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12 Tips to Increase Instagram Reels Reach

You must have a public profile First, you need to prepare your profile. It should be open to all users of the social network. If this is not the case, your page will become available only to subscribers. Other Ins Followers won’t be able to view your photos and videos. You can only get recommended [

12 Tips to Increase Instagram Reels Reach
12 Tips to Increase Instagram Reels Reach

You must have a public profile

First, you need to prepare your profile. It should be open to all users of the social network. If this is not the case, your page will become available only to subscribers. Other Ins Followers won’t be able to view your photos and videos. You can only get recommended with your content if your profile is public.

How can I do that? Only in Instagram settings. You need to go to the “Privacy” section. Further in the section “Account and privacy” you will find the item – “Closed account”. You need to disable this feature. Only after you carry out this operation, your account will begin to grow. Exactly in the same way as the Reels algorithms will start to work better.

Creating an interesting cover

Both the visual component of your page and the number of interested users depend on this element. It is very important that your cover draws attention. You can choose it from an excerpt from any video or from the available photos in your gallery. If this is the case, you will be more likely to be recommended by Reels. Beautiful and high-quality pictures arouse the greater interest of free Instagram followers.

Use hashtags

The hashtag is usually used as a separate type of search for information on a specific topic. It is best to use low-frequency phrases. The optimal number of hashtags is about 3-5 words under one video. When tagging videos with certain words, make sure that there are about 300,000 publications on the subject. So they work more efficiently, do not get lost in the feed, and are more likely to get into the list of popular ones.

Music selection

When choosing the music for your video, pay attention to popular artists. Trending songs and sounds increase audience engagement. They will provide additional interaction with the content, users will share your video with friends. It is recommended to use separate excerpts from the compositions. They will make your videos stand out. However, it is not yet known whether the policy of the social network pays special attention to this.

Announcement of publications of new videos

Reach will increase if you notify the audience about a new video. What do I need to do? It’s a couple of simple steps:

  • First, you need to add a video to your story with a specific caption.
  • Second, ask your friends to tag your account or share the video link on their feed or story.

After that, interaction will also increase, and users will follow the link. Higher chance of getting into the top and recommendations.

Pick up effects

This item works in the same way as using trending music for Reels. It is necessary to create videos with popular effects and novelties to improve Reels statistics on Instagram. Unfortunately, there are not many features and effects in the application yet. But such videos definitely gain more views. The main thing is to be aware of all the new products and shoot on time.

There are also other opportunities to attract attention:

  • Filters.
  • AR masks.
  • Slow motion video.
  • Effects before / after.

Attracting the target audience

Reels statistics on Instagram grow along with the number of followers. For this, a useful function is available to attract them. The mechanisms are designed so that your profile can be recommended to people who do not follow you yet. To do this, your page must be similar to the interests of these users.

Your content will not be shown to a potential target group if it is simply not interesting. Therefore, it is necessary to shoot non-ordinary entertaining videos that do not carry any useful information. Your videos should be useful or interesting to the subscriber. Recommendation settings also make your video relevant to specific users based on their interests.

Except for preparing nice content to attract followers, there’s also a fast way to attract more target followers fast. Instagram followers app is the best and fast way to help you get the audience. There are many followers apps on the market, find one and use it. It will be very helpful.

Posting time selection

There are established certain days on which it is better to share new material. Those days are Wednesday and Thursday. In the middle of the week, activity usually increases. And on the weekends, when people have a rest, the interaction, on the contrary, subsides. It’s not just like that. There are reasons for this: work schedule, employment, etc.

This is not to say that publication time directly affects Instagram followers hack. But it is clear that on certain days and hours user activity is higher than usual. The priority is to share new content at the time of activity.

These hours are between 15:00 and 18:00. These trends can be traced not the first year in the open spaces of social networks. But for a better understanding of this mechanism, you need to study the target audience. It is necessary to identify the time of its active interaction with the page. Maybe she has her own characteristics.

Unique content

Instagram algorithms are tuned only to interesting and unique content. The application policy decided to ignore reuploaded videos. Also, content that has watermarks or other images from other social networks will not be promoted. You can take ideas and follow trends anywhere and create your own quality material from this. This will work much better and attract more followers.

Trend fit and virality

We found out that in order to increase statistics, you need to follow trends. In addition, you can also set your own – come up with viral videos that will begin to gain followers. This is something of their own, something that no one has filmed yet. This is a little trick that will help increase your reach. Usually, such videos quickly scatter on the Web. Of course, certain interactions with your video also increase activity:

  • Using the “share” function with friends.
  • Comments.
  • revisions.

Motivation to action

You need to communicate with your audience: inform them about new videos, ask them to share, and put likes and comments. There are many options for audience engagement. For example, ask subscribers for advice, ask them to share their opinions in the comments, and come up with tests, polls, and games for knowledge of the material. All this will also increase the subscriber’s interest in communicating with you.

Video length and format

Not only does uniqueness affects coverage, but also the format overtime of the video. It is important to focus the viewer on high-quality interaction with the material. You should strive to ensure that your video is viewed more than once. To do this, you need to engage the viewer.

While there is no clear time limit for the video. There are several opinions. Some believe that 15-second clips fly in better, others that the video should be longer to engage the viewer.

It doesn’t matter how long the video is, as long as you watch it to the end. Keep the intrigue, story, or informational message throughout the video. The viewer should not be tempted to scroll through your video.