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How MOOCs Are Used in Workplace Training



Over the past several months, I’ve written about the many advantages of using MOOCs in training programs and given suggestions for how L&D departments can most effectively incorporate this new training format. In this article, we’ll look at some of the MOOCs that have been developed specifically for training purposes and business audiences, as well as how some companies are already using these courses are part of their workplace training and development programs.

MOOCs for Business and Training

Some enterprising startups have recently developed training MOOCs. For now, these are mostly in the technology fields, but the scope is rapidly expanding. In addition, the major MOOC providers now offer a variety of MOOCs targeted toward a business audience.

  • Aquent Gymnasium. Aquent, a staffing agency for the marketing and creative industries, recently launched Aquent Gymnasium, a MOOC provider that offers technology courses for creative professionals. The first course, “Coding for Designers,” is a basic programming course for professional designers to help them work more effectively with software developers. The next two courses that will be offered focus on technologies for Web design.
  • The Muse. Job search site The Muse has expanded into MOOCs. Though the target audience is job seekers, the available courses focus on soft skills that could be used for training, such as “Becoming a Networking Master” and “Management 101.”
  • openSAP. Business management software company SAP offers several MOOCs for developers including “Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA,” “Introduction to Mobile Solutions Development,” and “In-Memory Data Management.”
  • MongoDB. Database company MongoDB offers training MOOCs on its database products.
  • Open Education Alliance. Open Education Alliance is a recently announced collaboration between MOOC provider Udacity and companies including Google, Autodesk, AT&T, and NVidia. The participant companies have each pledged $250,000 toward developing MOOCs to bridge the gap between what students learn in traditional universities and the skills employers are seeking. The alliance is also working on an alternative credentialing system for the free online courses.
  • Academic MOOCs. As part of their ongoing quest for a viable business model, Coursera and edX are also making plays for the business market. This fall, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania put its first-year MBA courses on Coursera. All of the courses are eligible for verified certificates through the Signature Track program. MIT also recently announced a plan to develop an XSeries on supply chain management on the edX platform. Students who complete all three courses will earn a verified certificate from MITx. Finally, Stanford’s NovoED platform hosts a variety of entrepreneurship MOOCs including courses on leadership, finance, and decision making. The Stanford Graduate School of Business launched its first MOOC, “The Finance of Retirement and Pensions,” on the platform this fall.

Examples of How Companies Are Using MOOCs

It is difficult to know exactly how many organizations are already using MOOCs and MOOC elements in their training and development programs, but we can point to a few high-profile examples.

  • McAfee. According to a Forbes report, computer security company McAfee recently used a MOOC model to solve one of its major training problems: its new-hire orientation process used to take more than 80 hours, and many employees were not completing the process. To tackle this problem, McAfee “flipped the classroom,” so that students access the content on their own time and use in-class time for discussions and activities. McAfee told Forbes that the change resulted in both decreased training time and increased sales.
  • Yahoo! Yahoo! sponsors its employees to earn verified certificates through Coursera’s Signature Track program. According to Patricia Brogan, the manager of Yahoo!’s Developer Academy, the company partnered with Coursera as a way to encourage employees to continue to develop their technical skills so that they can apply them toward designing and creating innovative new products.
  • JLT Group. Insurance company JLT has been using MOOCs as part of its employee training and development at several levels. According to an interview with training manager Sunder Ramachandran, the initiative is aimed at addressing the training needs of a diverse, young, and changing workforce. So far, JLT employees have participated in Coursera’s “Introduction to Public Speaking,” “Intro to Operations Management,” and a couple of introductory finance courses. According to Ramachandran, JLT has achieved “moderate success” with the program and is experimenting with using MOOCs in conjunction with small in-person study groups.

Using MOOCs in corporate and workforce education has benefits on all sides. For MOOC providers, training courses are a possible source of revenue, while for organizations they represent a way to deliver more effective training more quickly and at a reduced cost. With large company-funded initiatives like the Open Education Alliance, we can expect to see more MOOCs developed specifically for training purposes in the near future. And as organizations continue to look for new ways to improve their L&D programs, we will no doubt see more businesses choosing the MOOC model. For companies looking for new ways to deliver training, engage employees more meaningfully in the learning process, or offer more flexible and accessible training solutions, now is a great time to consider trying a MOOC.



When Was the Last Time You Got Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Done?



Occasional dental checkups, cleaning and corrective procedures seem to be necessary. If teeth have been neglected for years or maybe decades, lots will need to be done. While aches, infections, and extractions or emergencies would require dedicated dental treatments, what about the esthetic factors? Even though no physical problem may be bothering you, discolored or crooked teeth can be very depressing. Such conditions not only lead to a loss of confidence but are certainly very unhealthy. A cheerful personality that studies and works well is expressed not only through stylish dresses and hairstyles but pretty teeth too!

Get rid of apprehensions

Advanced technology has a solution for whatever dental problem may be plaguing you. While miracles may not be expected, a tremendous improvement in the appearance of teeth, whether in shape, color, longevity or alignment is quite feasible. Diagnosis is easily accomplished on computer screens. Molds and implants are all customized, prepared by software in the laboratory and so the chances of human error do not exist. Besides, everything is healthy and hygienic; the office experience is relaxed and friendly with all the necessary instructions and advice rendered.

A lengthy session with the mirror would remind where the weaknesses lie if any. While nature may not be all that perfect in the best of times, a helping hand may be necessary to get the best out of the teeth that need to serve for a lifetime. Aging leads to many problems, including weakening teeth.


