styles for all body types, from the form-fitting sheath, mermaid, and trumpet to flared a-line and ball gowns.

12.              You Are Famous In Your Circle

Your wonderful sense of style makes you popular in your circle. From your family to friends, everyone sees you as a fashion influencer and trusts your opinion in this regard. They attempt to copy your style and often ask for fashion advice. Simply put, you also enjoy a lot of attention from your social group.

12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!
12 Signs That Prove YOU Are A Total Fashionista By Birth!

Consider the above checklist to confirm if you’re a total fashionista by birth. And, it’s perfectly OKAY to be fashionable. After all, life is too short to look boring.

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Top 3 types of virtual sex you should know in 2022



Top 3 types of virtual sex you should know in 2022

If you think you have never engaged in virtual sex, you should have a rethink. It’s basically what you do each day, mostly unknown to you. However, the concept of virtual sex is possible thanks to technological advancement. The world since technology has become digital, and now we have almost everything done online. We now have digital currencies, VR, and even the concept of the metaverse, all thanks to technology.

The adult entertainment has undoubtedly enjoyed some of these advancements via its adoption of most of these technologies in its communities. One of the main factors that made camming successful in the 21st century, especially during the pandemic, is technological advancement where you can sit at the corner of your room and chat on adult cam sites. The world is becoming digital by the day, and you shouldn’t be left out.

What is virtual sex?

As mentioned earlier, at some point, you have practiced one form of virtual sex or the other unknowingly. Virtual sex is any type of sexual activity done through the internet. It includes phone sex, sexting, and mutual masturbation via video chats, sliding into DMs, exchanging nudes and visiting chat rooms. There is, however, so much more that you need to understand when it comes to virtual sex, especially if you visit the adult cam sites a lot. You should understand that visiting a cam site is not all about virtual sex. There are so much more.

However, here are some types of virtual sex you need to know in 2022.


This became so popular during the pandemic. Since the lockdown, there was an increase in the rate at which people needed to get their sexual tensions relieved, hence camming. It involves visiting a reputable cam site where you meet cam models, join private chats, and watch sexual acts performed while you tip the performer. It became so popular compared to regular porn because you get to dictate what you want the cam model to do. So, in this case, you are not only the viewer but the director. On adult cam sites, you could request a private show, including you and the cam girl alone. Here, you get to talk about everything and anything exclusively; you could masturbate as well.

Mutual masturbation:

Suppose you are the type that enjoys video chats, or you are in a long-distance relationship. In that case, one way to keep the relationship going sexually is by engaging in mutual masturbation. This could be achieved either via FaceTime or sharing a porn link and creating a video chat room where you get to watch one another masturbate. This could be pretty intense if both partners are into the act. In fact, it could be a routine or relationship kink both partner shares. However, it is essential to note that mutual masturbation via video chat is one of the rampant forms of virtual sex. Not only does it help to keep intimacy, but it also helps to keep both partners sexually active with one another, even if it’s via the internet.

Phone sex:

The phone is one valuable asset every young adult would also need as a prized possession. Not because it could only communicate with people from far and near, it’s because it also can make long-distance appear closer and bring the relationship into a more intimate and cordial consensus. Phone sex is one of the tops of the list when it comes to virtual sex. You could discuss sexy things over the phone with your partner and have it explained as though both of you are in a room. Depending on your oratory prowess, phone sex could be that one factor that your relationship survives on. Several relationships have been established over the phone, and even more, are being maintained using phone sex. So, if you are discussing virtual sex, it’s impossible not to discuss phone sex as one of the primary types of virtual sex. If you haven’t tried phone sex, you should give it a shot; you’d be surprised at how enjoyable it could be.

Virtual sex isn’t one that could be eradicated, for as long as humans get horny, the internet is running, and there’s electricity; virtual sex will remain. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that if you’d be adopting virtual sex into your relationship, be sure your partner is okay with it, and they are ready to do all it takes to make it work. Some relationships are such that they thrive on virtual sex, while others were established on virtual sex.

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How Beneficial Is A Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion Designing?




Fashion Designing is a professional specialization that involves research & analysis of consumer preferences, culture, art, social fabric, ensuing trends as well as available techniques etc. basis which they conceive innovative concepts, ideate on unique designs, identify appropriate materials and/or fabric  in apt colours and patterns to craft customized apparels as well as accessories such as jewellery, handbags, footwear etc. 

Additionally they have to collaborate with teams from varied departments along with negotiating better deals with vendors. They are also responsible for sales as well as profits. 

Benefits of Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing:

Following are the advantages: 

  • Ease of commencing entrepreneurial journey: Bachelors will assist you with business knowledge. You will also get competencies in managing budgets and implementing sales & marketing strategies that will allow you to do better when you set your business- launch your own brand and setup Boutiques. 
  • Range of Opportunities: On completion of bachelor’s degree, a fashion designer has umpteen opportunities. Following are some of the career profiles he can consider:   
  • Fashion Designer: Fashion Designers apply their creativity to visualize innovative design concepts for new clothing or accessories collection. 
  • Textile Designer: They employ their artistic ability to design patterns for knitted, woven or printed fabrics in textile and fabric manufacturing units. They specialize in fabrics for interiors- such as soft furnishings, upholstery and carpets or fabrics for fashion. 
  • Retail Buyer: They ensure sourcing of suitable products at apt prices basis the market trends, preferences of target audience etc. 
  • Stylist: They work with celebrities and are responsible to identify appropriate wardrobe and styling for various engagements like fashion shows, appearances and photo shoots etc. 
  • Writer: He can work as fashion critique or write for fashion magazines, blogs etc. He can even be an influencer and evaluate various fashion collections, products etc. 
  • Creative Satisfaction: Fashion Designing offers a platform to express yourself through clothes. The creative contentment that one enjoys in creation of fashion trends in addition to watching people wearing your designs is unrivaled.
  • Glamour: One of the most glamorous industries, Fashion Designing involves dressing up of celebrities and models besides interaction on a daily basis. Furthermore, you also assist writers as well as directors in bringing alive the characters in their upcoming movies and other performing arts.   
  • Travelling opportunities: Fashion Designer not only has to be up to date with trends, but also has to keep abreast with new materials and techniques by attending various fashion events across the globe. Besides this, he also need to meet other fashion designers and must be able to predict future trends. He has to present his collections at various fashion shows. Thus fulfils his wanderlust in the process.
  • Knowledge of fabrics and materials:  Bachelors will acquaint you with varied fabrics, diverse materials along with its properties as well as patterns. Furthermore it will equip you with an understanding of tension of different stitches and embroidery. All this will facilitate enhanced construction of a garment. After all it’s is imperative to Identify the ideal fabric in order to better articulate your ideas. 

Register now to gain from studying fashion designing.  

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