The traditional metal braces of the olden days presented some problems like discomfort. Besides, everybody would know what you were up to. Invisalign gets rid of such issues. Being transparent, nobody will know and there is no discomfort. You receive a series of those molds that are worn consecutively. Gradually, the teeth move into alignment. You get to see the images beforehand of what would happen later.

Not everybody suffers from the crooked teeth syndrome. If alert, it is often observed that certain teeth are cracked or chipped, often due to the usual wear and tear. Falls or biting on very hard substances could also create such problems. The tooth shape could be artistically restored with little porcelain molds that copy the exact shape and feel of the original tooth. It will last very long too with nothing to worry about. Get it all fixed for good with cosmetic dentistry.

Small things matter so much

Life is not only about the mighty and the sensational! The little things like teeth could have the enormous significance of course. The sooner it is realized the better. Effective dental health means a lot not only for the successful personality but the chewing process. The face and jaws, teeth and gums are intimately related and play their unique roles in the daily functioning of the individual.

Teeth whitening

Making decisions about treatments would require a consultation and diagnosis. Even if nothing major is required to be done with no physical problem, perhaps teeth whitening would bring new life to the stained, yellowing teeth. The natural process of daily use discolors the teeth rather rapidly and restoring the whiteness and the sparkle is not a very time consuming or costly procedure. Get it done expertly in the office or carry home a DIY kit. There is absolutely no pain or discomfort and the gums are well protected. The whitening goes one step beyond cleaning that is a common practice adopted on a regular basis to get rid of all sorts of toxins that accumulate on the teeth surface.

Implants and Restorations

Technology is constantly improving and gums may be esthetically shaped too just like facial contours may be altered. Why should you carry around a set of unshapely teeth that resemble the mouth of a monster or weird alien? Shaping may be quickly done. If teeth are missing due to infections or accidents, implants would restore much of the original and result in teeth stronger than nature could have made them. If half the tooth is destroyed, you have a choice between a restoration with a crown or an extraction, followed by a complete implant. The implant finally fuses with the jaw. Explore some of the wonders of cosmetic dentistry before it is too late.

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Difference Between Online Project Management Software and Offline Project Management Software



Online Project Management Software is the collection of details, programs and information that is used to execute various phases of a project and that is available on the Internet. It includes processes such as scheduling, calculating, building time sheets, managing resources, controlling documents etc. Each of these alters can be controlled through project management software. The services of collaboration software can help your team collaboration and it stay on task, remain on budget and succeed at your project.

Effective online project management software supports your company and handles the complex projects without delays. It also lets you collaborate with project resources, analyze risks, assign tasks, coordinate schedules and make your project accomplish and successful at anytime from anywhere in the world. Web based Management Software for your clients are easy and comfortable to track project state and progress online anytime, anywhere. You can also see nearest milestones and review, comments of project deliverable online at any accessible and convenient moment. This Management Software for project manager is one centralize storage to accumulate all projects in an organized manner. Project manager can easily link to tasks, pages, discussions and results. Online management software facilitates and analyzes the process needed to get your project done on time.

Offline Project Management is a transverse as well as a vertical activity. It has different items, such as mass storage or visualization that are flourished according to the user requirement and condition by few experts and that are seen as internal offline activities. The natural and clear distribution of the offline project is characterized the main concentrate on framework development, central co-ordination and release control distribution. In offline, the group develops the global infra-structure and the agents of the different projects will examine on the software of the project. It finds and coordinates the necessary resources within the project to meet the agreed milestones. It provides front line support for off-line users in the project and filters trivial problems, and reporting to the others of offline project.

The main difference between Online and Offline Project Management is that work being done does not require an active internet connection full time. In Online, you work online through Internet Connection and in Offline Project Management; you work offline without using Internet Connection. Many companies and individuals outsource have offline data because of its capability in cutting costs and the time they desire to accomplish their task. Workers who work on these projects accommodates quality work, work under no supervision and delivers work on agreed time. Offline entails entering raw data into the spreadsheet, database management program according to specification without utilizing the internet.

As there are many types of employers including those from educational institutions, financial and accounting etc. To accomplish this goal, the offline project needs a different management structure from the other projects. The structure of online and offline project management software is totally different and both are contrary in their use.

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Business Accounting Software



Accounting is a system of collecting, summarizing, analyzing and reporting, in monetary terms, information about an organization. The end product of business accounting software is the financial statements consisting of the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and statement of changes in financial position. These statements are, therefore, the source of information on the basis of which conclusions can be drawn regarding the operations of a firm. The analysis and interpretation of financial statements would depend upon the nature and type of information available.

When talking about business accounting software, the balance sheet is a significant financial statement of a firm. In fact, it is called a fundamental accounting report. Other terms to describe this financial statement are statement of financial position or position statement. As the name suggests, the balance sheet provides information about the financial standing/ position of a firm at a particular point of time. It can be visualized as a snapshot of the financial status of a company. The financial position of the company is valid for only one day- the reference day. On a preceding or following day, it is bound to be different.

The financial position of a firm as disclosed by the balance sheet refers to its resources and obligations and the interest of its owners in the business. In operational terms, the balance sheet contains information in respect of assets, liabilities and shareholders equity. It can be presented in either of two forms: account form or report form. It is usually presented in account form. In the report form a step-wise balance sheet is prepared, listings asset at the top followed by liabilities and owners equity. The contents of the balance sheet, in whatever form presented, consist of assets of the firm and the means, by which they have been financed, that is, liabilities and owners equity.

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